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Breakfast w/Greg: Diane Sawyer new ABC anchor; Keith Olbermann on Carrie Prejean’s revenge lawsuit

Happy hump day!

So happy to hear the Diane Sawyer has been named to succeed a retiring Charlie Gibson as anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight.

I’m a huge fan of this woman who brings such intellect, grace and charm to all she does. Sawyer has more than paid her dues as the host of Good Morning America for the past decade which she has juggled with news magazine anchoring and investigative reporting.

Gibson, who has anchored since 2006, decided to step down “after long conversations with ABC News president David Westin,” according to the New York Times.

“Diane Sawyer is the right person to succeed Charlie and build on what he has accomplished,” Westin said. “We are fortunate to have a journalist of Diane’s proven ability and passion to step into the important position of anchor for World News.”

With Katie Couric now firmly established as anchor of CBS Evening News, suddenly Brian Williams is the only male anchor remaining of the “Big Three” network newscasts. While Couric is the first solo female anchor, three women have been co-anchors starting with Barbara Walters (with the grumpy Harry Reasoner) in 1976 at ABC followed by Connie Chung who was paired with Dan Rather for a few years on CBS and badly treated in th end, and Elizabeth Vargas whose stint co-anchoring ABC’s newscast with Bob Woodruff was cut short when Woodruff was involved in a near-fatal roadside bombing while on assignment in Iraq.

The change at ABC will happen in January and, I think, this will mean a promotion to co-anchor for GMA’s dashing newsman Chris Cuomo who would sit alongside Robin Roberts.

PREJEAN’S REVENGE LAWSUIT: I’m trying to keep a positive attitude even though there are so many ridiculous things going on in the world. Take, for instance, this Carrie Prejean lawsuit.

The dethroned Miss California USA has a lot worse problems than her anti-gay marriage views. This girl does not know a thing about taking responsibility for her own actions! She has consistently blamed everything and everyone for her travails from her implants to her topless pictures to losing her crown because she apparently didn’t want to do her job.

And the lawsuit she’s filed in LA Superior Court this week claiming religious discrimination and blaming everyone and their mother for making her the butt of jokes is just the latest example of her blame game.

Keith Olbermann, who is mentioned in this silly suit, discussed it on his MSNBC show last night with Michael Musto who gleefully continued to make fun of this right wing darling.

Began Keith: “When she told Perez Hilton she was against opposite marriage, Carrie Prejean was praised by the right for choosing truth over the tiara. But When Miss California became opposite employed, the tiara stopped looking not so bad after all.”

She’s got a book coming out in November and the lawsuit, Olbermann said, “presumably keeps her in the spotlight until then.”

You just know her book tour is gonna be nauseating. Here is the Olbermann clip which is worth watching just to see Musto’s barrage of Prejean dumb jokes: “This is the kind of girl who sits on the TV and watches the sofa.”

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Happy Birthday to Tuc Watkins! is the closest I could get to actual pictures of gorgeous Tuc Watkins in his birthday suit!

The talented actor who plays David Vickers on One Life to Live and Bob Hunter on Desperate Housewives turns 43 years old today.

Hard to believe that nearly a decade has passed since the super-talented Tuc played gay TV executive Malcolm Laffley on the cult classic Showtime series Beggars and Choosers. He’s filled it with first-rate performances in all that he does and I wish him even bigger and better roles in the years to come.

Happy Birthday Tuc!!!

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Daytime Soap Clip: A very special episode of “One Life to Live” as Oliver Fish comes out to Layla and Cristian

This is such a touching episode of One Life to Live as Oliver Fish comes out to Layla and Cristian. Fish is very lucky to have two such understanding friends including a woman he was using as his beard! Scott Evans delivers a very strong performance – his best to date, I think – as he pours his heart out about his past.

Responds Layla: “I was hurt but I’ll get over it. It’s not like you left me for another woman.”

This being a soap, Fish’s parents are now on their way to Lanview and they cannot wait to meet his girlfriend Layla.

The plot thickens!

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Wednesday Morning Man: Gregory Michael!

