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See Steve Grand’s new music video: “Time”

Steve Grand’s long-awaited debut album, All-American Boy, came out this week and on Friday, Steve debuted the video for his pop ballad Time.

In the video, hunky Steve meets a hunky guy (played by Daniel Williams) at the train station and we see the whole thing play out.


If you’ve purchased Steve’s album, I’d love to know what you think of it.



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3 Remarks

  1. Thanks, Greg for posting this video. It has every heartfelt emotion from A to Z not to mention his great singing voice. I still believe that you more than anyone even in the music industry played a very big part in helping Steve get the recognition and acknowledgement he very much deserves for his talent. I say this because I don’t see him acknowledged or mentioned any where else in the mainstream entertainment industry, just the same old same old names over and over.

  2. This video made me a fan. I purchased Grand’s album on iTunes. Love it.

  3. I got the album early as one of his Kickstarter supporters, and I really love just about every single song on it. It’s got a great mix of different types of musical sounds, and the songs are distinctive and unique. The vocals and the music are both very well done, and I think it was definitely a worthwhile investment!

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