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Snapped! Chandler Massey attends “Days Of Our Lives” 50th anniversary bash

Not really watching much of Days of Our Lives these days since Salem has suddenly become a town with no gay people.

It didn’t used to be that way.

At one time, not that long ago, young Will Horton captured our hearts as he came to terms with being gay with the loving help of his grandmother Marlena and the support of his friend Sonny who would later become his husband.

Will was killed off last month for God knows what reason.

Chandler Massey, the gifted young actor who played Will for four years and won three Emmys for his efforts, showed up over the weekend to the Days of Our Lives 50th anniversary party in Hollywood.

Chandler’s acting career has temporarily been put on the back burner as he pursues a degree in Economics at UCLA.

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3 Remarks

  1. God I miss Chandler as Will so much.

  2. God knows what reason? God was the reason. Will was killed because the show decided to cast its lost with the Kim Davis crowd. Will wasn’t just killed, Will’s husband sat in the second row of Will’s funeral then promptly abandoned their daughter. This was not before Sonny lined up his next relationship while standing on his husband’s grave, and then a picture of Will and his daughter blew away in the wind. It wasn’t exactly subtle that they were telling viewers that gay families aren’t real families and Will deserved to die. This was all on the new writers, the two previous regimes gave us Will’s coming out, Will and Sonny’s love story and wedding then the soapy triangle between Will, Paul and Sonny.

    It was nice to see Chandler show up at the party and support the show that kicked off his career. He does have a movie coming out, which I hope does well. It was gracious of him to attend. It was also pretty cool of Guy Wilson to run the Athens marathon and along with his team raise over $100,000 for AIDS Project Los Angeles, which is why he wasn’t at the party.

    If the show comes to its senses or even if it just decides to cave in to the backlash and they bring Will back, that would be cool. I doubt they would do it for a long term story, but since gays almost never get happy endings in mainstream stories, I would accept it.

  3. I miss Chandler as Will so much too. He captured my heart for good and, as Will did for him, made me care for marriage equality and equality for everybody. That will always be on him and everyone involved in the Will Coming Out storyline. ;)

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