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Tuesday Morning Man: Chris Noth!

Chris Noth stars as Mr. Big in Warner Bros. Pictures' Sex and the  City 2 (2010)
Chris Noth has never been hotter than he is right now.
Not only is his career red-hot with a role in one of the biggest new hits of the television season (The Good Wife), but the 55-year-old star has a few shirtless scenes in the new release Sex and the City 2 and looks, well, HOT!
The second SATC feature is the first time that I, as a big fan of the franchise, finally felt that Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big do indeed belong together. Noth is so good in the role and you realize how good when you see just how different Big is from Peter Florrick on Wife.
The show has been renewed for a second season and on last week’s season finale, Florrick is out of prison and ready to re-launch his political career. The question is whether or not his wife (Julianna Margulies) will be by his side.
Most actors hope for just one signature role in their career but Chris has had three: he played Det. Mike Logan on Law & Order from 1990-95 then reprised the role in the 1998 TV film Exiled: A Law & Order Movie then again from 2005-08 on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.
Sarah Jessica Parker stars as Carrie Bradshaw and Chris Noth stars  as Mr. Big in Warner Bros. Pictures' Sex and the City 2 (2010)
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Singer Spencer Day tells Greg In Hollywood why he’s publicly out: “I want to be part of building a bridge”’s wonderful when a successful singer like Adam Lambert, Clay Aiken or Lance Bass decides to come out publicly.

What they do after the initial reveal is also important. You can say, “I’m gay,” do an interview, then seem to never want to talk about it again publicly.  Or you can integrate it into your public life and career and have something meaningful to say about being an openly gay artist at this time in history with LGBT equality so much on the front-burner.

Spencer Day, whose latest album Vagabond has just been released on the Concord Jazz label, is a young singer who I really admire because he is not only very talented, but is also able to articulate why he’s out and proud.

“I wanted to stand and be counted,” Spencer told me in a recent interview. “I felt like in the music industry, despite what everyone says, I still feel like you’re strongly encouraged to kind of stick to the plan that they’ve been doing for as long as the music industry’s been around. Especially because of the Prop. 8 stuff, I really wanted to show my support for marriage equality. I was born in Utah and I grew up Mormon and I want to be part of building a bridge between the LGBT community and the Mormon community.”

I asked Spencer if he wrestled with coming out professionally versus staying private and doing whatever he had to do to enhance his chances of success.

“I think it’s a really fine line and everyone’s got to find a balance that works for them and that they are comfortable with,” he said.  “I think at this point for me, my art is better the more I’m emotionally honest. I also wanted to get it out of the way and make it a non-issue because my hope is to be part of a younger generation that is really making it a non-issue. It’s really like mentioning my eyes are brown. It’s me but it doesn’t define me. It’s really more about the causes I’m behind and the things I want to support. That’s what I want to be remembered for.”

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The Lane Twins are going from “Hollywood to Dollywood” in new documentary; Here’s a preview!

HELLO DOLLY: It was 3-4 years ago that I met a pair of gorgeous identical twins named Larry Lane and Gary Lane at a party in Hollywood celebrating the DVD release of 9 to 5.

I remember they were determined to get a photo with Dolly Parton who sang at the party and appeared with co-stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

They got it!

Larry has contacted me about their latest project: a documentary called Hollywood to Dollywood.

He writes that it is “all about chasing Dolly Parton down the yellow brick road of interstate 40. We just filmed a documentary called “Hollywood to Dollywood” we cross the country in our RV named Jolene. My twin brother and I wrote a screenplay called “Full Circle” with a Dolly character! and its all about getting it in her hands.”

The twins headed to Dollywood on its 25th anniversary.

Larry writes: “So with Dolly taking on the roll of the Wizard, us as the identical twins stepping into the roll of Dorothy, our southern baptist mom taking the roll of auntie Em, and Mother nature playing the Wicked witch, we encountered the 2010 Floods of Nashville, Tornados in Oklahoma, and Sand storms in New Mexico. We have also obtained the rights to use 10 of Dolly’s songs in the film. and we have Emmy winner Leslie Jordan seeing us off on our journey from Dolly’s star on Hollywood Blvd.”

They have also landed the rights to use 10 Parton songs in the film!

Here is a LINK to the movie’s Facebook page and a promo video for the project which they hope to book into film festivals.

Best of luck guys!

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A suddenly insane Luke Snyder goes from two men to none in a single episode of “As the World Turns.” episode begins with Luke and Reid still making out.

It goes downhill from there!

