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Snapped! Matt Bomer goes holiday shopping!

I lived across the street from The Grove for nine years and always enjoyed spotting stars there.

I remember seeing Lorenzo Lamas there one day and swooning, Owen Wilson checking out magazines at the Barnes & Noble, and Patricia Arquette having a lunch with her then very young daughter at adjacent Farmers Market.

There were many, many other instances and it was always fun.

I’m over in Silver Lake now so I wasn’t among those who got to see dreamboat Matt Bomer as he did some holiday shopping yesterday at The Grove.

To see more of Matt and one of his sons, go to Socialite Life!

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Matt Damon kisses and straddles Michael Douglas

Since Matt Damon is a longtime crush of mine and Michael Douglas has been an even longer crush of mine, I love the idea of them playing gay lovers in the upcoming HBO flick Behind the Candelabra about the late Liberace and his younger lover Scott Thorson.

Damon had played a gay man in the 1999 film The Talented Mr. Ripley and pretended to be gay in a memorable 2002 episode of the NBC sitcom Will & Grace.

But he had never before taken on a gay role that required the love scenes like the ones he shares with Douglas.

‘I had to come out of the pool, go over to Michael Douglas, straddle him on a chaise lounge and start kissing him,’ Damon tells Playboy in its January/February issue. ‘It’s not like I kiss him just once. We drew it up like a football plan.’

He adds: ‘Michael was a wonderful kisser.’

Damon, star of such films as The Bourne Identity and two sequels, Good Will Hunting and the upcoming Promised Land, says he gets more naked in this film than he usually does on screen.

‘Normally I’d say no to nudity, but I just did a lot of it playing the long-term partner of Liberace,’ he says. ‘I mean, it’s tastefully done. … But this movie’s not going to be for everyone.’

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‘Downton Abbey’ star Rob James-Collier talks about kissing men – just for professional purposes of course!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for season three of Downton Abbey to begin airing in the US next month.

Some of the cast of the show paid a visit to the ladies of ABC’s The View this week and co-host Joy Behar in her typically blunt manner asked actor Rob James-Collier: ‘What’s the difference between kissing a man and kissing a woman.’

Collier, who plays gay footman Thomas on the series, didn’t get into specifics about the actual act of locking lips with a man but instead shared how the scene impact his home life with the woman in his life.

‘I know, for me, if I’m kissing a man I’m not going to get any stick off the missus at home,’ said the actor. ‘If you’re kissing a man, she’s like, ‘Ah, he’s kissing a man, he’s not enjoying that.’ If I’m kissing a woman, she turns to me and says, ‘You never kiss me like that!”

Actor Hugh Bonneville, who plays Thomas’s boss, the Earl of Grantham, was also on The View and said:’The homosexuality of Thomas is something that I think is very deftly and very interestingly addressed in this show because it was a taboo subject. It was illegal in the 1920s.

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Days of Our Lives: The plot thickens for Will, Sonny, Gabi, Nick and Chad in the very small town of Salem

Boy, Salem is such a small town.

Nick and Gabi go for pre-marriage counseling with Eric, the hot priest who happens to be the uncle of Will, the father of the baby Gabi is carrying that Nick is claiming as his own.

Will is beginning to have trouble processing it all – especially his uncle being involved and there is a tense confrontation between he and Nick.

Meanwhile, Chad is paying the price for blabbing to Sonny about Gabi’s involvement in Melanie’s kidnapping and Sonny can’t even stand to be in Gabi’s presence.

It’s all gotten very juicy.

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Morning Man Encore: Marco Chiudinelli!

MarcoChiudinelliAug252.jpg USO09 Aug 25 image clever1980

Player PhotoOriginally posted on May 27, 2010

Well, well. I love that I’m still discovering new tennis hunks.

This beautiful guy’s name is Marco Chiudinelli and he’s the third best player in Switzerland. If I have to tell you who the best player in that country is, you must be hiding under a rock: it’s Roger Federer!

Turns out Roger and Marco grew up playing together but, obviously, their careers have taken very different paths. While Roger has won 16 grand slam titles and been ranked number one for much of the time since 2004, Marco’s highest rank is 54 and he has just one tournament victory.

But he’s been having more success lately and has remained in the fight! After entering the 2009 season with a ranking of No. 603, Marco’s expectations of a successful season were put aside for the sheer pleasure of competing again.

