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Ryan Murphy clears up “Glee” questions gotta wonder if Ryan Murphy is going to start thinking twice about giving revealing interviews about the future direction of Glee after the most recent fiasco involving cast members Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith.

After Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month that the trio would be written off the show after the upcoming season three, fellow Glee producer Brad Falchuk contradicted that at Comic-Com last week.

In an interview with Deadline Hollywood, Murphy gives us an update:

“When I did that interview [with THR], what was happening was we were asked to investigate doing a spin-off and it was a spin-off specifically for three of them, Chris, Cory and Lea,” Murphy explains. ”We weren’t allowed to talk about a spin-off. It was too premature. We didn’t want to do it then. The idea was to do it this fall when Glee gets back on the air. Then, to pick up and read the actors saying, ‘We found out we were fired from Twitter.’ All of us, the studio, the network, were like, ‘OK, that isn’t exactly cool,’ because we involved all three of them in that decision. So then what happened is that we decided, ‘OK, let’s not do it.’ So that’s where we are today.”

He was very clear, however, that the actors were never fired: “When I say they’re seniors and they’re not coming back to the show, what I did not say is they’re not coming back to the show because there will be another show. What Brad [Falchuk] said this weekend at Comic-Con is now correct: they’re graduating. What we wanted is to get people away from this idea that the actors were fired which is ludicrous. Nobody was fired. They were talked to for months about the show.”

The spin-off is no longer in the works, says Murphy: “We were [going forward with it]. Not now.”



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7 Remarks

  1. wow i would suggest they not let Ryan do anymore interviews, twit, or generally not speak of the show.

  2. I hope Ryan Murphy caught some real flack from Fox for screwing things up. The guy can’t stay away from the press. He originally said that he was not quoted correctly by the reporter which evidently is now also a lie. Please only speak and rely on Brad Falchuk for future information.

  3. Ryan Murphy = Double talking, quack! End of story…

  4. Ryan needs to apologize to Chris Colfer. I saw every interview Chris gave the day of the Emmy noms and he never used the word “fired”. All he said was that if he had to leave Glee it was “not my choice” but that he knew he couldn’t be in high school forever. He did say that he learned some kind of announcement was made by comments on his twitter.
    Ryan with the comments hear and Brad F. with his comments at Comic-Con accusing Chris of saying he was fired and learned about it on Twitter just come across as petty, particularly since it wasn’t true.
    How hard would it be for these folks to simply communicate with each other before dropping bombshells?
    Fox can’t be pleased. It is Colfer and Criss that make me watch Glee, not Ryan.

  5. @Larry… yeah agree… Ryan should give an apology to Chris .. maybe over dinner, together with Cory Monteith. Also to clear the air… because on one hand Ryan said there were discussion with Cory and then he said later that Cory was not informed… Ryan claimed that he already had dinner with Lea regarding this “fiasco”… so…
    Still have the feeling that Ryan used this opportunity to crush Chris Colfer’s ego.. as Chris is working on his own movie and already has more award nominations for his role in Glee than his peers.

  6. August 1st, 2011 at 5:09 am
    andy anderson says:

    This is a classic example of how the media creates hype and hurt and how fans jump on the bandwagon of talking about someone or some thing through an invisible shield known as the Internet. Unfortunately, these comments come from third parties who seem to live and breathe for “he said, she said” media comments.

    A show as well-done as Glee puts the glare on all the producers and cast member of the Glee Show. I can’t imagine spending a day in their shoes with media interviews everyday and most times, seeing how their words are taken out of context with the whole point they addressed.

    As a Gleek fan from the very beginning, I think it’s fair to say that the unknown cast members who started the show, knowing it would be a four-year gig, have had a wonderful launch with a guiding hand that made all of us such devoted fans. Thanks to Ryan M. and Brad F. these kids are now super stars who have bright futures ahead of them. As for Fox, Glee is the best thing that ever happened to them. I hope the kids have a great season, and whether it will be their last hurrah or not, we all fell in love with their acting, dancing, singing and most of all, their story lines created by the very talented Ryan and Brad… Give Ryan, Brad and the cast members a break! What they’ve done for all of us deserves applause…

  7. Give the guy a break…..he’s obviously done something right to get ur attention….writing, producing and directing, not to mention casting a hit TV sitcom and taking the hit for any negativity would most emphatcally be a bit daunting, to say the least, to 90% of the ‘Hollywood’ crowd…no one seems to be giving the guy any kudos or thanks for launching careers…especially the three ‘actors’ in question, who seem to be less than greatful for what’s been done for them….really??

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