GM.jpg Gregory Michael image by misled023

It’s been great to see Gregory Michael on the ABC Family series Greek as Grant, the gay roommate of gay character Calvin (Paul James). Judging from this week’s season premiere, they are now more than roommates!

Gregory, now 28, has a recurring role on the daytime soap As the World Turns before he landed the plum part of Kevin on the here! TV gothic gay soap Dante’s Cove. For three seasons Gregory and his co-stars mixed sex with the supernatural in this highly-addictive series. It’s been renewed for a fourth season but it’s not known of the original cast will be a part of it.

When I saw Gregory at this year’s GLAAD Media Awards in LA, I had to know: “Who’s the better on-screen boyfriend, Dante’s Cove co-star Charlie David or Paul James?”

Said the diplomatic Gregory: “Nothing compares to either of them actually. They’re so different honest to God. Paul James is such a sweetheart, so is Charlie. Yoiu can’t compare them! They have their strengths. They’re both pretty rugged.”

GregoryMichael.jpg image by folkes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,gregorym.jpg

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DVD Tuesday: Season 3 of “Brothers & Sisters” and season 5 of “Desperate Housewives” out today! you look at the cover of the DVD set of The Complete Third Season of Brothers & Sisters, you will see why GLAAD has lauded ABC for its LGBT visibility: there are three gay characters on it: Kevin Walker played by Matthew Rhys, his husband Scotty played by Luke Macfarlane and Uncle Saul played by Ron Rifkin.

Scotty and Kevin had a better season the year before but they are still together and things got a little spicy in one episode when Kevin’s ex-boyfriend played by Jason Lewis (pictured above w/Rhys and Rachel Griffiths) returned and proposed some three-way action.

Meanwhile, Uncle Saul continued his coming out process at a late age and it’s nice to see that the show went in this direction and stayed with it.

What else does Brothers & Sisters have going for it during what I think was it’s most lackluster season? You have the hunk factor with adorable Dave Annable and the so still s0 pretty you want to slap him Rob Lowe. Then there are the strong women led by two-time Oscar winner and three-time Emmy winner Sally Field who can be matched by fellow three-time Emmy winner Patricia Wettig.

Bonus Features Include: Interview with Field and Wettig, cast visit with a real life family winery in Ojai, California, cast and crew hijinx on location, bloopers, deleted scenes. Brothers & Sisters on Sunday nights is the always fun Desperate Housewives which actually killed off one of its main core characters at the end of season five: Nicollette Sheridan. This was the flash-forward season where the action leaped forward by five years to keep things fresh and interesting.

I’m not sure it made a huge amount of difference except that Lynette’s twins are now grown-up. Andrew Van de Kamp also grew up some, was working as his mom Bree’s assistant and got into a serious relationship. But Andrew, well-played by Shawn Pyfrom, remained underused as he had been since the start of season three. In season six, he will only make guest appearances.

So we’ll have to keep hopes high for the other two gay characters on Wisteria Lane: Bob (Tuc Watkins) and Lee (Kevin Rahm). I’m gonna try and not bitch about how underused these two characters (pictured below) are too in season five and just hope we see more of them in season six. They have all kinds of potential, especially in the hands of two such good actors.

DVD bonus features include: A closer look 5 years later, Miss Piggy takes Wisteria Lane, dialogue between Marc Cherry and Teri Hatcher, Desperate Housewives evolution of a modern classic, Cherry picked, audio commentaries, bloopers, deleted scenes.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tuc3.jpg


Shanna Moakler’s lawyer on Carrie Prejean’s lawsuit: “[Her] unfortunate and bigoted statements are responsible for any public humiliation or damages to her reputation” gotta figure there’s no one on Earth that Shanna Moakler would love to see fade into oblivion more than the completely annoying Carrie Prejean.

Moakler resigned her post as co-executive director of the Miss California USA pageant after Donald Trump allowed Prejean to keep her crown even after she seemed to make clear that she’d rather be a anti-gay marriage poster girl than do her official duties.

