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“White Collar” starring Matt Bomer returns tonight!

Did any of you see Matt Bomer on Live With Kelly this morning?

He told a funny story about a woman who tore her top off last night at an appearance he made at an Apple Store in NYC and told the crowd that she was the “topless paparazzi!”


Anyway, if you are fans of Matt – and who isn’t really? – then you will want to catch him tonight on White Collar which is returning with a whole new batch of episodes.

I’m still floating over seeing Matt at the TV Critics Association Winter Press Tour last week. He wanted to know why there is not a photo of he and I in the Greg In Hollywood banner. When I explained that I didn’t like how I looked in the photo we took over the summer, he insisted we pose for another then checked it personally to make sure it was a winner.

I think it is!

The plan is to update the marquee and make a few other little tweaks in time for Greg In Hollywood’s third anniversary the first week of March.

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See the latest episode of web series “Old Dogs & New Tricks” with special guest star Thom Bierdz!’ve just watched the latest episode of the web series Old Dogs & New Tricks and enjoyed it so much I’ve embedded it below!

The actors – David Pevsner, Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Leon Acord and Chris Bonnem – are all first-rate and good for them for giving themselves a showcase for their talent!

They are joined in this episode by the hot and handsome Thom Bierdz who never got a love scene like this playing Phillip Chancellor III on The Young and the Restless.

“I HAVE NOT KISSED AN ACTOR FOR A ROLE SINCE 1989,”  Thom writes in an email. “I didn’t kiss in Melrose Place, Murder She Wrote, Robin’s Hood or Matlock. As an actor, I had reservations about doing this graphic content, but as an artist I did not – and am proud to be a part of anything so ground-breaking.”



Out actor Chris New “overwhelmed” by the two Dorian Award wins for the acclaimed drama “Weekend”

I posted the Dorian Award winners yesterday presented by The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association of which I am a member.

One of the big winners was the superb drama Weekend which took Film of the Year and LGBT Film of the Year.

I heard from actor Chris New (he’s pictured, right) earlier today and he’s quite excited about the wins: “The reaction to the movie, especially in the United States, has been – and continues to be – totally overwhelming,” Chris said in an email. “The double win at the GALECA’s Dorian Awards is a wonderful bonus.  I know [writer-director] Andrew [Haigh] and [producer] Tristan [Goligher] had to fight hard to get the movie made and seen, so I hope they are both giving themselves a little pat on the back for fighting the good fight.”

The film follows Russell (Tom Cullen) who, after randomly picking up an artist Glen (New) at a nightclub on a Friday night, unexpectedly spends most of the next 48 hours with him in bedrooms and bars, telling stories and having sex.

As they spend more time together, sharing snippets of their lives, they begin to reveal the things that hold them back as much as push them forward and develop a deep connection that could resonate throughout their lives.


Sean Hayes to guest star on “Parks & Recreation” those of you who miss seeing Sean Hayes on an NBC comedy on Thursday nights, he’ll be back – at least for one night.

The Will & Grace alum is set to guest star on an episode of Parks and Recreation.

His character is known to the people of Pawnee as “the Matt Lauer” of their region. He will interview Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) which does not go over very well and could potentially hurt her political campaign for city council, TVLine reports.

Believe it or not, I just watched my first episode of this show last week (Tuc Watkins was guest star) and I now realize how utterly brilliant it is.

Can’t wait to see Mr. Hayes join in on the fun.

Also, NBC is developing a series for him to make a more regular return to television.

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Celeb Tweets: Kathy Griffin wants to settle Elton John-Madonna feud; Chelsea Handler gets annoyed

Chelsea Handler

chelseahandler Chelsea Handler
Someone right now is getting a singing telegram outside my office. I seriously hate people.

Kathy Griffin
kathygriffin Kathy Griffin
Can we just settle this Madonna/Elton John feud by whippin ‘em out and measuring? My $’s on Madge…
sara gilbert
THEsaragilbert sara gilbert
Was on the treadmill in cool down mode and it was too fast to walk and too slow to run… I felt like it was some weird life metaphor
Alec Mapa
AlecMapa Alec Mapa
So we have GOP audience booing gay soldiers and cheering the prospect of child janitors. Wake me when it’s over.
Alec Mapa
AlecMapa Alec Mapa
The BEST illustration of GOP ? A black journalist being booed by an auditorium full of white people on MLK day.
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Daytime Soap Clips: Will Horton gets sucked in deeper into EJ’s world on “Days of Our Lives”

Sami finds out that Will is working for her evil ex-husband, EJ, and she’s not happy.

