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Snapped! Adam Lambert’s new look!

Adam Lambert has unveiled a new platinum blond look via Twitter. He tells fans:
“You ask Why? Why not? ;) change is good. … Even more excited to play dress up in Japan now! “



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17 Remarks

  1. All the hair dye in the world won’t help the sales of his second bomb album. His record company must have paid plenty to have it debut on Billboard at Number One, because a few weeks later it was nowhere to be found. I’m surprised he didn’t get sued by Queen for ripping off “Another One Bites The Dust” with his title song “No Trespassing.”

  2. Want to see a color version, but the Platinum look is quite stunning. Love it!

  3. LOVE Adam’s new look! He’s so HOT, he can Rock any style! His new album Trespassing is so good, no wonder it debuted #1 in 2 countries and top 10 in several others!! And LOL at Jimmy T….u jealous? hehe

  4. Gosh jimmy t needs to eat more fibre that way his body can rid the crap in the way it
    is meant to instead of out of his mouth adam’s new look is ab fab he is exciting and his vocals are outstanding really love trespassing proud glambert forever

  5. Jimmy why don’t you crawl back under your rock. Adam’s album reached #1 by sheer brilliance and hard work.

  6. Not really a fan of the new do, but whatever, it’s glambert it’ll be differnt again in a few weeks. Hoping when he does change it again he goes for something really colorful.

    Jimmy T, do you get paid to follow Adam articles around the web and spout negative propaganda or do you do it voluntarily?

  7. LMAO @ Jimmy T! Adam’s album is chugging along nicely worldwide thanks. And no, Queen wont be suing Adam for anything – I hear all they really want is to do more concerts with him. “Trespassing” is an original by Adam & Pharrel with it’s own unique addictive sound. Adam is influenced musically by a range of people including Queen, MJ, Prince, Bowie, etc. Just like all artists are influenced by those who came before them. You sound very bitter tho – why is that? Dont be, it’s really not good for you.

  8. TBH I prefer Adam with darker hair but he looks STUNNING here and gotta love how he takes risks and changes things up all the time. One of the many reasons Adam is unique in the music world. :D

  9. Hope it looks a great deal better in color…

  10. Adam looks great whatever color he dyes his hair. Can’t wait to find out what the new single is from his excellent album Trespassing.

  11. Trespassing is a great album and has gotten rave reviews. (Jimmy: sorry for your sad life but you must be intrigued that you are commenting here.)

  12. Jimmy T how do you know whether the album is good or not if you can’t say something nice or positive then shut up. Adam is the most talented artist of this decade he still tells a story with his music. Jealousy makes you nasty, nasty makes you ugly and ugly makes you fat. Adam you are my number ONE forget about these creeps. Love ya

  13. August 8th, 2012 at 8:26 am
    JohnMichael says:

    Who precisely gives a rat’s patootie or a flying banana about Adam Lambert’s hairstyle. Did he change it so someone would a rat’s patootie.

  14. Who cares!!!!!

  15. Hey David and JohnMichael: I, and a lot of others, care about Adam’s hair! So don’t read the article if you don’t.

    Jimmy T: You have issues. Queen won’t sue Adam. Instead they had him perform 6 concerts in Europe with them. You might want to read up on him before you comment. Just saying…

  16. Forgot to say – I like his hair either way. It’s really hard to tell how it looks now since it is a black and white picture. I expect we will see lots of pics soon as he is headed to Japan later this week.

  17. What’s with these “who cares” posters. Obviously they do or they wouldn’t be here. And those who don’t like Lambert – then go watch your loser of a special snowflake. He’s got the finest voice in music today according to May and Taylor – take their opinion before some of the dopes here.

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