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Lady Gaga uses her fame (and Twitter account) to speak out against military’s anti-gay “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Lady Gaga has turned out to be a wonderful LGBT ally and she is using her immense fame to try and make a difference.

After Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, she spoke with Ellen DeGeneres in the video above about her campaign to have the military’s anti-gay Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy repealed.

“If we call [House of Representatives Majority Leader] Harry Reid in the Senate and tell him to schedule the vote to repeal ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ this month, then we can get the bill to the president to sign,” she told Ellen (see video below).

Then earlier today, Lady Gaga tweeted: “Gay Veterans were my VMA dates. Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. CALL HARRY REID to Schedule Senate Vote.” She included a photo of herself with military service members discharged under DADT who joined her at the MTV awards show.

Lady Gaga is a hero!


The entire first season of “Glee” now out on DVD!

GleeGLEEFUL: The second season of Glee premieres a week from today! If you want to relive season one on DVD then you should know that the complete season is now out on DVD.

It’s a show that cries out for repeat viewing from Sue Sylvester’s one-liners to Rachel’s big, soaring ballads to Will Schuester’s adorableness to those great guest stars like Neil Patrick Harris and Kristin Chenowith.

There are plenty of extras: “Making of a Showstopper,” a behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of the Bohemian Rhapsody number from the season finale; “Unleashing the Power of Madonna,” a glimpse at the Madonna tribute episode; a guide to “Glee” style by the show’s costume designers; “Staying in Step With Glee,” in which choreographers Zach Woodlee and Brooke Lipton walk through some of the steps from the “Rehab” number featured in the pilot. has the DVD on sale right now for $34.99 (list price is just under $60!)

Now if you’re like me and already own the Glee: Season One, Vol. 1: Road to Sectionals, then you can just buy the second half of the season called Glee: Season One, Vol 2: Road to Regionals.


Martina Navratilova-Chris Evert documentary “Unmatched” premieres on ESPN tonight


UNMATCHED: All you had to do was watch this year’s lopsided women’s US Open final (won by Kim Clijsters) to realize just how remarkable the rivalry between Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova was.

When those two tennis legends took the court – and they faced off against each other 80 times – it was usually quite a tussle with all kinds of pride – and usually history – on the line.

From 1975 through 1986, they not only dominated women’s tennis, they were women’s tennis. They were locked in a see-sawing battle for all the major titles – Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open and French Open – and it seems fitting that the end of their careers, each had won 18 majors.

They talk about that and more in the ESPN documentary Unmatched, part of ESPN’s ongoing 30 for 30 series.

In her review of the documentary, Los Angeles Times Television Critic Mary McNamara writes: A tone of fond nostalgia casts a rosy glow over the proceedings, but neither woman shies away from discussing the difficulty of maintaining a relationship based on constant competition. Evert admits that she withdrew from the friendship when Navratilova began beating her. Navratilova too made a conscious decision, spurred on by basketball player Nancy Lieberman, to put the competition before the friendship, spending hours in the gym to develop a powerful physique that would overwhelm Evert.

But while Evert was battling with the psychology of suddenly losing, Navratilova was coping with an often hostile press. When she began winning a lot, she says, she was cast as the bad guy. “I’m playing the American girl next door,” she says, “and here I was this big muscular lesbian from a communist country.”

For those of us who came of age during the Navratilova and Evert years, and for those born later, “Unmatched” is a wonderful reminder of how one relationship can truly change the world. Long after the titles and cups and medals have been won, Evert and Navratilova are still teaching us how to be champions.


Will Christopher Gorham be shirtless in tonight’s two-hour season finale of “Covert Affairs” on USA?

"Covert Affairs"It’s been such a fun ride getting hooked on Covert Affairs this summer and I’m sad that tonight is the two-hour finale because I want more new episodes now!
The show, which stars Piper Perabo as young CIA trainee Annie Walker, has already been renewed for a second season.
It’s been especially great watching Christopher Gorham shine as blind CIA tech whiz Auggie Anderson. In the last several episodes, we got to see the buff and beautiful Chris shirtless as he shared love scenes with a female reporter he’s using for information and a former flame who unexpectedly came back into his life (they had a helluva scene on a train as they fled to Canada!).
Chris was once shirtless in an Ugly Betty dream sequence (and a scene where Betty makes an ice cream sundae on his stomach) so we know he’s got the goods but it’s been fun to see him full-on sexy in some of his scenes on this new show.
Tonight’s first episode have Annie being sent to London to be a “mark” attempting to be recruited by a group of smugglers. In hour two, Annie is forced to confront her past when former flame Ben Mercer walks into CIA Headquarters and the two are sent to Sri Lanka together to rescue Ben’s former asset.
Not sure what is in store for Gorham’s Auggie but he no doubt will share some great scenes with Annie and others. Leading up to tonight’s two-hour finale on USA is an all-day marathon of season one episodes so you can catch them all again or any that you missed!
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Tuesday Morning Man: Brandon Barash!

