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Soap Clip: Dr. Reid Oliver is the key to keeping Luke’s adoptive daddy free from jail for “killing” his evil bio-dad

I’m just exhausted after watching today’s scenes from As the World Turns involving Luke Snyder’s crazy family.

His hot adoptive father is about to be charged with murdering his creepy bio-dad but Dr. Reid Oliver is the key to clearing Holden. The sexy doc took one look at the corpse that was supposed to be the dead Damian and said the person in the photo had an advanced case of Huntington’s disease.

Luke burst in on his so he can tell his mom Lily what he had told Luke. The doc, who has yet to do the damned brain surgery on Noah,  is pissed: “Interrupt me again when I’m with a patient and I’ll let your boyfriend stay blind for the rest of his life.”

Lily tells him off and Reid says, “Who is this?” Luke says: “It’s my mom!” Reid: “Oh yeah, the one who’s married to the dead guy and the killer.”

But they can’t be too mean to him since they need him to testify at an extradition hearing that the body could not be Damian’s or else Holden is gonna be shipped to Malta – that day – to face charges! God, who comes up with this stuff?

Luke doesn’t do himself any favors by demanding that he drop everything and go tell authorities. Then Noah shows up, finds out about the situation and demands that the doctor intervene. It seems writers can’t make BOTH Luke and Noah annoying in the same episode so today was Luke’s turn while Noah becomes the voice of reason. tells Holden and Lily that Dr. Oliver won’t help “because he’s a selfish, self-absorbed little jerk.” Then, presto! Reid shows up at the police station but tells Luke not to “get all weepy about it.”

It all unfolds quickly after this. Molly, Holden’s newscaster girlfriend, goes on the air with the story of how the body could not be Damian’s and the extradition is canceled! But then we find out who was behind the whole scheme to get Holden to Malta. You’ll have to watch the end of the second clip to find out who.

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