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See Stephen Colbert’s at times awkward interview with Barbra Streisand on “The Late Show”

Streisand was great on The Howard Stern Show but this chat with Stephen Colbert – who I love – just misses the mark. Their chemistry is off for some reason. But it’s also interesting at times like when Barbra talks about her mother being jealous of her success. Ouch!

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  1. Was just checking to see if anyone else thought that the Colbert, Streisand interview last night was really cringy.I was sorry that it took up the entire hour. The audience didn’t seem very impressed or involved, either.

    Besides the lack of chemistry between Colbert and Streisand, those hour-long interviews just aren’t what folks tune in to see on Colbert….especially when he takes a week off beforehand to make it happen. He did one a while back with a veteran male actor in a lodge type setting out west….equally boring…and I’m 72.

  2. In response to Madsen:

    As you may know, all the interviews promoting her book are pre-taped. I believe the only interview that was LIVE was the one with Howard Sturn. You know Barbra, and her crew, came in and controlled everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had final edit control. There are stories, think Oprah and another talk show, where she came in and changed everything including the set. Why can’t she just be humble, come in do one or two segments to plug her book, and leave?

    Barbara is a talented person and has done well for herself. No one can take away from BUT many times it’s her personality and her antics that takes away from her talent. For me, I would not put up with it. I don’t care how famous or talented she is. You come into my yard, you will play by my rules.

  3. What a horrible and disrespectful interview by Colbert whom I usually like.
    Asking an icon like Streisand about kissing her co-stars and not taking no for an answer. It was an absolute mess of an interview. Unprofessional and boring (which is the complete opposite of this star )

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