She remains clueless about why her son has been so angry and still thinks it’s because he misses ex-girlfriend Gabi.

“You are so wrong,” Will tells his mom.

But he has not yet told her that he saw her and EJ having sex or that he’s gay so it’s no surprise that Sami has no idea what the heck is going on!

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Happy 90th Birthday to Betty White!

Did you see the NBC special last night celebrating Betty White’s 90th birthday (which actually is today)?
What a treat to see television legends Carol Burnett and Mary Tyler Moore and all those glorious clips  from Miss White’s amazing television career.
There was the condom scene from The Golden Girls with her late, great co-stars Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan, tons of game show appearances from more than five decades and most deliciously, there were all those moments as Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Then, amazingly, there is yet another hit series Betty is a part of: Hot In Cleveland which was just renewed for a fourth season.
What a career!
Says Betty: “I’ve been the luckiest old broad on two feet to have all the jobs that I’ve had.”

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Tuesday Morning Man: Jean Dujardin! won the Golden Globe Award on Tuesday and earlier today, The Artist star Jean Dujardin was nominated for the BAFTA Award.

Already a star in France, Dujardin is a shoo-in for an Oscar nod when nominations are announced next week with his film, at this point, the front-runner for best picture.

The Artist tells the story of Valentin, a silent movie actor who falls out of the spotlight when he refuses to get on board with the dawn of the ‘talkies’.

Instead, Valentin ploughs all his money into making his own silent movie when he is dropped by the film studio.

At 39, the actor was largely unknown outside of France until The Artist. He had made a name for himself first as a stand-up comedian and then as a comic, spoof actor. After enjoying great success on television, Dujardin transitioned to a film career in 2002.

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Federer and Nadal smooth over rare public rift they both win their first five matches, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will square off in the semifinals of the Australian Open.

But these two all-time greats, who have always seemed to get along famously, had a rare public disagreement over the weekend.

Nadal, who has always treated Federer with deference, was frustrated that the Swiss superstar was not taking a public stance against tour organizers over prize money and an over-demanding tennis calendar.

Sniped Nadal: “For him, it’s good to say nothing. Everything positive. ‘It’s all well and good for me, I look like a gentleman,’ and the rest can burn themselves.”

A day later Nadal was not sorry for what he said but sorry he had done it so publicly.

“Probably I am wrong telling that to [the media], especially because these things can stay, must stay in the locker room,” Nadal said. ”I always had fantastic relationship with Roger; I still have fantastic relationship with Roger, it’s just I said we can have different views about how the tour needs to work. That’s all.”

For his part, Federer did not seem to be holding a grudge: “We can’t always agree on everything,” Federer told reporters after a straight-set win over Alexander Kudryavtstev. “So far it’s always been no problem really. Back in the day he [Nadal] used to say, ‘Whatever Roger decides, I’m fine with.’ Today he’s much more grown up. He has a strong opinion himself, which I think is great.”

Between them, they have won an astounding 26 grand slam singles titles (16 for Federer, 10 for Nadal) and have enjoyed such a wonderful and respectful rivalry – both such a credit to the game. But Nadal’s body has historically not held up as well as Federer’s throughout an entire season and you have to wonder if that’s why they so strongly disagree.


Gay & Lesbian Entertainment Critics’ Dorian Awards winners announced! “Weekend” and “We Were Here” win top prizes

The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association today announced their top choices for the best in film and television of 2011.

I’m a member of this group and I’m happy that some of my choices actually won!

(GALECA), formed in 2009, is comprised of over 50 critics, entertainment journalists and pop culture critics who work for noteworthy newspapers, magazines, websites and TV and radio outlets nationwide.

GALECA members nominate movies, TV programs and performances from a variety of categories, not just LGBT-centric. For more information, go to and find us at

Here is a full list of this year’s winners:


Midnight in Paris / Sony Pictures Classics

The Artist / The Weinstein Company

The Descendants / Fox Searchlight

The Skin I Live In / Sony Pictures Classics

The Tree of Life  / Fox Searchlight

Weekend / IFC Films


Christopher Plummer / Beginners (Focus Features)

Leonardo DiCaprio / J Edgar (Warner Bros.)

