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Shockingly killed off Will Horton, one of show’s only gay characters, laid to rest on Days of Our Lives

So today’s episode of Days of Our Lives was a teary one.

It was Will’s funeral and the day his great-grandmother Caroline was told he’d been murdered.

And sitting there at the graveside service was Will’s killer, Ben.

Freddie Smith (Sonny), Lauren Koslow (Kate), Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) and Alison Sweeney (Sami) were deeply moving in their speeches. Deidre Hall (Marlena) is not one to emote but her speech touched on how proud she was of Will coming out.

That story and the wedding episodes were some of the show’s finest hours.

So as a fan, the more you watched of the funeral the more outraged you got at Will’s killers: the writers of Days of Our Lives. Also the powers that be at the show who signed off on the senseless murder of a legacy character and one of the show’s three gay characters.

And since Smith has only returned to the show for Will’s sendoff, there is only one gay character remaining – for now.

Heterosexual couples like Sami and EJ and Marlena and John and so many more can be star-crossed for years – decades even – but the gay love story gets the ax with no hope of a revival.

It is just plain wrong.

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7 Remarks

  1. THe final scene with just Sonny at the grave sobbing was so heartbreaking. Not only is DOOLS losing a major legacy character but they also lost one of the best actors on Daytime in Freddie Smith. I am so angry that they decided to go this direction.

  2. The new writers are being really stupid. There is no good explanation as to why they would do this except to cater to those who claim family values and such non sense. If any thing these new writers will slowly kill the show instead of helping it to continue to progress. If they really didn’t want to use Will and Sonny anymore then why not of given them their happy ending. Now Gabi and Sonny are single parents. Hopefully Gabi finds away to give Sonny legal rights to Ari even if we only hear about it.

  3. The new writers have a better style, but they are making so many bad choices with the story line. How much of this is the writer, and how much is the producing team?

    There are so many examples, many related to Will’s murder. The latest is Sonny is going to leave Salem for good. Yes, Freddie Smith is gone. But Sonny would never leave Ari forever. He would finish Victor’s project in Europe and then come back. There are many characters in Salem that get mentioned, but are never seen. Sonny would be just one more until the writers decide to give him a big story line (recast the character) or bring him out for the 4th of July picnic & Christmas (Freddie comes back for a day or two.)

    Will could have been handled in a similar fashion. He didn’t have to be murdered

    Too much of what’s going on with the show reeks of desperation. I’m starting to think I”m watching the Titanic sink once more.

    No matter. For a few weeks now, I’ve only watched episodes with Will or Sonny. I will stop watching the show once Sonny leaves.

  4. I believe you got it right – the writers and producers of this show are the real murderers of Will. They let him die terrified, alone and believing his husband did not love him. He was given no peace, no happiness, no hope. Sonny gets no closure and, even though he lives, he will forever be haunted by the question of ‘what if?” and the knowledge that he was too late. A seriously appalling ending to what was a beautiful love story! I wish the writers and producers would let us understand why they believed this was an acceptable (certainly isn’t great) way to end WilSon when so many other options were available. They disrespected the actors, the characters and the fans.

  5. Here…here Marty. I totally agree with you.

  6. of all the characters, why did gentle Ben have to be turned into a murderer? 180-degree character changes don’t make sense

  7. The new writers are being homephobic assholes.. how can you kill of the only gay couple that actually loved each other yes they had there rough patches who hasn’t. How dare you!!! Here is thought days of our lives was actually welcoming the 21st century and you throw it back 30 yrs

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