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Rob Lowe crashes out of “Brothers & Sisters”


SPOILER ALERT: I’m sure there are plenty of people who have not yet watched Brothers & Sisters so here is some fair warning about last night’s finale. I got into some trouble for trumpeting that a character died on Private Practice so I’m trying to be more careful!

Okay, if you don’t want to know what happened to Rob Lowe’s character of Robert McAllister then I hope you stopped reading already because I’m going to start talking about the fact that he DIED!

Lowe’s exit was expected since it was widely-publicized that he wanted off the show after four seasons and had already begun a new role on the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation which will return to the air in mid-season, it was announced today.

The big mystery on B&S was how Rob would exit. Would he be murdered? Would he have another heart attack? Nope and nope. He gets in a car crash. We don’t see it happen but we do see the aftermath and some of the worst acting by his TV wife Callista Flockhart that I’ve ever seen.

Kitty says in nearly a whisper: “Oh god, somebody… somebody… somebody help me. Help me. Robert, Robert, it’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay. Stay with me, Robert.”

She’s a limited actress anyway but can most times be very appealing. But last night, her hubby is dying right before her eyes and she failed to convey any emotion. Good god, didn’t she see the Pamela Ewing scene on Dallas when Bobby died? THAT’S how you do grief. Even if you don’t want to go over-the-top with the screaming, at least make us believe that you are watching the love of your life slip away before your very eyes.

As for Rob, he had the easy part. He was crushed and had the blood coming out of his head so he just had to open those pretty blue eyes nice and wide and whisper a few poignant parting words … then die.

The episode also revealed that Uncle Saul (Ron Rifkin), who had never been tested for HIV, gets a test after he discovers that a long-ago sexual partner has AIDS. He tells the family the results came in and that he was negative. But after the crash (every car in the family caravan was apparently involved except for Justin and Rebecca who had a car crash earlier this season), he tells Kevin (Matthew Rhys) to stay away from his bleeding head. Saul is HIV-positive.

Watch it all unfold:

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4 Remarks

  1. I stopped watching B&S a while ago b/c it’s just one drama after another. But watched last night’s much hyped finale and geez – that was the dumbest car crash scene I’ve ever seen. Rebecca gets cut off from her mom and 2 seconds later they come upon a crash that looks like it happened an hour ago. And what do ya know – the entire friggin family is there. What a shocker. The entire cast’s acting out of that scene was horrendous – my dog could do better. Really? A heart attack and a car crash in one episode? Like we were going to be faked out by the heart attack? So dumb. This show should be yanked.

  2. You always know there is going to be a horrible car crash when all the characters were driving much cheaper cars than their characters normally drive. Scotty and Kevin have a volvo convertible and Sunday night the volvo was traded in for a ford focus and Uncle Sal has a jag and last night was driving a toyota. Investigate that Mr. writer

  3. also why was the Senator driving. The day before he has a heart attack. Shouldn’t Kitty be driving since he is starting a new medication????

  4. It’s called TV people…

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