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Season 3 of “Greek” premieres tonight on ABC Family: Calvin and Grant face “The Day After”

If you are a fan of ABC Family’s Greek, then you won’t want to miss the season three premiere tonight. Roommates  Calvin  (Paul James) and Grant (Gregory Michael) are also becoming romantically involved and trying to figure out how to navigate how public/private they want things to be.

While Paul has been with the show since the very beginning, Gregory was a new addition at the end of last season and it is a welcome addition indeed. I’ve been a fan of his from Dante’s Cove for some time. Although a fourth season of Dante’s has been announced, no episodes have been filmed and some cast members from past seasons have told me they don’t know what is going on!

For now, enjoy Greek!

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  1. Gosh Greg, first you get me hooked on OLTL (just when I thought I got daytime soaps out of my system) and now Greek!

    I shouldn’t have discovered your Blog/site. My DVR will never get any rest. :o )

  2. i want Calvin and grant to have sex, but they should show us when they have sex not them talking about it. also, i want grant and Calvin to start dating and for heath to find out about it and got jealous. i want heath to tell Calvin his true feelings and that he want to be back together with him because in my mind i think they belong together

  3. i think grant want to have sex with Calvin but why don’t Calvin do it, he did before with heath, or maybe because they are brothers. i wonder what would happened if they found out grant was gay too.

  4. for all you SMF fans…check out this great video of him backing the bid for the 2016 olympics in chicago on!

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