Brandon_Barash_Picapp_66274.jpg fab image by kdb00

This is dreamy Brandon Barash of General Hospital who was originally scheduled for last week’s Morning Men series on daytime soap hunks.

I ran out of days last week so here he is now!

The 30-year-old Brandon has played Johnny Zacchara on the ABC soap since 2007. Prior to that, he had a recurring role on Gilmore Girls as Jamie.

The actor is from St. Louis, Missouri and originally aspired to be a cardiac surgeon. But the acting bug bit while he was in high school in Houston, Texas.

He went on to earn a degree in acting from the University of Southern California where he starred in several theater productions.

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Rafael Nadal is the 2010 US Open champion!

NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 13: Rafael Nadal poses

Determined Rafael Nadal won his first US Open title tonight and by doing so, firmly planted himself among the all-time greats of tennis.

Nadal, the reigning Wimbledon and French Open champion, beat back the challenge of Novak Djokovic 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-2 in a thrilling rain-delayed match that lasted 3 hours and 43 minutes. The world’s number one player collapsed to the ground in joy after match point and then embraced his opponent at the net.

Rafael Nadal

The landmark victory gave Nadal the one major title that had alluded him and he became only the seventh man in history to win all four of the sport’s grand slam crowns. He is also one of only two men and one of three players overall to win all four and the Olympic Gold Medal. (The others are Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf).

Nadal, only 24, has also won five French Opens, two Wimbledons and an Australian Open for a total of 9 majors. His win moved him one ahead on the all-time list of Agassi, Jimmy Connors and Ivan Lendl. His archrival Roger Federer is the all-time leader with 16 majors.

You’ve gotta feel for Novak who had managed to beat five-time champion Federer in the semifinals on Saturday surviving two match points along the way.

Here’s a guy with all kinds of talent whose career happens to be taking place during the era of Nadal and Federer. With those two winning almost all of the grand slam championships since 2004, there isn’t a whole lot left over for anyone else.

But Novak, also the US Open runner-up in 2007, is only 23 and I feel quite certain that he will add another major or two (or maybe several more) to the Australian Open he won in 2008.

“First of all, great honor to be here again after three years,” Djokovic told the crowd after the match. “Would like first to congratulate Rafa and his team for amazing tournament. Right now he’s the best player in the world and he absolutely deserves this title. Well done again.

“Great experience every time I play here. Something special I’ll remember in all my life, hopefully in a couple years I’ll have a chance to fight for this trophy again.”

NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 13: Novak Djokovic reacts

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Van Hansis talks to Soap Opera Weekly about Luke and Reid’s storyline on “As the World Turns”

Just got my copy of Soap Opera Weekly in the mail (yes, I subscribe and I get a little rush when I see it has arrived) and inside is an interview with Van Hansis who, along with his fellow cast members, is having his final week on As the World Turns.

I care about only a few characters on the show besides his Luke Snyder and they happen to be his parents Lily and Holden and his grandmother Lucinda and, of course, his ex-boyfriend Noah and dead boyfriend Reid.

Of Reid’s death Van says: “Of course I would have liked to see Luke happy in the end but I don’t think Luke’s life is going to be terrible from here on out. I think that was has happened is that Luke has come into his own with Reid passing. When we leave Luke, he is at a very sad time in his life, but there’s a strength there because of everything he has to deal with, that he wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

He adds that “even though the character’s going through such awful things, I really, really loved this story. There’s a lot more gravitas than if the story had been, ‘Who does Luke choose: Noah or Reid?” There’s something much deeper in the story that’s being told.”


Jane Lynch dazzles at VMAs!

I’m reading on various blogs that Jane Lynch was a “fashion victim” at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards.

I say phooey!

The Emmy-winning newlywed looks terrific in this floor-length trench-style cape boasting Adidas-style stripes and polka-dot lining.

This isn’t the Oscars for God’s sake. Let’s have some fun!

Jane is wearing it all with confidence and with a dazzling smile.

What do you think of Jane’s ensemble?


