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Snapped! Diana Ross and Mary Wilson on the same stage at opening night of “Motown” on Broadway

Tonight is opening night of Motown, the Broadway musical about the history of the legendary Detroit-based record label that launched the careers of Diana Ross and the Supremes, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, The Four Tops, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Stevie Wonder and so many more.

Jane Fonda was among the stars on hand and she tweeted just tweeted this photo from the curtain call. You see Robinson at the left next to Motown founder Berry Gordy who wrote the book for the show and on his right is Miss Ross. Right next to Diana is her one-time singing partner, former Supreme Mary Wilson.

These two have quite a history – and it’s not all good. Girlhood friends from the Detroit projects, they are founding members of the Supremes. But the last time these two ladies stood on a stage together was 30 years ago for Motown’s 25th anniversary special. Their reunion, which also included fellow Supreme Cindy Birdsong (who replaced the late Florence Ballard in the group) was a disaster. Ross and Wilson clashed and there was some elbowing of Wilson out of the spotlight by Ross.

In 2000, they tried to reunite for a tour but negotiations fell apart amid hard feelings between Ross and Wilson.

It’s nice to see them on the same stage again – not sure how friendly they were but when I find out, will certainly share!



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  1. This is AMAZING! It needs to be said about the so-called “elbowing” that Mary was waving to Berry Gordy to come on stage. Diana tried to tell her that there was already a plan to bring him up. Mary didn’t understand — or perhaps ignored Diana — and Diana merely shoved her arm down to keep her from ruining the plan (all this according to multiple biographers). This incident has been recounted SO many times, and nearly every time, Diana is made the villain, Mary the victim. This is not right, and I am having it no longer!

    Now, that said — this is AMAZING! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. April 15th, 2013 at 1:06 am
    Steve Weaver says:

    Just hope this doesn’t make the fans think Ross & Wilson will unite professionally again. Also, Cindy’s not well enough to make up the trio. Just so glad that we got Diana/Scherrie & Lynda – who all got along very well and performed Supremely well…

  3. why Diana would want to share a stage with mary Wilson is beyond me

  4. Don’t you just love all of the “Ross as a solo act” fans who want to tell you exactly what happened during the taping of “Motown 25″ between Mary and Diane……like they actually know! I am curious to know what happened between them on the night of the premier, however. This Motown Musical thing is a love fest about Berry and Diane. It has been sanitized, edited, and slanted toward Diane and Berry as innocents. Say what you want about Diane, her nastiness, her power struggle, and her willingness to sleep with the boss to get to the top; however, one word that can never be used about her is INNOCENT! She is a mean and self centered woman.

  5. April 15th, 2013 at 7:56 pm
    Cathy Yvonne says:

    I think it is really sad that people seem to love negativity. This is a big moment for Berry Gordy and Motown. This is his story, his life. He has said very openly how much in love he was with Diana Ross. So why wouldn’t their affair be a big part of the musical? I have seen several pictures of Diana Ross and Mary Wison together side by side from the show last nite. So whatever has happened with them in the past, they put it aside last nite to celebrate a wonderful time for Motown. Seeing them together is WONDERFUL! Congratulation Berry Gordy and the Motown Family!

  6. Why Mary Wilson would want to share a stage with Diana Ross is beyond me.

  7. April 16th, 2013 at 7:33 am
    nun-ya-biz says:

    KURTSUPREME is really Mary Wilson at home on the computer. She has NOTHING else to talk about other than Diana Ross in a negative way. Jealousy is such an UGLY thing.

    Mary Wilson is as UN-TALENTED as they come. Diana Ross was the STAR, period! Miss Ross did not sleep with Berry or anyone else to rise to superstardome. Diana got their own her own talent, work ethics, and personality.

    Kurtsupreme is a hater who spends all of her free time trashing Diana Ross, and the bottom line is this. People love Diana Ross…She has more fans in the entire world than Adultress Mary Wilson has fingers.

    Mary Wilson is famoulsy known for snorting cocaine in dressing rooms, and sleeping with married men and backstabbing Florence Ballared by voting her out of the Supremes. I would think before anyone can judge MISS ROSS to take a look at the skeletons in your own closet first.

    Long Live the QUEEN of MOTOWN and POP Music! Miss Diana Ross THE BOSS!

