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“One Life to Live” star Nicholas Rodriguez also on new web series “Then We Got Help!” launching Friday! is such welcome news: Nicholas Rodriguez, who we already love as Nick on One Life to Life, is one of the stars of the new web series Then We Got Help! which will premiere on Friday.

(The photo, upper left,  is Nicholas with Life co-star Brett Claywell, not the web series!)

Help! is the brainchild of  actress/writer/director Julie Ann Emery (pictured, bottom left) and is a relationship comedy in the style of Modern Family and The Office. It focuses on four struggling couples who need therapy. They get each other instead on a show that is basically group therapy without the therapist.
Emery has brought together a cast that includes Rodriguez, Kristen Shaw (Commander-in-Chief, The Last Castle), Alan Campbell (Tony Nominee-Sunset Blvd), Sean Mahon (39 Steps, The Seafarer), Blake Hammond (Hairspray, Billy Elliott), and Kevin Earley (Tale of Two Cities, Thoroughly Modern Millie) as well as, Jessica Rush (Gypsy) and Susan Ferrara (Peasant).I’m not yet sure who plays who but these are the couples:

Thom and Anna, Wall Street traders hit hard by the economy, but their firms missed the government bail-out. Now unemployed, they have the big screen TV, but no money to pay the cable bill;  Dan and Eric, an overweight life-of-the-party accountant, and his good-looking, still in  school nutritionist partner at odds over how to live out their lives together; Gerry and Terry: When Terryʼs business went under, Gerry went back to work and Terry became Mr. Mom to their 3 out of control kids. But this role swap is not going well; Kenny and Jenny, a charming but struggling Country Music songwriter who doesnʼt know heʼs struggling; and his young Type A wife who gave up her dreams to  pay the bills.

Each week, Emily (an under-employed shoe model) brings her cash-strapped friends  together without a Therapist to talk about their problems and give each other advice—to sometimes hilarious and sometimes heart-breaking results. (And sheʼs making a documentary of it all!) As Emily says, “Weʼre going to prove to people that you donʼt have to have money to get help.”
Catch a new episode each week at

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GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios talks about the handling of the ABC-Adam Lambert controversy

Getprev-3’ve seen new GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios speak at three different events in recent months and he is dynamic and passionate.

But somehow, he’s not coming off so well in the written statements GLAAD issued recently regarding ABC’s banning of Adam Lambert from its shows (He will, however, appear on The View this week in a taped performance) following his controversial performance on the American Music Awards.

GLAAD issued several statements that no one seemed to find effective and actually downright confusing. Barrios sat down with radio host Michelangelo Signorile to talk about the controversy:

“This is a very problematic statement,” admits Barrios of GLAAD’s original release. “We released a clarifying statement the next day. … All during this time, we’re still talking to ABC, and we were very pleased with the partial victory the next day.”

That victory would be Lambert being booked on The View after being banned from Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel Live and New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

After the Barrios appearance, Signorile wrote on his blog: Barrios came into the studio to sit down with me and sincerely wanted to clear the air. He accepted responsibility for what happened and admitted that the group’s first update after ABC banned Lambert from two more shows was problematic, attributing it to a lack of clarity. But I still believe the explanations given weren’t adequate — and judging from the callers to the show afterward, many people agree — and that GLAAD is still not taking a forceful stand. Nor do I believe, as I told Barrios, that the decision by The View to book Lambert for a taped segment Thursday was a “partial victory,” as he called it, since he’s still banned from shows they had dumped him from.

Overall I think GLAAD has a long way to go in explaining what happened here and also its larger mission. It is compromised by the fact that it takes money from ABC –something else we discussed — and that it just doesn’t seem to be at the forefront of controversies and defamation, more so focused on giving out awards and patting media on the back.

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Bruce Springsteen supports gay marriage: “I’ve always spoken out for the rights of same sex couples” the heels of the New York legislature voting down a bill allowing same-sex marriage in their state, New Jersey lawmakers will have the chance on Thursday to make a different decision and they are being urged to do the right thing by their state’s most famous resident: Bruce Springsteen.

