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Season four of the beloved comedy series “Designing Women” is finally being released on DVD today loved the CBS comedy Designing Women from the start. But I’m really excited about season four being released on DVD because it is the best year of all.

This show about four women running an interior design firm starred four of the best comedic actresses in television history: Dixie Carter, Delta Burke, Jean Smart and Annie Potts.

By season four, Miss Burke has emerged as a stand-out as her character of Suzanne Sugarbaker became funnier than ever. The actress, a former beauty queen just like her character, had steadily been gaining weight since season one and this was the year that it was finally written into the script.

And boy, did it make for some classic television. The most famous episode was They Shoot Fat Women, Don’t They? which had Suzanne facing high school classmates who make fun of her for her weight. Miss Burke was nominated for an Emmy for that episode and Dixie Carter was outstanding too. is also during this season that Charlene (Smart) gives birth to a little girl (the actress was pregnant in real life with a son and is VERY pregnant in some episodes. Miss Carter, who died earlier this year, has a real showcase in an episode where her son Payne gets married. She gets drunk at the reception and sings one helluva version of Sweet Georgia Brown.

Also great are: the episode where Julia gets her head stuck in a staircase banister at the governor’s mansion (they were to decorate for a party); the episode where Julia and Suzanne take a disastrous trip to Japan and their luggage is stolen; when Suzanne tries to help Mary Jo land a man with the help of a dating advice book; When Suzanne’s new friend turns out to be a lesbian; The ladies compete with a group of sexist male decorators and end up in a bowling competition with them. favorite episode of the season, if I had to pick one, was when the four girls go to a health spa. Charlene wants to lose her baby weight, Suzanne wants to lose weight in general, and slim Mary Jo (Potts) and Julia (Carter) are there to pack on pounds.

Many things happen as bickering turns into a full-fledged mud fight! It was the season finale and the end of the finest season of the seven year run.

Miss Burke, so glorious during season four, would see her role somewhat diminished in season five – her final season – due to a battle with producers. The show never again reached these heights which is why you must own this DVD!



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