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Sorry “Klaine” fans, Chris Colfer isn’t unhappy that the gay couple on “Glee” have hit a rough patch

The characters of Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson were a solid couple at Glee’s William McKinley High School last season. But this year, things have not gone as smoothly.

Kurt (Chris Colfer) graduated and went off to New York to pursue his dreams while Blaine (Darren Criss) stayed behind at McKinley High to finish his senior year.

Blaine, lonely for Kurt, cheated and they split up. But in last week’s Christmas episode, they were reunited in New York and may or may not have a future together.

Colfer thinks it’s been good for the characters to be going their separate ways – at least for awhile.

‘I think it’s good for them just to have their own lives rather than be halves of one character,’ he tells ‘I think at least as an audience member I kind of want to watch them go and do their own thing, and then if they come back together in the end sure, great. But I think they should probably live their own lives rather than sharing a life. I think that’ll do them some good.’

Colfer, who wrote and stars in the upcoming feature film Struck By Lightning, knows that hardcore fans of ‘Klaine’ may not be happy with him wanting the couple to hit a rough patch.

‘I’ve always been ‘oh, it would be great if they had a problem’ because as an actor it’s not fun to say ‘I love you’ in every scene,’ he says. ‘But then people got really mad at me, and I’m like ‘why are you mad at me?’ That’s like saying you’re mad at me because I wish it was cloudy today. It’s part of life.’

Colfer thinks there is a strong message in Kurt putting his dreams before his relationship at this point in his young life.

‘One thing is you don’t want kids to … at least maybe I’m just really independent in this sense, but I hate it when kids throw their lives away for another kid,’ he says. ‘Because they think ‘Oh I’m not going to go to college, I’m going to stay here and live with my boyfriend.’ No. Go to college. Do not throw your life away because you have a boyfriend now that you won’t have in six months.’

Sorry Klaine fans, but I gotta agree with Chris here.



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One Remark

  1. As a Kurt and Blaine fan I actually like that they’ve hit this rough patch because they are still young. I do have to agree with Chris that right now they need to focus on their own lives. He’s not saying that they won’t reunite but that its possible once they’ve had a chance to grow some more. We’re finally getting character growth with Kurt and Blaine and I like that and when they do reunite then it’ll be worth the wait.

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