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Steve Grand’s modeling days as Steve Chatham!

What? Another post about Steve Grand?

Well, yeah.

And if it bothers you, these photos certainly won’t.

You see, Steve Grand is our new favorite gay country singer’s real name.

But when he posed for DNA Magazine back in 2010 in these series of photos shot by Tom Cullis, it as under the name of Steve Chatham.

He talked to The Backlot about the modeling: “I wasn’t sure how people would respond to the video; things on the internet never go away. I knew that my modeling pictures that I did previously — which I am absolutely not ashamed of! I don’t regret them or think they’re a bad thing; the human body is something to be celebrated — would come up.”



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12 Remarks

  1. Ok, Greg honey. I think you’re starting to obsess a little now. I will agree, Steve is one talented, sexy man – but you’re beginning to objectify the poor kid with the flood of scantly clad pics.

    I say it with love and respect, from one gay man to another. ;-)

  2. July 9th, 2013 at 7:15 am
    RichB in PS says:
  3. Ok, Robert honey. Thanks for pointing that out.

  4. Thank you for obsessing Greg! I think I’m officially a fan of country music now :)

  5. Thank you for ‘Objectifying’ & ‘Obsessing’ on this one Greg, His body is indeed gorgeous (and he knows it) and I’m glad he chose to share it with the appreciative world … this totally grabbed my attention (like any other deservingly objectified superstar we all idolize in today’s Hollywood Limelight) and now I totally want to support him … nothing wrong with having a gorgeous positive role model in the gay community for all of us to be able to idolize. Especially being gay in this puritanical society.

  6. Hmmmm….wonder why so many “aliases”?? Not that I mind…he can call himself anything he wants!! Greg…I totally get the “obsession”! ;)

  7. Greg, how can you be objectified if the very person in said focus celebrates it? I wish *I* had been so bold to celebrate my era of youth when I was in it. I’m just glad that Steve Grand didn’t come out into the dark side of celebrating the body beautiful.

    And Greg, obsessing or not, THANK YOU for the articles.

  8. Robert, dude…No obsession here! A money on the table total Steve ADDICTION! Awesome posting, Greg.

  9. More Steve, please! :-]

  10. July 10th, 2013 at 3:05 pm
    Ju Werneck says:

    So hot! Another hottie also is Guto in the video Down to Rio! Yummyy! God, pls keep sending more hot guys our way!

  11. The media has pegged Grand as a country singer, but he sings all types of songs. Here’s a cover he did in 2012 that no place seems to have picked up on yet.

  12. Oh Lord Help Me.. Every new pic I see I fall deeper in ~Love~ with him..
    … * Be still my beating heart *
    Isn’t he just ~Dreamy~ ..

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