The Boss posted this message on his website last night: “Like many of you who live in New Jersey, I’ve been following the progress of the marriage-equality legislation currently being considered in Trenton. I’ve long believed in and have always spoken out for the rights of same sex couples and fully agree with Governor [Jon] Corzine when he writes that, ‘The marriage-equality issue should be recognized for what it truly is — a civil rights issue that must be approved to assure that every citizen is treated equally under the law.’ ”

“I couldn’t agree more with that statement and urge those who support equal treatment for our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters to let their voices be heard now.”

It’s an uphill battle though with Democrats saying they may not have enough votes. Then there’s this: incoming Republican Gov. Chris Christie has said he will veto the measure if it is passed.

Still, the fight goes on and it will never end until equality is achieved.

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Tom Ford drops by Jimmy Fallon’s show and talks about why he had to utter the line “It’s still big!”

Tom Ford paid a charming visit to Jimmy Fallon’s show to talk up his directorial debut A Single Man.

He tells an amusing story of his days as a young actor appearing in a candy bar commercial. His big line, as he’s holding up the candy bar, was: “It’s still big!”

Tom says he realized then he wanted to be a director because he was dying to be on the other side of the camera calling the shots.

But before he actually got behind the camera, there was that whole fashion designer phase. You know, saving Gucci then launching his own company (Fallon was wearing a Tom Ford suit!).

I love seeing Tom on television being himself, he comes off far better than in print.

A Single Man opens Friday in limited release. I’m so there!

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Lunch Break Video: Birthday boy Donny Osmond sings “Puppy Love,” a song for Jan Brady and meets with Michael Jackson!

I am sure there are plenty of younger fans who know Donny Osmond best as the guy who won Dancing With the Stars and I’m sure Donny doesn’t mind one bit.

You can’t be a star for as long as Donny has without re-inventing yourself plenty of times. He’s gone from the child star lead singer of The Osmond Brothers to the teenaged TV variety show star with sister Marie Osmond to cool late-80s pop star with Soldier of Love and other hits to Broadway star in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat to game show host to Vegas mainstay and now dancing champ!

(As a favor to Donny, I didn’t mention the cheesy movie he made with Marie in the 70s. Anyone remember Going Coconuts?)


That’s a lot plus he has five kids and some grandkids and a wife of more than 30 years who he seems to absolutely adore. You gotta figure Donny is around 75 years old to have accomplished all that, right? Nope. He turns 52 today!

Happy birthday Donny. Why don’t you sing us a few tunes?

A young Donny guested on Here’s Lucy and his biggest fan was Lucy’s niece played by Eve Plumb (Jan Brady on The Brady Bunch). But he only has eyes for Lucie Arnaz!

And fnally, here is a rare clip from the mid-70s of Donny and Michael Jackson at the American Music Awards.

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Lunch w/Greg: Mary Wilson gives a Supreme assist at book party; Carrie Prejean trying to save reputation?

Elton inviteHappy Wednesday all!

Lots of items to post today so stay tuned and my apologies for the late start. It’s my dad’s birthday today so I was occupied with that – great guy who turns 79 today!

Last night headed over to The Abbey because if you read yesterday’s post about Mary Wilson, you know that I was beside myself with excitement at the prospect of meeting the original member od the Supremes face-to-face.

I walked in and there was a crowd around this glamorous woman impeccably dressed in black. It was the woman who has made Diana Ross‘ life a living hell for the past 25 years!

I’m sure Diana would never admit this publicly but after an uninterrupted string of success from the early 70s through the mid-80s, Diana’s recording career was never the same after Mary published her 1986 memoir Dreamgirl: My Life as a Supreme.

Diana came off as a real villain in that book, someone who could not bare to share even a small ray of the spotlight with either Mary of Florence Ballard (and later Cindy Birdsong). Then 10 years ago, it seemed that Diana was ready to bury the hatchet – at least professionally – when she agreed to reunite with Mary and Cindy for a concert tour. But the whole thing fell apart over money and when Diana tried to tour with two other Supremes from 70s incarnations of the group, it was so disastrous that the tour was cut short.

