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See a preview of Matt Bomer as a transgender woman named Freda in the new film ‘Anything’

I was among those invited to attend an early screening of the film Anything at the DGA Theatre last night. The story centers on a Mississippi man named Early Landry ( John Carroll Lynch), who after losing his wife is forced to move to Los Angeles so he can be cared for by his over-protective film executive sister (Maura Tierney). Landry quickly moves out of her upscale home to start a new life on his own in a small apartment complex in Hollywood. He quickly becomes enamored by his neighbor, a transgender prostitute named Freda (Matt Bomer). His loneliness and need for companionship leave his heart open to what starts as a friendship then grows into something deeper. But can their growing affection be reconciled with the complexity of their disparate backgrounds? There’s been controversy over Bomer portraying a transgender character instead of a transgender actress. That aside, I must say he is wonderful in the role. The Emmy-nominated actor gives the character of Freda heart and a combination of vulnerability and strength. He is absolutely believable in the role. Lynch is a revelation in what I think is the role of his career and Tierney outstanding. The movie has its world premiere this weekend at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

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2 Remarks

  1. I like Matt Bommer as an actor and as a person (what he let us know about his public persona at least) but being honest, I don’t see him doing well in this character. The same things that may make him the right actor for other roles do not coincide for this one; he is not (acting) feminine enough (Jared Leto showed how it is done), his mannerism don’t look convincing (or at least do not for those of us who know trans people or in transition, or even effeminate gays). Even arguing that this specific trans woman may not be that feminine, even if technically possible, doesn’t help in his favor. When the acting is compelling enough you forget whatever other characters the actor may have played before (or even who the actor is) and this is not the case. And no, being gay (obviously) does not automatically give you an advantage on playing such a role. I guess you can’t win them all, wish him the best nevertheless.

  2. I’m a Bomer fan but with all due respect to him they couldn’t have found a trans actress to play this role? Really?

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