  8. Nice to see both of these 2 very talented women together

  9. I think its just interesting how things seem to work out . Diana and Mary appeared to be cordial towards each other,and frankly what went on in the past was put aside for Berry that night . All Motown artists had a part in the history and the production of that show, its a testament to his legacy . I felt it was fitting and honorable that Diana and Mary appeared together , after all they were Motowns’ premier production and deserved to be there together as it had been when they first came together as a group

  10. April 17th, 2013 at 6:15 pm
    friendofthediva3 says:

    I love both Diana Ross and Mary Wilson. The truth of the matter is that Mary Wilson blew the opportunity of a Supremes Reunion when she failed to agree to perform with Diana Ross on the RTL concert tour 12 years ago.Diana Ross even pulled a million dollars from her own change purchase to encourage Mary to tour. Miss Wilson not only hurt her own reputation but she disappointed millions of Supremes’ fans who had waited 30 years for such a reuion. Since that time Mary has been yapping about a reunion of the group. It’s too late now Mary and it will never happen.

  11. April 17th, 2013 at 6:18 pm
    friendofthediva3 says:

    Corrections “change purchase” should read “change purse”. and “30 years reunion” not “reuion”

  12. People are so petty. And the ones that are petty are the ones going on about the failed reunion between Mary and Diana. And the whole platform when everyone got together on stage on the opening night, was about Motown reuniting. Yes, it was Motown and not a Supremes thing. Perhaps Mary and Diana may never reunite as Supremes but they are booth going on about their lives and are both successful and that is all that counts. The 2000 renunion failing is just as much Diana’s fault if it is Mary’s fault at all. People have always wanted to blame Mary just because Diana was the bigger star, which lends a lot of bias. Truth is Diana wanted to credit herself for aandd organize the whole thing – even the 1970′s Supremes songs – like the Supremes was her group. That group started before her with Flo and Mary in it, and they invited her. Mary was a Supreme to thee end and knew the all around working of thee group and all she was asking was to have a little more input, especially when it came to songs after Diana left. So, Diana wanted something from Mary on her terms. Mary was really the key factor in the reunion tour for it to be successful. Diana wanted everything herself when Mary was just as responsible for the Supremes’ success and their long run. She managed them after Diana left and did more for that group and the later members’ careers than Diana did. Anyway, this was a Motown thing here. Motown consisted of many other artist from Stevie to Michael Jackson. It wasn’t just Diana. For all you Diana Stans.

  13. @Kurtsupreme- oh, c’mon. We have to deal with your vicious hatred all over youtube…MUST you troll on other sites as well? Give it a rest. You’re tired and this whole vicious tirade of yours is tired.

    This is a beautiful moment, no matter what the haters may say.

    @Ashanti- I didn’t read anyone here say that this musical WAS all about Diana.
    Just the typical pro-Mary and pro-Diana stuff that has been going on for decades. Besides that, you said people “have wanted to blame Mary just because Diana was the bigger star, which lends alot of bias.”
    I think the reality is actually the opposite- Diana bore the brunt of the blame for the reunion not happening, when in fact both women are partially responsible.

    PS- what’s a “Diana Stans”?

  14. Diana certainly doesn’t need to do anything when it comes to any Supremes reunion? And why should she? She tried for the fans and it didn’t work out. She can outsell a house by herself and has. Nice to see her there with Berry supporting the show.

  15. @Ashanti – according to Jean,Cindy, Scherrie & Lynda you are quite misinformed about the reunion. Diana got the promoters and was the only Supreme that could get promoters interested. ALL former Supremes were invited by Diana to be in the tour to sing their songs. Diana never intended to sing 70′s songs and never did. When Mary found out others were invited, she began to cause trouble as she only wanted DMC. Mary had recently sued Scherrie, Lynda and jean and was angry at jean for her behavior in the 70′s. To this day, mary refuses to tour with 70′s members and won’t appear with them at signings.

    Diana was invited to be a Primette by Paul Williams and Eddie Kendricks and they went to Diana’s parents to ask their permission for Diana to join the group. At that time, they didn’t know who the other members would be when Diana’s father asked who else was in the group. Milton Jenkins, their manager invited Flo and asked her to find 2 other girls to make a quartet. They met Diana at the first meeting. Even Mary’s book states she met Diana at the first Primette meeting. Mary & Flo never claimed to have invited Diana – why do you make things up?

