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Greg In Hollywood talks to Mark Deklins about his new series “Lone Star” which airs tonight on Fox

The heatwave in Southern California is causing my brain to melt.  Mark Deklin was supposed to be today’s Morning Man because his series, Lone Star, has its second airing tonight.

So why don’t I just wait a week? Because I fear for the fate of this well-reviewed but poorly-rated new drama on Fox that got buried last week by ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, the season premiere of CBS’s Two and a Half Men and the new NBC drama The Event.

I’m hoping Fox will either be patient with this terrific new show or move it to a less competitive timeslot!

Anyway, let’s get to know Mark a little bit. I chatted with him during last month’s TV Critics Association Summer Press Tour and he could not have been nicer.

He told me this about his character: “Trammel Thatcher is the eldest son, scion, heir to the throne so to speak. On paper, he can be a pill, a bad, mean guy. What I’ve tried to bring to the character is the human quality. What drives him more than anything else isn’t greed or power but he wants his dad’s approval. His whole life he’s gone to the right schools, he’s done all the right things and he just can’t get dad to say, ‘I’m proud of you son, you’ve done a good job.’ And it kills him, it’s eating him up. At a human level, I try to make that a motivating factor. Trammel is going to do some bad things but we don’t want anybody to be black and white. Trammel is not a mustache twirling villain. He’s a guy with some conflcts. As an actor, it’s much more interesting because you get to flesh out a human being instead of just a cardboard cut out.”

Here is some background on the handsome actor:

“I’ve only been in LA for about five years,” Mark says. “Before that I primarily made my living as a stage actor in New York. I was sort of just dabbling in TV and films here and there but for the past five years I’ve been lucky with a string of guest stars and recurring roles. It’s been great. But this is the first time someone had said, ‘Here’s a contract, we really like you. Stick around.”

How did he land the role?

“I was brought in very late. When I walked into the room, I don’t know what direction they were going in. But apparently a lot of guys they had seen were making the choice to play it that sort of like evil guy. So I made my own choices to make him more charming and humorous and vulnerable. I ended up giving the right audition.

“It all happened very quickly. I left the room, walked to the car and my manager said, ‘You’re testing.” Then I got in the car and she called and said, ‘Fox already knows, [Execs] just have to give you a thumbs up or thumbs down. Then a few hours later I got the thumbs up. Then a few days later I was in  Dallas. It was crazy.”

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Monday Briefs: A bulked-up Chris Evans! “The Sound of Music” returns in big way; John Stamos talks “Glee”

Chris Evans as Captain AmericaHappy Monday everyone!

Hope your weekend was superb. It is scorching hot here in LA and well, you know how we are in SoCal, anything less than  perfect sends us into a meltdown.

I’m trying to keep my wits about me in the AC here at a Starbucks and, so far, it seems to be working!

So let’s talk about this photo on the left: a bulked up Chris Evans.

Chris has gotten all pumped up for his role as Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger currently filming in Manchester, England.

I know it’s just one photo but, well, I’m in!

But then again, I’ve watched anything Chris is in ever since seeing him in Cellular opposite Kim Basinger. It was one of those cases of who is that?  Felt the same way about Tom Cruise when I saw Risky Business. Not many stars make that kind of instant impression. I just hope Captain America will elevate Chris’s career even higher!

(By the way, MTV has more photos HERE!)

BIG SCREEN: No doubt you’ve watched The Sound of Music on television or on DVD plenty of time. But most of us have never seen one of the greatest musicals of all time, released in 1965, on the big screen.

Now’s your chance! For the first time since 1973, movie theaters will be alive with the sound of music when the classic musical starring Julie Andrews returns for a limited engagement.