Prejean was fired a month later anyway, this time with Trump’s consent. Now Moakler finds herself one of the defendants in a lawsuit filed this week by Prejean accusing pageant officials of religious discrimination, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and defamation.

“On Ms. Moakler’s behalf, I can say unequivocally that Ms. Prejean’s lawsuit is without merit,” Moakler’s lawyer, Melvin Avanzado, told “More importantly, as everyone who watched or read her public statements is well aware, Ms. Prejean’s unfortunate and bigoted statements are responsible for any public humiliation or damages to her reputation that she has claimed to have suffered. Ms. Moakler strenuously denies that she did anything wrong and looks forward to proving that in a court of law.”

The catfight continues!

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Real World alum Scott Herman has found his calling: teaching men how to shave their groins
It seems that when you spend much of your time wearing very little you learn a few things. Scott Herman, the dude with the to-die-for body from MTV’s The Real World: Brooklyn has apparently become an expert on shaving his groin.

So much so that he has made a video about it. What an incredible public service!

Scott Herman


Matt Jacobi talks about being a gay assistant reality star on on Style Network’s “Giuliana & Bill”

I really hate all these reality shows on the air. They are ruining the world and I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than watch them. Jon and Kstie? Denise Richards? Bounty hunters?  I thought it was bad enough when we just had things like The Bachelor and Big Brother but at least folks on those shows were involved in some sort of competition.

So now the cute guy who won the first season of The Apprentice (Bill Rancic) and his E! television personality wife (Giuliana Rancic) have a show on Style Network. I don’t really care about them either but found this interview with their assistant interesting. Here are some excerpts from Brandon Voss‘ interview with Matt Jacobi for

Gay celebrity assistants have come into the spotlight recently with Brad Goreski on The Rachel Zoe Project and Paula Deen’s assistant Brandon boozing it up on Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List. Are gay celebrity assistants the new black?
They are a must-have. Anyone out there looking for an assistant, whether you’re in entertainment or in a law firm, get a gay one! We’re the hardest workers, the most blunt, and the most fun. We’re it. But I don’t actually consider myself a gay assistant; I consider myself the gay husband.

When Giuliana and Bill were guests on Chelsea Lately earlier this month, Chelsea Handler tried to make Bill admit that he didn’t really enjoy being around you and your gayness, saying that “no straight guy could put up with that.” Is there any truth there?
A lot of people have brought that up to me. I always get along with the butchest straight guys because they know there’s no ulterior motive there. When it comes to Bill, there will never be drama because he’s confident in who he is and I’m confident in who I am. It just works. Bill and I are never going to get into a fight because I want to take him to a gay bar and have a drink. Bill and Giuliana would come with me to a gay bar any time I wanted.

I read that you’re also a big fan of your Twitter pal Perez Hilton.
Perez has brought a lot of topics to the table for people to talk about, from gay marriage to gays in Hollywood. Yes, he causes controversy, but sometimes controversy opens up important conversations. And he’s very entertaining, so I can’t look at him as a bad person. We’re planning a hike together in Runyon Canyon in the near future.

Speaking of gay gossip, how do you think Giuliana’s E! News cohost Ryan Seacrest feels about all the jokes and rumors about his sexuality in the media?
I’ve known Ryan for a while now, and I don’t think he minds it at all. Sometimes being called gay is a huge compliment because gay guys are usually the best-looking and the most successful in whatever we do, so I think Ryan is A-OK with it [laughs].


Lunch Break Video: Geraldine Page gives the performance of a lifetime in 1985′s “The Trip to Bountiful”’m on an 80s kick this week it seems.

Yesterday was Broadcast News and today, another one of my all-time favorite films: The Trip to Bountiful. It’s a simple plot: an old woman desperately wants to visit her hometown once before she dies but has to hurdle all kinds of obstacles (mainly, her family) to do it.

I love this film so much and have seen it countless times. The great Geraldine Page finally won the Oscar (it was her seventh nomination) and it was completely deserved even if she had to edge out Meryl Streep in Out of Africa and Whoopi Goldberg in The Color Purple to do it.

