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Singer James Wright has made us all fall in love with Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie with crazy video

I can think of nothing but sweet potato pie right now and I completely blame James Wright.

The Los Angeles entertainer decided to try one of the Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pies they sell at WalMart – and he made a video of it.

A hilarious, delicious, stream of consciousness video that makes you laugh and want to sing and want to eat pie with utter gusto and not even bother using a fork!

James says he read online that the pies, which are only sold at WalMart, were delicious so he went out and bought five of them.

The laughs begin when he has trouble opening the pie box and says, ‘Patti, what’d you seal this bitch with? Gorilla glue? … C’mon Patti!’

He cuts a slice and holds it in his hand, puts it up to his mouth to take a bite. Then another bite.

The pleasure is obvious.

‘Patti. If anyone knows Patti LaBelle tag her on the video! PATTI!’

James then shows off some seriously powerful vocal chops when he launches in to one of LaBelle’s signature, soaring high-octave belts.

‘Bitch, I’ve turned into Patti … Bitch, you’ll turn into Patti after eating this!’

More singing and eating follows. In a second, less viral video (see below), we see that James has finished the entire pie and talking directly into the camera to Patti, whose name he has repeatedly screamed, James says: ‘It makes no sense that after every time I bite into this sweet potato pie, it makes me want to sing biiiiiiitch!’

The video has received nearly 2.8 million views in less than a week and the WalMart pies, which had been selling at a just OK pace, are currently nearly impossible to find. National Public Radio reports the retail chain was selling pies at the rate of one per second in the days after Wright’s video went viral.

The pies, when they can be found at WalMart, sell for $3.48. Some people are trying to cash in on the craze. One pie was put on sale on eBay for $40 and another on sale on Craig’s List for $10 a slice.

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3 Remarks

  1. I’m sure the pie is delicious but I’ll make my own. No way I’m shopping at a store that treats their workers like dog shit. WM is awful on wages, so bad in fact that a good amount of their workers are in food assistance despite working full time. They also crack down on unionization. The Waltons are BILLIONAIRES with more money they can spend in 100 lifetimes and they still won’t pay their workers a living wage. Their greed knows no limits.

  2. That was hilarious! I’d say Patti might want to toss some coin his way. He made her sweet potato pies a hit.

  3. @FAEN-Actually the pie doesn’t sound delicious at all. I don’t care for mass produced food and know how to make my own pies from scratch anyway which I usually do around the holidays.

    Amazingly I’ve managed to have never stepped into a Walmart store my entire life. One of the reasons is because of their terrible treatment of their employees and labor practices. I also tend to shy away from big business and support local businesses whenever possible. Luckily I have a wonderful local grocer in my neighborhood and several other local businesses from people I know and respect. I still thought the video was funny though.

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