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Sherri Shepherd apologizes if she has offended anyone, tries to explain herself

Okay, so I saw what Sherri Shepherd said last week and now I’ve read what she is saying in response to all of the controversy she has caused.

For someone who has been appearing on television expressing her opinion for at least seven years now, she does not seem to express herself clearly.

I’m not sure exactly what she is saying in her apology but I will post it here and you can weigh in on what you think.

‘I’d like to say I’m truly sorry to anyone I’ve offended with the viewpoints I expressed,’ she said.

She also said, predictably, that her interview was ‘misrepresented.’

‘ … Only a portion of my comments were used as a headline to give the impression that I was condemning members of the LGBT community living in their own truth,’ she said. ‘In the interview, I express I was raised as a child to have a certain set of beliefs, but my beliefs have evolved significantly as my own personal relationship with Christ has increased.’

Shepherd went on to say on Tuesday’s show: ‘I believe that love is the grace of all things and I have no desire to judge anybody by who they are. I’m a person of compassion and anyone who knows me knows that I love, I accept, I embrace everybody who has love in their hearts. So I love you.’

Here’s what she said originally that started the whole thing:

She had said on the Fusion program: ‘You grow up being a Christian and you grow up believing homosexuality is a sin; you’re going to hell if you’re a homosexual. This is something that they teach in churches. So it’s something that I grew up believing.’

It appeared to be a belief that had not changed as she also said: ‘I might not agree with your lifestyle, but I love you. You may not agree with my lifestyle, but you love me … I don’t say it’s a choice. If you tell me, “Sherri, I was born gay.” OK. I’m not gonna argue with you, because I can’t tell you how you feel and what’s going on inside. … I just ask that people respect how I feel, [I] respect how you feel and we can have a great dialogue.’

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7 Remarks

  1. She just all the rest of her ilk always try to backpedal with a ‘heartfelt apology’. The only thing is their apologies are about as sincere as one of Endora’s apologies to Darren after she turned him into a lampshade or doorknob. If they are saying what they feel why not stand by it? It’s only because they fear they might loose their high paying gigs that they try to say I did not mean it,Yes you did because you said it.

  2. When i heard the headlines it was like “Sherri says gays are going to hell” but when I read it, she’s saying that Christians are taught to BELIEVE gays are going to hell, that it’s something she was taught whether or not she believes it personally. I’m going to give her the benefit of the D – remember it’s very hard to upturn habits and ideas that have been pounded into our heads. I mean, there’s many gay people out there who believe the same thing.

  3. joebatch, I think I love you! :-] I love your comments.

    Shepherd is as dumb as a stick. She said it and now says she was misrepresented. B.S. Just shut up already.

    As I’ve said before, it simply amazes me how someone with so little talent and so little intelligence can make so much money.

  4. She is a lying b—h, just trying to get herself out of a jam. But everyone knows she meant every word she said. She has lost any and most of her fans now. Good bye to her career, whats left of it.

  5. Christian phony is what she is.

  6. Joe, I think I love you too!!!!!! Thanks for the compliment.

  7. joebatch, *hugs* to you! XO


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