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Rock Hudson was born 93 years ago today

Rock Hudson was born 93 years ago today.

He starred in nearly 70 films during his career including Pillow Talk, Giant, Written on the Wind, Magnificent Obsession, A Farewell to Arms, Come September and Send Me No Flowers.

Through it all, he was a closeted gay man.

It’s a pity he had to live his life this way and that all these years later, Hollywood’s romantic leading men are still living this way.

But what a career Hudson had during his peak in the 50s and 60s – including his several comedies with Doris Day - then in television in the 70s with the long-running series McMillan and Wife.

His death of complications from AIDS in 1985 – he was just 59 – gave a public face to the terrible disease.



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3 Remarks

  1. Think of the acting job he pulled all his life! He shoulda won an Oscar! I liked Rock Hudson

  2. The man was truly a hot looking man. The stress of being discreet and living your true self had to be very heavy for him. As the saying goes the higher up the pay scale the more you have to lose, who wants to lose. RIP Rock baby

  3. I managed a tour of the musical CAMELOT starting Rock. I have been in the entertainment business since 1969 and I can honestly say he was one of The NICEST person that I have ever worked with.
    Also I am tired of all this he was in the closet. He did not talk about it. He lived his life. The tour was 13 cities; I did all the travel arrangements and coordinated the publicity. Trust me Hotel,staff talk.
    HE DID NOT HIDE. Everyone in the company knew and the same can be said about most who worked with him in films.
    Again he did not talk about it.
    He was a true gentleman! And the cast and company ADORED HIM!!!

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