    Get your facts straight – you don’t know what you are talking about.

  16. @Kurtsupreme: Diana didn’t need to sleep with Berry – she was already the star and biggest money maker for Motown before their relationship began. They had five #1 singles and a Copa deal before they ever touched each other – the affair didn’t get her anything. She got their audition and SHE is the reason they got signed – and only she – 5 years before the affair. Gordy wanted a crossover star, found one and made good. Simple as that. It’s not like millions of people all over the world don’t love Diana Ross – she is one of the biggest music stars in history – that can’t happen by sex. Maybe YOU buy music because of the sex life of the artists, but everyone else buys music they LIKE. There was no power struggle, you fool. Gordy was making millions off Ross’ voice – naturally he have her what she wanted – she was the star of Motown. She has sold more records and more tickets as a solo than as a Supreme – by far. And, according to Universal, her solo hits packages outsell the The Supremes hit packages by 10-20%. Both solo and as a Supreme, her lead voice and talent sold the group. Mary & Flo & Cindy were often not on their records and no one noticed.

  17. April 19th, 2013 at 1:44 am
    missbirdsong says:

    Kurt Supreme travels all over the internet to bash Diana Ross claiming inside info he got about the Supremes via his friendship with the former Blubelles manager’s wife! Pathetic. It was Fabulous to see the ladies smiling with Gordy the man that gave them their careers. Kurt cannot diminish that. Goodwill prevailed on that night. That grates on Kurt’ s nerves. I am ecstatic to see both women smiling and in the same space.

  18. April 19th, 2013 at 6:59 am
    forever came today says:

    both diana and mary are at fault diana knew mary would freak at the huge discrepancy in renumeration and of maryshoud’ve Hired a better neg. lawyer and taken the 4 MIL

  19. April 20th, 2013 at 6:34 pm
    Terrence Boone says:

    Nun-ya biz: It’s really obvious that your parents did not teach you any manners…Shame on them and you!!!!!SHAME on all the negative vibe that is coming out…What goes arround will come arround,,….

  20. April 20th, 2013 at 6:40 pm
    Terrence Boone says:

    Aaron-Correction Diana Ross does not sell out here in Los Angeles Ca…I’ve gone to them all and wait til the day of the performace to buy tickets

  21. April 20th, 2013 at 6:49 pm
    Terrence Boone says:

    Wayner-you do not have a clue….The promoters came to Diana with the idea…listen to Diana Ross on the 20/20 with Barbara Waters….Also, the primes were looking for another girl and Mary said she had a friend name diane…So Please stop it Stop it…..Also diana ross records have not sold well here in the US since If we hold on together…She can not get a record deal…because all the people she has mistreated are all now running the record companies…Yes, she will always be a star…but she can not fillup a big concert hall..her best album was take me higher(1995) the tour was chopped down and the record sold poorly and it is a great album…I love you (2009) probly sold 5 copies….

  22. Was so happy to get a ticket and was flabbergasted when Diana helped Mary onto the stage. A few people tried to boo Mary but Diana quickly shushed them which I thought was nice. Girlfriend can give a look that will shut anybody down. Gladys Knight saw the whole thing and seemed quite amused. Whatever beef she (Gladys) is suppose to have with Diana wasn’t there as the two of them seemed to laugh like old girlfriends. Makes me wonder about almost everything I have heard or read. Mary gave Diana a kiss and the place erupted.

  23. @Aaron I noticed that Diana/Gladys interaction too. Diana seemed more happy to see Gladys Knight than Mary Wilson. When did those two become friends or have they always been? They all looked good and healthy.

  24. April 22nd, 2013 at 4:10 am
    missbirdsong says:

    Ross’ Blue and I Love You sold well, actually. Most people who’ve allegedly been treated poorly by Ross have also been the recipients of her financial assistance over the years. Ross was not saint but neither was she the evil villain legend has made her to be.What star is still selling huge record sales 50 years after their first appearance on the charts? What does that to do with this story? Ross is still able to get distribution, that is significant. Very few divas from her time period have deals, Patti, Dionne, Gladys, even Aretha created her own label. Silly comment from someone who knows nothing about the record co. The people running record companies today we’re in wombs when Ross made LADY Sings…

