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See the entire first episode of “The New Normal”

NBC has released the entire first episode of its new comedy The New Normal online weeks ahead of its broadcast television premiere. I watched a screener a few weeks ago and found much to like although I did not immediately love it.

Ellen Barkin is pitch perfect though as the bigoted grandmother and the leads Justin Bartha and Andrew Ranells have a nice chemistry.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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6 Remarks

  1. August 30th, 2012 at 1:04 am
    Bruce Wayne says:

    Hmmm….love Justin. Was not enthralled with this first episode, but will give it a chance. Do we Really need another ‘Archie-ta Bunker’ on TV?!


  2. The first episode was a bit rocky but overall watchable. However with the help of some oldies tracks in the background I would rename the series “Kurt and Blaine:10 Years Later”. Btw, Nene is hilarious and needs more dialogue.

  3. Not great, but cute. It’s got possibilities!

  4. August 30th, 2012 at 3:39 pm
    Gaspar Marino says:

    Too earnest for a comedy and even the perceived bigotry is PC. Needs a lighter touch, snappier dialogue. The cast has the potential, but needs better material from the writers. Would have liked to see what Annie Potts or Jean Smart would have done with the grandmother’s role.

  5. I liked it
    The charachters still need to jell a bit, but it’s not bad. They have to have great storylines to keep it interesting…and no breaking out into song!

  6. Awesome and leaving me wanting more. This pilot episode was genius and beautifully written because it packed in most of the characters back-stories in less than 1/2 hour. NeNe and the little girl (don’t know her name)are amazing and serious scene-stealers. Ellen part as the Nana is just beautifully flawed and she might be compared to a great deal of characters from the past. This Nana character gives me some Archie Bunker but more ‘Sofia’ from ‘The Golden Girls’. Remember Sofia had this tough outside and always something to say about somebody but Sofia’s charm was her gentle and almost too-sweet-for-words inside that was only seen by few. Ellen is a woman of a certain age and looks incredible and all her Chanel-like suits. Justin and Andrew are are just deliciously intriguing and I’m loving their on-screen chemistry that works so well. It might be hard for the bible-beat states to take this show on primetime but honey, it was so beautiful to see two beautiful men embracing on TV. It’s so great to see one guy be a bit more masculine and one is unapologetic about his lifestyle and their pairing works so well. The lead girl (I don’t know her name) is just downright adorable on all levels. She gives you a bit of Drew (Barrymore who is preggers), some Reese (who is also preggers)with her sweetness but this tender fire that she is blazing on this small screen well be received well. It has to be tough being a lead but honey, she has that sparkle in her eyes that makes you want to tune in and really meet this character. I’m already falling in love with this show because I already care about the characters, even bigot and racist Nana, who is a hoot. “Hello Kitty, move!” Who would say “Ass-campers” and not want to chuckle a bit. If she says: “Butt-munch”, I’m going to lose it but quick and in-your-face punts are pretty current and way over-the-top but I love them.
    All the hype about the show makes sense because it’s well-written and funny when it should be and daring and bold when it has to be.
    Most people thought that ‘Modern Family’ wouldn’t do well because of the incredible gay couple on the show and it wins basically everything during award season time. I pray this show gets that kind of reception because I can’t wait to get involved with these characters because this show made my mom laugh when I showed her and she is tough with a capital “T” (TUFF).

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