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Morning Man Classic: Peter Barton!

Peter Barton, the cutie pie who first came to fame when he starred in The Powers of Matthew Star for NBC back in the 1980s, has been back in the news this weekend.

It seems an Illinois man who he had never met left his $1 million estate to Barton and another actor, Kevin Brophy, who starred in the series Lucan.

So it seems like the perfect time to once again shine a spotlight on Barton who went on to star in the short-lived prime-time series Burke’s Law, had his most lasting success on daytime soaps.

He played the role of Eddie Connors on Sunset Beach for a year then spent several year as Dr. Scott Grainger on The Young and the Restless.

Now 56, Barton has not appeared on the soap since 2005 and has no other acting credits since then.

But he has not been forgotten by his many fans – including the man in Illinois!

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Happy Birthday to Carole King! to believe, but the ageless Carole King turns 71 today!

Love, love, love her.

From You’ve Got a Friend and So Far Away to I Feel the Earth Move and It’s Too Late, her songs have always spoken to me.

Happy birthday to a legend!

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Morning Man Encore: Jason Bateman! posted Dec. 9, 2009

We don’t know when an Arrested Development movie will come together but no doubt Jason Bateman will make room in his busy schedule to reprise his role of Michael Bluth for the big screen.

It was that Fox series, which won the Emmy for outstanding comedy, that positioned Jason for movie stardom.

Since the show left the air in 2006, Jason has appeared in a lengthy list of movies including the recent hit comedy Couples Retreat, the gem Extract which I loved, and the new release Up In the Air.

He also had roles in Hancock, The Breakup, Juno, The Kingdom, State of Play, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and The Ex.

An Arrested Development movie would bring everything full circle.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that it will be every bit as good as the show and probably a whole lot better simply because of the running time,” Jason told me last year. “You as an audience are trapped inside a movie theater and you can appreciate the density of the writing and the minutiae of the comedy. There’s no distractions, there’s no phone, there’s no fridge, there’s no doorbell. You’re in there, completely inside our world.”

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Retired major leaguer Curt Schilling says he’s “never understood this ‘issue’ with gay players”

Retired Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling is wondering publicly what the big deal is about players being openly gay in pro sports.

‘I’ve never understood this ‘issue’ with gay players? Who cares?’ Schilling posted on his Twitter page this week. ‘I know I played with some, their sexual orientation never had much to do with how they hit with RISP (Runner In Scoring Position) or pitched in late and close situations.’

He added: ‘Why the hell would what they do in the bedroom ever matter?’

Schilling, 46, won three World Series titles with two different teams: Arizona Diamondbacks (2001) and Boston Red Sox (2004, 2007). He also reached the World Series with the Philadelphia Phillies in 1993.

No major league baseball player has ever come out as gay during their playing career. If pro sports to ever become less homophobic, it will take more straight players like this speaking out.


Days of Our Lives: Battles over custody and parental rights rage and Gabi isn’t even showing yet!

Sami and EJ are pushing hard for Will to have a paternity test to legally confirm that he is the father of their unborn child.

It’s amazing all of this legal strategy already and Gabi isn’t even showing yet!

I wonder what the writers have planned once the baby is born!

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Jeanne Manford, the late founder of PFLAG, will be awarded the 2012 Presidential Citizens Medal

This makes my day – it is absolutely wonderful news.

Jeanne Manford, who founded Parents and Friends of Gay and Lesbians (PFLAG) in 1972, will posthumously receive 2012 Presidential Citizens Medal next week from President Barack Obama.

Manford died last month at the age of 92 but part of her legacy will now be as a recipient of nation’s second-highest civilian honor. It is given to those who display a commitment to public service.

‘Their selflessness and courage inspire us all to look for opportunities to better serve our communities and our country,’ Obama said Friday of Manford and the other 12 honorees for 2012.

The group was selected from more than 6,000 nominees and will be honored next Friday at The White House.

Manford was an elementary school teacher living in Flushing, Queens in the early 70s when her activism began.

She got a call in April 1972 from a hospital where her gay activist son Morty was taken after being beaten. He had been distributing flyers inside the fiftieth annual Inner Circle dinner, a political gathering in New York City.

She wrote a letter to the New York Post complaining about police inaction and began giving interviews to radio and television shows in several cities. In June of that year, she participated with her son in the New York Pride March, carrying a hand-lettered sign that read ‘Parents of Gays Unite in Support for Our Children.’

The reaction to them was so strong that she decided to form Parents of Gay (POG) which became PFLAG in 1993. The group is meant to be ‘a bridge between the gay community and the heterosexual community.’

Morty Manford died from AIDS complications in 1992 but his mother continued her activism throughout the rest of her life.

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Gwissues: Bruce Vilanch talks about the Oscars

On the latest episode of Gwissues, host Howard Bragman sits down with comedian Bruce Vilanch for a ‘one-on-one’ interview.

