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Singer Spencer Day tells Greg In Hollywood why he’s publicly out: “I want to be part of building a bridge”’s wonderful when a successful singer like Adam Lambert, Clay Aiken or Lance Bass decides to come out publicly.

What they do after the initial reveal is also important. You can say, “I’m gay,” do an interview, then seem to never want to talk about it again publicly.  Or you can integrate it into your public life and career and have something meaningful to say about being an openly gay artist at this time in history with LGBT equality so much on the front-burner.

Spencer Day, whose latest album Vagabond has just been released on the Concord Jazz label, is a young singer who I really admire because he is not only very talented, but is also able to articulate why he’s out and proud.

“I wanted to stand and be counted,” Spencer told me in a recent interview. “I felt like in the music industry, despite what everyone says, I still feel like you’re strongly encouraged to kind of stick to the plan that they’ve been doing for as long as the music industry’s been around. Especially because of the Prop. 8 stuff, I really wanted to show my support for marriage equality. I was born in Utah and I grew up Mormon and I want to be part of building a bridge between the LGBT community and the Mormon community.”

I asked Spencer if he wrestled with coming out professionally versus staying private and doing whatever he had to do to enhance his chances of success.

“I think it’s a really fine line and everyone’s got to find a balance that works for them and that they are comfortable with,” he said.  “I think at this point for me, my art is better the more I’m emotionally honest. I also wanted to get it out of the way and make it a non-issue because my hope is to be part of a younger generation that is really making it a non-issue. It’s really like mentioning my eyes are brown. It’s me but it doesn’t define me. It’s really more about the causes I’m behind and the things I want to support. That’s what I want to be remembered for.”

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  1. I think it’s great that more highly talented people are coming out to the public because this is all a part of breaking down negative stereotypes in society and especially when the person is as highly talented (and easy on the eyes) as Spencer Day. I mean, a person may love his music and then have conflicted feelings when they find out he’s gay but then his music is so beautiful that you stop and say to yourself “Sexual orientation has nothing to do with the beauty that a person can create with his/her God-given talents” and that is what this article really made me feel. I love you, Spencer. Your music brings joy.

  2. truly an amazing individual. met him, in awe of him in every aspect. Bravo SPencer.

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