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Sherri Shepherd mocks Rosie O’Donnell’s ailments on GMA – depression and all

Gee, Sherri Shepherd is feeling a little catty towards Rosie O’Donnell who is now on a revamped The View – and Sherri isn’t.

Sherri relentlessly made fun of Rosie during a television interview this week on Good Morning America to promote her role in the Broadway musical Cinderella and said she still watches the show she co-hosted for seven years before departing in the summer.

Shepherd kicked off her Rosie ribbing by lifting up her leg which O’Donnell did during her first show this season. O’Donnell returned to the show after quitting in 2007 after one stormy year.

‘Here’s my foot, I’m Rosie O’Donnell!’ Shepherd joked. ‘I got sciatica in my back and I’m going through depression. … How many other ailments can I get? I got 12 more in the year that I’ll be on The View. There you go.

‘You wanna see my feet? There’s my feet. I’m Rosie O’Donnell.’

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5 Remarks

  1. Dear Sherri

    I remember when you were on ‘The View’ and didn’t even know the earth was round! How the hell does anyone not know that? And you have the gall to criticize Rosie? Please do us all a favor and take your hypocrisy, ignorance, and third rate talent and make your way to Cluster Fox where your BS will be appreciated.

  2. AWESSSSSOME comment Faen…could not have said it better. Not a Rosie fan BUT really really really extremely not a Sherri (Jeffreys mom) the hypocrite fan.

  3. Her bitterness over losing her job at “The View”, and her jealously of Rosie is sad. When on “The View”, she destroyed the English language (witch you versus with you). She continued to display her further uneducated ignorance by claiming to love her gay friends yet was against their civil right to marry, hiding behind her Christianity or what she claimed her Bible meant. Then lying to the viewers regarding her “happy marriage” while her husband of less than a year was filing for divorce. Simply pathetic.

  4. Not a Rosie fan here either, but Shepherd is as dumb as a stump, and I mean no disrespect to stumps. She is stupid and has faux morals after using abortion as a form of birth control for years. I will NEVER understand why she’s even famous.

  5. @Malibu-thank you.

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