It would have been their first joint appearance since the disastrous 1983 Motown special when Ross reportedly pushed Wilson while they were on stage. That, of course, did not make the final telecast! none of that was mentioned last night, of course. Mary was the star attraction at a book party for her great friend Mark Bego celebrating the release of his new book Elton John: The Bitch is Back. Mark told me that he and Mary go way back and she certainly added some razzle dazzle to the festivities.

(That’s Bego and Mary pictured with Abbey founder and president David Cooley).

I chatted with Mary briefly and mentioned the interview we did via telephone last January. “Can you send it to me? I want to see how it turned out!”

We posed for a few pics but I can’t post them yet because they were taken with one of those disposable cameras. The battery of my camera had not been recharged so I had to grab a throwaway because The Abbey is a little too dark to take a cell phone pic well and I did not want to take any chances!

Anyway, it was an absolute thrill to meet this Motown legend. UPDATE: We go from the famous to the infamous.

I can’t think of a more ridiculous way to begin the new year than to do it with former Miss California Carrie Prejean who has made a giant jackass of herself more times this year than Lindsay Lohan - well, almost.

It seems that despite the nude photos, breast implants, numerous sex tapes and telling countless lies, Carrie is still trying to market herself as a good girl.

Sorry, I just had a laughing fit. Okay, let’s continue.

According to an item I’ve just seen on Towleroad, Carrie has backed out of an appearance at a Connecticut nightclub on New Years Eve because being in a nightclub setting at midnight is just not at all proper.

“As you can understand, this is in direct conflict with who she is,” her mother told nightclub owners who were going to pay $15,000. “Her reputation as a Christian is more important than any public appearance attention or monetary compensation. If in the future, you have an opportunity for her to speak to young adults, or physically challenged athletes, she would love it.”

You just can’t make this stuff up!

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Wednesday Morning Man: Karl Urban! Urban may not be a household name, but he certainly been in some big blockbuster movies including the second and third Lord of the Rings flicks, played a Russian assassin in The Bourne Supremacy and was aboard the Starship Enterprise in last summer’s terrific Star Trek flick.

The 37-year-old actor’s first big acting role came while Urban was still in his native New Zealand. He played gay paramedic Jamie Forres for a season on the TV series Shortland Street. Roles in various theater productions in Aukland followed then came his big break: roles in two American TV series filmed in New Zealand: Hercules:The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess.

He starred in the acclaimed films The Price of Milk and Out of the Blue then began getting roles in major Hollywood studio films including Pathfinder, The Chronicles of Riddick, Ghost Ship and Doom.

l_07c1cb3a66c7901a44d98cc6205fb4c9.jpg hello THAR image by luckster31

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KTLA’s Sam Rubin is feuding with Perez Hilton calling the blogger a “talentless dope” say that KTLA Morning Show entertainment reporter Sam Rubin is ticked off at Perez Hilton is an understatement.

Sam went off on the controversial blogger on this morning’s sh0w for an incident that occurred a day earlier.

Perez was scheduled to appear on the show to promote his new book, True Bloggywood Stories: The Glamorous Life of Beating, Cheating and Overdosing.

Hilton, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, arrived at the studio at 8 a.m., according to Rubin, and was told he would not be on the air until 9:20 a.m. The earlier slots on the show were taken by Snoop Dogg and, of all things, a children’s choir.

Rubin said Perez, whose appearance had already been teased all morning, said he couldn’t wait that long because he had to work on his blog and left the studio.

Rubin blasted Perez referring to him as “you talentless dope” and adding: KTLA and yours truly have been here long before Perez Hilton upchucked his way onto the scene and we will be here long after he slithers away.”

The reporter said Perez’s rep called to try and reschedule the appearance. Rubin said he replied: “Absolutely. When hell freezes over!”

Here is the video:

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Parody: “How the Stritch Stole Christmas”


Just spotted this on AKAWilliam and all I have to say is whoever came up with this is a creative genius!