He is a contender again. So much so that his old pal Federer recently presented Marco with the 2009 Comeback Player of the Year Award in Indian Wells.

“It’s a great honor to get this award voted by my fellow players,” Marco said then. “It was a hard time for me to get back and I’m very proud of having achieved a great comeback, and it feels great that other people recognize that effort.”

Marco, 28, is currently playing in the French Open where he won his first-round match and as of this writing, was locked in a tight battle in the second round (Will update later).

I love that Marco has his own website and that I was able to find out all kinds of things like his favorite foods (Sushi, Cordon-Bleu) and music (Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Metallica, Transatlantic, Porcupine Tree, Coldplay) and hobbies (Music, Sport (Soccer, Hockey, Ski), Internet, playing cards (“Jasse”), enjoying the spare time at home, chilling with friends, FC Basel).

Once Marco is through playing on the tennis tour, I think he should segue right into modeling. This guy is seriously handsome!

Switzerland's Marco Chiudinelli Celebrates

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Days of Our Lives: Will Horton to be the best man at Gabi and Nick’s wedding – awkward!

Lots going on right now with our Will Horton and company on Days of Our Lives these days.

Love having his storyline front and center.

These scenes from Tuesday’s show have Will being very awkwardly drafted into being best man for Gabi and Nick’s wedding by his great-grandmother and his very bossy mom Sami who has become a wedding planning nightmare!

Meanwhile, toxic but impossibly cute Chad is still fuming about Gabi and tells Sonny that Gabi was behind his ex-girlfriend’s kidnapping. He succeeds in making Sonny very anti-Gabi which is great because it enables Freddie Smith to be something other than sweet and understanding as Sonny.

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George Takei blasts US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia for anti-gay statements

Actor and LGBT activist George Takei is blasting US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia for equating his moral opposition to homosexuality to his moral opposition to murder.

‘First of all that statement was a repugnant statement,’ Takei said on MSNBC in an interview today with Thomas Roberts.

Scalia said during a lecture at Princeton University on Monday: ”If we cannot have moral feelings against homosexuality, can we have it against murder? Can we have it against these other things?’

His latest remarks come on the heels of the Supreme Court’s decision to review gay marriage cases involving California’s Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

‘Any Justice who has so little thought before he speaks should not be participating in ruling on the cases involving DOMA or Proposition 8,’ Takei said.

‘Justice Scalia needs to consider recusing himself,’ Takei added. ‘He is clearly biased in this situation so how can he look at the issue and make a judgement fairly?’

Roberts also asked Takei about his influential presence on Facebook and Twitter.

‘It just grew and grew,’ said the Star Trek icon. ‘I had no idea of that kind of amazing power . I’m 75 years old and this is boldly going into an arena that I never thought I’d be going into.’

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Dan Savage and Terry Miller are officially married!

What handsome grooms Dan Savage and Terry Miller make.

The longtime couple, who started the It Gets Better campaign, were married over the weekend in the state of Washington where same-sex marriage just became officially legal.

To see more couple who got hitched, go to Seattle Gay News Flickr photostream.

Congratulations to all!

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Wednesday Morning Man: Scott Pelley!

Sorry for the late start today everyone!

So here we go!

There’s been a lot of buzz about CBS Evening News anchor and 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley this week.

No, it’s not about some big scoop he had – it’s about his hot body!

Who knew?

Pelley, 55, revealed himself to have bigger guns than Anderson Cooper in a segment on Sunday’s edition of 60 Minutes in which he worked out in the gym with Hugh Jackman.

Moments after the segment aired, Twitter exploded with comments about the Pelley’s primetime eye-candy including this one from Rob McElhenney, who plays Mac on the FX hit show Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Scott Pelley blew my mind tonight. #60 minutes of beefcake.”

Whaddaya think? Should Pelley start to deliver the news every night in a tight T?

Ratings would certainly spike!

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Breaking News: Donna Summer to be inducted posthumously into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

I know we all wish she were still alive to receive this great honor but still, what wonderful news: Donna Summer will be among the six new inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

She is certainly deserving with her amazing string of classic hits that continue to endure.

Donna died earlier this year and I think since then, there has been a real renewed appreciation for her talent and her music.

Other inductees are: Heart, Albert King, Randy Newman, Public Enemy, and Rush.

The 28th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held at the Nokia Theatre on April 18, 2013.

