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WATCH: Darren Criss takes the BuzzFeed quiz!

In honor of his most recent Ryan Murphy collaboration, Netflix’s “Hollywood”, Darren Criss (“Glee”, “AHS: Hotel”) stops by Buzzfeed to take their quiz to find out which iconic character from the Ryan Murphy universe he actually is…and, spoiler alert: it seems he’s never really been Darren Criss at all.

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Morning Round-Up: Joe Biden endorsed by HRC; T.R. Knight; Ryan Murphy; Kevin Spacey

Human Rights Campaign Endorses Vice President Joe Biden for President

T.R. Knight Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary of Meeting Husband Patrick Leahy Just Jared

Emperor of queer TV Ryan Murphy confirms he’s ‘working on’ bringing back his campest show of all: Scream Queens Pink News

Kevin Spacey Compares His Downfall from Sexual Assault Allegations to Coronavirus Outbreak People

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Morning Man Classic: Gary Cooper!

Today I present to you the dreamy Gary Cooper who just makes me swoon.

Such a great movie star who was born on this day in 1901.

My favorite films of Cooper’s are Mr. Deeds Goes to Town and High Noon which won him one of his two Academy Awards. The other Oscar was for Sergeant York.

Cooper, who died of cancer in 1961 at the age of 60, also starred as Lou Gehrig in The Pride of the Yankees played Roark in The Fountainhead, and starred opposite Lauren Bacall in Bright Leaf, Ingrid Bergman in To Whom the Bell Tolls, Helen Hayes in A Farewell to Arms and Barbara Stanwyck in Great Balls of Fire.

His first big movie role was in the silent film Wings which came only three years after he had failed to make the drama club in college!

In the last year of his life, Cooper received an Honorary Oscar ‘for his many memorable screen performances and the international recognition he, as an individual, has gained for the motion picture industry.’ He could not attend the awards ceremony so James Stewart accepted the award on his behalf.

Celeb Instagram: John Barrowman! Fortune Feimster! Randy Rainbow! Ruby Rose! Tom Berklund!

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Finally got Harris out of the house and into the pool. It’s 108 degrees here a record temperature for this time of the year. Everyday we are grateful for the space and the good weather. But it’s Hot. Jb

A post shared by John Barrowman MBE (@johnscotbarrowman) on

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Who’s ready to take a dip??

A post shared by Fortune Feimster (@fortunefeimster) on

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Singin along with my Barbra

A post shared by Randy Rainbow (@randyrainbow) on

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Natural habitat

A post shared by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

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Quarantine vocal practice – teddy was over it after the 50th time #theodora #teddy #poodle #practicemakesperfect

A post shared by Tom Berklund (@tomberklund) on

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Dustin Lance Black wishes Tom Daley happy anniversary: “Three years later, three years stronger”

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Happy Anniversary! Three years later, three years stronger.

A post shared by Dustin Lance Black (@dlanceblack) on

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THREE YEARS AGO Can’t believe we have been married for 3 years! So much has changed. I love our little family: @andymacphotofilm

A post shared by Tom Daley (@tomdaley) on

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“EastSiders” star Kit Williamson tells People mag: “I would love to be the gay male Phoebe Waller-Bridge”

Was so happy to see Emmy-nominated Eastsiders creator and star Kit Williamson interviewed by People.

He’s such a talent and saw his web series about the queer relationships between characters in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake and West Hollywood neighborhoods become an Emmy-nominated show available on Netflix. The show also starred future star Constance Wu, multi-Emmy nominee Van Hansis and Williamson’s husband John Halbach.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

How did you know it was time for Eastsiders to end after four seasons?
I feel like good stories have endings, and it really felt like the right place to leave the characters. I may not be done with the characters forever, but I’m definitely done with this format in terms of a large ensemble, six half-hours produced independently. It’s all-consuming; it takes so much of my time and energy. I’m ready to move on to some other depths.

How has your life changed since the show began?
It’s created a lot of opportunities for me professionally, particularly as a writer, and it’s really helped me narrow my focus in on what I really want to do in this industry. I’ve always kind of done a little bit of everything, and while I would love to continue doing a little bit of everything, the ultimate end goal for me is to be a showrunner.
I’m really inspired by Lena Dunham and Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy — showrunners who have a lot of different stories being told at once and people who combine their skillsets, too. I want to do it all. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is especially inspiring to me; I would love to be the gay male Phoebe Waller-Bridge someday, to have a show that I write and star in — like Fleabag —going at the same time as the show, like Killing Eve, that she created. That’s just such an amazing double-edged sword that she’s wielding, that she can do both of those things.

