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Morning Man Classic: Pat Riley!

My little sister is no sports fan. But during the 1980s, she would never miss the chance to watch the Los Angeles Lakers play on television.

No, it was not to watch the stellar play of Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabbar during the team’s “Showtime” era. It was to watch handsome and stylish head coach Pat Riley on the sidelines.

Can’t say I blamed her!

Riley, now 68, is regarded as one of the greatest NBA coaches of all time. He led the Lakers to four NBA championship titles in the 1980s and three runner-up finishes.

He then moved on to the New York Knicks who reached the NBA finals in 1994 but lost in seven games to the Houston Rockets. The next year Riley moved to the Miami Heat and in 2006 won his fifth NBA title when the team defeated the Dallas Mavericks in the finals.

Riley stepped down from coaching The Heat in 2008 and is now the team’s president.

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GLAAD reports look back and ahead at LGBT characters on broadcast and cable television

GLAAD continues to keep its eye on LGBT representation on broadcast and cable television and issued its annual reports earlier today.

With an array of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender characters like Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Brittany and Unique, Glee helped to make the FOX network the most LGBT inclusive broadcast US television network.

The 7th annual Network Responsibility Index (NRI) and the 18th annual Where We Are on TV Report gave some networks high grades while others struggled.

‘Last season was a stellar one when it comes to the sheer number of gay, lesbian and bisexual representations on television, though diversity within those storylines showed room for improvement,’ said GLAAD spokesman Wilson Cruz.

‘Though the number of LGBT characters dropped this season, shows like The Fosters (on ABC Family), with an interracial female couple raising a family, and (transgender) characters like Unique on Glee have not only moved the conversation about LGBT people forward, but are also a hit with audiences,’ Cruz adds.

GLAAD’s index looks at the previous television season and rates networks on LGBT-inclusive content between June 2012 and May 2013.  Each network is reviewed on a scale of Excellent, Good, Adequate, or Failing.

No network received an Excellent rating this year but FOX was the most inclusive broadcast network with 42% of primetime programming hours having included LGBT images. and earning FOX a rating of Good.

ABC, with such shows as Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy, came in second place for the number of inclusive hours at 33% and also earned a score of Good.

On the cable side of things, ABC Family was the most inclusive network with 50% of its original programming including LGBT impressions or storylines. Two of its most popular series, The Fosters and Pretty Little Liars, have gay, lesbian and bisexual characters.

Other networks that earned a ranking of Good were CW, MTV, NBC and Showtime. Rated Adequate were CBS, FX, HBO, TLC, TNT and USA while TBS and History were given a grade of Failing.

GLAAD’s Where We Are on TV report, a character count and analysis of scripted characters in the upcoming 2013-2014 season, had less encouraging news.

It found that out of 796 primetime broadcast scripted series regulars, 26 will be LGBT this year – just 3.3%. This is a drop from the record high number of LGBT series regulars (4.4%) counted on broadcast television in last year’s report.

In addition, GLAAD found 20 recurring LGBT characters, down from 25 last year.

But cable is a different story.

GLAAD counted 42 regular LGBT characters, up from 35 last season as well as an additional 24 recurring characters.

HBO will have the most characters with a total of 11, followed by Showtime with 8 characters. Of those LGBT characters, 39% are women and 29% are people of color.

“Our television images not only reach American audiences, but countless others around the world. It is time for the television networks to make new and groundbreaking LGBT stories a priority once again,” said Cruz.

To view the full reports visit


Melissa Etheridge on being a gay teen in the 1970s: “It was scary for my generation”

Melissa Etheridge could not have picked a more high-profile way to come out publicly than at Bill Clinton’s Presidential inauguration in 1993.

The Grammy-winning singer, now 52, recalls a far different climate when she was a teen in the 1970s and living in Kansas and first began to realize that she is a lesbian.

‘You know, I’m like – “Wait a minute, what am I doing?” – that it’s a scary thing,’ she tells Dan Rather on ASX TV. ‘It was scary for my generation. But you realize,the first time I kissed a girl I was 17 and that’s when it was like, “Oh.” It was a huge difference.’

Etheridge adds: ‘It’s funny, you don’t try to hide it, it’s hidden because it doesn’t exist. And so you know what you’re doing is wrong and everyone’s gonna be freaked out by you.’

A mother of four through two previous high-profile relationships, Etheridge is now engaged to Emmy Award-winning writer/producer, Linda Wallem.

She says last June’s US Supreme Court rulings gutting the Defense of Marriage Act and killing California’s Proposition 8 made a personal difference for her.