Let’s enjoy some of my favorite Donna Summer songs:


Lunch Break Video: Episode three of Neil Patrick Harris in “Neil’s Puppet Dreams”

This new web series from Neil Patrick Harris - a new episode every Tuesday – is pretty silly and fun.

I love all the double entendre.

Let’s face it, anything can happen when a man happens to dream in puppet.



Daytime Soap Clips: The latest from the gays on “Days of Our Lives” and “General Hospital”

Okay, lots going on with Will/Sonny/Gabi/Nick on Days of Our Lives and you can tell that things are only going to get more complicated and dramatic.

Of course everyone will find out Will is really the father of Gabi’s baby but how and when it will happen is the question.

For now, we can appreciate the sweet moments of bliss between Will and Sonny which are really so cute. But you can see the worry on Will’s face, the pain of having to hide the truth.

Meanwhile, bitter Chad is still going around being a pill. Let’s hope something either happens or he returns to his old self because his constant Gab-bashing is most unattractive.

************* I’m also including the General Hospital scene with the new gay character of Felix who reveals his second job working for a cosmetics company as he supports himself through nursing school.

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Cyndi Lauper on how ‘fiscal showdown’ impacts LGBT youth ‘who need our help to stay safe’

The showdown over the federal budget between President Barack Obama and the Republican leadership of the US House of Representatives has been dominating the headlines ever since Obama’s re-election last month.

While much of the focus has been on automatic tax hikes for all Americans as well as automatic budget cuts if a compromise is not reached, singer Cyndi Lauper wants people to know that homeless LGBT youth will also suffer.

Lauper says this group, who ‘need our help to stay safe,’ depends on federally-funded programs to survive.

In jeopardy are federal agencies working to combat bullying and school violence against LGBT students as well as financial aid and job placement programs that serve as bridges for those youths who want to start a career or go to college.

‘This is unacceptable,’ Lauper writes in a column published this week in Rolling Stone. ‘We all need to make sure Washington hears us on this one – for ourselves and for youth who are struggling and lack a voice of their own. There’s too much at stake to simply tune this out. We need to make some noise of our own.’

Lauper points out that even though they comprise only 5 – 7 percent of all youth in America, LGBT youth represent up to 40 percent of all homeless youth.

‘This figure is shocking in itself,’ she writes. ‘But even worse is that this problem is driven primarily by family rejection at a time when these young people are physically, financially and materially dependent on their parents.

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New “Arrow” cast member John Barrowman: “I would love to make out with Stephen Amell”

John Barrowman is just a little naughty and that is one of the many reasons why I like him so much.

In the current issue of TV Guide, the star of TV’s Torchwood talks about his new gig on The CW’s new hit show Arrow which stars the gorgeous Stephen Amell.

Barrowman plays Malcom who he describes as a ‘troubled hero’ whose methods in attempting to clean up the city clash with those of the show’s hero.

The openly gay star was asked if Malcom would be getting any ‘sexy time’ with the title character.

‘I don’t think we ever will!’ he says. ‘Although I would love to make out with Stephen Amell, I don’t think these two are gonna bed down. I always ask him if I can play some xylophone on his abs (Laughs).’

When the interviewer remarks that Barrowman ‘doesn’t hold back,’ the actor says: ‘I am what I am, and I don’t hide it. If anybody asked me to change, I would tell them to f— off.’

Barrowman, a talented musical performer who juggles television drama with work on the stage, was also asked about the bias some openly gay actors still face – especially when it comes to being cast in romantic straight roles..

Says the actor: ‘There was that whole saga about (Jonathan Groff) on Glee when some journalist said he couldn’t play a straight guy because he’s gay. And that can happen sometimes, but it’s usually not about their sexuality. It’s usually that they’re not very good actors (laughs).

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Tuesday Morning Man: Rupert Friend!

Thanks to my pal Lorna Harris for suggesting today’s Morning Man.

Lorna is English so it’s no surprise that she would suggest an English actor!

He’s Rupert Friend who is currently playing Peter Quinn on the Emmy-winning TV series Homeland.

The handsome 31-year-old is also known for his roles as Mr. Wickham in the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice, Lieutenant Kurt Kotler in the 2008 film The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and Prince Albert in the 2009 film The Young Victoria.

He was about to set off sailing around the world when he heard he’d been accepted into the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

Friend had a memorable film debut in 2004 as a young friend and lover of Johnny Depp’s John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, in The Libertine. The next year, he had his first starring role opposite Joan Plowright in Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont.