Why is it important to you to represent queer stories?
Growing up in Mississippi, I didn’t know any openly gay people. I was, for a time, certain that I was the only person in the world who was like me. And when you feel that way, it’s very easy to believe the lie that you will never be happy because that’s all you see. That’s all you hear about. Growing up in a conservative Christian community, all I heard was propaganda as a kid that the gay lifestyle was a miserable one that ended in loneliness, heartbreak and disease. That was the only option available to me. Gay people were painted as kind of miserable pariahs without a tribe, without the community.

I have found the f—ing opposite to be true. I was deceived as a little kid, and it nearly killed me. And I think that’s not an uncommon story. But then seeing queer characters on television opened up my world beyond my small conservative Christian community, and it really saved my life. So if I can give back in any small way, if I can do that for other people, if I can reach people in countries where it’s illegal or dangerous the way that the show has been doing, then I’m incredibly grateful for that opportunity. I take it really seriously.

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Totally Random Video: When refined Julia Sugarbaker accidentally mooned Atlanta on “Designing Women” Sugarbaker (played by the late, great Dixie Carter) is an elegant, outspoken liberal intellectual who had lived her life with refined dignity.

Until the fashion show.

Julia took to the runway of the charity event unaware that her dress was tucked up into her underwear.

What I love about this clip is how utterly humiliated Julia is. Dixie Carter just plays it brilliantly, as usual. It was not often we saw Julia in such a vulnerable position since she was the Alpha Female in this group usually pointing out how silly the others were being.

My favorite exchange is this:

Julia: What I don’t understand is why didn’t somebody tell me?”

Suzanne: “What I don’t understand is where were your underwear?”

Enjoy this hilarious scene from Designing Women!

Anderson Cooper was able to tell his late mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, about his plans to be a dad

This aired a few days ago but I just came across it.

New daddy Anderson Cooper appeared on Live with Kelly & Ryan and said some of the same stuff he said to Stephen Colbert the other night. But what makes this little chat really cool is the Kelly Ripa and Cooper are the best of friends and it was really moving when Kelly immediately thought of Gloria Vanderbilt when the baby was born. Cooper was able to tell his mother before she died last year than he was planning to become a parent.

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Morning Round-Up: Corona party furor; Brian J. Smith; Megan Rapinoe; Jeff Lewis; Ellen; Rosie

Someone Threw A ‘Corona Party’ & Shared It On Instagram The Randy Report

Brian J. Smith on Coming Out and Why He’s Quarantining in Berlin NewNowNext

Jeff Lewis and Boyfriend Scott Anderson Call it Quits YouTube

Megan Rapinoe perfectly explains why judge got equal pay ruling wrong Outsports

Ellen’s ex-bodyguard breaks his silence, calls her “demeaning” and “very cold” Queerty

Bill Cosby And Leif Garrett Were On A “Do Not Ask Back” List for “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” D Listed

See the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 looks that didn’t make it to the runway

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Celeb Instagram: Men of Quarantine!

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Sending you a socially-distanced wave from our long walk through Central Park this weekend. Hope you had a good one, too! Spot our ???? friends in the next few photos. See you in the morning on @goodmorningamerica!

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It’s growing on me! #coronafro

A post shared by Wilson Cruz (@wcruz73) on

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Missing home and family today. But grateful for my health and the health of my nearest and dearest. Everyday makes me more aware of how fragile we are. The “new normal” will be a challenge, but I’m ready for it. We can beat this and we can come out the other side changed for the better. Our future can be different, our future can be better, our future doesn’t have to be our past. Let’s make a different choice. It’s in our hands.

A post shared by Luke Evans (@thereallukeevans) on

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It’s a tad tight. I blame quarantine. Happy Birthday Eleda. @adele!

A post shared by Jesse Tyler Ferguson (@jessetyler) on

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Me and my Gal.

A post shared by BrianJustinCrum (@brianjustincrum) on

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Barbra Streisand shares ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ performance in tribute to healthcare workers

What a wonderful gesture and terrific idea.

I’ve long said that Barbra Streisand’s knockout rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone at the 2001 Emmys just weeks after the 9/11 attacks was the best I’d ever seen.

The great star has repurposed that memorable performance and made it a tribute to healthcare workers who have been the absolute heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic and remained committed to saving lives as an increasingly impatient country grows restless during lockdown. The video also pays tribute to other essential workers who have kept our country running.

It ends with the website address and phone number for DirectRelief, a nonprofit providing COVID-19 relief across the United States.

“DirectRelief supplies protective gear to all our heroes in the United States…Please donate if you can,” Streisand writes.

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Leslie Jordan shows off his bottle opener!