Broadway legend Elaine Stritch is beloved by theatre fans for her signature song Ladies Who Lunch from Company and for her stupendously successful one-woman show Elaine Stritch at Liberty which won the Tony and the Emmy.

But, let’s face it, she seems a little cranky all the time. So someone has made this hilarious cartoon subbing Stritch with the Grinch.

My guess is it gave her a good laugh – at least I hope so!

Related post: My chat w/Elaine Stritch

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“Nine” director Rob Marshall talks to The Advocate: “Some of the greatest artists in the world are or were openly gay…”’s a good reason why a Q&A with Rob Marshall just posted on Advocate,com has headline The Diva Whisperer. The Oscar-nominated director of Chicago has a new movie musical coming out Dec. 18 called Nine, based on a hit Broadway show.

The cast includes Oscar winners Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard, Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, and Sophia Loren as well as Fergie and Kate Hudson (The leading man, by the way, in two-time Oscar winner Daniel-Day Lewis).

Here are some excerpts from Rob’s chat with Brandon Voss: Three of the films getting the most Oscar buzz this season — Precious, A Single Man, and Nine — are all directed by gay men. What does that mean to you?
Rob Marshall: Gosh, I never even put that together, so thank you for pointing that out. But now that you’ve brought it up, I guess my response is that of course they are! Some of the greatest artists in the world are or were openly gay — or at least gay, whether they were open or not — and some of my greatest idols were gay: Michael Bennett, George Cukor, Vincente Minnelli, in his way. Those are my heroes.

Coming from the more gay-inclusive theater world, what has been your personal experience with the Hollywood closet?
I haven’t had that experience with any of the actors or actresses I’ve worked with, and I think that would actually be difficult for me if I ever did. If you’re hiding your life, how can you really do the best work you can do? I only work — and this is very important to me — with people who I feel are truthful, honest, and real. I’m so proud of my friend Neil Patrick Harris and the other people brave enough to say, “This is who I am.”

Now that you’ve worked with Fergie, is there another pop artist you’d like to direct in a film?
I think Adam Lambert is an incredibly talented guy, and I’d like to work with him very much. He comes from musicals and theater, so I have this feeling he’ll have a big career past the pop world, and that’s exciting. Because I see how he works — he works as an actor when he sings.

While you’re at it, we also need a good vehicle for Lady Gaga.
Yes, we do. Although she scares me a little bit. She just does. What can I say? I think she’s theatrical and fantastic, but anyone who mutilates herself onstage and then lies there bleeding is a bit scary for my taste.

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A real dreamgirl guest coming to The Abbey tonight: Mary Wilson of The Supremes!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mary.jpgOkay, calm down Greg.

Oh my God! Mary Wilson is going to be at The Abbey in West Hollywood tonight! The Motown legend, one of the original Supremes, will be the special guest host celebrating the publication of Mark Bego’s new book, Elton John: The Bitch is Back (Phoenix Books).

Mary herself is the author of two best-selling memoirs: Dreamgirl: My Life as a Supreme and the follow-up Supreme Faith.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mary over the phone earlier this year and just about fell on the floor when she sang a bit of the Supremes hit Floy Joy for me. My sister had the single when I was a kid and would play it over and over.

Smokey Robinson wrote it,” Mary told me from her Las Vegas home. “It was the first time I sang lead on a single.”

Mary was on lead because Diana Ross had left the group by then. The reconstituted Supremes went on to score several big hits, including Stoned Love and Up the Ladder to the Roof.

“I think in the ’70s we were a new group,” she said. “The original Supremes have a special place in my heart – what we represented to black women not just in music but also in fashion and image.”

Mary still performs live in venues around the world and has been busy promoting a year-long celebration marking the 50th anniversary of Motown Records, the Detroit label founded by Berry Gordy that spawned such acts as the Temptations, the Four Tops, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Stevie Wonder, Mary Wells and the Jackson Five. no Motown group was bigger than the Supremes, formed in the late ’50s by Wilson and her childhood friends Ross and Florence Ballard.