‘There’s a little bit more sense of I’m not so afraid to hold her hand,’ she says of Wallem. ‘I’m not so afraid to go to the school and, they have two mommies, you know? It’s not so strange anymore. It’s starting to be a part of the American fabric.’

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Lunch Break Video: Here are some of the numbers from last night’s “Glee” tribute to Finn “The Quarterback”

Seasons of Love from Rent features original cast members and new cast members. Lea Michele does not appear in this number. Her solo of Bob Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love is below and it is so deeply touching.

Great respect to the cast of Glee for these heartfelt performances that clearly are a mix of acting with personal grief.


Happy 36th Birthday to magnificent Matt Bomer!

The sexy and sweet White Collar star turns 36 today!

Matt Bomer is just getting better and better each year and there is so much ahead including his role in the upcoming feature film version of The Normal Heart and his portraying the movie icon Montgomery Clift in a biopic about the late, great star.

Meanwhile, Matt’s TV series is still going strong and about to launch its fifth season.

Hope this hardworking heartthrob is having a wonderful birthday.

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Coming Out Day Gallery: Here are 150 out and proud celebrities who took that very public step!

Happy National Coming Out Day everyone!

So many well-known people have come out publicly in recent years that my annual gallery can’t possibly include all of them. I had to limit it to 150 which is, by far, the largest collection yet.

Whether it be a magazine cover story (Ellen DeGeneres, Lance Bass, Jason Collins, Clay Aiken), a dramatic TV interview (Meredith Baxter, Billy Bean), it’s still big news when a performer, athlete, news personality, or politician comes out.

An increasing number of folks are coming out on Twitter or casually in an interview.

However they choose to do it, it’s always an inspiring thing.

Some of the people are new additions since last year’s gallery including Jodie Foster, Matt Dallas, Tuc Watkins, Wentworth Miller, NBA player Jason Collins, TV legend Jim Nabors, soccer stars Abby Wambach and Robbie Rogers, WWE wrestler Darren Young, Victor Garber, actress Raven-Symone, and Nickelodeon star Lucas Cruikshank, among others.

The day is still young so if any other celebs come out today, I will add them!


Video: Mike O’Malley talks about tonight’s episode of “Glee” that deals with death of TV stepson Finn

Tonight’s episode of Glee is called The Quarterback and it deals with the death of Cory Monteith’s character of Finn.

Mike O’Malley returns to the series for the night – he played Monteith’s stepdad on the show. The episode airs opposite the premiere of O’Malley’s NBC series Welcome to the Family.

He stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and said: “Cory Monteith was a great guy, he was a terrific, terrific actor and sadly he died this summer.”

He said the episode will ‘really show the audience the love of the cast and the crew. … I’s really a remarkable episode, one of the most beautiful episodes they have ever written.”


Tomorrow the annual Greg In Hollywood Coming Out Day Celebrity Gallery to be revealed! Want to be included?

Tomorrow is National Coming Out Day and I will be publishing my annual Coming Out Day Gallery of Out Celebs.

This tradition began in 2006 with my previous blog, Out In Hollywood, which I did for the LA Daily News. I remember staying in the newsroom really late that Oct. 10 searching various sites for out celebs to add to the collage.

So much has changed.

Last night I was well past 100 people just off the top of my head!

Since last year’s gallery, among those we have added to the publicly out and proud group are Jodie Foster, Jason Collins, Robbie Rogers, Greg Rikaart and Michele Rodriguez.

If there are any celebrities out there who have not publicly come but would like to, feel free to contact me and you will be placed at the top of more than 150 people! Heck, I’d probably even give you your own story.


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Lee Daniels developing gay “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” type film to star Alex Pettyfer as half of interractial gay couple

A gay filmmaker with clout making a mainstream action film with gay characters as the leads?

It could happen.

Coming off the box office and critical success of his most recent film The Butler, Lee Daniels is now developing a movie that would star Alex Pettyfer as one half of a gay interracial couple.

I like it already!

‘Alex Pettyfer is in it, [but] I have to find the right black guy opposite him,’ Daniels tells Out Magazine. ‘He’s so hot, isn’t he? So hot. And so aware of his hotness in a way that’s so…I love him to death.’

Daniels, who also directed Precious and The Paperboy, describes the film as ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith but the two good-looking guys as the action heroes. We don’t find out they’re gay until the end of the movie.’

Mr. & Mrs. Smith, of course, was the 2004 film that starred Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as married assassins hired to kill each other. Off-screen, they fell in in love for real and the tabloids are still writing about it and poor Jennifer Aniston.