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Happy Cinco de Mayo y’all. #YipYipYipee #holahunkerdowners

A post shared by Leslie Jordan (@thelesliejordan) on

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See Anderson Cooper talk about his newborn son, COVID-19 crisis & more with Stephen Colbert

New daddy Anderson Cooper was the guest last night on A Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

“It’s extraordinary,” Anderson says of fatherhood. “It’s astonishing. I just stare at him and hold him and I just can’t believe. I just can’t believe that A) he’s going to depend on me and that he belongs to me, that he’s here. I’ve always dreamed about it, but I never thought I would actually be able to do it. It’s just incredible. It’s like tectonic plates shifting except it doesn’t leave you in rubble.”

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Jon Lovett and Ronan Farrow Take a Couples Test

Jon Lovett and Ronan Farrow take “The Achoo-ly Spread Game,” where Akilah Hughes tests how well they know each other.

Questions include “What meal has Jon made during quarantine that he was most proud of?” “What chore does Ronan go out of his way to avoid doing?”

No question is off limits on this edition of “Lovett or Leave It Back in the Closet.”

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Totally Random Video: When Diane Keaton hilariously screams “I’m sorryyyyy!” in “The First Wives Club”

Diane Keaton’s character of Annie in The First Wives Club thinks her estranged husband (played by Stephen Collins) wants to reconcile after they have dinner followed by sex.

But instead he wants a divorce.

To add to the devastating blow, Annie’s therapist who lets herself in with her own key and is becomes clear that she is her husband’s new girlfriend.

Keaton’s reaction is priceless as she screamingly outlines for the both of them why she’s “SORRY!”

Morning Round-Up: Darren Criss; Madonna; David Bowie; Jim Parsons; Meryl Streep; Don Lemon; Judi Dench

Darren Criss reveals Hollywood was initially even raunchier: ‘There was s— I clutched my pearls at’

Madonna flew from UK to to Bridgehampton to attend birthday party Page Six

Jim Parsons Takes Apart His ‘Dance of the Seven Veils’ Scene from ‘Hollywood’ Towleroad

Meryl Streep Thought Jim Parsons’ “Hollywood” Drag Number Was “Brilliant” NewNowNext

Man accidentally sparks gay rumors about his dad and David Bowie after sharing thirsty photo of them Queerty

Don Lemon Taunts Trump: ‘What is it About Obama That Bothers You? That He’s Smarter, Didn’t Need Daddy’s Help, is Better Looking, That He ‘Punked’ You? Towleroad

Judi Dench Is Not a Fan of the Way She Looked as a Feline in Cats: ‘A Great Big Orange Bruiser People

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Tuesday Morning Man: Jake Picking!

Today’s Morning Man is getting a lot of attention in recent days due to his role as Rock Hudson in the Netflix series Hollywood which premiered tiered on May 1.

He’s 29-year-old Jake Picking who also has a role in the Top Gun sequel Top Gun: Maverick.

His previous film roles included Patriots Day, Only the Brave, Blockers, and Dirty Grandpa, among others.

This rising star certainly appears to have a bright future in addition to a rocking’ bod!

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Andy Cohen on Anderson Cooper’s baby and how his son’s nanny has now transitioned to CNN anchor’s home

On his Sirius Radio show today, Andy Cohen talked about the long-awaited birth of Anderson Cooper’s baby boy Wyatt.

Andy’s 15-month-old son Benjamin Allen’s childcare provider is now helping Cooper with his newborn.

“I’ve been talking about my nanny [saying] she’s leaving, that she’s gonna go help out a friend, and the moment Anderson announced it I got a bunch of DMs from eagle-eared Radio Andy listeners saying, ‘Wait … is that where your nanny went?’ The answer is yes, that is where my nanny went,” said Cohen. “We had long planned this transition, but I certainly didn’t expect it to happen during a quarantine, of course. So we had to really handle this hand-off from one home to the next very carefully, but we did and she is now with Anderson and I know she’s gonna get Wyatt on a great sleep schedule just like she got Ben.”

“I’m so happy for Anderson,” the Watch What Happens Live host continued. “We’ve been talking about this for a long time and I have been really enjoying Anderson coming over. His visits with Ben have taken on a special significance since we both knew for a while that Anderson was planning on [becoming a dad] himself.”

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WATCH: Leslie Jordan takes a trip down memory lane in front of Circle of Books in West Hollywood

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Goodbye Circus of Books. I could find my way around this shop blindfolded. #LikeASeeingEyeDog #CircusOfBooks #gayinstitution @mrrpmurphy @chichilarue

A post shared by Leslie Jordan (@thelesliejordan) on

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Snapped! Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen’s annual date to Met Gala is a bit more casual this year

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We’re ready! #MetGala

A post shared by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

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