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Supreme Court denies request to stop CA marriages

This would seem to have to be the last gasp from the Prop 8 folks but you never know!

From SCOTUS Blog:

Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy turned down at midday Sunday a request to stop same-sex marriages from occurring in California. Without comment, and without seeking views from the other side, Kennedy rejected a challenge to action by the Ninth Circuit Court on Friday implementing a federal judge’s ruling allowing such marriages. The plea had been made on Saturday by the sponsors of California’s “Proposition 8,” a voter-approved measure that permitted marriage only between a man and a woman.

Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court had ruled that the measure’s backers did not have a legal right to defend the measure in either the Supreme Court or, earlier, in the Ninth Circuit Court. While the Supreme Court considered that case, the 2010 decision by a federal judge in San Francisco striking down “Proposition 8″ had been on hold. It was that hold (or “stay”) that the three-judge Circuit Court panel lifted on Friday. Very soon after that, gay and lesbian couples started getting married in ceremonies across the state. Thousands of such couples have now obtained marriage licenses from officials in the state.

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3 Remarks

  1. As expected. How does it feel to be the minority now eh faux Christians? You’ve lost, now try and show some grace and dignity.

  2. Great news! It still amazes me how people think gay people marrying will destroy our country or ruin heterosexual marriages. It’s actually funny.

  3. June 30th, 2013 at 4:31 pm
    RichB in PS says:

    Great news, yes! Hearing about the legal maneuvering I had concern regardless what was stated 72-hrs ago…proved the matter was quickly resolved in the capable hands of Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy — continues to be capable [and an ally].

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