Meryl Monday: Miss Streep gets really stoned as author Susan Orlean in 2002′s “Adaptation” have not seen Adaptation since the first time I watched it in the theaters back in 2002. It was one of those movie-going experiences that was so perfect, so satisfying, that I just didn’t want to spoil it by seeing the movie again in a different circumstance.

The movie was a star turn for Nicolas Cage who played the dual roles of writer Charlie Kaufman and his twin brother Donald. Meryl played a very fictionalized version of author Susan Orlean whose book Charlie want to adapt into a film.

The movie takes some wild turns and you just can’t believe it when at one point Meryl, as Susan, says to unlikely cohort Chris Cooper about Charie: ‘We’ve gotta kill him.”

In this scene, Susan gets stoned and it is just so funny and different from anything Meryl had done up until then. She won the Golden Globe Award for her performance and was nominated for an Oscar in the supporting actress category (she lost of course).


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Monday Briefs: Alex O’Loughlin is all wet; Cher turns back time at WMAs; An “idiot” apologizes Monday!

We’re going to have some really happy Mondays starting a week from today when CBS’s reboot of Hawaii Five-O debuts. The leading man is that wet and unbelievably hot man emerging from the water. His name is Alex O’Loughlin and he plays Honolulu Det. Steve McGarrett.

Arrest me please!

Poor Alex could use a hit! This is the third series he is headlining for CBS in recent years. In the 2007-08 season, he was the star of Moonlight playing a private investigator who was also a vampire. The series could never manage to be more than a cult hit. Then last season, he played a doctor on Three Rivers which wasn’t any kind of a hit. (And just to pile on, his romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez, The Back-Up Plan, was also a big bomb).

I’m quite certain things will turn out very differently this time.

The buzz surrounding the show is strong and it doesn’t hurt that sexy Scott Caan is on board in his first TV series. His chemistry with O’Loughlin seems to be terrific.

Alex, 34, once had a recurring role on The Shield and screen tested for the role of James Bond that eventually went to Daniel Craig.

CHER AT VMAS: Hey, Cher has a movie coming out in November (Burlesque) so she’s got to stir up some buzz.
So what does she do? She takes her skimpy outfit from the the 1989 If I Could Turn Back Time video out of mothballs and wears it while presenting an award to Lady Gaga at last night’s MTV’s Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.
It’s funny how much things change. When the original video debuted more than 20 years ago, there were so many complaints about how skimpy the outfit was that MTV agreed to only air the video after 9 p.m.!
Anyway, flash-forward two decades. Is there another 63 year old on the planet who would even attempt this?
There is only one Cher!,_2002.jpg/220px-Dan_Hampton,_2002.jpgSAYS HE’S SORRY: I wrote last week about the boneheaded comments made by Dan Hampton on Pro Football Weekly. The NFL hall of famer said that the Dallas Cowboys were more ‘Brokeback” than they were “Eastwood.” And he did not mean it as a compliment.
He also showed tremendous insensitivity to the people of New Orleans when previewing a game between the Minnesota Vikings and  Saints by saying: “The Vikings need to go down there and hit that town like Katrina.”
I still cannot believe that a grown man who is paid as a broadcaster would be so thoughtless. After enough people objected, Hampton made the obligatory “apology.”  Here is what he said:
“I made a couple of comments about Katrina and the gay community that not only embarrassed myself but the fine people here at Pro Football Weekly. I’m an idiot, and I truly am sorry if those comments bothered or offended any of our great and wonderful viewers, and again, I’m truly sorry about that.”
Yes, you are indeed an idiot.

Broadway bound Christina Ricci talks to The Advocate about her “Mermaids” co-star Cher and much more!’s hard to believe that it’s been two decades since Christina Ricci starred with Cher, Winona Ryder and Bob Hoskins in Mermaids.

The 30-year-old actress, who went on to star in such flicks as The Opposite of Sex, The Addams Family, Pumpkin, The Ice Storm, Sleepy Hollow, and Monster, is set to make her Broadway debut opposite Laura Linney in Donald Margulies’s Iraq war–themed drama Time Stands Still. She chatted with Brandon Voss of The Advocate about that and other topics.
Here are some excerpts:

Q. Maybe I shouldn’t mention that it’s the 20th anniversary of Mermaids.

A. Wait, it wasn’t that long ago, was it? That was 1990, so—oh, yeah, I guess you’re right. Oh, my God, that’s really sad. [Laughs] And great.

