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Saturday Flashback: When Julia Sugarbaker politely told off Donald Trump on “Designing Woman”

I’m guessing this scene was from the seventh and final season of Designing Women which was around 1992-93. This had to have been post-Ivana and early days of Marla. You have to wonder what Julia Sugarbaker, played by the late, great Dixie Carter, would have to say about a President Trump. I’m sure plenty.

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5 Remarks

  1. I’m more curious to know what Dixie Carter would have to say and what her opinion would be of today’s GOO.

  2. Dixie only said what Linda Bloodworth Thomason wrote, Dixie was a staunch conservative. Carter and Toamson had an agreement that every time Carter did a liberal “Sugarbaker speech” aka Julia rant she was allowed to sing a song. She had a very thin voice and a small vocal range if you ever heard her.

  3. August 4th, 2018 at 3:53 pm
    James Dwight Williamson says:

    Unfortunately Both Dixie Carter and Delta Burke were conservatives and special guests at George W Bush’s first inauguration. I could be wrong but remember them from the parade. Dixie also said that the executive producers, in return for one of her fiery sendoffs of whichever villainous character,she blew to smithereens, was allowed to sing and a show was written so such would occur. She is still my favorite Designer Julia. Gone too, soon!

  4. Julia would lay it out! Unfortunately, Dixie was rather conservative if I remember correctly. She did those speeches with the offset that she got to sing on occasion as Julia.

  5. I remember when I heard that Dixie was a conservative. I was so dissapointed. Her character on “Designing Women ” was so well acted. The show was really fun at the beginning. They should have let it go when Delta left.

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