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Robbie Rogers answers questions on Facebook – find out what the LA Galaxy star had to say

Major League Soccer star Robbie Rogers conducted a live Q&A on Facebook earlier today and I learned several things skimming through the answers right now. Robbie “can’t wait” to have kids someday, he has an Olympic torch tattoo on his wrist, loves the movie A Single Man,  loves the TV show Game of Thrones, doesn’t think he’ll ever be a coach, and is starting a denim jacket brand called Hampton + Baker that is launching in Spring.

Here are a sampling of Robbie’s answers:

On being an out player: I feel the pressure to represent the gay community in soccer or sports because their aren’t many of us that are out and playing. I think I will always feel that way unfortunately but I do love playing soccer.

On being a public person: “I am a very shy private person believe it or not. So being so public about my life sometimes is very difficult for me. I do it because I get to help people. Which makes me very happy.”

On why he wrote a book: “I felt like I was the only gay man in the world before I came out. It was other people stories that helped me along the way. I thought by sharing my story I could help others.”

His idea of a great weekend: “Hanging with my family and friends maybe at the beach or at a pool. having a BBQ. I love to relax!!!”

Best experience in soccer: “Winning the MLS Cup with the Galaxy”

Favorite part about playing for The Galaxy: “I love the way we play and how well the organization take cares of us. The fans are very passionate and we’ve been able to reward them with silverware.”

Relationship status: “I have been with my boyfriend for 2.5 year Greg Berlanti”

Advice to other LGBT athletes thinking of coming out: “I would tell them to find someone to speak to. Someone away from their family and friends that they can trust. Holding in all those secrets isn’t healthy.”

What didn’t make it into his book Coming Out to Play: “What it felt like to win the championship with the Galaxy after coming out and how emotional that was for me. I would have loved to share those emotions.”

On writing another book: “I am coming out with a free Ebook with letters from people who have read the book. I will also write some passages in it.”



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