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Rachel Maddow describes her fellow MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts a as “golden god”

Rachel Maddow has given a really terrific interview to Playboy.

Rachel is well aware that she lacks the glamour of such female newswomen as ABC’s Diane Sawyer and Fox’s Megyn Kelly.

‘All those blondes on Fox,’ she tells Playboy in its first non-nude issue.

‘I mean, if I worked at a place where they did not allow you to wear sleeves, could you imagine? Or where all desks had Lucite bottoms so you could show your shins. Jesus, I feel very lucky that at MSNBC they’re like, “You’re fine in the $19 blazer.”’

Maddow, 42, did have long blonde hair in high school. But once she cut it short and let it go dark, it has remained and she has stood apart from most of the other female anchors on major news shows.

‘It is weird to be in an industry where everybody is so good-looking,’ she says. ‘I do not think of myself as a physically attractive person. I think of myself as a goober. I dress like an eight-year-old with a credit card, and I eat like that too—burritos or pizza or s’mores. That’s it. But these ostentatiously attractive people! Thomas Roberts on MSNBC is a golden god.’

True that!

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5 Remarks

  1. Re: Joy’s discussion on the Dreamers on Sat. Sept. 2nd.

    Should stick to simple terms that the Donald can understand. Such as:
    How much do the Dreamers contribute to the GNP?
    How much do they contribute to Soc. Sec. for which they will not benefit? Same for Medicare Tax they contribute.
    How much in total Federal and State Income Taxes do they pay annually?
    How much in well-fare benefits and State benefits are they paid annually ?

    Donald watches all of these talk shows and has a short attention span, so keep it concise and simple so he can see how he’ll be judged on the effects on the economy while he’s at the helm.

  2. Rachel: Congress did pass one piece of legislation and Trump signed it!!
    The bill that allows mentally ill people to purchase firearms!!!

  3. January 5th, 2018 at 8:19 am
    Barry Livingston says:

    Dear Ms. Maddow,

    Is there anyway you can find out how, the transcript
    of the testimony can be distributed to the public under
    the freedom of information statue or other legal means.
    I understand that Senator Grassley said that Fusion GPS’s
    lawyers had to review as an excuse, not to release.
    They, almost immediately said that they had no problems with
    it being made public, so what is the remedy?
    I’m sure your network has the resources to make that happen.


    Barry Livingston

  4. January 12th, 2018 at 9:43 am
    suzanne pentecost says:

    first i must let you know how much i love your program, factual, and worth watching, i just love your imput.

    wondering, the person who is on pennsylvania ave, not mine, and not even a mr.

    did anyone ever research his heritage, bet he comes from german jewish

    also, he demonstraights the cause of the II world war, watch!!!!, with a.h.,,CRAZY,


  5. Ms. Maddow
    When is the Republican Party going to wake up? The Democratic Party is also in Rip Van Winkle’s zone. Leadership per say is in dire straights. We all watch news ad infinitum waiting for someone to speak up. Mr. Mueller cannot be expected to expose this festering boil within the Republican Party. Our Democracy is being challenged ! Donald Trump has given Cart Blanche authority to his meager poss’e to cause all kinds of turmoil to our Nation. Thanks for the listening ear. Can’t wait for the Boil to burst all over this Wanna Be. We’re all waiting as patient as can we can

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