Rebecca De Mornay has a nice role as a young Army wife and it is just a few years after her hooker Risky Business so she got to really show a different side here. John Heard was solid as Page’s son but also superb in this film is  Carlyn Glynn as the daughter-in-law from hell. Glynn had just won the Tony Award for Best Little Whorehouse in Texas when she made the film. She is also the mother of actress Mary Stuart Masterson.

The first video is a real showcase for Glynn while the second starts a little slow but around the middle has some lovely scenes between Page and De Mornay.

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Breakfast w/Greg: Thoughts on the Van Hansis Emmy loss; Whitney Houston’s new album finally out; a shirtless Rafael Nadal!

Good morning!

Still digesting the Daytime Emmys and just want to put out a few words of support for As the World Turns star Van Hansis who plays Luke Snyder, one of the first and most high-profile gay characters in soaps.

Van (pictured at the Emmys with on-screen love Jake Silbermann (Noah) was up for best supporting actor for the first time after two previous nominations in the younger actor category. He has never won. So on Sunday night when there was a tie in his category it seemed certain that this gifted actor, who makes his character so heartbreakingly real on a consistent basis, would be one of the two winners.

It did not happen.

Instead, the name of Vincent Irizarry of All My Children was called first. He took the stage and gave a very long speech. Then the second name: Jeff Branson of  Guiding Light.

I have not seen too much of the work of the co-winners so they may very well be quite deserving but I want to point out that Hansis does an amazing thing playing a gay character and having him pass muster with gay viewers – even when the writing veers off in sometimes wacky directions. He stays true to his character and it doesn’t seem like acting.

Maybe he makes it look too easy.

WHITNEY’S RETURN: It’s been years in the making and finally, the day has arrived: Whitney Houston’s first studio album in seven years goes on sale today!

Reviews have been generally quite positive for I Look to You even though most critics agree that Whitney’s voice does not have the out-of-this-world range it once did.

Writes LA Times music critic Ann Powers: “I Look to You,” the singer’s comeback after nearly a decade of ignominy, is a costly renovation overseen by her mentor, Clive Davis, and enacted by the best craftspeople money can buy, including the producers Akon, Stargate and Nate “Danja” Hills and the songwriters Diane Warren and Alicia Keys. It’s not unsuccessful: This is a habitable set of songs. But there’s a limit to what Houston can accomplish, and operating within limits becomes the album’s overriding theme.
This happens beneath the music’s surface, which balances inspirational balladry with bubblicious club pop, as Houston’s music always has done. Houston’s songwriters and producers provide her with top-notch tools; she wields them cautiously and almost humbly, never falling because she never reaches too high.

RAFA’S READY: Or is he?

Rafael Nadal has won four French Opens as well as an Australian Open and a Wimbledon. But the US Open has alluded him so far. He’s coming off a long layoff due to a knee problem and has slipped from number one to number three in the world.  His aura of invincibility, so powerful at the start of the year, has quickly evaporated as Roger Federer has returned to top form and is dominating again.

Publicly, Nadal is trying to keep expectations low by saying he’ll be happy just to reach the quarterfinals or the semifinals. But I don’t believe it!

This sexy Spaniard is far too competitive to be happy with anything less than hoisting a trophy over his head when all is said and done.

These photos are of Nadal at practice and I found them via Aka William.

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Happy 70th Birthday to Lily Tomlin! Tomlin is a national treasure.

Whether it’s on stage, in movies or on television, she has created an array of classic characters like Edith Ann and Ernestine the telephone operator and delivered knockout performances in such films as Nashville, Short Cuts, Flirting With Disaster and in the television shows Laugh In, Murphy Brown and The West Wing.

Her Broadway show The Search For Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe won her a Tony Award and was made into a feature film in 1991. It was written by her long-time life partner, writer/producer Jane Wagner.

Miss Tomlin had read some of my columns on the fabulously delicious 12 Miles of Bad Road, a series she made for HBO that had her playing the matriarch of a dysfunctional and very wealthy Texas family. It featured Emmy-worthy work by Lily and a first-rate cast including Mary Kay Place, Leslie Jordan and Gary Cole.