He dated his Pride and Prejudice leading lady Keira Knightly for five years before they split in 2010.

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Late Night Video: “American Idol” alum Tim Urban writes Taylor Swift’s next break-up song FOR her!

Remember Tim Urban?

I sure do! He made it to the top 10 of American Idol in 2010 and even though the judges mostly dissed him (except for Ellen), Tim never stopped smiling.

He has resurfaced in the most unusual but very clever way: he’s written Taylor Swift’s next break-up song for her. It might seem like a mean idea but c’mon, who doubts that Swift and One Direction hearthrob Harry Styles probably won’t make it to Valentine’s Day?

Anyway, here it is – enjoy!

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Snapped! Mario Lopez decorates his Christmas tree – in his skimpy red underwear!

With his various jobs as host of Extra, co-host of The X Factor and on and on, I’m surprised Mario Lopez has the time to decorate his own Christmas tree.

I know he’s a busy man but it seems a little strange to do it in your red speedos, no? His wife snapped this shot which then turned out on a blog called Oh No They Didn’t!

Yes, he did.

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Streisand on singing with son Jason Gould: “It was the most joyous time with my son ever, ever, ever”

Audiences at Barbra Streisand’s recently-concluded Back to Brooklyn concert tour were treated to something that had never been by the public before: a duet between Streisand and her son, Jason Gould.

Gould, 45, joined his mother on How Deep Is the Ocean and revealed to the world an impressive singing voice that he had previously not shared with the public.

‘It was the most joyous time with my son ever, ever, ever,’ Streisand says in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly in an interview to promote her new film The Guilt Trip.

Mother and son had worked together in the 1991 film The Prince of Tides in which he played her son.

They are quite close and worked out their issues long ago says Streisand who was married to her son’s father, actor Elliot Gould, for eight years.

‘There’s just a pure, unconditional love that’s a mitzvah,’ she says. ‘There are years when he was a teenager, and later than that, you know, angers that are built up. But he’s done so much great work on himself, that he is so comfortable with himself that he could get up on a stage after never having performed before and be okay with that.’

Gould, who was outed by a tabloid in 1991, wrote, produced and directed the short film Inside Out in 1997, the same year he appeared on London’s West End in the play The Twilight of the Golds.

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Scandal! Anderson Cooper wears same jeans every day! And he hardly ever washes them!

I don’t know why I went all tabloid with this headline but here it is.

So Anderson Cooper has been making all kinds of strange news lately via his daytime show Anderson Live! which still has about six months of production but was strangely announced as canceled about a month into its second season.

First we find out Anderson went blind for about 36 hours after sunburning his eyeballs and now we find out this: he wears the same pair of jeans every day and rarely washes them.

Stop. The. Presses.

“In my real life, I wear a T-shirt, gray or white, and the same pair of jeans,” he told fashion guru Stacy London. “Literally, the same pair of jeans every day.”

“They have these jeans you don’t have to wash now — or so they say. It’s true!” he added. “I went to this store APC which has really nice stuff. And you buy these things and the person said to me, ‘Don’t wash them for a long time.’ They mean like six months, I think.”

The Silver Fox also revealed the unique way in which he does wash his jeans on those rare occasions: “The times I’ve done it, I’ve worn them and walked into my shower with them and put some soap on them and then air dried them. Isn’t that how you are supposed to do it?”

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Daytime Soap Clips: “General Hospital” introduces new gay character – who happens to carry lipstick

General Hospital introduced a new gay character last week named Felix.

We know very little about him but we know that in his very first scene, he pulled a tube of “red velvet lipstick” out of his pocket when a female colleague needed to spruce up for a date.

People were a little appalled because it appeared to be an awful stereotype from the 70s or something.

But head writer Ron Carlivati is himself “appalled” at the rush to judgement and forcefully defends the character in a post written to Towleroad over the weekend.

He writes in part: What exactly is it about this character that is causing such righteous indignation? The fact that he carries a tube of lipstick in his scrubs? SPOILER ALERT: Felix sells cosmetics to put himself through nursing school. This will be revealed on Monday’s show. Not because I think gay men love lipstick, and certainly not to “establish” himself as gay. But even if that were the reason, so what? Does this make him too queeny? Not straight-acting enough? Is that the only type of gay character allowed on TV now? As far as I’m concerned, to be offended by this character is what is offensive.

So there you have it.

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