“It’s also the 50th anniversary of the Supremes – or the Primettes, as we were originally called,” she pointed out. “Who knew it would last so long? That’s what’s so phenomenal about the Motown sound – it was the sound of young America, the sound of the time.”

I’ve often wondered what happened to the fourth young woman, Barbara Martin, who was a member of the group when they first signed a recording contract with Motown. She left the group in 1962.

“Barbara was on that first album ‘Meet the Supremes,”‘ said Mary, who is still in touch with Martin. “She had met the love of her life and when we signed, she left. And she’s still with the same guy all these years later, the only one who’s had the (same) man the entire time.”

While Martin found personal happiness, Wilson says that “she (Martin) regrets (leaving the group) sometimes.”

The Supremes took a few years to reach No. 1 with 1964′s Where Did Our Love Go, but once they were on top, they stayed there with an astounding 12 No. 1 hits, including Baby Love, Stop! In the Name of Love and You Can’t Hurry Love. worldwide fame, the trio had adjusted to early growing pains such as Ballard being replaced by Ross as lead singer. The arrangement, publicly at least, seemed to work well for a good five years before Ballard – depending on who you believe – either quit or was pushed out of the group for unprofessional behavior. She was replaced by Cindy Birdsong and the group was rechristened Diana Ross and the Supremes.

This all kind of sounds like a movie called Dreamgirls, doesn’t it? Mary has mixed feelings about the obvious similarities.

“It’s a piece of work, a piece of art,” she said. “Anytime you have art, and it’s good, you have to acknowledge it. However, it was not the Supremes story. Whoever wrote it was inspired by the Supremes, they used our images. “That’s OK, but if you’re going to write about someone, you should say it’s them. It’s not plagiarism, and yet it is. I’ve always been on the fence. If anything was closest to reality, if would be the (Effie) character – a singer so good who didn’t fit the image. It was kind of eerie. And yet, it wasn’t really Florence.”

Dreamgirls has resulted in continued interest in the Supremes, with fans desperate for a reunion of Ross, Wilson and Birdsong, who have not been on stage together in 25 years (Ballard died in 1976).,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Supremes2000d.jpgThere were plans for a reunion tour called “Return to Love” in the summer of 2000, but negotiations famously fell apart over money. Ross carried on with the tour anyway with Linda Lawrence and Scherrie Payne (pictured left), who were members of the trio with Wilson in the ’70s – years after Ross left.

The tour was a spectacular flop and canceled midway through. Mary told me she is still open to the reunion everyone really wants to see.

“I’ve always been open to it – it just has to be negotiated again. It’s if Diana is open to it, if she’s ready. I sincerely hope she is.”

She and Ross had a famous falling-out after the publication of Wilson’s best-selling 1986 book, Dreamgirl: My Life as a Supreme, which led off with an incident at the taping of the Motown 25th anniversary show, with Ross allegedly pushing Wilson while on stage.

But things seem to have thawed a bit: “There’s a card here and there, and she gave me a shout-out at the BET (Awards). Even if there’s never a (reunion) tour, I still believe we are friends and sisters and will one day sit down and have Starbucks.”

Oh, I’d love to be sitting at the next table!

The event at The Abbey tonight begins at 6pm. The Abbey is located at: 692 N. Robertson Ave. in West Hollywood.

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Lunch Break Video: Kate Winslet guests on “Extras” and talks about winning Holocaust Oscar my God this is funny!

My pals Lorna and Laurie and I were watching a bunch of these clips of Oscar winner Kate Winslet guesting on Ricky Gervais’ series Extras.

This was obviously filmed before Kate took home the best actress Oscar for The Reader and she had racked up so many nominations that people were beginning to wonder if she would ever win.

Enjoy this clip – God knows I did!

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Breakfast w/Greg: “Julie & Julia” on DVD; Chris Cuomo’s new gig?; Drinking for good cause at Sheddys! morning!

