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SYTYCD’s Travis Wall: “Well, I guess I came out.”

Travis Wall made quite a splash when he competed in the second season of FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance. While he may have finished as runner-up, he was so gifted that the show asked him to return a few seasons later as a choreographer.

Travis, 23, has also been in the news recently because of some tweets he wrote to his boyfriend – his first public confirmation that he is gay. He talked to about that and more. Here are some highlights:

AE: Can we talk about who you’re dating these days?
[laughs] Oh, I’m totally cool with that… it’s just that one little thing.

AE: Somebody sent me these tweets between you and Dom [Palange]. Is that your partner’s name?
Yeah, he’s the first boyfriend I’ve had in five years, so it’s a big deal for me. I had a boyfriend back when I was on the show, and I had some crazy things happen to me in the past four years with weird relationships. Like, not really a boyfriend relationship, but something else.

But this is my first like actual boyfriend and actual relationship. And someone I’m actually in love with, so it’s pretty exciting!

AE: That’s great! How long have you guys been together?
Three months last week.

AE: So you’re out then?
I’ve never made a big statement like, “Oh I’m gay.” It’s like if you know you know, and I’ve never been afraid to not say something on Twitter. So I didn’t even realize the impact of me like just saying “I miss you, I love you” on Twitter and then people are saying that I came out. [laughs] Well, I guess I came out.

AE: I have to ask, how stressful is it for gay male dancers on So You Think You Can Dance? I’ve often wondered about reality shows where you have the public voting. I imagine some gay contestants who are pretty much “out” in their personal lives might feel the need to sort of “front” in order to get votes from viewers.
When I was 18 and on the show it was very stressful to find the balance of being yourself and coming across in an authentic way. Honestly, the way I’ve always been with my friends… I’m not considered to be very flamboyant or over the top… [laughs] I mean, I watch more sports than any of my straight friends do…. so I don’t have such a hard time finding chemistry. Basically, when I’m dancing I feel like I can have chemistry with anyone I dance with.

I felt like the only time it was a little stressful was maybe when they interviewed me or… I don’t know… I never had to put on a front like that, but it’s true that I wanted to be in the top ten, and I wanted to go all the way closer to the top, and maybe it’s not necessary to come out and talk about that stuff when it’s a dance competition. It was me dancing, and maybe that’s all you needed to know.

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8 Remarks

  1. July 7th, 2011 at 5:52 am
    ND Mitchell says:

    I have watched this show off and on throughout the summers. It’s a good show!

  2. Why do all of the hot guys have to be freaking gay???

  3. I really love Travis and the extreme talents as a choreographer thanks travis

  4. The next Bob Fosse,Michael Kidd of this century.Last night proved it.

  5. Carrie – Because it’s not all about you and your heteronormativity.

  6. Yeah, all the hot male dancers seem to be gay.

  7. September 21st, 2015 at 5:16 am
    manish from Nepal says:

    I am a ballet contemporary dancer here just because of you inspiring me from so long and I too stood runner up in a dance competition here. I am gay and I didn’t know guy inspiring me is also gay. truly happy to know that you are gay, inspires me more to be who I am and to live. I love you

  8. Travis, you are talented and a great person. Loved you since I first saw you on So You Think You Can Dance. You are a great choreographer. Keep shining! Congrats with you and your partner.

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