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Rosie O’Donnell gets real: ‘I hate what has become of US. … Bad guys abound’

Rosie O’Donnell has posted a poem on her website expressing her despondency over the results of last month’s presidential election.

‘I won’t perform now. I can’t. I hate what has become of US. … Bad guys abound. This is know for sure.’

O’Donnell shares that she recently watched the film Christine about a TV news anchor who killed herself on live television and writes: ‘I considered that before.’

‘ … The scaffolding is shattered once more like the steel core on 9-11. Reduced to dust
again on 11-9.’

The actress and former talk show host titled the poem ‘One Week’ to reflect the amount of time before next week’s vote of the Electoral College which officially selects the next president of the US.

She writes in part:

we have 7 days left
to pull off the impossible
stand up and say no
no to the darkness

come on electors
if ever there was a time for a musical ending

it is the music
of a people who will not be slaves again
when the beating of ur heart
echos the beating of the drum

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10 Remarks

  1. It would be miraculous if the electoral college voters changed their votes from this thin skinned monstrosity to the most qualified person ever to run for POTUS but I’m not going to hold my breathe. As progressives we need to finish mourning and get ready to fight like our lives and rights depend on it because they do!

    I’m hoping we make some progress in 2018 and take back some seats in the House, Senate and State houses. So very important. I also hope the Dems grow a spine and hold up Trumps SCOTUS nominee. Since the GOP wouldn’t even give Garland a hearing I say we should return the favor. Knowing the Dems though they’ll probably collapse and confirm whatever crazy religious asshole Dumpster puts up. But I can dream.

  2. They really need to put this woman on suicide watch.

  3. While I understand the despair people feel, I’m old enough to remember that we’ve gone through this cycle before. It’s not the first time we’ll go through it and it won’t be the last. It just means we become more politically active and motivated and continue to fight back again and again. I refuse to let the Republican party bring my spirit down.

  4. Poor poor Rosie
    Didn’t get her way
    Sitting around, crying big tears
    While wolfing the BonBons away.

    Throwing small fits
    Got a rash and the chits
    A real man would do her some good

    But they all ran south
    Because of her really big mouth
    If she’d shut up it would do the world good.

  5. She can always leave the country if she feels like her life is over…. trust me the rest of the nation that lives in reality won’t miss her.

  6. I just wish all the libtard celebs that said they would leave if Trump won would make good on their promises.

  7. You are entitled to your opinion but FYI: Rosie is a lesbian. She has no need for ‘a real man.’

  8. @sniperj-I’m sorry your education system has so spectacularly failed you.

  9. @Shane-I don’t think most Trump voters live in reality. And furthermore if Rosie did leave there are plenty of people who would miss her. A lot more than would miss you.

  10. That’s quite the observation FAEN.

    Fortunately, my education didn’t fall in lock-step with the liberal indoctrination that is being passed off as college nowadays and all the nonsense it encompasses.


    1. Your not sorry at all.

    2. Depending on where we are standing in the world, and what subject is being discussed, I may be far more educated than you think.

    3. I fail to see what any education system has to do with my having disdain for a very annoying woman. Or are you positing perhaps if I would have strived for a Ph.D., I would have been enlightened on tolerance and acceptance for said woman?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

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