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Perez Hilton to headline reality show about gay dads and promises it won’t be ‘trashy or boring’

So news broke today that Perez Hilton is going to star in and co-produce a new reality show called Gay Dads of New York.

Perez is, of course, a gay dad and he recently moved to New York.

The rest of the dads have not been selected yet but Perez promises the new show will not be ‘trashy or boring.’

‘I am honored and excited to bring to television a show that will be filled with love, humor and drama,’ he tells The Hollywood Reporter. ‘Up until now people know me more for my opinions than who I am. This show will give viewers the opportunity to get to know the “real” Perez Hilton and my family, as well as some other really dynamic gay dads, and the women that make up their support system.’

He is teaming up with the production company behind The Real World franchise and Keeping Up With the Kardashians on the project.

Perez, 35, has tried to re-introduce himself as a kinder, gentler personality than the snarky blogger determined to out people and draw inappropriate doodles on photos of celebs.

But plenty of people – on my Facebook page anyway – seem turned off for good.

I asked if people would watch a reality show with Perez. Among the comments: “Never.” “Absolutely not.” “Ugh.” “Barf.” “Hell no.” “I’d rather chew rusty razor blades!” and “Like Jack Nicholson said in Terms of Endearment: “I’d rather stick needles in my eyes.”

Don’t hold back folks, tell us how you really feel!



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  1. Wouldn’t watch this douche if it was the only show on TV.

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