Noah, with his eyesight back, has seen them kissing. Luke, thinking Noah just saw shapes and colors, suggests they all go out for a drink. Noah decides not to tell them his sight has returned “until the time is right.”

While Noah is getting the drinks, Luke tells Reid: “Honestly, yeah. I do have feelings for you, I can’t deny that anymore. But I’m in love with Noah.”
Reid: “Then it seems to me you have a decision to make, don’t you?”

Reid leaves and an alien overtakes Luke’s body. He sits with Noah, takes his hand and says: “I want you back. … I miss you! I want things to go back to the way they were before everything got so crazy.”


Then Noah busts Luke (or the alien Luke): “I know what’s going on! I saw you kiss Dr. Oliver.”
Luke: “You can see? … Why didn’t you tell me?”
Noah: “I didn’t want to interrupt you and Dr. Oliver. … What I saw looked pretty intense.”

Incredulously, Luke says there is “nothing going on” between he and Reid and that he doesn’t love Reid, he loves Noah.

But he admits that he is attracted to Reid but that they have not slept together. He says he knows he and Noah can get back what they had.

I like what Noah says here: “You really think so? Because I don’t. Look, I’m not going to be your safe choice, your fallback guy. You feel guilty? Good. You should. We’re finished Luke. We’re done.”

Luke then goes to Reid’s for comfort and tells him that he tried to get back together with Noah but that he was rejected. Reid, having the emotional intelligence that Luke suddenly seems to have none of, tells him to go lick his wounds somewhere else.”

“Get out.”

He then shows Luke the door.

I hated this episode because all of a sudden, Noah is the one with all the common sense after being an absolute twit while Luke is beginning to show signs of multiple personality!

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Box Office: “Sex and the City 2″ grosses a disappointing $51.3 million domestically in five days the brutal, over-the-top negative reviews slow the box office returns for Sex and the City 2?

The second feature film in the franchise finished third over the Memorial Day weekend behind first place Shrek Forever After and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

With $51.4 million earned from Thursday through Monday, the sequel’s five-day performance still fell short of its 2008 predecessor’s opening weekend by $5 million. Internationally, SATC2  earned $27.6 million from 17 markets and opens in 20 more this week.

It’s worldwide total currently stands just under $70 million.

The sequel had a production budget of $100 million and cost probably at least that much to market. I’m concerned that the returns won’t be high enough to justify a third film and that would be a real pity.

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Greg In Hollywood chats w/Carolyn Hennesy, Emmy nominee for “General Hospital” and scene stealer in “Cougar Town” first time I interviewed Carolyn Hennesy a few years ago, I remember feeling such a connection because we went off on an I Love Lucy tangent and started doing lines from various episodes together.

I knew then that she was good people!

Carolyn is riding a wonderful professional wave right now with her first Daytime Emmy nomination for her performance as mob attorney Diane Miller on General Hospital. She also lights up the screen on ABC’s Cougar Town in the recurring role of lascivious Barb. If she’s on the screen, chances are she’ll have the best line – even opposite star Courtney Cox.

Her chops were honed in the comedy troupes The Groundlings and ACME Comedy Theater before landing roles on such shows as That 70s Show and Dawson’s Creek.

Here is our recent chat:
Q. First of all, congratulations on the Emmy nomination.
Carolyn: Can you believe it? Two weeks after I found out and you could still knock me over with a feather. I know the votes are in but still, I’m humbled, I’m so honored. I’m just grateful that humor is being recognized and is being validated. It’s fantastic. Daytime drama can also celebrate humor.
Q: You’re also in Cougar Town so your visibility is so much higher. You get so many delicious lines of that show.

Carolyn: I call them comedy atom bombs, I get to come in and drop them and run away and look at the devastation.
Q: Do you think that helped you get the daytime nod?
Carolyn: I hope it did. If the visibility of Cougar Town gets people to watch General Hospital, everybody wins.
Q. Is it tough juggling the two jobs?
Carolyn: I’m also on The Ed Sullivan Show spinning plates! (laughs) Did I just show my age? Reruns! So far, it’s workable and I’m going to do everything I can to see that it stays that way.
Q: Your character of Barb of Cougar Town just pops up everywhere. We always wonder, ‘How did she get there?’
Carolyn: I’m the little comedy ninja. I go in, work my magic and then I run. Why is Barb at this particular venue at this particular time? Is she stalking Jules. I’ll take it!


