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Perez Hilton: “I don’t need gay people to like me; I just want them to no longer think that I’m a bad representation for gays”

I know that any time I decide to post an item about Perez Hilton, I’m going to get some comments about how he’s not worth writing about because of some of his past sins.

But I certainly think it’s noteworthy that he is set to make his off-Broadway debut this month in NEWSical the Musical as himself and some other characters including VP candidate Paul Ryan.

Hilton is aware of the mixed responses to his tackling the stage and talked recently to Huffington Post about that and other topics.

“I totally understand skepticism, cynicism and snarkiness (laughs) so it doesn’t surprise me, and I think it’s deserved. I haven’t proven myself in this arena yet,” he says. “I’m just here to have fun and work hard, and I know that if I work my hardest and try my best, I’ll be happy with the outcome even if I get bad reviews. Like everyone else, I would love to get great reviews, but that’s not why I’m doing this. I’m doing this because it’s a dream come true and it’s something new. I don’t take myself very seriously. I just like having fun and doing different things. I’m a hustler!”

A lot of the criticism seems to be coming from other gay men. Hilton was asked if he feels like he has any kind of a responsibility to the LGBT community at this point in his life and career.

“I used to not think so, but now I do,” he says. “I used to say that I wasn’t trying to represent anybody, that I wasn’t a spokesperson for the gay community just like I’m not a spokesperson for the Latino community. The difference is now, I definitely am mindful of the energy that I’m putting out there and my actions, and I don’t want to be perceived as somebody that the LGBT community should be ashamed of or embarrassed by in any way.”

He adds: “The comparison that I like to make is…a lot of LGBT people don’t like Rosie O’Donnell, but I don’t think they’re ashamed of her. I don’t think that they perceive Rosie as someone who is contributing to the corruption of society. I don’t need gay people to like me; I just want them to no longer think that I’m a bad representation for gays.”

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11 Remarks

  1. In my opinion he hasn’t redeemed or “proven” himself for the past actions that he was taken to task for… It’s noteworthy that he is trying but it takes time to show or prove that he has changed his ways, he earned a certain reputation for being a bully and to change that will take time by his actions today and tomorrow. Time will tell of this ‘hustle’ is here to do good.

  2. Perez will probably never fully redeem himself. I mean he acted like it was his job to out people. Until he truly proves that he’s grown as a person and starts setting a better example of the gay community then his bad reputation will continue to follow him.

  3. I do not think the vast majority of the LGBT community will ever be comfortable with M. Hilton because of the way he initially sought and gained his infamy. He created a blog, said/wrote outrageous things about people and said he didn’t care about any of their feelings about what he wrote. Then when he was deemed a marketable commodity, he sold his blog for some unknown, gizzilion-dollar amount, and finally received exactly what he was seeking all the time: attention. And money. Now he has both, over the shredded bodies of those he used as his grist. No, he will never be liked, but as Hollywood and the business of Celebrity has a short memory, he may very well just (barely) fit in to the huddled masses of “those wacky, funny gays”. It’s sad, really…

  4. No worries boo, don’t like you never have never will, no time for the gay for pay to be nasty to people types. He seems to have issues that have nothing to do with being gay, and, should get help as anyone with that much rage and hate towards others for a few coins on a blog is scary.

  5. Between Perez…the blond fashion police queen…overemphasis of perfect abdominal muscles.
    I am beging to hunger for the days when we were a just subculture!

  6. Silly, classless Perez! Ever heard the term “never get a second chance to make a first impression?” well I’m here to remind you’ve already made yours, so do all of us “gay people” a favor and crawl back into your hole.

  7. Couldn’t agree more with what everyone has already said. I will never forget what this flamer did to Clay Aiken before Clay came out on his own. Disgraceful. I hope anything he pursues in life is a major flop. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving loudmouth no-talent gossip queen.

  8. I am glad to see I am not the only one. I use to read his blog not for him but for the gossip. Then as time went on I felt like I was entering pedophile territory. Especially when my son turned 17. Every time he had one of his “crushes” shirtless I got icky because that is someone’s son he is drawing hearts on the penis or his “cum drop” on the faces. I have not gone to his blog in a over a year. I thought he was a bully and will never be accepted by our community. If I am ever with my son and I see him coming I will hide my son.

  9. Interesting that about the time I wrote Perez Hilton off I found this site. I had tired of his attitude but the day that Hilton had link to a XXX sex site was the final straw. When there are so many others to check out, why waste my time giving him a second chance? Hope others enjoy him, i haven’t lost anything.

  10. He was always hateful, but after posting the Lance Black porn pics he was dead to me. I
    can appreciate he wants to be a better person, good for him. I want nothing to do with
    him, he harmed the gay community and the latin community. An overall sad example of a
    human being he can spend the rest of his life trying to live his past down but those he harmed
    wont forget and neither will I.

  11. This self-proclaimed hustler is hustling you again. Low class – more like no class.

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