  25. @Terrence Boone, thank you so much for defending me when I said that it was because of Mary that Diana was invited albeit an indirect invite. I am not here for people like Wayner who come here thinking that I need to be “checked” by getting my facts straight as no one needs to straighten me out on this forum as I am not a child of anyone on this forum. I know where I read what I read and how many sources. But as one person did mention the boos toward Mary, that even shows how people are quick to blame her. And I knew what talking about when I said that the forum was not about Diana for, as I predicted, people are digging up the same old argument between her and other Motown members and just going on and on. And the fact is that Mary and Diana may have had their differences, clash of two egos, but have most likely let bygones go. I mean for all that they disagreed on, I don’t think they are mortal enemies and there is even footage of them interacting with Gordy. Check the link here:

    That said, Diana did help some folks in the past – Mary – but Mary helped her out when Diana used the very women that Mary hired in the 70′s as Supremes for the RTL tour. Those were women Diana never worked with.

    @mnmcv1, a STAN is a colloquialism for stalker fan.

    I mean with so much controversy here, even I am guilty of mentioning Diana and Mary. But it does not mean that I do not realize that the whole coming out of former Motown artists is a MOTOWN THING here. Hell, it’s not about old arguments between Patti and Mary and Gladys and Diana. Can we all just get along and be happy that the Motown people got along for the come together?

  26. I liked the show. I thought Diana was very gracious toward Mary (and especially Gladys)and her admonishment of the booing was heartfelt and a perfect diva moment. Judging from the other Motown artist like Stevie Wonder and Smokey there is a lot of resentment toward Mary. I think there is a lot of stuff there but even Berry is guilty of stoking the fire. His comment of how he would never have even signed the Supremes if it weren’t for Diana (and Smokeys agreement)even if true, I felt was unnecessary. Mary has brought a lot of this on herself and her book was self serving at best but let the woman have a legacy. Take away the Supremes from Diana and you still have an amazing legendary career. Berry still has an entire Motown empire etc.

  27. @Terrence Boone- it’s interesting that you admonish someone else for bad manners and speaking ill of Mary…then you proceed to do the same for Diana.

    “she can not fillup a big concert hall.”
    Well, that’s just all kinds of WRONG. I find it funny that because of your experience in ONE town, then that automatically means it must be true everywhere. IT’S NOT. I saw Diana perform at MSG in New York a few years ago and the place was sold out. Saw her in Atlantic City, place was sold out. And she can still sell out arenas in Europe.

    “her best album was take me higher(1995) the tour was chopped down and the record sold poorly and it is a great album…”
    While Take Me Higher did sell poorly, i don’t know what you mean by “the tour was chopped down”. I saw her in Boston at a 10K venue and it was sold out, and there’s no record that anything went awry on that tour. I have no clue what you’re talking about there.

    “I love you (2009) probly sold 5 copies…”
    In 2007 (not 2009) I Love You sold 21,000 copies in it’s first week alone, and peaked at #32 on the Top 200 album chart and #16 on the R&B album chart. This is actually a higher chart position than her contemporaries Aretha, Gladys and Dionne’s most recent albums.

  28. I’m sick and tired of all the Ross bashing and disrespect shown to Mary Wilson. Both woman are human and made mistakes. Who hasn’t? Both women were members of the greatest female group ever. I’m just happy to see them happy, healthy and sharing a Supreme moment together. Can’t wait to see the show!

  29. @ Mike: I love you so much for that comment. Both women are so successful. I mean Mary may not be a big big star but not all stars are that big. However she is a celeb in her own own right and is still active. Colin Powell chose Mary as cultural ambassador and she served. She has kept going and is such an inspiration. It is good to see the two women on civil terms. Talk that now! See this link for all bashers.

  30. May 3rd, 2013 at 7:00 pm
    Samuel Ogbonna says:

    Well, I thought we’d never see those two on the same stage or even standing side by side until hell froze over. Maybe now they can do that reunion concert.

  31. diana ross was and will always be the star,when she was with the supremes it was her voice on all there records that sold to the world and broke down barriers,as for mary she was a backing singer period,diana did not sleep with berry to further her career they simply fell in love.why diana gives mary house room is beyond me after the way that distastful woman has treated her,but diana has always been a gracious lady with class and dignity.mary has always seemed to forget about the help diana gave her financialey over the years but thats mary quite contrarey who in my opinion is a vile human being.