I’m hoping someone will slip a DVD of Julie & Julia into my Christmas stocking (I’ve dropped hints to family!) otherwise I would go right out buy one myself!

Love, love, love this movie! It tells Julia Child’s story of her start in the cooking profession and is intertwined with blogger Julie Powell’s 2002 challenge to cook all the recipes in Child’s first book. The fact that Julia Child is played by the glorious Meryl Streep has everything to do with why this movie is such a joy to watch. I remember leaving the theater feeling so inspired, in love with life – and with food!

Here’s an excerpt of the rave review I gave this Nora Ephron-directed movie:

Streep’s performance as Julia Child is joyous and goes well beyond being an impersonation. She captures the woman’s lust for life (and for her husband, played by Stanley Tucci), her wonderful humor and indomitable spirit and, on a few rare occasions, her pain.

This goes right to the top of Streep’s best performances and I enjoyed every minute she was on screen from Julia’s life in Paris starting in the late 40s through to her landmark cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking being published in the early 60s.

(It is also great to see the great Jane Lynch in her scenes as Julia’s sister who comes to Paris for a visit and ends up finding love. She and Streep have some wonderfully fun scenes together.)

In the film’s present day story, Amy Adams plays Julie Powell, a woman on the verge of 30 looking for meaning in her life. She aspires to cook all 524 recipes from Child’s cookbook and decides to blog about it. The stories were interwoven nicely as both women find themselves through cooking.

Adams is wonderful, as usual, and has terrific chemistry with on-screen husband played by an adorable Chris Messina. As a blogger myself, I related a lot to the Julie scenes in the film which capture the life of a blogger quite well – the solitary nature most times, the odd hours, the obsession with blog traffic and this often stern reminder from friends or family: “Do not put that in your blog!”

CHRIS GOES TO NIGHT SHIFT: I was hoping ABC would think about how well it worked out when NBC promoted Matt Lauer from news anchor on The Today Show to co-anchor when Bryant Gumbel departed and follow suit by replacing Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America with Chris Cuomo.

It takes a certain mix of serious and playfulness and familiarity for a morning anchor to click with viewers and Chris has that in spades. But it appears incoming ABC World News Tonight anchor Sawyer will be replaced on GMA after her stellar 10-year stint there by George Stephanopoulos.

Cuomo is expected to be leaving GMA as a result and be replaced as news anchor by JuJu Chang, according to the Los Angeles Times. But he will not be leaving the network if ABC has its way. Chris would become co-anchor of ABC’s 20-20 with Elizabeth Vargas, another former GMA newsreader passed over as co-anchor in the late 90s who, for a time, was co-anchor of World News Tonight.

Chris has also been offered expanded reporting duties which could position him for all kinds of high-profile gigs down the road. He’s still a really young guy, very bright and charming, and a terrific interviewer. I could see him as White House correspondent or GMA or evening news anchor someday.

This is all still being negotiated, The Times reports. No doubt there are other networks interested in Cuomo, He would be a lifesaver for CBS’s The Early Show which needs a shot in the arm – and in the ratings!

As for Stephanopolous, he will bring some serious news chops to GMA and is certainly not a bad choice provided he can also have some fun when the situation calls for it. No doubt he will land some really good political interviews for the program’s more hard news-oriented first hour.

AND FINALLY: I want to give a shout-out to a really cool gay-owned bar across the street from my home in Park LaBrea.

It’s called Sheddy’s Public Parlour,  a chilled out spot by the Grove on Fairfax next to the WGA-West.

Sheddy’s is  a classy neighborhood joint that is friendly and genuine but a little out of the ordinary for the LA scene. On Tuesday nights from 8pm-Close: $1 from every drink sold is donated by Sheddy’s to “Love Honor Cherish” a grass-roots organization dedicated to restoring Marriage Equality in California.

And from 5-8pm there is Happy Hour with sexy bartender Josh Reidel. Each $2 donation Love Honor Cherish gets you a free shot! There are more than 100 bottled beers and many fine wines but I can’t get enough of the unique and very delicious beers on tap. Yum!