Vilanch talks to Bragman about having written for the Oscars for the last 23 years, including a joke former host Billy Crystal wouldn’t say, asks Vilanch’s opinion on this year’s host, Seth MacFarlane, and about Barbra Streisand’s much anticipated performance.

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Friday Morning Man: Bruce Bozzi Jr!

You can see more of this handsome guy tonight on the premiere of the new CBS series The Job.

He’s Bruce Bozzi, Jr., Executive Vice President of Palm Restaurant Group.

He’s the fourth-generation descendent of The Palm’s co-founder and the son of co-chairman and co-owner Bruce Bozzi, Sr.

As executive vice president, Bozzi directs the company’s marketing, culinary and human resource teams and regularly visits Palm locations throughout the country.

He has held virtually every management position at Palm locations across the United States.

With his handsome looks, it’s no surprise that Bozzi briefly pursued an acting career. His longtime partner is powerful Hollywood agent Bryan Lourd.

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Chandler Massey’s real-life little brother Christian plays a younger Will Horton on “Days of Our Lives” today

They may be pals now, but we all know that Will Horton tried to kill EJ DeMira way back when.

But Will was spared prosecution because his father, Lucas, took the blame and went to prison.

This is a sordid history that Will’s nemesis, Nick Fallon, has figured out and is now plotting to use against Will in his determination to gain full custody of Gabi’s baby.

In today’s episode of Days of Our Lives, there will be a flashback to the day of the shooting and the younger Will is portrayed by Christian Massey, the real-life younger brother of Emmy winner Chandler Massey!

Here are photos of the two brothers on the Days set!


See episode #2 of “Old Dogs & New Tricks”

Oops, forgot to post this week’s episode of the web series Old Dogs & New Tricks yesterday but better late than never!

I’m committed to posting each week’s episode because there are so many great guys in it who I know including David Pevsner, Thom Bierdz, Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Doug Spearman, Bruce L. Hart and Michael Kearns. And Greg Louganis is also going to appear in some upcoming episodes.

Anyway, here is episode #2 – and parts of it are not really safe for work.

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“X-Men” director Bryan Singer donates $5 million to his alma mater USC’s School of Cinematic Arts

You gotta respect a guy who gives back!

Bryan Singer, the openly gay director of The Usual Suspects, some of the X-Men films as well as Superman Returns and Valkyrie, has donated $5 million to his alma mater USC’s School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) and its critical studies division.

With the donation comes a name change for the division which will now be called: The Bryan Singer Division of Critical Studies. That’s the unit from which Singer graduated in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree. It examines all forms of moving image media from an analytical and historical perspective.

Singer says in a statement: “In a way, I began my career in the Division of Critical Studies at USC. Watching great films and learning how to think about film from the faculty transformed me as an artist and as a person. I am honored to give back to the division and the school, which gave me so much.”

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Ellen DeGeneres talks about Boy Scouts and gays

Ellen DeGeneres has such a deliciously effective way of making her point using humor and heart.

She weighed today in on the debate going on within the Boy Scouts of America organization regarding a proposal to lift its ban on openly gay members and leaders.

During her monologue, Ellen has this gem of a statement: ‘I realize this is a big decision for the Boy Scouts because, if the Boy Scouts start treating gays equally they’re going to become the first group to do it – after the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, the Coast Guard, all of the United Kingdom and Cher.’

She also had this observation: ‘They won’t let their members be gay, well, openly gay anyway, but they’re letting them wear neckerchiefs and green short shorts.’

And this one: ‘When you’re camping in the woods, do you realy need to be worried about someone’s sexual orientation? You should be worried about bears and poison ivy and poison oak and black widows and tics and Lyme Disease.’

Ellen also said it is ‘heartbreaking’ that gays are excluded.

‘Obviously I think that the Boy Scouts should allow gay members,’ she told her audience. ‘The fact that they don’t is insane. … I hope when (they) finally decide to take action, they make the right decision.’

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Days of Our Lives: Nick’s prison attack revealed

These scenes do not include Will or Sonny (or hottie Brian!) but they do begin to shed light on why Nick is such a homophobe.

He was stabbed in prison and likely raped.

Nick doesn’t want to talk about it but his Aunt Julie is just blabbing it to everyone!

Hard to keep anything secret in the town of Salem!

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Brendon Ayanbadejo wants professional sports to be ready and welcoming for openly gay teammates

Thank God for Brendon Ayanbadejo.

He’s in the position to make a difference and he is trying to!

The linebacker with the Baltimore Ravens has kept his promise to use the team’s Super Bowl championship to call for an end to homophobia in sports.

He is calling on straight athletes to show their solidarity with gays. He cites the example 66 years ago set by Pee Wee Reese who publicly put his arm around Brooklyn Dodgers teammate Jackie Robinson – the first black player in major league baseball – to show the crowd that teammates are teammates regardless of the color of their skin.

‘Reese was exactly what the codes of sportsmanship expected him to be, someone who knew what was right and did it despite the risks. Simply put, he was an ally,’ Ayanbadejo writes in a column published this week in USA Today.

