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Rafael Nadal and Carlos Moya: Their beautiful Spanish “love” story in pictures Nadal and Carlos Moya have so much in common.

Both are from the same Spanish island, both have been ranked number one in the world and both have won the French Open. Both are also smokin’ hot! So wouldn’t it be cool if they were also in love – with each other! I mean, look how tender they are with each other, how much they enjoy each other’s company, how they even like to dress alike!

Yes, I am aware that this is perhaps the silliest blog post I have ever written but once I got started, there was no way to stop!

I just kept finding adorable photos of this happy pair, sharing a laugh, getting something out of the other’s eye, playing doubles in total tandem, consoling the other after a loss.

It was all very sweet and looked like love.

Carlos is now past 30 which is ancient in tennis years but he seems determined to get past his current injuries and give the pro tour one last go. Rafael though is at the peak of his considerable powers and just won two clay-court tournaments in preparation for next month’s French Open where he will be gunning for his fifth straight title in Paris.

Win or lose, Carlos will be there I’m sure.

Some other tennis love stories: Carlos and Rafa have long been acquainted, the affection between Marat Safin and Novak Djokivic is more recent.

Not sure if their closeness is something that has been brewing for sometime or if after they played a match, they just felt like almost making out. While Marat has been ranked number one in the world, Novak has not managed any higher than number three. But he won the Australian Open last year – a trophy he could put alongside Marat’s from the 2005 Aussie tournament.’s Russian colleague, the delicious Igor Andreev, is not as shy as Marat when it comes to giving out a post-match smooch. He kissed a Davis Cup teammate Dmitry Tursunov right on the mouth for all the world to see. Now that’s my kinda guy! (Igor is the guy with the long blonde hair in that photo)

While that pic is the most provocative of all of these photos I’ve dug up, it really was just a quick peck after Dmitry had upset American Andy Roddick to clinch a Davis Cup tie over the USA. But I maintain that it is still possible the pair celebrated later – in private! I’m just sayin … finally, we have Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka who were so overjoyed when they won the gold medal in  doubles at the 2008 Summer Olympics they did not wait until they got to the locker room to begin their celebration. I almost think they had sex right there on the court and it was a beautiful thing. BTW, I’m sure they were far less affectionate a few weeks ago when Stanislas beat Roger in the third round of the Monte Carlo Masters tournament but maybe they have kissed and made up.

Okay, that’s it for my creative writing for the day. Sure was fun!



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8 Remarks

  1. dude ur a complete loser, get a life

    rafa vamos!!!!! el unico torneo que te hace falta ganar es el US open pero yo se que tu puedes ya que le pateaste el culo a federer en Australia =P

  2. Carlos & Rafa! It Is Love!

    I tell you, there is a group of us out here that lay in bed and fantasize about this pairing. Yes, we’re crazy. So What?

  3. Great article and writings. Good photo’s too. Find more.. Post more..

  4. It is not uncommon for Russian men to kiss on the lips. Remember the Russian statesmen kissing each other when they were more often in the news? Still, very funny article. Next time the mood strikes you for another light one like this, go with it again. Incidentally, for a number of years Carlos was Rafa’s mentor and that includes the first years on the circuit when Rafa spoke almost no English and was somewhat isolated because of it. I grew up in Europe and when we were young a lot of us male friends in school and elsewhere would hug when greeting each other – not a bad thing to have in your culture.

  5. Aahh! Did u mean Nadal and Carlos together…as a gay couple?
    This is creepy

  6. March 24th, 2010 at 11:55 pm
    Bill Michael says:

    You know, there’s NOTHING wrong with men who love each other. When men care about each other it doesn’t mean it automatically has anything to do with being gay. You can love anyone without lusting after them. You should never be afraid to love someone and you should never allow someone to tell you who to love.

  7. It’s called a “platonic love”

    Platonic love is a chaste and strong type of love that is above sex.

    Google it

  8. January 24th, 2011 at 8:27 pm
    On behalf of than one says:

    After winning you would be hugging god knows what so why are you even wondering why Carlos and Rafa are hugging. Is it because mostly every woman ( and face it in todays society)male too would want to more than hug Rafa!

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