Janet McTeer / Albert Nobbs (Liddell Entertainment)

Meryl Streep / The Iron Lady (The Weinstein Company)

Michael Fassbender / Shame (Fox Searchlight)

Rooney Mara  / The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Sony/Columbia)


Carol Channing: Larger Than Life / Entertainment One

Cave of Forgotten Dreams / Sundance

Page One: Inside the New York Times / Magnolia Pictures

Pina / IFC Films

We Were Here / Red Flag Releasing


Albert Nobbs / Liddell Entertainment

Beginners / Focus Features

Pariah / Focus Features

Tomboy / Rocket Releasing

Weekend / IFC Films


Becoming Chaz / World of Wonder

Bill Cunningham New York / Zeitgeist Films

Making the Boys / 4th Row Films

Vito / HBO

We Were Here / Red Flag Releasing


Justin Bieber: Never Say Never / Paramount

Kaboom / Desperate Pictures

The Muppets / Disney

Thor / Paramount

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 / Summit


50/50 / Summit Entertainment

Insidious / FilmDistrict

Jane Eyre / Focus Features

Warrior / Lionsgate

Win Win / Fox Searchlight


American Horror Story / FX

Downton Abbey / PBS

Homeland / Showtime

Mildred Pierce / HBO

The Good Wife / CBS


Modern Family / ABC

Louie / FX

30 Rock / NBC

The Big Bang Theory / CBS

Happy Endings / ABC


A Very Gaga Thanksgiving / ABC

Bette Midler: The Showgirl Must Go On / HBO

Glee / Fox (TIE)

Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour / HBO (TIE)

The Voice / NBC


Bryan Cranston / Breaking Bad / AMC

Claire Danes / Homeland / Showtime

Jessica Lange / American Horror Story / FX

Kate Winslet / Mildred Pierce / HBO

Madeleine Stowe / Revenge / ABC


American Horror Story / FX

Happy Endings / ABC

Modern Family / ABC

RuPaul’s Drag Race / Logo

True Blood / HBO


American Horror Story / FX

Hot In Cleveland / TV Land

Revenge / ABC

The A List New York / Logo

True Blood / HBO


Enlightened / HBO

Happy Endings / ABC

Louie / FX

Pan Am / ABC

Parenthood / NBC

Suburgatory / ABC


Elizabeth Olsen

Jessica Chastain

Melissa McCarthy

Michael Fassbender

Tom Hardy


Kathy Griffin

Kristen Wiig

Louis C.K.

Rachel Maddow

The Staff Writers of Happy Endings

Betty White


Matt Bomer talks about “Magic Mike” stripper role and hints about reasons why gay fans will love the movie

MAGICAL: The feature film Magic Mike isn’t scheduled to hit theaters until June but just about every gay man and straight woman who have heard about it is waiting with bated breath.

There are five reasons for this and their names are Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey and Joe Manganiello – and they are all playing male strippers!’s Jim Halterman chatted with Mr. Bomer about the upcoming new episodes of White Collar but I’m going to excerpt part of the interview about Magic Mike!

AE: The movie does have dramatic element to it, right? It’s not just a fun and stripping.
MB: Yeah. I mean, look. This movie is really a coming of age story. The really central relationship of it is between Channing’s character, Mike, and Alex Pettyfer’s character, The Kid. It’s about somebody who’s trying to get out of the world they’re in or definitely sees a ceiling on the world they’re living in, and another new, young soul who just is just kind of fascinated and drawn like a moth to the flame to that hedonistic lifestyle.

AE: For our gay readers, is there a gay character in the film or a gay element to the movie?
MB: I don’t know how much I can say. I think there will be several scenes that will… I think the gay fans will be very, very happy with several of the scenes that occur in the film. But, yeah, there is one scene that I… well I don’t want to say anything because then it’s going to ruin it for everybody and it comes out in June and it’s going to give away a big thing, but…

AE: So there’s one scene to look forward to…
MB: There is one scene in particular where definitely those boundaries are blurred. Yeah.


Some Bond beefcake, courtesy of Daniel Craig!

007_craigAny way you look at it, Daniel Craig as James Bond is SEXY!

This first promo shot from Skyfall, the next Bond film, teases us with Mr. Craig’s bare back.

Which do you prefer?

Mr. Craig’s back or his front which we so enjoyed as he emerged from the water in Casino Royale, his first outing as Bond?

Kind of a toss-up for me!


