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Steve Kornacki becomes MSNBC’s third gay anchor

Steve Kornacki has been named host of MSNBC’s much buzzed about weekend roundtable show, Up.

This makes him the network’s third openly gay host. Rachel Maddow has her own prime-time show on weeknights while Thomas Roberts is a weekday morning host.

I just want to remind everyone that I was into Steve way before he became the MSNBC “it’ boy. He was featured as a Greg In Hollywood Morning Man way back on Dec. 24, 2010!

At that time, I had no idea he was gay. I was just attracted to his intelligence and looks.

Less than a year later, Steve came out publicly in a deeply personal column. It took us into the compartmentalized world that a lot of men feel they must live in in order to have the life they want.

We also learn of the romantic price he had to pay before finally deciding to come out to everyone at the age of 32.

Even with LGBT equality a huge story these days, Steve told The Daily Beast in an interview this week that he generally keeps his politics to himself.

“I am hesitant to put any kind of ideological label on it and say that’s what this show is,” he said. “I would rather say this is a show that seeks out intelligent conversation and is not going to be afraid to let that conversation take place organically.”

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8 Remarks

  1. It took be 10 seconds to figure out, he’s gay !!
    No biggie like him on msnbc, good host.
    Hope he sticks around.

  2. Kornacki is one of the most intelligent journalist there is! I love his delivery, insight and ability to tell the story! I’ll always watch his show!

  3. Little by Little American TV Viewers Have The Opportunity To Choose Intelegent Facts on (MSNBC ) As a Contrast to Ignorant Misinformation on The Competing Cable Network ( FOX TV ) ….


  5. i love rachel, i like steve kornacki, i like ronan. sharpton sucks – i respect his convictions, but he’s an aweful anchor. matthews is awesome, hayes hurts my brain, way too many syllable and run on sentences for prime time. o’donnel is also an aweful anchor. ed takes some getting used to, but his hearts in the right place. msnbc’s best talent, following rachel, went out the window with olbermann and uger – the network shouldve sucked up their independent ego’s and liked it, and asked for more. sorry but i’m an obama-loving straight white guy, firmly in the middle, not a self-proclaimed liberal, conservative about 5% of the time because the 95% is aweful. maybe i arrogantly consider myself a barometer for middle-of-the-road people cuz i always manage to piss off conservatives and liberals when engaged in fact swordplay convo. Although i love Rachel and admire Kornacki, i still think there’s way too much gay-issue representation on msnbc — as if we’re turning into a gay culture vs straight culture identity as a result (sounds funny to use the term ‘straight’ culture, btw). i have to ask myself if want or like being exposed and having to hear about so much gay culture. it’s okay to an extent–i understand there’s a movement to equalize their lifestyle but it should be a lifestyle kept private to themselves, i don’t want to hear about it. an seeing 2 men kissing is not the same as seeing a man and woman kissing. i’m sorry i will never wrap my brain around that.

    changing gears to speak about real life for a moment, i will now commit a faux pas – my gay friends are spanned across several social circles, one of them likes to talk about the bj’s he likes to give – if i have to hear it then so do you guys reading this. i don’t openly tell him i don’t wanna hear that shit, i humor him avoid tension and let him be even though it bothers me a bit. while my other gay friends are a 20 year couple, they can sense i respect them and sense not to outwardly make out around me, which is an effective balance to co-exist as individuals, not identities, allowing us to compete about who can make the tastiest dinner. when the bedroom doors close we all know what goes on, and some things are better left unspoken or not advertised.

    rant over, conversely, Rachel and Kornacki have enough content and intelligence to not let their orientation outshine their talent.

  6. March 6th, 2015 at 5:27 pm
    connie reading says:

    Did Steve kornacki dye his hair burgundy color?

  7. September 26th, 2016 at 12:16 pm
    Sheila Newhouse says:

    Get rid of Steve Kornacki!!! I thought MSNBC was a Democratic channel. This guy idolizes the Dumpster and he is such a nerd. At 4:00 we turn the channel to CNN. We can’t stand looking at Kornacki. He’s bland and biased
    and a poor interviewer and he takes refuge in his visual aids related to the polls!!!!

  8. January 16th, 2017 at 2:06 pm
    Millie Russell says:

    I appreciate Steve Kornacki’s intelligence and energy but really-when will he quit answering the questions he asks – let interviewee answer the questions
    without Steve’s interruptions! I wonder if Chris Matthews was his mentor.
    His interruptions and “talking over” causes me to reach for the remote.

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