  32. Mary is no vile human being. To count her as a vile human being would mean that Ross is one too. Years after her career has taken off and died down – even Oprah has said – Ross is not as respected as other legends and people see her in a negative light. Oprah even brought up how Ross used her her relationship with Gordy to mistreat her bandmates. Even Patti Labelle and Gladys Knight give stories of cutthroat experiences with Ross in her Supreme days. The stories come from more than one person. Producers even still talk about the famous stage shoving incident when Diana pushed Mary on stage. An incident that embarassed Mary and Motown and that Gordy made Mary a pariah for instead of his precious Diana. Maybe Diana could be lowdown at times but she is not vile. All in all, Diana has a worse reputation in the industry than any other legend, especially that people do not forget how you treat them. And that shove was not dignified and came back to bite Ross in the ass years later when she had to ask Mary for a favor – perform during RTL. Yes, make her tour when she never apologized for that on stage violence on national T.V. Of course the tour did not sell as a Destiny’s Child reunion tour would not sell without Kelly Rowland. But Diana is human and lesson learned. And a lot of people would agree that had Diana apologized Mary would have had no problem doing the tour although there were other issues with pay. How would most of us feel if someone did us like that, then never apologized, then turned around and asked if we could help them make millions off of us at our expense? As for the help Diana gave Mary, that was a one time loan, which Mary paid back with interest and Diana talks about contributing to Mary’s life? Diana offered to loan, not give Florence Ballard money to save her house. Florence wisely declined because Ross sent her some blank sheets to sign and had not type written the actual terms and conditions.

    Mary was not a backing singer. She was a Supreme just as much as Diana and Flo. The group was the attraction and Gordy was even told by producers in their early years that they could not go on without all three girls. All three of the girls’ vocals were on the songs. It’s just that Diana led with the main melody and the other two sung the harmonies, which embellished the songs. Thus they were equally as important, which is why Gordy made sure that he gave them all the same pay. He just spoiled Diana a bit more because he dated her. Mary was very team oriented and fought to carry on the Supremes, which was why the newer members had careers at all. She hired new members and sometimes even paid out of pocket for new gowns. She gave the Supremes their 16 year run that they are credited for.

    The Supremes’ success was not an act of Diana’s talents as all girls were talented and they did not have hit songs without the right writers. Their early songs with Motown went nowhere even when led by Diana, and it wasn’t until HDH that they made it. When HDH left, the quality of their material suffered and they were barely making the charts. This shows that you can be as talented as you want to, but if you do not have the right material, you won’t be a hit.

    People talk about Mary having used drugs in the past and all, but even Diana has been filmed on TV in her later years falling over drunk and being arrested for a DUI. It is even documented that Diana had to go to rehab for painkiller addiction. So,none of these women are SAINTS. Let’s get over it and celebrate their contributions to the world. Mary is still worth 10 mil and Diana is still worth 160 mil. Some people on this forum may not even have 10 or 160 dollars.

    It was wonderful that the two women can be civil.

  33. May 11th, 2013 at 7:18 am
    Kurtsupreme says:

    You said it very well, Ashanti……….but don’t expect that these silly “Ross as a solo act” fans who weren’t even born when the legendary trio reigned SUPREME will HEAR anything that you have said. They are so conditioned to Diane as a solo star that she is their hero and Mary is the villain. You gave a very fair assessment of the SUPREME situation and I personally applaud your fairness…….but don’t expect them to back off. They are like a bunch of bees in a hive that are ready to sting anything that enters their hive in order to attack any perceived threat to protect their queen (Diane). They are totally conditioned by Diane, Berry, and Smokey propaganda and are incapable of thinking for themselves………they can only attack! Remember, these are the people who really believe that Flo left to start a family and that the group’s name was changed to make more money. They are only able to see the legendary trio through a “Ross” lens as though she was always a solo act. Despite all that, I applaud your efforts………I enjoyed your post.

  34. I have seen both Diana and Mary in concert. Someone yelled something negative about Diana Ross and she said, “Now don’t be talking about my sister like that.” Down deep I think they still love each other. Either way they are both way past their prime (or their primettes.)