The Rodgers and Hammerstein award winning film is celebrating its 45th anniversary with The Sound of Music Sing-Along Event which will hit nearly 500 movie theaters on Oct. 19 and Oct. 26 at 6:30 p.m. For more information, go to0

STAMOS GLEEFUL: The ageless John Stamos makes his debut on Glee tomorrow night in the recurring role of Dr. Carl Howell, who is responsible for the show’s anesthesia-inspired Britney Spears dream sequence.

“I’m still me, but then you’re dropped in this world of Glee— just lifted up and dropped into the school. Halfway through this scene, you look around and go, ‘Wow, I’ve been dropped into Glee,’ ” the actor tells USA Today.

On playing Dr. Howell: “He’s very different than anybody I ever played. He’s sort of the coolest guy in a really, really small pond. So that gives me a chance to be sort of dorky. I think he thinks he’s a lot cooler than he is, which is fun to play. He’s a ‘bro’ guy; he hasn’t even graduated to ‘dude’ yet. He’s like, ‘Let’s talk this out, bro to bro.’ He’s got a lot of enthusiasm. In other shows, they wanted me to really be the cool guy or the charming guy. This guy wants to be that guy, but he misses the mark.”

He’s still not a doctor: “I learned the same amount on Glee as I did on ER being a doctor. Actually, it’s way worse. I was used to ER, where they are so specific and you have to do this exactly right and hold the needle. Here, I asked if I should be wearing gloves and they were like, ‘Ah, who cares? It’s a comedy.’ ”

On  Jane Lynch: “I didn’t want to know about her Emmy (for playing cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester). I wanted to know about her wax figure, and she was saying that was pretty weird. I told her I go down to Hollywood’s (Madame Tussauds) Wax Museum and I rehearse my lines with her wax figure. She’s fun.”

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A fun day at the West Hollywood Book Fair with Alison Arngrim, Paul Provenza, Heather McDonald and Don Dion!

AUTHOR! AUTHOR! It was such a pleasure to be a part of the 9th annual West Hollywood Book on Sunday moderating the panel “Let Me Entertain You: Memories, Histories and Stories On and Off the Stage.”

Just about every seat (about 100 in all) was filled for our session which began just before noon in scorching heat!

Speaking of heat, my panel was red hot! There to share thoughts and anecdotes from their books were a top-notch crew of folks and I can heartily recommend each of their books: Alison Arngrim (Confessions of a Prairie Bitch), Paul Provenza (writer) and Dan Dion (photos) who collaborated on Satiristas! and Heather McDonald (You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again).

Since there were three books and four panelists and only one hour, I made sure to give each their due but what I loved so much was Paul jumping in various times to weigh in on Heather or Alison’s book and Alison and Heather also piping up during Paul and Dan’s presentation.

Alison and I, who have met many times before, gabbed in the green room beforehand about her Little House on the Prairie co-star Melissa Sue Anderson and I warned her that I was going to want some dish! And dish she did! Let’s just say that Nellie Oleson and Mary Ingalls are not BFFs, not then, not now!

Getting to know Heather a little was great because I had just finished her book the night before and it was so fresh in my mind. I felt like we were BFFs and found myself saying things like: “I can’t believe you dated that guy Ben!” and “I thought you were going to lose your virginity to the guy who was a hand model!”

You don’t usually talk to someone you just met this way but Heather was so funny and honest in her memoir about being a virgin in LA until she was 27. You gotta read it!

And finally Paul and Dan. Paul is completely brilliant and when you read his book of conversations with 60 comics including the late George Carlin, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Jay Leno, Lily Tomlin and Conan O’Brien, you know it would not be the masterpiece that it is if he were not such an insightful interviewer.

Dan’s photos in Satiristas! are superb and his passion for what he does is so apparent. We were afraid he might miss the panel because he was running late but he made it onto the stage sometime during Alison’s portion of the proceedings.

My thanks to the authors, to the organizers of the festival who do a first-rate job, to the attentive audience (including the guy who told Alison he read part of her book while sitting on the can! She ran with it!) and thanks to my friends Ted, Mark and Art for making it to the panel even if Ted had to also catch part of Christopher Rice’s panel going on at the same time!