My chat with Ross Mathews …

It’s always a fun treat to talk with Ross Mathews.

The first time we met was at MJ’s, a gay bar in Silverlake.

I was a columnist for the LA Daily News at the time so made plans to interview Ross the next week.

Since then, we’ve chatted a few more times for columns and blogs and he’s always so chipper and fun.

I saw Ross most recently at the TV Critics Winter Press Tour where E! hosted a lunch. Ross sat with out table for about 15 minutes and I peppered him with questions for a  piece I’ve just posted on Gay Star News.

But here is a quote exclusively for Greg In Hollywood readers. Ross, who got his start with Jay Leno and now appears regularly on Chelsea Lately, is about to shoot a pilot for a talk show on E! and I asked him how it felt to be on the verge of such big things:

‘I travel the country and I speak at colleges all over. In my real life, it’s me and my dog and my partner and it’s a small sort of existence. With the Chelsea show blowing up the way it has, I see it when I travel now. Some of these kids don’t even know that I was ever on Leno, these kids.The number one question I get is: ‘When are you getting your own show?’ There was a time when no one ever thought I could host a show and now the question is, ‘When are you getting it?’ So I definitely feel the time is now and I’m so freaking ready I can’t even tell you. It’s going to be good, I promise you.’

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The Elton John vs. Madonna feud is on! I wrote last night about Elton John’s miserable night at the Golden Globes, I honestly had no idea just how bitter he and David Furnish were feeling about Madonna even before the show.

The bitch is back!

According to Gay Star News, after Madonna (pictured with Elton in happier times) won the best original song Globe over Elton, Mary J. Blige and Glenn Close, among others, Furnish wrote on Facebook: ‘Madonna. Best song???? Fuck off!!!

And before the show, Elton said: ‘Mary J [Blige] might win it for “The Help”. Madonna doesn’t have a fucking chance.’


What are we? Kindergarteners?

After her win, Madonna was asked backstage how it felt to beat Elton.

“I hope he speaks to me for the next couple of years,” she said. “He’s been known to not speak to me. He’ll win for another award. I don’t feel bad.”

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Monday Morning Man: Wiehahn Stiglingh!

Thought we’d go with someone incredibly unattractive today – ha!
He’s Wiehahn Stiglingh and what a stunner.
But he’s not your typical model (aspiring actor etc). Stiglingh is a financial advisor from Cape Town, South Africa.
He was discovered by photographers from Men’s Health and picked for the cover of the magazine’s South Africa edition. Soon many other editions were featuring him including all the Latin American magazines, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Greece and Italy.
Stiglingh was such a hit the first time around that he is now on the cover of the January 2012 issue of Men’s Health (see below).
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Ricky Gervais makes thinly-veiled Jodie Foster lesbian joke during Golden Globes monologue Jodie Foster gets nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Carnage and shows up for the ceremony at The Beverly Hilton with her two young sons.

Host Ricky Gervais, who offended just about the entire ballroom last year, takes the stage and inexplicably draws Foster into thick of it in the first 60 seconds: “I musn’t mention Mel Gibson this year. Not his private life, his politics, his recent films, and especially not Jodie Foster’s “Beaver.” I haven’t seen it myself. I’ve spoken to a lot of guys who haven’t seen it either. But doesn’t mean it’s not any good.”

I thought it was the most horrendous moment of the evening.

Foster is as out or in as she wants to be. That’s her right. But why should she, or anyone, be put in that position – camera in their face – in front of an international audience?

I hope the Hollywood Foreign Press has gotten this whole Gervais thing out of their system and gets a new host or just goes back when there was no host.

He adds absolutely nothing meaningful to the evening.


Meryl Streep wins Golden Globe for “The Iron Lady”

Another award for the trophy cabinet ... Meryl Streep won Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama for <i>The Iron Lady</i>. was the eighth Golden Globe win for Meryl Streep but the first time the greatest living actress had her speech hurried along by the orchestra.

Streep managed to hold off Critics Choice Award winner Viola Davis to win the Globe for her performance as former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady.

Streep forgot to bring her glasses to the stage so could not go with a prepared speech. She initially struggled to remember all the her fellow nominees beyond Glenn Close and Viola Davis but eventually rallied. Then she had to hurry to thank director Phyllida Lloyd and others connected to the film when the orchestra began to try and play her off.