Anyway, will Hollywood be willing to back what Daniels says is an ‘interracial love affair action movie’?

After all, the major movie studios passed on Behind the Candelabra after deeming it was ‘too gay’ despite stars Michael Douglas and Matt Damon being attached and Oscar winner Steven Soderbergh directing.

But Daniels is undaunted.

“I don’t think I’m going to have a problem now. I made a $100 million for The Butler. I’m in a rare group. So this is something I feel good about.”


Throwback Thursday: All about Janet Jackson!

These videos are a hoot!

Janet Jackson was more than a decade away from becoming one of the best-selling female recording artists of all time. It was the 1970s and it was still all about her brothers including Michael Jackson who appears in a few of these clips with her.

Also look for cameos from 1970s Cher and Dick Clark!


Thursday Morning Man: Mo Rocca!

Today’s Morning Man, Mo Rocca, is an Emmy Award-winning American humorist, journalist and actor who I am just crazy about.

He is a correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning and the host and creator of My Grandmother’s Ravioli on Cooking Channel and can often be heard on NPR.

Mo, whose full name is Maurice Alberto Rocca, is 44 and single.

So who is his dream man?

“Basically, I like someone who looks like they’ve been punched in the face,” he jokes to Instinct Magazine. “I’m going on dates. I don’t have a type generally. I’m interested in guys who are between the heights of 5’6″ and 5’11″ and the ages of 35 and 50, with dark hair. I like noses with character. I really like Tony Danza’s nose. It’s a major plus.”

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Lee Daniels “extremely flattered and humbled” at being honored by Outfest at 9th annual Legacy Awards

Lee Daniels, director of Precious and The Butler (both films officially have longer titles but I can’t be bothered) is getting a big award next month.

It was just announced that Outfest will be honoring the Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker at the 9th annual Legacy Awards.

This year’s event will take place on Thursday, November 21st at the Orpheum Theatre.

Daniels will receive the Visionary Award in recognition of his contribution to LGBT arts and media visibility.

“I am extremely flattered and humbled to be receiving this year’s Visionary Award,” Daniels said in a statement. “Outfest is an extraordinary organization, and I cannot stress enough the importance of its mission. In both my professional and personal life, I constantly strive to represent and provide a voice for the LGBT community, and am so honored that the Legacy Awards have selected me as this year’s recipient.”

The Legacy Awards serve as a fundraiser to support the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project, the largest archive of LGBT moving images in the world with over 30,000 pieces of material. A partnership between Outfest and the UCLA Film & Television Archive, it is the only program in the world devoted to saving and preserving LGBT moving images.

Tickets go on sale on October 17. For further information visit or call 213-480-7088.


Snapped! Ricky Martin and his twins Down Under

Ricky Martin is in the middle of a concert tour in Australia.

The singer was spotted in Darling Harbour with his two adorable children.

To see more photos, go to Socialite Life.

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Josh Hutcherson says he’s “mostly straight”

Although he’s been acting since the age of 9, Kentucky native Josh Hutcherson’s breakout role was as Annette Bening and Julianne Moore’s son in The Kids Are All Right.

Now, the star of the wildly successful Hunger Games franchise, whose second installment, Catching Fire, is due out this month, talks with OUT’s Shana Naomi Krochmal for the magazine’s November 2013 cover story about sexuality, how the best thing for his Hunger Games character might be a threesome, and the mission of the youth organization he founded, Straight But Not Narrow.

Here are some excerpts:

On the ambiguity of sexuality:

“Maybe I could say right now I’m 100% straight. But who knows? In a fucking year, I could meet a guy and be like, Whoa, I’m attracted to this person. I’ve met guys all the time that I’m like, Damn, that’s a good-looking guy, you know? I’ve never been, like, Oh, I want to kiss that guy. I really love women. But I think defining yourself as 100% anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded.

On whether The Hunger Games’ Peeta, Katniss, and Gale should have a threesome:

“I know Peeta would be into it, for sure. He’s very sensitive, in touch with his emotions. I think it really might solve a lot of their problems. You know what? I’m going to pitch that idea. Let’s make it a – what’s it called when three people are in a relationship together? A triad? That’ll go over well with Middle America.”

On his dream for his kids and future generations around LGBT rights:

“I have this dream that one day, my kid’s gonna come home from school and be like, ‘Dad, there’s this girl that I like, and there’s this guy that I like, and I don’t know which one I like more, and I don’t know what to do.’ And it’d just be a non-issue, like, ‘Which one is a good person? Which one makes you laugh more?’”

