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Ross Mathews shares his meetings with Oprah, Meryl, Anderson Cooper and the late, great Anne Bancroft Mathews gets to meet all kinds of famous people as a correspondent for The Tonight Show and panelist on Chelsea Lately.

He doesn’t seem to be fully aware that he himself has gotten famous  and sometimes stars are just as excited to see him as he is them.

For example, there’s this anecdote Ross recently shared about when he met Anderson Cooper at the Republican National Convention in 2004: “I stalked the silverest of all foxes. … When I tapped him on the shoulder to introduce myself, he turned around and shrieked: “Ross!! I love you!!” He knew who i was?!? It was a major diaper moment for me.” there was the time he met Meryl Streep: “I’ve been a super Streep fanatic since way before it was cool. I’m more Silkwood/Postcards/Bridges than MammaMia!/Julia but I love her in everything. When we finally met I became uncharacteristically shy. In complete awe, I confessed to her, “I’m at a loss. This never happens.” She suddenly grabbed my face, yanked me toward her, kissed both cheeks, and burst into laughter. It was weirdly wonderful.”

He was equally in awe when he met talk show queen Oprah Winfrey at a party: “Oprah is it. I mean, like, IT. When I got to meet her at the Vanity Fair Oscar party one year, I dorked out like never before. “Oh, girl, you have no idea! I have been begging the universe for this moment! I spend every day with you! You are my cardio!” She held both my hands the whole time and never ceased eye contact. Like I said, she is IT.”

This final anecdote is especially touching because it is about the late Anne Bancroft, Oscar winner for The Miracle Worker and Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate: “I was boarding my flight to L.A. after covering New Year’s Eve in Times Square when a beautiful older woman grabbed my arm and whispered, “I was  sick in bed last night watching you and you made me feel much better.” I replied, “OMG, thank you!” and thought to myself, “She looks familiar …” Later, the flight attendant called her “Mrs. Robinson” and it all clicked. I was so sad when she passed away not long after that.”

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  1. I like Ross but was saddened last week seeing him heavy again on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.”
    I know he was proud to lose that weight and had a great deal of confidence. Wonder what happened in his life to make him want to start eating unhealthy again?

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ross a few times in fact just recently this past weekend. He is such a breath of fresh air and is so needed on television! His happiness, laughter, Zest for life in an openly gay way is so refreshing and exactly what young gay youth needs to see.

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