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Steve Grand on playing at Catalina Jazz Club: “It has one of my favorite pianos I have ever played on”

It’s clear that I am a Steve Grand fanboy and have been since the day he debuted his All American Boy video on YouTube.

Yes, he looks phenomenal in a speedo but he’s also a talented singer and songwriter and a very engaging performer.

That’s why I have tickets to see him next week at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood!

Mike Pingel interviewed Steve for WeHo Times. here is an excerpt:

What should your fans expect at next week’s show at the Catalina Club in Hollywood?
They can expect an all acoustic show. I will be playing between guitar and piano. I will also have another guitarist with me. I’ll be doing favorite songs from my first album, “All American Boy” as well as my newest album “Not the end of me.” I will also be doing some of my favorite cover music—music that has inspired me over the years, stuff all the way back from the 60s, until today. So even if people are not to familiar with my music, they will really enjoy the selection of music I have. All the venues are pretty intimate. I feel I really shine in those venues which are more intimate. It’ feels like you’re having everyone over in your living room. I like to talk to the audience and I always make it very personal.

What’s your favorite thing about performing live?
No matter what, even if it’s in the same theater, like I do what I do here at PV where I play the same place twice a week, every show is show different and each audience is so different, and no show ever feels all that familiar. With all the different people, it’s always refreshing and keeps me on my toes. It’s always a new challenge and I love to be able to meet and talk to people after the performance and meet my fans and the people who are supporting me. I always make sure I do a meet and greet to do all that.

Favorite place you have performed at?
Honestly, one of my favorite places is the place where I’m going to play in the L.A., The Catalina Club. I’m really not just saying that, I really love the venue. It has one of my favorite pianos I have ever played on. The sound system is so good and the stage is so great. As a musician, the quality of the sound is really important to me. I feel that people really get a lot out of my music and I definitely enjoy playing that room.



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