Monday Morning Man: Dierks Bentley!’s always fun discovering new men!

Dierks Bentley is certainly not new to country music fans but I had not heard of him until leafing through the Parade Sunday supplement in the newspaper yesterday.

I took one look and thought: Monday Morning Man!

Dierks, 34, has been signed to Capitol Records since 2003 and has released several hit albums including Modern Day Drifter, Long Trip Alone and last year’s Feel That Fire. His studio albums have accounted for fourteen singles on the country singles charts, of which seven have reached No. 1.

He’s won many awards including Academy of Country Music and Country Music Association prizes and is nominated for three 2010 Country Music Awards.

Tomorrow, Dierks will perform at the re-opening of the Grand Ole Opry which was devastated by the Nashville floods in May.

“To be part of the Opry is the biggest thrill,” he tells Parade. “When I saw water four feet above the stage, it really hit me hard. But it’s never been about a building – it’s the people that make it.”

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Meryl Monday: Miss Streep does the questionnaire the Actors Studio has had some questionable guests as the years have gone on but Meryl Streep was not one of them!

At the end of her interview with James Lipton, Meryl is asked the 10 questions on what is known as The Pivot Questionnaire. These 10 questions originally came from a French series Bouillon de Culture hosted by Bernard Pivot.

Some highlights: Her favorite word: “Coconut milk.” Favorite sound? “Rain.”

And what would Meryl like to hear God say when she arrives at the pearly gates?

“Everybody in!”

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Happy belated birthday to Van Hansis! gifted actor Van Hansis, forever our Luke Snyder from As the World Turns, turned 29 over the weekend.

In the nearly five years he was on the soap, which ended its long run earlier this month, Van consistently gave the character of Luke heart and believability no matter what the writers threw his way. The three-time Emmy nominee gave audiences a gay character to remember forever.

Now Van looks to the future. He’s got great talent and a huge fan base and no doubt will have many opportunities come his way. He’s already filmed the indie horror flick Occupant due out next year.

Whatever else he decides to do, a lot of us will be watching!

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Morning Man Classic: Perry King!’ve been getting several requests to make Perry King a Morning Man Classic and your wish is my command.

This dreamboat television and film actor is still looking terrific at 62 but he was a real heartthrob in the 80s when he was one of the stars of NBC’s Riptipe. The mustache was not seen as cheesy back then!

Perry made his film debut in the 1972 feature Slaughterhouse Five but lost out on the role of Hans Solo in Star Wars three years later to Harrison Ford.

His other feature credits included The Lords of Flatbush with Sylvester Stallone and Henry Winkler, Lipstick with Margaux Hemingway and a very controversial movie for its time: A Different Story which cast him as a gay man best friends with a lesbian played by Meg Foster.

He made scores of TV movies including Inmates: A Love Story opposite Kate Jackson; The Hasty Heart for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and the highly-rated miniseries I’ll Take Manhattan.

Post-Riptide, he had a recurring role on Melrose Place and played a patriarch of a very rich and very dysfunctional family in the NBC primetime soap Titans which also starred Victoria Principal, John Barrowman and Yasmine Bleeth, among others.

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Happy Sunday everyone! about the lack of posts this weekend. I’ve been preparing for the West Hollywood Book Fair and am currently in the green room at the event with my panel about an hour away from beginning.

I hope to have some time to post the Sunday features Morning Man Classic and Showtune Sunday sometime this afternoon. I’ll also resume posting at a regular clip tomorrow!


Vanessa Williams talks to AfterElton about joining “Desperate Housewives” and about “Ugly Betty” former Wisteria Lane inhabitants Dana Delaney and Nicolette Sheridan but my bet is that Vanessa Williams will be the most exciting addition to Desperate Housewives in years.