Then there is the adorable owner, Jim Sheddy, who is friendly and smart and has the most wonderful smile and dancing eyebrows. (That’s Jim pictured above (left) and Josh on the right)

This cool place is located at 361 S. Fairfax. Street parking and parking in the back. (323) 651-1442. Tell them you heard about the place from Greg In Hollywood!

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Daytime Soap Clips: Nick survives brutal beating but now seems to be coming between Oliver and Kyle

While As the World Turns has been given its walking papers, ABC’s One Life to Live continues for now.

It’s exciting Oliver-Kyle-Nick storyline has made it a must-see soap and Monday’s episode was yet another example of compellng and groundbreaking storytelling.

Oliver and Kyle are on a romantic date and are well on their way to making love for the first time since their college days. It’s a pretty darn sexy scene! But poor Nick has been brutally gay-bashed and both Oliver and Kyle get calls about it and rush to the hospital.

Kyle has agreed to be Nick’s friend and is taking that to heart by not leaving his side. Oliver helps top catch the culprits but we have to wonder how Kyle’s sudden devotion to his ex-boyfriend will impact this still-fragile coupling.

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Breaking News! “As the World Turns” canceled – Prepare to kiss Luke and Noah goodbye

This is sad news for soap fans and especially for fans of the Luke and Noah storyline: As the World Turns has bewen canceled by CBS and will end its 54 year run in September 2010, according to the We Love Soaps site.

I did not start watching the show until two-and-a-half years ago when the Luke (Van Hansis) and Noah (Jake Silbermann) storyline started heating up. It has at times been a hugely satisfying show but more often, disappointing because of the terrible storylines given to this yioung gay couple.

Let’s hope that since the show now has an expiration date that the writers will be allowed to be more daring where Luke and Noah are concerned.

“As The World Turns has been a cornerstone of our business and a tremendous asset to the company,” said Brian T. Cahill, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, TeleNext Media, Inc. “We are proactively seeking a new outlet to carry the show, and are open to exploring innovative formats and relationships that will enable the future success of ATWT.”

Created by Irna Phillips, ATWT premiered on April 2, 1956 as a 30-minute live television show, unprecedented at the time for a soap opera. The show switched to color on 1967, and expanded from a half-hour in length to one hour in 1975.
Set in the fictional Midwestern town of Oakdale, the show has launched the careers of many now-famous stars including Dana Delaney, James Earl Jones, Julianne Moore, Parker Posey, Meg Ryan, and Marisa Tomei.


Tuesday Morning Man: Josh Strickland!

NEW YORK - JUNE 06:  Actor Josh Strickland performs during the 21st annual 'Stars In The Alley' presented by Continental Airlines on June 6, 2007 in Shubert Alley in New York City.
Actor Josh Strickland arrives at Niche Media's Gotham Magazine "List Issue" cocktail party held for Amanda Peet at The Plaza Hotel Warren-Tricomi Salon on August 5, 2008 in New York City.Credit to my friend Lorna Harris who suggested Josh Strickland for Morning Man. She saw him perform on Broadway in Tarzan and somehow ended up with seats front-and-center at Richard Rodgers Theatre!
Josh, 26, first came to our attention as a competitor during the second season of American Idol and had also competed on Star Search.
While Tarzan was his highest-profile role and one that had him performing on Broadway for 14 months, he also was part of the national touring company of Rent as the understudy for the roles of Mark and Roger.
Look forward to seeing Josh in lots more stage productions in the future.

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“Amazing Race” runner-ups Dan and Sam McMillen talk to AfterElton about the show and the mud v-ball game!

It was fun to read the new interview with Dan and Sam McMillen posted on today, the day after the airing of the finale of The Amazing Race in which they finished in second place.

Here are some excerpts from a chat with the brothers who were intensely competitive and who both happen to be gay:

AE: Last time we talked, only one episode had aired and you were still a little nervous about how you would be edited. What do you think of the end product? Was it a fair representation?
Dan McMillen:
We were happy with it in the end. We were a little upset when they first started editing us as the villains, but then we got over it. And the way they made it look like we argued so much when other teams argued just as much. I guess it’s a little bit of a bummer because that’s a little misleading, but we are not at all upset at being the villains or anything like that just because it was so fun. We added the drama the show needs. It was really cool to play that role.

