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Saturday Video: Davey Wavey wants younger gays to “Show Some F*cking Respect”

You go Davey Wavey!

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  1. Way to go Davey Wavey! However, while I try and be polite to the older crowd, it’s when they can’t take “No!” for an answer when they hit on me that makes me angry.

  2. I remember when I was 19 years old and going to the bars with my other young gay buddies. They would make fun of the older men, calling them tired old things or ugly old queens. I told my buddies that they’d become what they are making fun of in no time at all and a new generation would replace them doing the same thing to them. Now that time has come. I hope they remember how they treated those older men.

    While Davy Wavey seems to imply it’s generational, it has always been this way that I can remember. Even as a 19 year old back in the late 1970′s I never understood the youth worship which seems so prevalent in gay culture, hell even the straight culture. Men of all ages and race can be a great sexual experience.

  3. 100000000000% TRUE !!!!!!!!

  4. Davey-I LOVE YOU FOR THAT RANT! Too many young gay men have no idea of gay history and how fucking hard it was. Every teen, regardless of orientation, should be required to read Lillian Haderman’s ‘The Gay Revolution: the story of the struggle’ and watch ‘Before/After Stonewall’,'We Were Here’, and ‘How To Survive A Plague’. Maybe then they’ll be more thankful and understand the rights and freedom they take for granted came at the expense of thousands of men and women who fought and in many instances died knowing they would NEVER experience equality under the law but that later generations would.

  5. @FAEN-sadly there will always be a sizable percentage of any demographic group that just won’t give a shit about the history of their culture because they weren’t there and/or are shallow and indifferent even though they benefit from the work and struggle those who came before them put in.

  6. Davey I’ve never been one of your fans… but I am now!

  7. @K Martinez-Unfortunately you are correct. As an aside do you realize you just described the majority of gay republicans?

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