“You were so kind in doing that stuff about 12 Miles and everything,” she said when we spoke at an event earlier this year.

So why have you never heard of it? Because HBO pulled the plug before the series ever aired! I continue to write about it because I want it to air on Lifetime or somewhere or at the very least, bew released on DVD. It should be seen! Everyone would love it – especially the gays! Hey, maybe Logo will snap it up?

It would be a great birthday present to Miss Tomlin if that show could be seen in some way.

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Tuesday Morning Man: Chris O’Donnell! hasn’t had a crush on Chris O’Donnell since first setting eyes on him as Jessica Lange’s son in 1990′s Men Don’t Leave?

If you were instantly smitten you either don’t have a pulse or you’re lying!

Anyway, Chris was going to follow that breakthrough with the role of Barbra Streisand’s son in The Prince of Tides until he was replaced by her real-life son Jason Gould (who was actually quite good!). Chris, now 39, became a star the next year anyway starring opposite Al Pacino in 1992′s Scent of a Woman, the film that won Pacino the Oscar.

Next came a batch of high-profile films including one of my absolute faces: Circle of Friends opposite Minnie Driver. There was also The Three Musketeers, Mad Love with Drew Barrymore, the drama In Love and War opposite Sandra Bullock, The Chamber and Chris’s debut as Boy Wonder Robin in 1995′s Batman Forever. Two years later, his character made the title with Batman and Robin also starring George Clooney as the Caped Crusader. That pretty much killed the franchise for a decade or so and O’Donnell”s movie career lost some heat.

The the still boyishly handsome star began to take some television roles in 2003 with a four-episode stint on The Practice. He then starred in the short-lived series Head Cases before moving on to a well-received nine-episode stint on Grey’s Anatomy.

Chris starred in the TNT miniseries The Company last year but should be settled in for the long haul with his new series: NCIS: Los Angeles which premieres later this month.

That is definitely a face I look forward to seeing every week!

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Daytime Soap Clip: The latest in the downlow life of gay cop Oliver Fish on “One Life to Live”

At times tearful, Layla has a touching conversation with roommate Cristian about finding out that her boyfriend, Oliver Fish, is gay. She is mourning the relationship and the guy she wanted so desperately to believe cared about her.

“I really liked him,” she says.

She’s also beating herself up for not having a better gaydar: “How could I have made love to Oliver and not have known he wanted to be with a man?”

Cristian says the right things: “I’m not going to let you think that this is because of something you did. There’s nothing wrong with you.”

She replies: “There’s nothing wrong with Oliver either. If only he had accepted it, neither of us would be this miserable.”

In the clip below, Oliver comes home and says to his roomies: “I’m gay.”

NOTE: There is some overlap between the two videos, I’m cobbling them together from different YouTube sources.

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Carrie Prejean is suing Miss California pageant Carrie Prejean, always the victim.

The former Miss California who was fired for not doing her job is now suing pageant officials and is claiming religious discrimination. Her anti-gay marriage views on the Miss USA pageant earlier this year (she finished as runner-up) first made headlines and she has been involved with several controversies since involving her breast implants, two sets of topless photos, and whether or not she was fulfilling her duties as Miss California.

Carrie speaking out against gay marriage during the pageant would not have been such a big deal if she had just answered the question about it and gotten on with it. Instead, she started claiming the question cost her the crown and aligned herself with the National Organization for Marriage which was also responsible for those ridiculous Gathering Storm commercials. Carrie would not be in the news at all – despite her controversial answer – had blogger Perez Hilton not been the pageant judge who asked the question then later on his blog called her a “dumb bitch.”

The lawsuit was filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court accusing pageant officials of religious discrimination, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and defamation. Apparently she’s been subject to public ridicule and humiliation and lost out on modeling work because she lost her crown. She has also suffered anxiety, depression and loss of sleep since her firing, the lawsuit states.

Poor girl.

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Lunch Break Video: Scenes from “Broadcast News” I love this movie and these scenes give you a taste of why.