E: You mentioned that some of the bickering was editing, but the two of you did bicker. A lot. You’d almost think you were brothers or something. How did you feel watching it together? Has your relationship changed as a result of the race?
Sam McMillen:
I think for us it was more entertaining than anything. We’re weren’t upset watching it. We weren’t angry or disappointed with how it got edited. We just had a great time with it. It definitely did make us a little more conscious of how we treat each other. When you’re a sibling and in the middle of a fight, you don’t really think about the effect it might have on that person because siblings compete so much. Watching it has made us rethink how we want to be treating each other, but it doesn’t change the fact that we’re still going to bicker and argue.

AE: At the big volleyball challenge, you guys were both the recipients of some heavy duty blurring action, while we couldn’t help but notice Cheyne did not need the same attention. Is there something you’d like to tell us? Just how hot were those Estonian boys anyway?
Here’s the deal. Cheyne had black boxers on so you couldn’t see everything for him. Dan had lighter-colored boxers on, I had paper-thin little shorts on, and so you could just see too much. Apparently, the outline was too obvious, so they had to blur everything. No, we were not getting excited by the Estonian hotties, despite what everyone else seems to think. There’s not too much that’s erotic about playing volleyball with your brother in a little town in Estonia.


The ladies of “The View” discuss Adam Lambert’s upcoming taped appearance on the show

I watched The View this morning but missed some of the portion where the ladies were talking about Adam Lambert’s upcoming appearance on the show. But thanks to, I found a nice recap.

It was at first reported that Adam’s appearance would be taped instead of live-to-tape because of his schedule but Barbara Walters revealed it is “because people seem to be afraid of what he’ll do.”

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Lunch Break Video: Enjoying some nice moments from “Muriel’s Wedding”,0.jpgMy friend Laurie suggested some Muriel’s Wedding clips for Lunch Break Video so it was fun to look through some of them and to remember how wonderful this movie is.

This is the movie that really introduced us to Toni Collette in a big way as well as Rachel Griffiths. It’s great to have them both on really terrific TV shows now – The United States and Tara and Brothers & Sisters, respectively.

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Lunch w/Greg: A Big Gay Love; Christian Renaldo fined for stripping; A new Levi Johnston Playgirl picture Monday all!

I was just over at scanning the headlines and Michael Ausiello reports that closeted villain Alby (Matt Ross) on HBO’s Big Love will be getting a boyfriend when the series begins its fourth season.

Co-creator/executive producer Will Scheffe says Alby becomes involved with Dale played by Benjamin Koldyke: They stumble into a relationship, and this guy is [just like Alby] struggling with his urges. He’s been going to [reparative therapy] for several years… unsuccessfully. Alby is going as well. … “There’s a provocative nature to what we’re doing. It’s more than just the Mormon culture. We’re highlighting certain aspects of the church’s relationship with its gay members that I think, as the story unfolds, is going to cause no [small] amount of controversy.”


PENALTY STRIP: What is this world coming to when a hunky soccer player like Christian Renaldo can’t celebrate after scoring a goal by ripping off his shirt and showing us his phenomenal body?

The Real Madrid star, who was a Greg In Hollywood Morning Man last month, was penalized by referees for his striptease which occurred during a game against the team Almeria. Real Madrid managed to win 4-2, according to

Said Christian in a post-game interview: “I’m human and I made a mistake. I have my flaws too, but I am a professional who doesn’t like to miss or lose.”

I wish more players would make these kinds of mistakes!

And finally, Playgirl has released another shot of Levi Johnston.

At this point, I’m not sure we really care that much because everyone seems to be a bit underwelmed by the photos of the father of Sarah Palin’s grandson.

Maybe he’s not showing us everything becauase he doesn’t want us to be even further disappointed?

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