The former Miss America and Ugly Betty star talked to about leaving Betty’s Wilhelmina Slater behind and stepping into the shoes of her new Housewives character of Renee Perry.

Here’s an excerpt:

AfterElton: How long did you make Marc Cherry beg before you agreed to join Desperate Housewives?
Vanessa Williams:
[laughs] Oh, I didn’t make him beg at all. We had a meeting Thursday and the deal was signed by Monday noontime, so it came so quickly. It’s the quickest deal I’ve ever done, so I think we were both, you know, excited and happy.

AE: Now tell me about Renee and what is going to appeal to us gay guys about this character.
Well, I mean, she ain’t no Wilhelmina. She’s a New Yorker who comes into the lane and comments on the difference between New York and the suburban life often. Her dress is certainly not Wilhelmina as well, but she tries to do her best in terms of bringing style and flair to the lane. And she’s a little bit passive-aggressive so she tends to ruffle some feathers.

She’s certainly not creating the amount of fear and trepidation and the amount of scheming that Wilhelmina had on a weekly basis, but she’s mixin’ it up. We’ve shot… we’re on episode seven now, so it’s been kind of tasty. I’ve been able to work with each woman kind of one-on-one for at least an episode or so, so it’s kind of nice to delve into each person’s world and stir it up.

AE: Now when did you realize that you, Vanessa Williams, had become a gay icon?
The first time was probably when I heard people saying, “Have you seen Priscilla, Queen of the Desert? They sing “Saved the Best for Last” at the end, you gotta see it!”- and that was years ago.

But in terms of Wilhelmina and Ugly Betty and that persona, I don’t know. The thing about my career is, I’ve done so many things in terms of my recording career and Broadway, you know, I’ve performed in tons of different venues, doing “Running Back to You” at the AIDS Dance-A-Thon back in the day. I don’t think there was one pivotal moment where I said, you know, I’ve made it as a gay icon. [laughs]

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Is Uncle Saul ready to leave Brothers & Sisters? wondered aloud a few weeks ago whether this would be the final season for ABC’s Brothers & Sisters and if anyone would care.

Plenty of readers wrote to say that they still love the show and that it has plenty of steam left. But actor Ron Rifkin, who plays Uncle Saul – a gay man who we learned in the season finale is HIV positive – already seems to be over it.

In a new interview with The Advocate he says of this possibly being the show’s last season:  “I really don’t know that I can speak to that, but I think for me it would be if it was to go on. I think for me it would be. If they made it more interesting for me, of course, I would definitely consider it, but as it’s moving along now, I don’t see me being interested enough to go on with the show.

On Uncle Saul’s AIDS storyline: “Lately I feel the writers have — the character… I shouldn’t be saying this… but the character has become sort of peripheral over the last couple of years, and not as involved as he was the first two or three years. It’s been a frustrating struggle for me. It’s really been hard for me. And then, with the reveal of the AIDS thing, I thought, well… maybe they’ll get into it, but it doesn’t seem to be what they’re interested in.”

On censoring Saul’s storyline: “I think the network really dictates what can and can’t be done. One of the brilliant things about Robby Baitz is that he writes like no one else. The first year of Brothers & Sisters, the writing was quite different. The storylines were quite different, and I think he ran into problems with the network. It’s something, obviously, I’m being cautious about. But it’s hard on network television, obviously, because they’re dictating to what they think is the audience for the show, and I just don’t think they give enough credit to people who are out there. It’s complicated to have a 71 year old gay guy on television come out… not only to come out, and people can go, “Oooooh, he’s gay”… and then to have him have AIDS… “Ooooh.” But it exists. It’s important.”

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Eddie Fisher, ex-husband of Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor, and father of Carrie Fisher has died

Eddie Fisher, the singing star of the 50s and 60s whose personal life ended up overshadowing his career, has died at the age of 82.