This kind of support is necessary if a gay player in any of the major sports in the US – football, baseball, basketball and hockey – is ever to come out publicly during their playing career.

‘Just like Jackie, the breakthrough gay athlete will be a courageous individual going it alone in uncharted territory,’ he writes. ‘But, also like Jackie, he will have backup — and hopefully more of it.’

Ayanbadejo, who began speaking out for marriage equality four years ago, is calling on all levels of professional sports to lead the way.

‘The NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA should and can be leaders against discrimination,’ he writes. ‘Whether you’re a commissioner, an athlete, a coach or a fan, your voice will let every kid out there know that there is a place for him or her in sports. We all can be ourselves and still compete with dignity and at the highest level.’


Thursday Morning Man: Chris Parke!

Let’s just get lost in Chris Parke’s beautiful blue eyes for a bit this morning, shall we?

I had not been aware of Chris until checking out the website Square Hippies which basically features shirtless men in photos that are safe for work – I love it!

Chris is a member of the cast of an online series called DeVanity.

The show, currently in its third season, is the saga of the crumbling DeVanity family and their desire to save their dying jewelry empire in Downtown Los Angeles.

Chris has played Byron DeVanity in eight episodes of the show.

His previous screen credit is the 2009 comedy Drama Kings.

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See David Beckham’s clothes come off in sexy new short film for his Bodywear for H&M collection

I’m not crazy about David Beckham’s ever-growing number of tattoos but other than that, I think the man is utterly perfect!

Especially after watching this new short film to celebrate the launch of the updated David Beckham Bodywear for H&M collection.

Oh my.

He does a lot of running and a lot of shedding of clothes in this film directed by Guy Ritchie and at 37, Beckham remains quite the physical specimen.

Take a look, and enjoy.


Design star Nate Berkus on how he explained to his father that being gay is not a choice

I’m really looking forward to seeing the two-part interview Nate Berkus has done with his old boss, Oprah Winfrey.

Part one airs this Sunday on OWN and part two a week later.

The candid conversation includes how Nate came out to his father.

Says Berkus: ‘I asked my father: ‘Do you trust me? Do you respect me? Do you think I’m smart?’ He said, ‘Yes.”

He then went on to explain to his parent how his being gay is not a choice.

‘I said, ‘Why would I choose to make my life more difficult – why would anyone choose to make their life more difficult? Do you think I would choose to have this hair? Do you think that I would choose to be 5’9′? I would have been 6’1′. It’s the exact same thing. The truth of the matter is being gay is the way I was born. I believe this to the core of my being.”

Berkus, who had his own syndicated daytime TV show for two years, made clear to his father how important it was that they be on the same page regarding his sexuality.

“I said, ‘Dad, we are never going to have a real relationship if you don’t believe me.’ He said, ‘If you say you are born this way, and you didn’t have a choice, then we are good.’ That was really the moment. Then, I knew if I had this base level of respect that I could move forward.’

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Will is blissful about impending fatherhood as Nick continues to dig dirt on his past on “Days”

Will is just on the moon about Gabi having his baby and he’s talking about it to his grandmas, great grandma and all sorts of other folks around Salem.

But as his enthusiasm grows, the resentment and determination in Nick also grows. Nick clearly isn’t going for the co-parenting thing and wants Will completely out of the picture.

He’s not very nice.

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Video Flashback: Diana Ross talks to Oprah Winfey in 1993 about tensions with The Supremes

I’m discovering all kinds of videos this week that I did not know existed – YouTube is so fun that way.

So Diana Ross appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show back in 1993 to promote her really horrible memoir The Secrets of a Sparrow (at least the photos were great!) and in this portion of the chat, she talks about the well-publicized tensions with members of The Supremes: Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard and Ballard’s replacement Cindy Birdsong.

Miss Ross kind of plays the victim here and I just wish, for once, she would say something like, ‘Yeah, I was kind of a bitch sometimes, I kind of pushed them aside.’ From the way she waved her arms and walked three steps ahead, it is so clear!

I know this will outrage some fans but anyone who reads my site knows I love Diana Ross as a performer and think there is much to admire in terms of her work ethic and her motherhood.

But I’m don’t believe for a minute she’s blameless here.


Wednesday Morning Man: Jun Tanaka!

I’ve got a mad crush on this pony-tailed chef who is set to appear in the finals of the grand champions competition on Food Network’s Chopped, one of my absolutely favorite shows right now.

He’s Jun Tanaka and not only is he cute as can be, but he’s got the sexiest British accent and this lovely way about him.

I think I want to marry him.

Anyway, Jun is a 41-year-old British-American who was born in New York City and whose family moved to England when he was 7.

In 2004, he became the Executive Head Chef of the Renaissance London Chancery Court Hotel’s Pearl Restaurant and Bar, a fine-dining establishment that specialises in French cuisine.

He’s so charming and telegenic that it’s no surprise he has done television prior to Chopped presenting Channel 4′s Cooking It as well as appearing in Saturday Kitchen on BBC One.

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