  35. There are maybe a handful of people who know – who KNOW – what went down in the history of the Supremes. And, as they are all human, will have their own reactions or take on things. Bottom line: we don’t need to know what happened. At all. We have their music, their legacy, the memories, and this brilliant moment when two of our Supremes stood shoulder to shoulder again. That is going to have to be enough. Peace is free, people.

  36. I am so saddened by the fact of what has presented itself here has far ‘seemed’ to shadow the enormous reality of what has happened, and we saw it! But it hasn’t shadowed it. The fact OF it, negative AND positive, gives credence to the fact of this occurrance being BIGGER than the event surrounding it, and they ‘knew’ it, and ‘WE’ know it! The standad has presented itself and proven itself! And WE NOW SEE HOW “BIG” This legacy IS in spite of the ‘straining at the gnats’ to find things to pinch off of! I WISH for ONCE We not ‘could’, but ‘WOULD’ do like our ‘examples’ and just ‘be’… and we can DO THAT in ‘harmony’ WITH one another rather than finding things to ‘clash’ which says more about whomever is doing it, than they could ever ‘dare’ to realize!
    As for ‘this’ man, I am in LOVE with the fact that we have evidences of these two women in ‘reconcile’ reGARDless of what each one of us ‘THINKS’ has gone on, and that ‘our’ recollection (?) is ‘GOSPEL’, but have no ‘real’ clue!
    I LOVE as well what GTboy said, in the interim of all of the ‘bite n devour’ tactics and digs! It isn’t about ANY of that, and if we LOVE EITHER of these women, as we SAY we do, then we’d be hard pressed NOT to leave such a ‘trail’ behind them with this stuff, as well as a painting of ourselves! These Women TOGETHER engendered a STANDARD that is far more deserving of recognition and ‘honor’ than the bulk of what I’ve read here will EVER be able to Give them, even if retracted, because it has been ‘put out’ there now, and CAN’T be erased from EVERY eye and heart that has seen and felt them! I ache for that, because we don’t realize how ‘permanent’ the effects of our words really ‘are’, and the damage, OR the ‘healing’ that they DO, and the power they possess! We ALSO DON’T but WILL realize that You don’t plant one apple seed and get MILLIONS of apples, with lots of seeds EACH in return over time! In other words, you WILL REAP what you SOW!
    Let’s SOW “SUPREME”!
    That night, ‘THEY DID’!!! And I continue to LOVE them FOR it!

  37. Both were there to honor Barry. I do not think anything has changed between them. They look uncomfortable when photographed next to each other. Both are phenomenal women.

  38. People let’s it go, let the past go, these two women look happy to see
    each other, be thankful. Both ladies are still singing today, Mary has gone on to become a real soulfull singer, and respected, this woman has paid her dues, And well we still love Ms Ross, so people stop
    the hate, because they have….peace

  39. May 20th, 2013 at 2:36 pm
    a.y.harrispn says:

    I would love to see the both of them do the reunion tour at this point. This would be great. I love the supremes.

  40. @Kurtsupreme: Thanks

  41. Love them both! I am sure that age has brought wisdom and looking back both would have done things differently.

  42. Thrilled to see them on stage together in a very gracious moment that must have been a little daunting to both of them considering their myriad of issues in their complex history together. I found myself totally stunned when I came across this odd reunion of the 2 and very happy that they both sucked it up and did it FINALLY :-) . I didn’t think I would ever see them within 10 feet of each other ever again. But I do remember when Diana was honored back in 2007 at the Kennedy Awards she thanked the Supremes emphasizing “especially Mary Wilson who I send my love, I really really do”. So you could see how then she was reflective and turning a leaf on the feud. I looked at all the photos of that night and giggled thinking wouldn’t it be great of they both poked fun at their feud and did a remake of “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” as Betty Davis and Joan Crawford also had issues and you could almost put the Ross Wilson feud in the same infamy as Davis and Crawford. Anyway I’m happy to see they’ve regain their civility with one another. Maybe a Christmas album or a Christmas special? Provided Mary gives Diana her due and allows her to still be the bigger star of the 2???

  43. I’d like to add that given the public scrutiny of both of them they really deserve praise for pulling themselves together under the microscope of everyone analyzing their every reaction and facial gesture in this moment. It could not have been easy knowing they had to connect with each other while everybody was whispering, knuding one another, giggling, booing and staring at them for any sign of Diva rising to the surface and bitch slapping each other. Thankfully they showed who they both are in spirit. What would that spirit be??? SUPREME of course!