Fisher, the father of actresses Carrie Fisher and Joely Fisher, was married to movie star Debbie Reynolds in 1958 when he left her and their two young children (including Carrie) for the recently widowed Elizabeth Taylor. It was a scandal now referred to as the Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston situation of its time. Fisher (pictured, left, with her father) talked to us at the TV Critics Association Summer Press Tour in July about her parents and said of Eddie: “He didn’t have as big a career as Brad [Pitt's] to destroy but it was considerable. It is very similar and I did point that out to Brad once at a party and he pretended at least to know what I was talking about.  It destroyed my father but it wasn’t simply that divorce that destroyed him. It was just kind of every choice after that. … My dad, he’s not the sort of bastion of good judgment.”

Throughout the years, Carrie has made peace with her early family life and come to understand her parents relationship and their 1950s image as America’s Sweethearts: “They were crippled by that. They were never really in love. They loved being loved in a way as a couple. My mother says the went onto Yankees Stadium once and 30,000 people stood up and cheered. So literally they were a concept and born in a publicity office practically and they embraced being embraced.”

“My dad was never really in my life,” she added. “I saw him more on TV than in the planet. But I have a great relationship with him today.” was later married to actress Connie Stevens with whom he had two daughters including actress Joely.

He was known to be an absentee father to his kids with Miss Reynolds and wrote a memoir in which he revealed unflattering things about Debbie and Miss Taylor who famously left him for Richard Burton.

But Carrie helped the two actresses get their revenge in 2001 when she wrote the movie These Old Broads in which they both appeared and shared a touching scene when they talk about the ex-husband they have in common: “Freddie Hunter.”

Miss Taylor’s Hollywood agent character apologizes to Reynolds, who plays an actress, for stealing her husband all those years ago. She explained in an obvious dig at Fisher: “I married Freddy because I was in a blackout! What’s your excuse?”

Debbie says: “Well, he had a red convertible and because my mother told me to!”

“He was loved and will be missed by his four children: Carrie, Todd, Joely, and Tricia Leigh as well as his six grandchildren,” read the statement, according to Reuters. “He was an extraordinary talent and a true mensch.”

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“I Love Lucy” Friday: Lucy pretends she’s chummy with Van Johnson to impress her pal Carolyn Applebee Ricardos and the Mertzs are in Hollywood and Lucy has been writing letters to her friend, Carolyn Applebee, who’s in New York that she has been hobnobbing with all kinds of movie stars.

Carolyn is on her way and Lucy is panicked. Then Ethel points out that Van Johnson is asleep downstairs by the pool. Lucy goes down and pretends to be talking to him as Carolyn watches with Ethel from the balcony.

The scene where Lucy is pretending to be talking to and laughing with the sleeping star is Lucille Ball at her best. It is hilarious!

The second video is when Lucy managed to convince Van to dance with her after she tells Carolyn another fib. (Vivian Vance is also brilliant in these scenes as she tries to facilitate Lucy’s various schemes).

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Greg In Hollywood chats with Jesse Bradford about his new NBC legal series “Outlaw” with Jimmy Smits’s new legal drama Outlaw has been widely panned but no one is pinning the blame on actor Jesse Bradford who plays an Ivy League-educated upstart working in a law firm alongside a former Supreme Court justice played by Jimmy Smits who shocks everyone by quitting the court to be a crusading lawyer.

It’s Jesse’s first regular TV role since he appeared on the fifth season of  The West Wing as a White House intern. He’s better known for his roles in such films as Speedway Junkie, Bring it On, Swimfan, Heights, Happy Endings and Flags of Our Fathers.

During the TV Critics Association Summer Press Tour, I asked Jesse about working with Smits on Outlaw and he said:
“”It’s been fantastic. He is a smooth, smooth character in the best way. He’s just excellent.”

And what about Jesse’s character on the show?