It’s 1987′s Broadcast News starring Holly Hunter, Albert Brooks and William Hurt – all Oscar nominated – as well as a hilarious Joan Cusack who leads off these scenes with one of the best scenes of the movie. I just love when she runs into the drinking fountain.

Also, the line at the end is so classic. Holly’s boss sarcastically says to her that it must be nice to always be the smartest person in the room. She responds, in all seriousness, with this gem: “No, it’s awful.”

Hunter probably would have won the Oscar most years because she is brilliant here but it was the year of Cher and Moonstruck. Also nominated that year was Glenn Close for Fatal Attraction so it was stiff competition. Holly would win several years later for The Piano.

Enjoy some moments from Broadcast News!

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Season 3 of “Greek” premieres tonight on ABC Family: Calvin and Grant face “The Day After”

If you are a fan of ABC Family’s Greek, then you won’t want to miss the season three premiere tonight. Roommates  Calvin  (Paul James) and Grant (Gregory Michael) are also becoming romantically involved and trying to figure out how to navigate how public/private they want things to be.

While Paul has been with the show since the very beginning, Gregory was a new addition at the end of last season and it is a welcome addition indeed. I’ve been a fan of his from Dante’s Cove for some time. Although a fourth season of Dante’s has been announced, no episodes have been filmed and some cast members from past seasons have told me they don’t know what is going on!

For now, enjoy Greek!

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Joy Behar on Emmy win for The View: “I always said that the key to success was showing up. This time I was wrong.”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,behar08.jpgOkay, so the ladies of The View missed their big moment by skipping the Daytime Emmys for the first time in 12 years only to win in the outstanding talk show host category for the first time.

They were quick to put out their reactions via

Of course, Joy Behar – the only original co-host remaining along with Barbara Walters – had the perfect quip: “I always said that the key to success was showing up. This time I was wrong.”

Whoopi Goldberg, already an Oscar winner, said: “There’s always room for another gal at our table, especially when her name is Emmy,”

Barbara Walters, also the show’s creator and executive producer said: “I am very proud of the women and happy to share in this lovely award. We are looking forward to getting back to work and patting each other on the back.”

Sherri Shepherd, who last year co-hosted the Emmys with Cameron Mathison, was sitting in a Florida hotel room watching the awards show live on television this year. She had this to say: “I am honored to work on a great show with a wonderful group of women. This award shows that hard work definitely pays off . ” She jokingly added: “And not attending the Emmys certainly helped as well.”

Staunchly conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been on maternity leave and released this statement: “To be given such an award as a team is most meaningful. Regardless of our differences of opinion, we operate as a unit that I am honored to be a part of everyday.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

BTW: I can’t stand Elisabeth because she just seems to parrot whatever the conservative talking points are instead of being an authentically realized human being with opinions reached through life experience and her own observations. She actually campaigned on the stump for Sarah Palin and defended virtually every action of the Bush administration no matter what. She remains there as some sort of counterpoint which is fine but someone with more credibility would be more effective. I don’t mind a counterpoint but I think you need one who is more than just a cartoon.

Back to the Emmys:

It was the first time in the 36 year history of the Daytime Emmys that multiple talk show hosts were awarded. The women of The View have been nominated for 12 consecutive years in this category making this their first win.

Barbara Walters

The winning submission for the show, dated March 28, 2008, featured (then Democratic presidential candidate and senator) President Barack Obama.

Barbara received a Daytime Emmy award in 2003 as executive producer of The View when The View won for Outstanding Talk Show.  The View crew also received Daytime Emmy awards this year for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling, Outstanding Achievement in Makeup and Outstanding Achievement in Directing.

Tune in to The View LIVE September 8 to hear the Daytime Emmy acceptance speeches you didn’t get to hear Sunday night.

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Happy 60th Birthday to Richard Gere! birthday to a talented actor who has managed to be a romantic leading man for 30-plus years.