Clay Aiken: “The truth is that being gay is not news … It’s nothing we need to broadcast” learned recently how a lot of Clay Aiken fans don’t like a big deal being made about their star being gay. I did a short item on his new tour and album and noted that they were his first since coming out publicly last year.

I got an earful from dozens of fans who feel strongly that Clay’s sexuality is irrelevant. An interview Clay did with Popeater makes you wonder if the singer himself sets this tone.

Clay was asked if he has fans who write in and talk to him to let him know that his coming out of the closet has helped them. Replied Clay: “Not so much. It is helpful and I understand why it could be helpful. But I think the more fuss is made about it the less it normalizes it. The truth is that being gay is not news. it should be something that we strive to normalize. It’s nothing we need to broadcast. It’s a fine line. I do understand the benefit but I hope for the days when it is not news and not a headline.”

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Eric Sheffer Stevens talks to Soap Opera Weekly about Reid’s feelings for Luke: “He’s completely hot for this guy.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m still processing that VERY hot kiss between Luke (Van Hansis) and Reid (Eric Sheffer Stevens) last week on As the World Turns.

Here is a LINK to it if you have not yet seen what I am proclaiming the hottest man-to-man kiss in the history of soaps.

Eric, who has been a sensation as Dr. Reid Oliver and brought invaluable life to the show, says in the current issue of Soap Opera Weekly: “It’s very attractive and very fresh, and it’s one of those things [where] it’s just a very strong attraction [between them].”

Reid seems certain about how he feels for Luke with whom he had a rocky beginning. Luke in undeniably attracted to the hot doc but still loves Noah who takes his ex-boyfriend and his brain surgeon out for a drink and reveals that he saw the two making out. Another awkward situation arises later when Noah drops by a party Lily is having to thank her for her support. Also there is Reid who was invited by Luke.


Sheffer Stevens acknowledges that even though Luke comes with some baggage, Reid wants him: “It’s not a rational thing that’s on his list of qualities he wants in a partner, that he keeps in his pocket, or something like that. I don’t think that’s what it’s about. It’s just … he’s completely hot for this guy, and it has taken him by surprise.”


Meryl Monday: Miss Streep gives up Clint Eastwood in heartbreaking end of “Bridges of Madison County” did not turn out the way Francesca Johnson had dreamed about but she had learned to be content with her mundane life as a housewife.

But when her husband and children leave town to attend the Illinois State Fair, Francesca’s life is turned upside down when she meets magazine photographer Robert Kincaid (Clint Eastwood) who happens to turn into the Johnson farm and asks Francesca for directions to Roseman Bridge.

She agrees to show him the bridges and over the course of eight days, they fall deeply in love. She’s a changed woman by the time the family returns and she is torn between running off with her soulmate or staying loyal to the family..

In this scene, she is faced with her final chance to run away with Kincaid and her well-conveyed despair is one of the reasons why Meryl earned one of her 16 Oscar nominations for this role.

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Monday Morning Man: Jack Johnson! search for Morning Men leads me to discovering all kinds of new men.

If only my dating life were this easy!

I’m only now becoming familiar with Hawaii’s surf-folk superstar Jack Johnson and I’m completely smitten.

The 35-year-old singer-songwriter, musician, filmmaker and surfer gave back to his fans last week with a free concert on the Santa Monica Pier. Fans who volunteered to help clean up the beach over the weekend, were invited into the special vip section to watch the show.

His new album – his fifth – is To the Sea. It will be released tomorrow and he’s also headed out on an international tour this summer.

Jack, who lives in Hawaii with his wife and three kids, had a brief surfing career in his teens but after a bad accident in the water, he went to college at UC Santa Barbara instead. It was there that he developed his love for music.

Jack-Johnson.jpg image by CaeJr

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Soap studs give back at Salvation Army event!

Stars of daytime television gathered on Wednesday at the Salvation Army Center in Van Nuys to distribute food, hygiene and cosmetics donations to families. The event will be featured on the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards’s telecast next month.

Victor Alfieri, Kyle Lowder and Eric Martsolf (above, L-R) were among those who lent muscle to the effort.

Young and the Restless stars Michael Muhney, Daniel Goddard and Stacy Haiduck were very enthusiastic and friendly as they handed out boxes.

Michael Muhney and Daniel Goddard are co-stars and great pals off-screen. They made a good tag-team handing out goods – and smiles.

Gorgeous Kyle Lowder of Bold & the Beautiful told Greg In Hollywood he was happy to help: “This is the best. We’re so blessed to be able to do what we do for a living and I’ve always felt that it’s not just a responsibility but an obligation to make sure that we give back and do whatever we can to help out in whatever aspects we can. I love doing stuff like this. It feels good.”