  44. I love you Diana Ross.

  45. Ran into Diana Ross at the movie theater yesterday and was amazed at how great she looked. This woman is beautiful up close. Hair pulled back. Jeans. T-shirt. With her sons. Have been trolling the internet ever since to gather whatever I can on this woman. Would love to see her in concert. And just got my tickets to Motown! Not sure about all this negativity. She was quite nice and cordial to everyone at the theatre even apologizing when she had to go because her movie was starting. Not much else to contribute except my own personal encounter with her.

  46. Mary and Diana have a past some good and some bad.time heals the pain of ignorance in youth. Diana and Mary should know that you need to let what occurred 45 or even 50 years ago cannot go back in time ,even if both could and change what has happened, Diana and Mary really need to explore what happened in discussion,and come to terms that they may have both done things that that are not proud of as older women.diana must I’m sure did’nt want to remember the funky things she did to the girls,anyone that has a soul regrets wrong they have done. Maybe it’s easier to forget what is to painful to remember. Sometimes we know we are wrong but pride makes us turn a blind eye . I’m sure Mary also regrets things. I only wonder will diana ever sit down ask if any for forgiveness,for how she treated poor Florence . Come to terms, that she did mistreat Florence …as for mary that book was a way of therapy ..and a way to hurt diana Remember in writing Mary painted a differnt Ross, yet she never painter her self in a certain light. Ross must have been steamed about that book..might be she wanted to forget. And Mary ,well jealousy is a infection it infects your heat,emotions and leaves scars so deep no one can see. Sad that a person cannot move on and harbors anger more than 50 years.

  47. October 22nd, 2013 at 8:57 pm
    miss birdsong says:

    Ummm, Diana sold out The Hollywood Bowl this summer. Dying at Diana needing a favor from Mary…lastly, Ross attempted to help Florence save her house but her husband got in the way, insisting she deal with him. Unsure of the current marital status of the couple, Ross wisely rescinded the offer. Oh, I forgot, Oprah NEVER said any of the thins attributed to her regarding DR on this site. Utter rubbish. KurtSupreme, I hope you have a nice autumn, Warm regards, Miss Birdsong.

  48. How Lucky Miss Mary was to share a Stage with her FORMER EMPLOYERS, Diana Ross & Berry Gordy!, They seem to forgiven her for all the Duplicity, Slander & Backstabbing, Glad she could find the time to attend, Her Day Job as a Wal*Mart Greeter keeps her so Busy.






  54. both women are at fault Diana can not talk it out nor can mary…and who gets hurt …the fans…what made the supremes unique were all three beautiful women….Diana is not as healthy as she likes to pretend and mary don’t need the supremes anymore her career is just fine

  55. So Sorry, But Diana Ross already tried to reunite the Supremes in 2000 and Miss Mary Wilson acted like a total greedy jealous insane bitch over the money that Miss Ross was alleged to receive so the reunion never happened. Diana Ross has said many times she since then that she already tried it once and will not be doing it again. Sorry Mary, but you F***** up with your selfishness and jealousy of the SUPREME QUEEN. MISS DIANA ROSS the BOSS!

  56. August 19th, 2014 at 8:31 pm
    James The Flame says:

    Ok, I read the posts. I actually learned a lot about the Supremes from reading them. I am no expert on the Supremes. If Berry honestly only signed the Supremes because of Diana, then fine. What I do know is that all of us will die one day, including everyone at Motown, and of course, our beloved Diane and Mary. There have been so many groups and singers and actors and famous people who have careers that involve problems with others.
    My thing, before I start rambling, is this, have a reunion, but only do it to glorify God. Self glory, money, all that garbage, matters not. Have some faith. FAmous people have influence. Use it to help. Patch up differences while there is time and life. Be forgiving and be forgiven. I see so much hatred among Supremes fans pitting Ross against Wilson. It is super pathetic. We need to pray for these ladies. They need to do a gospel concert, songs of love, and truly put all the crap behind them, and send a message of Supreme love. I am highly critical of anyone who judges. Who are we to judge? So small minded. So I am bashing the bashers. Please realize how silly you are and how you sound. We have real problems in the world. Who cares about the crap in the Supremes 40 or 50 years ago? Pathetic.

