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Report: “Empire” cutting back Jussie Smollett’s future scenes as investigation into alleged attack continues

This whole thing has become quite WTF.

I hope they get to the bottom of this situation involving Empire star Jussie Smollett.

Here is a link to a TV Line story with the latest developments.

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8 Remarks

  1. What is so “WTF” about this situation as WTF? This kid is a liar pure and simple. The show he is on is tanking (never watched it, nor do I care to) and he’s looking for publicity. He’s used his so-called ‘celebrity’ status to cause chaos and defamation to the city of Chicago and its inhabitants. His story is so full of holes I could drive my SUV through it!! Sorry, there are no 24-hour SUBWAY restaurants in the city of Chicago – that’s just the START of his lie!!

    Please explain why you feel this snowball of a lie is “WTF” – pretty cut and dry to most of us.

  2. Good grief Bart, calm down. I’m not convicting the guy until we know what really happened. That’s all.

  3. Hey Bart-First, be respectful. There is no need to attack Greg. Second-how about we wait for all the facts to come out before throwing stones. That would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Bart-A simple Google search shows not 1, not 2 but TEN Subways restaurants that are open 24 hours in Chicago.


    You’re not the only one with Aunt Regina’s number.

  5. People are angry because no one likes to be lied upon, especially when they use your particular “social identity” as a cover. What is clear is that someone knows more than us and is taking preventive actions. If this guy ends up being confirmed as a liar and possibly a conman (as he set up and staged the whole thing) the only thing that could restore public confidence on such claims would be that he is punished (by the people, by the media and by the justice system) as it is due. I don’t agree with Identity Politics and we know that claiming to be part of the LGBT community is not enough to grant someone with unchecked credibility and some kind of a sexual-diplomatic-immunity because of some already established natural state of victimhood. We even have people lying while claiming to be part of “us” to sum up media-and-coverage points, now that we have so many “not straight” terms, and I don’t need to name names. The silver lining would be that hopefully this will deter liars to have some ideas of how to milk a rage culture that craves for sensationalism.

  6. WTF is going on, I believe Jussie, got in a argument because I say not to believe what they hear on TV and social media. I believe him because they told me I asked for a beating when I was kid and that came from my mother.

  7. To FAEN:

    “You’re not the only one with Aunt Regina’s number”

    Am I supposed to know what this means????

  8. @Bart-It’s a ‘Golden Girls’ reference.

    Good to know I have a choice of ten 24 hour Subway restaurants in Chicago.

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