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Streisand asks voters to “Stop. Think. Breathe.” Streisand was unfairly pummeled by Larry Kramer the last time she spoke out about something political but that has not stopped the great star from doing so again via her blog.

This time she takes on Republicans and points out how difficult it will become for President Obama to achieve anything with a Republican-controlled Congress.

In a post headlined “Stop. Think. Breathe,” she writes, “Week after week, on the 24 hour cable news cycle, Republican officials and prominent GOP leaders twist, distort and misrepresent the facts in order to place blame on others, while they continue to obstruct progress. It’s like the old saying that if you tell a lie big enough and you keep repeating it often enough, people will eventually come to believe that it is true. Whether they are discussing financial regulation, health care, jobs, the economy, energy policy…virtually every important issue our country is grappling with today, the Republican Party that once stood for something, now refuses to engage in constructive conversation about anything, all the while, offering virtually no new policy alternatives in return.

“Since President Obama took office, the Republican narrative has been to serve their party over serving the people. They have been committed to blocking progress at all costs in order to insure the failure of this President. But now is the time to give President Obama a chance to fulfill his promise of reviving the spirit of hope and possibility that has always allowed our country to dream and to make the impossible possible. The only way he will be successful is if he has a Congress that dreams with him and an American electorate that gives him the chance!”

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5 Remarks

  1. Thanks Miss Steisand for keeping it real, common sense is all a voter needs to do and they will make the right choice, and, it won’t be for the party of NO.

  2. Hope she decides to do fundraisers. Thanks to corporate contributions (to Republicans) we (Democrats) will be vastly outspent.

  3. Barbra Streisand’s political commentaries have always been well thought out, intelligent and made good sense. She is not off the cuff or over the top. Her choice of words is always articulate and insightful. Yes, she is definitely a huge Democratic supporter and she loves to get involved. So what is the problem?

    My question is what’s not to like about her commentaries and why do so many people judge her so negatively solely on her political views? She is a true champion of rights for women, minorities and the LGBT community and has raised millions for their causes. Yet the feeling of polarization on Barbra is huge. Why is she so controversial?

  4. I think people are just threatened by Barbra. After all, how could someone so magnificently talented, be so smart too? Most of her detractors are not qualified or worthy to lick the soles of her Stuart Weitzman pumps!

  5. Oh…..if you only Knew her! I worked on her horrible garbage version of A Star is Born. I have to say nothing, since I can’t say anything nice.


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