    The Supremes were the greatest female singing group of all time, because of Gordy, HDH, Maxine Powell, James Jamerson and other musicians, and even the other Motown groups that suffered as a result of the Supremes. And don’t forget the families, the mothers, and fathers, who took care of them so they could grow up to be who they became. No one person made that happen. Only God gets the glory.

  57. As Diana stated on the Walters’ interview the deal Mary was offered meant that she wouldn’t have to pay for anything, hotel room, costume, etc. When an artists tours they have to pay for everything which means that if Diana was indeed paid 20 million she probably also had to pay for touring costs.

  58. Truth is it was as a group that THE SUPREMES spread magic.And all 4 …yes,4 Diana,Flo,Mary and Cindy all have a place in music history….and as solos as well….Diana the diva,Mary the sole supreme rock n roll queen,Flo the myth and Cindy the classy one.Berry Gordy can say what ever he likes but it was the three young black girls from America that owned the 60s.If Diana started out as a solo she would have been just another singer up there with Dionne,Aretha,Mary,….I would like to see one the supremes as a group honored the way Ross has been….

  59. The Supremes were and always will be a favourite Motown group of mine. I leave all judgements to be made from a higher power when we all face our day of reckoning. It is not for anyone to pass judgement and for all of those involved they themselves know what is the truth.

  60. If there’s a cure for this I don’t want don’t want it vodka and lemon twist I want it want it I got the sweetest hangover.

  61. Diana was supposed to be paid points on the backend which means if the tour made money she would make money. That is where the “projected number comes from”. The girls money was guaranteed up front. If Mary was smart she would have negotiated points but the producers of the tour (not Diana) had already stated that they wouldn’t share that as that would cut into their profits.
    As for her book. Diana left the Supremes in 1969. After that Mary had a kid and made Diana the godmother. Diana showed up and sang at her “solo” launch and paid back or not lent her over a million dollars in 1980. If she felt as bad about Diana as her book says (which ends in 1969) why did she do all of these things afterwards. Doesn’t exactly make her look like a person with integrity. It is obvious from even her own book that the group would not have made it without Diana and the girls were not as focused. I am glad Gordy cleared it up once and for all with his I would not have signed them if it weren’t for Diana statement. I don’t think it takes anything away from the Supremes except bragging rights.

  62. Mary should have never changed into and worn that red dress to the Motown 25 after the girls all agreed to wear black and white. She should never have started singing lead when she knew she wasn’t supposed to. She should never have tried to call Berry down when she knew it was what Diana was supposed to do. And for those who think she had a right to call Berry down as a member of the Supremes get real. If it wasn’t Diana as Marvin Gaye said there were a ton of others who would have been given the task before Mary Wilson: Marvin himself, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, the list goes on and on. The girl is trouble and desperate and blew her shot at The Supremes reunion. Thank goodness Diana has finally had enough. She doesn’t need it. The lowest points of her career always involve this woman. It sucks for the fans but at least Diana can say she tried.

  63. February 1st, 2016 at 7:36 pm
    Motown Magic says:

    Where did Mary get booed ? Never heard about that. Ross was heavily booed at Mary’s show at BBkings in 2000 and Mary shut it down. It was great to see them together at Motown Musical though someone close to the whole thing said Diana was totally cold to Mary and avoided communicating with her and walked in and quickly out of the after party where Mary was the center of attention. According to esteemed writer Nelson George said in his Motown book that Ross shoved Mary and later pushed her mic away at Motown 25. Mary accepted the 4 million offer and was told the train had left station. Pretty cruel. The truth is the truth. Diana needs to learn to forgive and in an interview Mary asked her to forgive her. That’s decency.

  64. Why is Mary at fault? She has been more than willing to work things out with Diana for years. Diana has refused.Mary tried to talk to her directly in 2000 about the tour and Diana refused. It was great they were at the musical together but the fact is Diana was very cold to Mary and refused to interact with her at all. Real nice !

  65. I enjoyed the music of The SUPREMES.
    Whether it was in the 60′s or continuing
    in the 70′s.
    I guess we all liked their style and they were
    missed when Diana went solo.
    Their music lives on and it would of been nice
    to see the group together. Mary & Diana still
    look good at their ages. Cindy has been ill?
    Also great to see that Florence receives some
    Mary still sings and sounds good with her own
    style…Also Diana.

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