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Showtune Sunday: From Meryl to ABBA to Susan Boyle, versions of “The Winner Takes it All”

I was so impressed by Meryl Streep singing The Winner Takes It All in the film version of the musical Mamma Mia.

But now I’ve seen Susan Boyle’s version and am just blown away by it. Just gorgeous.

So here are both versions along with Faith Hill’s and, of course, ABBA.

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2 Remarks

  1. November 24th, 2013 at 2:21 pm
    Gaspar Marino says:

    Poor deluded Susan Boyle.
    Her fifteen minutes have come and gone.
    How can you even compare her to ABBA, Faith Hill and Meryl Streep?
    This woman should pocket her money and fade into the sunset gracefully.
    She was a fluke and how could Meryl Streep ever consider playing her?

  2. Nothing will ever compare to the ABBA original. I bought that single when I was 15 and listened to it endlessly. It seemed to express everything about living with an abusive father, being gay and being terrified that someone would find out, desperately hoping for love and knowing that I’d never find it. That song is incredible, and nothing will compare to the original version.

    That said, I thought Susan Boyle’s version was too subdued and almost boring. In trying not to oversell the song (which would kill it), it felt like she was very underwhelming.

    Meryl’s version has its problems, but for the most part she sells it perfectly. I still think she was a bad fit for that movie, but this wasn’t one of the reasons I didn’t care for her in the role.

    But what surprises me the most is Faith Hill’s version. I’m not a fan of hers. But I was seriously into her version, at least until the band broke into one of the worst karaoke versions of a song I’ve ever heard in my entire life. What a shame that they didn’t let her just sing the song with a simple arrangement instead of trying to revive Solid Gold for the new century.

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