“Eddie, he’s this smart, smart guy. He gets flustered by the fact that he thinks his life is on a certain track. He’s got this cushy job as a clerk for a Supreme Court justice and the world gets pulled out from under him so he’s flustered right there from the start. He’s been left out, nobody consulted with Eddie about this, Eddie’s whose future has been derailed, and I think Eddie kind of benefits from having his world shook up. He’s book smart, not street smart.”“I think politics in America are particularly polarized right now and I love the idea of a hero in a political legal show where you don’t know which side of the aisle he’s going to be standing issue to issue,” he added. “I think we need more of that freedom to go back and forth. I feel like that window is closing somehow, people don’t allow for that.”

How is it playing a conservative?

“You deliver the lines the way you’re supposed to. But that being said, it’s not really where I come from so it’s interesting. You want to have the opportunity to do things where it’s not just you rolling out of bed being yourself. So to get to play this guy and stand behind these convictions that I might not normally have is interesting. My goal is to make him make sense and be likeable even if he’s taking a stance that the average LA liberal wouldn’t agree with – which I wouldn’t agree with!”

Outlaw airs tonight on NBC at 10 p.m.

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“Howl” starring James Franco as censored gay poet Allen Ginsberg opens in theaters and VOD today! starring James Franco as poet Allen Ginsberg opens in New York and San Francisco today and in Los Angeles a week from now before a full national rollout.

The film, which opened the Outfest Film Festival over the summer, is the story of how the young poet’s seminal work broke down societal  barriers in the face of an infamous public obscenity trial Ginsberg faced after the publication of his poem, Howl. It gives Franco one of the best roles of his career.

Directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, Howl also boasts a very effective performance from Mad Men star Jon Hamm as the defense attorney. David Strathairn is terrific, as usual, as the prosecutor and the actors portraying the witnesses called to testify are a real all-star team that includes Jeff Daniels and Mary-Louise Parker.

I found the film riveting but have to agree with the NY Daily News critic who wrote that because the film has no clear narrative, it  “feels like one man’s fever dream.”

The film also premieres on Video On Demand today. Check your local cable company for availability.


Friday Morning Man: Galen Gering! Gering currently plays Raphael Hernandez on Days of Our Lives, a role he landed in 2008 after the cancellation of Passions on which her portrayed the character of Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald for nearly a decade.

The 39-year-old actor was born in Los Angeles and moved to New York at just 18 to start a modeling career which led to travel in Europe as a model before attending New York University for a year. Gering finished college at the University of Miami where he studied creative writing and film.

Not surprisingly, Gering was named one of People’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 2000. He has also appeared in over 50 national commercials.

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West Hollywood Book Fair is this Sunday and yours truly will be moderating a must-see authors panel! of the reasons I’m here in Palm Springs this week is to catch up on my reading!

I’ve finishing up the three books you see featured here – Confessions of a Prairie Bitch by Alison Arngrim, You’ll Never Blue Ball In This Town Again by Heather McDonald and Satiristas! Comedians, Contrarians, Raconteurs and Vulgarians by Paul Provenza and Dan Dion.

The reason I’m on a deadline is because this Sunday (Sept. 26) is the Ninth Annual West Hollywood Book Fair and I am moderating a panel with these authors called Let Me Entertain You: Memories, Histories and Stories on and off the Stage.

Alison’s book is filled with all kinds of behind-the-scenes stuff from her many years on Little House on the Prairie and, trust me, Melissa Sue Anderson does not come off well. Can’t wait to dish!

Heather, a writer and producer on Chelsea Lately,  is just so shockingly open in her book about her years as a virgin which lasted longer than most people. I’ve got lots of questions for her!

Provenza’s interviews and Dion’s photos are featured in this amazing collection of interviews with the likes of Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, Conan O’Brien, Robin Williams and Lily Tomlin who offer insight into what makes them tick, what drives them and what drives them crazy.

There’s going to be a lot to cover!

I would love to see lotsa of Greg In Hollywood readers there! Our panel takes place from 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. at the That’s Entertainment Pavillion. The fair is at West Hollywood Park and there is free parking across the street at the Pacific Design Center.

