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Sorry Anderson Cooper, but Chris Cuomo’s is now the hottest CNN anchor in a tight T-shirt

Yes, there is some serious reporting going on in Florida about a very scary situation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who may be in harms way.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo is among the many reporters on the scene and the Internet has been abuzz about the hunky anchor’s T-shirts.

All I can say is, “Anderson Cooper who?”

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9 Remarks

  1. But Anderson has the beaky nose. I still vote for him!

  2. Never! chris has the muscles, but Anderson has the face and the charm and the everything

  3. Chris is VERY married with kids. I think the chances of anyone reading Greg are slim and none. Anderson Hooper is a better bet!

  4. Always Anderson Cooper.

  5. No one ever said who you had a better chance with. Greg simply said who is the hottest anchor in a tight T-shirt on CNN. It’s Chris Cuomo hands down. Goggle Chris Cuomo fishing to see him with his shirt off then see if your jaws don’t drop or what

  6. @Reagan-It depends on the style of man you find hot.

  7. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

  8. Chris Cuomo wins!!!! Gorgeous Gorgeous. WOW!!!

  9. They’re both gorgeous and did an amazing job reporting on Hurricane Irma. Especially Chris when he actually lived through the Hurricane on live TV. I was riveted to CNN all day long. Chris Cuomo is a hunk and a half, but Anderson is so amazing, charming and compassionate and he’s a beautiful man — inside and out. Anderson has his own set of guns and they would match up to Chris Cuomo any day.

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