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See Phillip P. Keene of TNT’s ‘Major Crimes’ on the cover of New Orleans Living!

Not many actors have gotten to play the same character in two different hit series.

Phillip P. Keene is one of them and for my money is the most handsome of all to accomplish this feat.

He plays Buzz Watson on TNT’s Major Crimes now in its sixth season. Prior to that, he played Buzz for seven seasons on The Closer.

Phillip is on the cover on the latest issue of New Orleans Living and I want to share with you some excerpts:

On his character of Buzz who provides technical expertise and critical electronic surveillance to the LAPD to help solve cases: “His optimism is one of the things I like about playing the character. I find it challenging sometimes because he’s seen people do a lot of nasty things, yet he still believes in the good of mankind. I find that refreshing about his character in that despite all the darkness he’s surrounded by on a constant basis, he still finds the light and he brings that forth for everyone else to see as well. Now he’s studying to be a reserve detective. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many reserve officers; they do it not for the glory, not for the pay, because they only earn a dollar a year. You feel the need to help create some justice in this world, and maintain a sense of law and order, and give back to a community.”

On being married to James Duff, the creator of The Closer and Major Crimes: “There’s work and then there’s home. If James is on a phone call to another actor or the network, I leave the room. When I’m on set, if something’s going on, I keep that to myself. Sometimes James will say, ‘Why can’t you tell me such and such is happening?’ Because that’s not the kind of relationship I want with my cast mates. You have to be trustworthy and maintain your credibility or no one will want to work with you.”

On his former job as a flight attendant for Pan American World Airways: “I always draw a comparison to my job now and that job, and it really is a family. It was the people that made a difference, not just the airplanes and the food. The company was very forward-thinking, and I was enamored with the founders’ desire to bring the world closer together — and the ideal that the more we know about each other, the less likely we were to hurt each other. That’s kind of boiling it down, but I love that! I started collecting Pan Am matchbooks and advertisements, and my collection has grown to about 3,500 pieces.”



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2 Remarks

  1. I can’t say enough nice things about this man. He’s a great actor. He’s a great collector & historian of all things Pan Am. He’s politically active on social media, and relates well with his fans. He’s also very easy on the eyes.

  2. I love Buzz’ character and Rusty and Gus’ as well! LOVE Major Crimes!!

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