Here is a LINK to the fair’s website so you can check out the full schedule.

I’ve gone to this event just about every year and it just gets better and better. Last year, Carol Channing and Bruce Vilanch were In Conversation and were so hilarious! This year’s big names in terms of celeb types include Molly Ringwald and Adrienne Barbeau. But the real stars are all the wonderful writers.

There will be all kinds of book signings so bring your credit card!

Check out the schedule and make a day of it!


Adam Levine talks Lady Gaga and pal Jake Gyllenhaal: Will everyone stop thinking that dude is gay? Seriously guys.” Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine talked with about his band’s sound (“I think we’re not necessarily interested in fitting into a category”), on his continued success (“I have ownership of who I am and what I do, so what everyone else thinks doesn’t matter to me.”) and how his sex symbol status impacts the band’s credibility to some (“It’s propelled me to a place that I enjoy, mostly, so I’m not mad at that.”).

Adam was asked about the attention he has gotten for hanging out with actor Jake Gyllenhaal and he comes out and says: “Will everyone stop thinking that dude is gay? Seriously guys. How immature is it of the media to perceive this guy — it has to be because of Brokeback, right? I’ve known this dude forever. He’s one of my oldest friends, and it’s very weird that they have this — it’s very immature and infantile the way they treat his whole situation. If him hanging out with his bros means he’s gay, it’s like further perpetuating that weird homophobia that exists in our culture, which is just stupid. So, yeah, he’s my buddy. I fuckin’ love the guy.” love what Adam has to say about Lady Gaga: Gaga is the perfect example because people are definitely saying things like, “changed the face of music” and “avant-garde.” And I love what she does. I love the fact that she exists. It’s almost like, finally there’s a pop star who brings a little bit more weight to it. She’s weird. She’s a weird chick. She does weird shit. She dresses weird. Her music is slightly off. That’s awesome. I think that’s great for pop music because it’s been so safe up to this point, and I like that she’s nude all the time and weird and awesome and cool. Madonna was that way too. I know she gets that comparison a lot, but it’s true. She was pushing the envelope back in the day. She was doing the same thing that Gaga’s doing to a large extent. She has her own spin on it. That’s fantastic. I love subverting the new generation of pop music and all these really safe Disney kids. But no, I’m not going to try to sound like that because that would be weird. That would be even weirder than Lady Gaga herself if we just all of a sudden got really strange — because we’re not, that’s just not who we are. But she’s great, and there are very few things these days that are truly innovative and forward-thinking or at least different. Goddamn, everything’s just so generic. I like things that shake shit up.”


Mehcad Brooks talks to Greg In Hollywood about “My Generation” which debuts tonight on ABC character of Rolly Marks on ABC’s My Generation was a star athlete in high school and is now a US Army sergeant serving in Afghanistan.

Mehcad Brooks, coming off the short-lived legal ABC drama The Deep End, has high hopes for this show which has this premise: A documentary crew follows a disparate group of high school seniors from Greenbelt High School’s class of 2000 in Austin, TX as they prepare for graduation, and revisits these former classmates ten years later in 2010 to see where they are now, what they’ve become and where they’re still headed.

“I’ve never felt better about a show in my life,” Mehcad told me when we chatted at the recent TV Critics Assn. Summer Press Tour. “It’s the most important job I’ve ever had, it’s bigger than me, it’s bigger than the other actors. I think it’s going to be a cultural phenomenon and I would say that if I wasn’t in it.”

Mehcad, whose was a regular during season two of Desperate Housewives and appeared on True Blood last season, finds himself shooting a series in his hometown of Austin and he confessed that it can be tricky in an emotional sense to go back home again.“There’s always a reason you leave home, for my character and for me,” he said. “I knew I had to get out of there to be what I wanted to be – I wanted to be a actor. That was the main reason. I do have some difficult family issues and it’s easy not to deal with them with you’re a couple thousand miles away.”