From the early days of American Gigolo and An Officer and a Gentleman to more recent movies like last year’s Nights at Rodanthe, Richard Gere has delivered and made our hearts race a little bit. In between there have been lots of terrific performances in such movies as Chicago, Shall We Dance, Unfaithful, Somersby, Dr. T and the Women and the little-seen but very good The Hoax.

He turns 60 years old today! Time does indeed fly.

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Breakfast w/Greg: Absence of “The View” robbed Daytime Emmys of potentially great award show moment

Good morning!

I’m all recovered from yesterday’s Daytime Emmys which, I think, were a smashing success at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. It just had a certain charm about it at the cozier but historic location.

It was a bit odd to have the wonderful Ellen DeGeneres, a 12-time Emmy winner, go home empty handed in terms of awards (she still has Portia de Rossi!). She lost talk show to Rachael Ray for the second year in a row after and, in a real shocker, she lost talk show host to the ladies of The View!

This is where the show lost a big part of its star power. If Ellen wins, then she goes up and makes a funny and touching speech and we get her backstage to riff and reflect a bit and it’s a lot of good moments and good material.

Now, if any of The View co-hosts had bothered to attend – any one of the five – then it would have been great to have them talk about the 11 previous losses.

Joy Behar would have the best for this because she’s so funny and smart and been with the program from the beginning. Or Barbara Walters as the creator and a producer and co-host and TV legend. But no Barbara, no Joy, no Whoopi Goldberg who now has an Emmy to place next to her Oscar. No Elisabeth Hasselbeck (thank God!) and no Sherri Shepherd who even co-hosted last year.

I’ll be interested to find out why they did not attend – the first time they were absent if I recall correctly. I could be simply that the show was held later in the summer than usual so maybe there was some kind of schedule issue. Or maybe it’s as simple as this: Who wants to drag their ass across the country only to sit there and lose again?

Only they didn’t lose and missed out on a great moment of triumph. Shame on them. What if Susan Lucci stopped showing up because she kept losing? On that 19th time, she won, and it was one of the great moments in award show history.

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Greg’s US Open predictions: It will be Roger Federer or Andy Roddick holding the trophy two weeks from now

As you can tell, I’m awfully excited about the United States Open Tennis Championships beginning today.

This year’s event, which lasts 14 days, should provide plenty of stellar matches on the men’s side because there are a number of guys who are hungry and in good form. Leading the field are Wimbledon finalists Roger Federer, winner of the last five Opens and Andy Roddick who won his single US Open title in 2003, the year before Federer began his streak. (That’s them on Saturday at the annual Arthur Ashe Kids Day event).

I think either Federer or Roddick is going to win the tournament. They will have to get by each other in the semifinals to do it.

Besides those two, you gotta give second-ranked Andy Murray a decent shot. He was runner-up last year. But he’s never won a major so that’s a big leap for any player to make. So few players besides Federer (15) and Rafael Nadal (six) have won a grand slam championships since Federer won his first at Wimbledon in 2003. They are Roddick, Gaston Gaudio (2004 French Open), Marat Safin (2005 Australian Open) and Novak Djokovic (2008 Australian Open).

Nadal has dropped to third and is coming off an injury layoff. He won’t win. Neither will fourth-ranked Djokovic who seems to have lost some of his edge.

The Women’s Game

Defending champion Serena Williams will likely win her fourth Open. She has been virtually unbeatable in the grand slams since winning last year taking Wimbledon and the Australian Open this year. Serena gives it all she has at the slams but does not show the same fire and dedication at other tournaments through the year. It’s actually a disgrace and she’s not the caliber of champion of Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert, Billie Jean King or Justine Henin who won lots of slams but also hated to lose any match whether it was in Toronto or Toledo.

If Serena slips up, it’s wide open and I hope it will result in top-ranked Dinera Safina winning her first slam. Dinera is number one because she has won the most matches this year. It’s not her fault Serena is so flakey that despite winning two grand slams, she can’t accumulate enough points to be number one.

Most deserving though would be fourth-seed Elena Dementieva, reigning Olympic Gold Medalist and 2004 runner-up. She works hard and nearly beat Serena in the semis of Wimbledon this year. She’s due.