Daniel Goddard even brought his own camera along to record some of the event.

Michael Muhney was the life of the party and after most of the goods were handed out, clowned around with co-stars and showed off what he insists were unimpressive muscles. I disagree!

“I love people,” Michael said. “I’m as gregarious person and it’s nice to interact. It’s good for a person to be involved in charity from time to time so they remind themselves that people aren’t just statistics in a newspaper. If you get one-on-one with folks, you kind of remind yourself to be a lot more compassionate about what’s going on around you and it might remind you to be more charitable.”

Kyle Lowder, Eric Martsolf and Kate Linder.

It was great to meet Eric Martsolf who joined Days of Our Lives two years ago after spending six years on Passions. He feels lucky to be working and to be helping: “It’s a great day, my first time doing this. You get addicted to doing stuff like this because, selfishly, it makes you feel wonderful about what you have and what we take for granted. We’re really blessed so why not bridge the gab between people who have a lot and people who don’t have a lot. The disparity is just crazy, there’s no middle class anymore.”

Michael Muhney looks to be auditioning for the next chapter of The Incredible Hulk!

Eric Martsolf and Kyle Lowder have something unusual in common: both have played Brady Black on Days of Our Lives.

Veteran daytime stars Dan Diamont and Heather Tom of Bold and the Beautiful were part of the team of helpers.

General Hospital’s Carolyn Hennesy, a 2010 Emmy nominee, was also among those on hand. Look for my interview with her tomorrow!

Is Michael Muhney really off “The Young and the Restless” for good? I’m starting to wonder!

I caught up with Michael Muhney a few days ago at the Daytime Gives Back event where and other soap stars were distributing items at the Salvation Army in Van Nuys.

I’ll share with you more photos from the event later today. First, I wanted to share that I am wondering if Michael’s dastardly character of Adam on Young and the Restless, supposedly murdered, is really dead!

I had heard something along those lines but figured Michael would not have been able to say so even if I did ask him about Adam’s fate. But my suspicions grew exponentially when I was about to begin speaking to Michael and a publicist interrupted and said: “This interview has to only be about the charity!”


So, of course, as soon as the publicist was out of earshot, I asked Michael what the heck was going on! Is Adam dead or not?

Mr. Muhney would only say this: “That, I don’t talk about…. I’m just a little hush-hush.”


I asked Michael if this was the first time he ever “died” onscreen and he pointed out that he also died on Veronica Mars, a show on which he played Sheriff Don Lamb for three seasons.

“When we got a pink slip and knew the show wasn’t going to be renewed, I took a baseball bat to the back of the head,” he said. “Richard Grieco knocked me down.”

Okay, if he can’t talk about Adam, what about that beard he’s sporting?

Explains Michael: “It started out as a playoff beard then it became laziness and then I made it past the itchy phase so I think I’ll hang onto it awhile longer.”

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Clay Aiken on Glee: “I’ve never seen it” seems like every big star with musical chops is clamoring for a guest spot on the FOX sensation Glee.

Not Clay Aiken.

The season 2 American Idol runner-up, whose gone on to become one of the most successful artists of any of the finalists, was asked by Celebenomics in a recent interview about being a guest performer on the show.

“I’ve never seen it,” Clay said.

The interviewer’s jaw dropped.

“My television is typically tuned to CNN,” Clay explained. “I watch “The Closer”. I want to be on “The Closer” real bad. I’m addicted to it. With the exception of CNN and the stuff on NBC on Thursday nights and that I don’t watch too much TV.”


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Greg In Hollywood chats up Brad Goreski!


Sometimes, I feel like I deserve a demerit on my gay card. I had never heard of The Rachel Zoe Project until I chatted with Brad Goreski at an event this spring.

Brad is celebrity style icon Zoe’s associate and caused a bit of a buzz in recent days for some photos of him looking sexy in jeans and just suspenders shot by photographer Terry Richardson. (see photo below!)

When Brad and I talked, I wondered if it was easier now to be an out gay man in LA, where he lives, than at any other time previously.

“We all have to realize what’s been down before us, all of the walls that have been broken down by the previous generation,” he said thoughtfully. “I have an amazing family too that never made it an issue that I was gay or played with Barbies. I’m very, very lucky. I think with each generation, the communities get more integrated, the LGBT community and the straight community. I think that’s really powerful.”

The reality show, which has been renewed for a third season, is popular with younger viewers – many of them gay.