On working to prevent youth bullying through his organization, Straight But Not Narrow:

“Talking to kids in school and reaching out through social media we found to be really effective. That’s where they bullying happens the most, where people are molded into who they become when they grow up. Kids are so mean to each other sometimes. You’re figuring out who you are, and you’re insecure about it. Especially if you don’t have a great family life or you’re being influenced by a religion too much, a way to feel better sometimes is to put somebody else down. Our goal is making kids more compassionate and more understanding that people are just people. It’s really about being yourself.”

Read OUT’s full Josh Hutcherson cover story now at:

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Spirit Day Video: “I’m Betty White, but this October 17th, call me Betty Purple … I look great in purple”

GLAAD just went live with this video of TV icon Betty White and the cast of TV Land’s ‘Hot in Cleveland’ voicing support for GLAAD’s annual anti-bullying campaign Spirit Day (10/17), which supports LGBT youth.

“I’m Betty White, but this October 17th, call me Betty Purple,” Betty says in the exclusive Spirit Day video.

“And the whole cast of ‘Hot in Cleveland’ will be joining in on Spirit Day and showing our support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth,” adds her co-star Wendie Malick.

Others going purple for Spirit Day on October 17 in a stand against bullying and in support of LGBT youth include: Ke$ha, Nate Berkus, ‘Revenge’ star Nick Wechsler, out basketball player Jason Collins, ‘Orange is the New Black’ star Laverne Cox, the cast of ‘Degrassi,’ Snooki & JWOWW, and hundreds more. Corporations like Facebook, the NBA, MTV, NBCUniversal, and more are also participating. Full list at


Wednesday Morning Man: Bryan Craig!

I can’t call my sister between 1-2 pm weekdays because she’s watching her soap.

That soap is General Hospital which managed to stave off cancellation a few years back and bow is absolutely thriving.

In addition to still having such veterans as Tony Geary, Genie Francis, Kin Shriner and Jane Elliot on the show, there are hot young stars like today’s Morning Man: Bryan Craig.

Bryan, who turns 22 later this month, joined the show earlier this year in the role of Morgan Corinthos.

Before landing the role on GH, Bryan had a recurring part on the show Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures.

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Bravo Valerie Harper for inspiring DWTS run

Valerie Harper may have been voted off of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars last night but her participation in the show was such an inspiration.

First of all, she’s 74 and that alone has got to be tough since the rigors of DWTS is tough even on far younger participants.

Then you figure in that just nine months ago, this remarkable woman was given a terminal brain cancer diagnosis and told she could have as little as three months to live.

She didn’t sit home and hide. She appeared on a slew of talk shows, did a guest spot on Hot in Cleveland with her pals from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and even filmed a TV movie.

Valerie has kept on living and her medical condition has improved – no doubt thanks in part to her remarkably positive attitude.


Emmy nominee Nathan Lane to return to “Modern Family” to help plan Mitch and Cam’s wedding

I’m already laughing at the possibilities of this.

Nathan Lane has already made some hilarious – and I mean hilarious – appearances on Modern Family as Mitch and Cam’s pal Pepper.

We all know Mitch and Cam are getting married and TV Guide is reporting that they allow Pepper to be the event planner for their big day.


Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cam, says: “The audience will be very happy with where we are headed. Pepper is a single man himself so he is planning the kind of wedding he would like, which may not be up Mitch and Cam’s alley.”

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Season 4 of “White Collar” starring Matt Bomer is now out on DVD – new season starts Oct. 17!

In case you missed it when it aired on USA Network or just want to watch gorgeous Matt Bomer in action as Neal Caffrey – over and over again – season four of White Collar is out on DVD today.

This gives you enough time to purchase the DVD and catch up on everything before the popular series has its fifth season premiere in October 17.

Of course, it’s not all about Matt. He and co-star Tim DeKay are a fabulous team and he also has great chemistry with Willie Garson who plays a character named Mozzie.

And, of course, also in the cast is Tiffani Thiessen who we all loved as Kelly on Saved by the Bell for all those years before she moved on to Beverly Hills 90210.


Tuesday Morning Man: Matt Long!

Matt Long has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the stars of the fall season’s first big TV flop: Lucky 7.

But no doubt this handsome 33 year old will quickly rebound.

I’ve been a fan ever since he starred in Jack & Bobby, a series I loved so much.

After that shows, Matt had movie roles in Ghost Rider and Sydney White then starred in another short-lived series The Deep End on ABC.

He’s had better luck with recurring roles on established hits including Mad Men and Private Practice.

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