“I just want to thank my agent and God — Harvey Weinstein, the punisher,” she concluded to much laughter and applause.

Backstage, Streep told reporters: “It was interesting to look at the human being behind the headline and imagine to look at a life so huge and controversial and ground-breaking in the winter of a life, and to have a compassionate view with someone I disagree.”

When asked if there were any other famous women she wanted to play, Streep said: “If the story is interesting, it doesn’t matter if it’s a waitress or a queen. I’m  happy to play people with challenges. I’m happy to keep working.”

Streep’s previous Globe wins were for Kramer vs. Kramer, The French Lieutenants Woman, Sophie’s Choice, Adaptation, Angels in America, The Devil Wears Prada and Julie & Julia. She has been nominated a total of 26 times.

It remains to be seen whether the Globe win will help Streep win an elusive third Academy Award. She won in 1980 for Kramer vs. Kramer and for Sophie’s Choice in 1983 and has since lost 12 consecutive times.


Golden Globe Awards: The Winners!

Here is the full list of winners from tonight’s Golden Globe Awards:

— Best Picture, Drama: The Descendants

— Best Picture, Musical or Comedy: The Artist

— Best Actor, Drama: George Clooney, The Descendants

— Best Actress, Drama: Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady

— Best Director: Martin Scorsese, Hugo

— Best Actor, Musical or Comedy: Jean Dujardin, The Artist

— Best Actress, Musical or Comedy: Michelle Williams, My Week With Marilyn

— Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer, Beginners

— Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer, The Help

— Best Foreign Language: A Separation

— Best Animated Film: The Adventures of Tintin

— Best Screenplay: Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris

— BestOriginal Score: Ludovic Bource, The Artist

— Best Original Song: Masterpiece (music and lyrics by Madonna, Julie Frost, Jimmy Harry)


—Best Drama: Homeland

— Best Musical or Comedy: Modern Family

— Best Actor, Drama: Kelsey Grammer, Boss

— Best Actress, Drama: Claire Danes, Homeland

— Best Actress, Musical or Comedy: Laura Dern, Enlightened

— Best Actor, Musical or Comedy: Matt LeBlanc, Episodes

— Best Miniseries or Movie: Downton Abbey

— Best Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Kate Winslet, Mildred Pierce

— Best Actor, Miniseries or Movie: Idris Elba, Luther

— Best Supporting Actress, Series, Miniseries or Movie: Jessica Lange, American Horror Story

— Best Supporting Actor, Series, Miniseries or Movie: Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones


Elton John’s miserable night at Golden Globes

It all started with a truly offensive joke by Ricky Gervais’ about Jodie Foster and The Beaver.

Elton John was so clearly not amused.

Then, he loses the best original song from a motion picture to, of all people, Madonna!

Elton clearly did not rehearse his polite losers face. He looked as if he wanted to leap onto the stage and pry the award out of her hand!

Then Gervais made it all worse awhile later when he introduced Madonna as a presenter but before saying her name he said the next presenter is “the queen of pop. … Not YOU Elton!”

Elton appeared to give a courtesy laugh.

But finally, we got a smile out of Elton when Cecil B. Demille Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Morgan Freeman was giving his acceptance speech and, out of the blue, said hello to Elton.

Finally, the Rocket Man smiled for real.

Update: Backstage, Madonna was asked how it feels to beat Elton John.

Her answer: “I hope he speaks to me for the next couple of years. He’s been known to not speak to me. He’ll win for another award. I don’t feel bad.”

Madonna at the Golden Globes


Christopher Plummer wins Golden Globe for performance as a gay man in “Beginners”

Actor Christopher Plummer poses backstage with the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for the film <i>Beginners</i>.

Christopher Plummer continued his awards season domination by winning the Golden Globe Award for best supporting actor in a motion picture for Beginners.

He plays a gay man who comes out near the end of his life in the film in which Ewan McGregor plays his son.

In his speech, Plummer said of McGregor: “I want to salute my partner, Ewan — that wily Scott . …. That scene-stealing swine.”

Backstage, Plummer told reporters: “Gay characters are human beings. we’re all exactly the same. That’s the reason I played it the way I did, not as a caricature. They’re a part of our society since the Egyptians, the Greeks – it’s part of the human condition. I know there is a lot of antigay sentiment in our society at the moment and I abhor it.”

Plummer, who also won the Critics Choice Award a few days ago, appears to be the strongest front-runner of any category the Academy Award.