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Snapped! Nick Jonas in sexy patriotic shirt!

I’ll just let this photo speak for itself.

All I can say is: “God Bless America!”

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7 Remarks

  1. Little creepy & pedo Greg, you’re old enough to be this childs father. Sorry, but someone had to say it…

  2. No, someone did not have to say it Robert. Shared a photo I thought readers might enjoy. Get a life.

  3. What a hottie! Good on ‘ya, Greg…Awesome posting.

  4. What an idiotic comment, Robert. The guy is more than old enough for you not to be flinging such insults around.

  5. Robert, shame on you. What an ignorant and stupid comment to make. Go hide your head in the sand, dufus. I’m almost 66 years old and I can always appreciate a young, cute guy. Greg, you do a wonderful job bringing us news and cute guys. You are *very* much appreciated! Love you!

  6. Perhaps Robert thought it was witty. However, it’s ignorant. By definition pedophilia is a sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Nick looks all man to me.

  7. Great pic!Love the share Greg!

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