“It’s not my folks, I love my parents. They’re fantastic,” he’s quick to add. “It was other family members I was very close to as a child and we grew apart and it was difficult. I’m back in the thick of it. I love in Austin. My girlfriend, she helped me. She said, ‘It’s not the old experience, it’s a new experience. You’ve never lived in Austin as an adult, you’ve never lived in Austin in 2010. People who you had a problem with and continue to have a problem with you have to deal with in a new way.”

Good luck to Mehcad on the show and in life!

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Wednesday Briefs: Cher to end Vegas run; Alec Mapa to host benefit; and my favorite “Glee” number!

Cher at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards Remember how Cher’s farewell tour went on and on and on?

Sadly, her Las Vegas run will not last as long. The great star has announced that she will end her three-year run at Caesars Palace on February 5.

Cher will have performed approximately 200 shows during the course of her three years at The Colosseum at Ceasars Palace. Her schedule includes concerts from September 25 through the end of October, followed by a two-month break before the final round of shows get underway. The legendary performer will then perform 16 shows from January 11 through February 5.

Cher debuted at The Colosseum in May 2008, after Celine Dion fulfilled her contract at the venue. Dion is set to return there on March 15, with more than 50 shows booked through August.

Tickets will be on sale on September 25 beginning at 10:00am PDT. Prices are $95, $140, $175, and $250. hilarious Alec Mapa will host the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s “We Are Golden” benefit on Monday.

It is a night of music and dance produced by Open Artists with Open Arms and benefits LifeWorks, the Center’s youth development program.

The concert will feature Perry Farrell (Jane’s Addiction), Ab Soto, The Beat Freaks, Carmit, DJ Derek Monteiro, Guy B, Kyle Puccia and That Rogue Romeo.

For VIP ticket-holders, the evening will begin with an exclusive reception featuring a performance by Grammy winner and chart-topper Jody Watley (Looking For a New Love, I Want Your Love).  The VIP reception, which is limited to 100 people, includes hosted cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Opening for Watley will be Cassidy Haley.

The event takes place at Arena Nightclub, 6655 Santa Monica Blvd. For more information and to purchase tickets, go to

AND FINALLY: I loved, love, loved Glee this week and just about wept when Lea Michele ended the episode with What I Did For Love from A Chorus Line.

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Outfest will honor out filmmaker Roland Emmerich with their Visionary Award at their annual Legacy Awards will present its annual Legacy Awards at a gala on Oct. 21 and has just announced the recipients which include out director Roland Emmerich whose credits include Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and The Patriot.

Emmerich will be receiving the Visionary Award in recognition of his contribution to LGBT media visibility.

Also being honored is Fox Entertainment Group which will be awarded with the Guardian Award for the company’s commitment and contribution to the LGBT community.

“We are extremely proud to honor two longtime supporters of Outfest and the LGBT community,” said Kirsten Schaffer, Executive Director of Outfest. “As an out-director of billion dollar Hollywood blockbusters, Roland Emmerich has been Outfest’s largest single champion for the last five years. His generous donations have helped to establish the Legacy Project and his support of LGBT causes have been second to none.”

“Fox Entertainment Group has a long and rich history of featuring LGBT characters in its movies and primetime programming,”  Schaffer added. “From Melrose Place’s Matt Fielding, to The Simpsons Patty Bouvier, to Glee’s Kurt Hummel, Fox has brought us some of television’s most endearing and enduring LGBT characters. Fox Searchlight Pictures has provided groundbreaking gay-themed films like Kinsey, Kissing Jessica Stein and Boys Don’t Cry, and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment recently broke new ground debuting The Cinema Pride Collection, the very first gay-themed film DVD collection from a major studio. Outfest honors Fox’s commitment to continue to blaze new trails in television, film and home entertainment.”