“I get a lot of feedback,” Brad said. “It’s great because on the show, viewers got to see me from the start and on my first day and grow within the company and to be able to be a positive representation. I’ve been in a relationship for eight-and-a-half years and everything is just really good.”

Even though it’s been fun being in television, Brad has not lost his focus: “I’m a fashion assistant above and beyond a reality TV person.”


Video: Colin Farrell reads his message about gay bullying on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Colin Farrell as an actor in such films as Home at the of the World, Phone Booth, and In Bruges but have come to really appreciate and admire him as a person.

Back in April, he released a heartfelt statement decrying homophobic bullying and recalled his memories of how his gay brother Eamon Farrell was terribly treated when they were young and growing up in Dublin.

Last week, Colin followed that up with an appearance on  The Ellen DeGeneres Show to read a message on the same topic.


Showtune Sunday: Broadway legends Channing, Merman, Minnelli, Bacall and many more do historic medley together

HISTORIC EVENING: One thing is for sure, you could never pull off an evening like this again.

The occasion was “Night of 100 Stars” in 1982 held at Radio City Music Hall, New York City. This early 80s television extravaganza became such a big deal that virtually every star of stage and screen – well more than 100 – showed up to take part.

This segment is absolutely glorious. It’s a Broadway Medley with well-known artists from Broadway musicals.

How well-known? Here’s a partial list of who appears in this 10-minute production number:

Carol Channing (Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend), Robert Preston (The Music Man), Lucie Arnaz and Robert Klein (They’re Playing Our Song), Pearl Bailey (St. Louis Woman), Beatrice Arthur (Bosom Buddies from Mame), Lauren Bacall (Woman of the Year), Dihann Carroll (No Strings), Dorothy Loudon (Annie), Sandy Duncan (Peter Pan), Richard Kiley (Man of La Mancha), Jerry Orbach (42nd Street), Frank Langella (Dracula), Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller (Sugar Babies), Mary Martin (South Pacific) followed by the great Ethel Merman singing There’s No Business Like Show Business.

It just does not get any better than that. Enjoy!

The second video is from the same special: Liza Minnelli belting out New York, New York.

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Morning Man Classic: Kirk Douglas! star of such Hollywood classics as Spartacus, Lust for Life, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Paths of Glory, Champion, The Bad and the Beautiful and Young Man With a Horn is still going strong at the age of 93.

A three-time Oscar nominee and recipient of an honorary Academy Award, Kirk Douglas could spend his time collecting lifetime achievement awards.

But that’s not enough for this living legend who starred in an autobiographical one man show entitled Before I Forget at the Center Theater Group’s Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City a year ago. The four performances were filmed and turned into a documentary that was first screened in January 2010.

He is an amazing example of longevity and his Oscar-winning son, Michael Douglas. The two starred in 2003′s It Runs in the Family, the first film in which they appeared together.

Here is what Kirk once said about surviving life in showbiz: “You must know how to function and how to maintain yourself, and you must have a love of what you do. But an actor also needs great good luck. I have had that luck. … It takes a lot out of you to work in this business. Many people fall by the wayside because they don’t have the energy to sustain their talent.”

Kirk Douglas has had that energy in spades.

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Snapped! Johnny Weir and Adam Lambert!

This shot of Olympic skater Johnny Weir and singing superstar Adam Lambert was taken at the after party at the GLAAD Media Awards last month in Los Angeles.

Johnny presented an award with Chaz Bono that night while Adam closed the show with a live performance.

The photo just surfaced on a Adam Lambert fan page. Nice!

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Neil Patrick Harris throws surprise 35th birthday party in NYC for David Burtka; Kelly Ripa among guests!

These photos of David Burtka’s surprise 35th birthday party, thrown by boyfriend Neil Patrick Harris, are so wonderful. They were among the dozens tagged on Facebook.

Neil tweeted about the event:

Neil Patrick Harris | Hollywoodland Following

Pulled off David’s surprise 35th Birthday party last night. Masterfully, if I do say so myself. Great, great good times. He was gobsmacked.  about 17 hours ago


Video: See Kathy Griffin’s appearance with Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show”

The always hilarious Kathy Griffin talks Lindsay Lohan, Kate Gosselin, her mother Maggie’s love of wine in a box, and, hanging out with Levi Johnston, guesting on Law & Order: SVU, her desire for another Emmy, getting a pap smear on television, what’s in store next season on My Life on the D-List, and more!

Kathy is promoting her special June 8 on Bravo. A week later, the sixth season of My Life on the D-List will premiere.

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