Q. When was the last time you and Cher got coffee?

A. I used to go sleep at her house, but I don’t think I’ve seen her since I was 13 or 14. It’s sad because I love her, and I loved spending time with her. She was so great to me. To which of your films do gay fans seem to respond most vocally?

A. I get a lot of The Opposite of Sex, but I also hear The Addams Family almost every day. I feel good about that because I love Wednesday. I wish I could play her now.
Q. Well, The Addams Family musical is also on Broadway, and they’ve significantly aged Wednesday.
A. You know what’s really awful about me—and this probably isn’t going to win me any more gay fans—I really don’t like musicals. It’s one of the great shames of my life. The closest I can come to liking musicals is the documentary for Company. I do like to sing, but nobody’s going to put me in a musical. It would have to be some sort of strange, indie rock musical, because that’s the only way to make sense of my brand of singing talent.

Q. Are you particularly conscious of your gay fan base?

A. Yes. I’ve always been especially appreciative of my gay male fans because it’s meant I’ve had a lot of men around to love and protect me. That’s good when you’re a five-foot-tall lady.

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Nate Berkus to debut new show today! Here is a preview of the first week and some of my chat with Nate! is the debut of The Nate Berkus Show, the first nationally syndicated daytime show hosted by an openly gay man.

Nate, of course, is the interior designer who became a household name after his frequent appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

We talked last month about his new show which airs at 2 p.m. on NBC in Los Angeles.

“We’re live to tape, we have a studio audience every day,” he explained.  “We’re taping in New York City at CBS studios. And every day is going to be different, we don’t have a set format right now and I really like being in that place. I really like having the flexibility to give the stories that I think are important room to breathe and take the time to really give people fresh information that they can really apply to making their lives better. That’s really my goal.” today’s episode, Nate will reveal the Instant Design Studio, a one-of-a-kind 3-D technology, which allows him to create a virtual reality and transform a space with the touch of a finger right before viewer’s eyes.

I’ve got the guest line-up for the rest of the first week: Tuesday: Actress Kim Coles visits Nate to reveal the dirty little secret that is taking over her home.  Plus, find out how items hiding in your attic could make your family some extra cash, and appraiser Elyse Luray joins Nate for a game of “What’s It Worth?” Viewers will also get priceless tips from the ultimate insiders on how to get the hottest new looks at home for a bargain basement price.

Wednesday will be highlighted by an in-studio visit by the one and only Dolly Parton and also marks the introduction of  what is called “Nate’s Crate 911″ Anything Nate can envision to make a viewer’s life better becomes a reality when “Nate’s Crate” appears on their doorstep. The first-ever “Nate’s Crate 911″ delivery will be sent to the home of a man in London, Kentucky, who will bring home his twin newborns to a Nate-finished nursery after losing his wife in childbirth.

Thursday’s episode will offer tips on how to look super slim in all your favorite photos without losing a pound. Photographer Me Ra Koh will be on hand to share the latest tips on how to take the best pictures both behind and in front of the camera. the first week will wrap with a special guest: Elizabeth Edwards.  She opens her Chapel Hill, North Carolina, home and opens up about how she is reclaiming her life through her passion for design. She offers a revealing look at the life she is recreating from the shattered pieces of her marriage, a candid conversation about how she gets out of bed each morning, and an inside look at the Red Window furniture store she’s designed to capture the joy of her passion. Then, Edwards and Nate team up to pay it forward to another woman, Karen Hawks from Winston-Salem, NC, inspired by Edwards’ story.

“What was great about going to Chapel Hill and spending time with Elizabeth in her home was that we all know everything that’s gone on, we’ve read about it, we’ve seen it, there’s rumors. I wanted to set the record straight, sit down with her in the house and just chat. My focus was that after everything she’s been through, she’s reclaiming her life. Part of what she’s doing with reclaiming her life is her new furniture store. We had an amazing connection, we had a really great time together. We talked about everything. I’m really very much in her court and I really want everything that she wants to come true for herself to happen.”’s life became more public in December 2004 when he and his partner, photographer Fernando Bengoechea were vacationing at a beach resort in Sri Lanka and the Indian Ocean tsunami hit. While Nate survived, Fernando is missing and presumed dead.

Nate appeared on Oprah on January 17, 2005, to talk about his ordeal and the loss of his love.

“I’ve never defined myself by being gay, I’ve defined myself by being me,” Nate told me. “I’m a son, I’m a brother, I’m an uncle, I’m a gay man. Everybody has lots of different sides to them.”

“But what was really interesting to me was that after I survived the tsunami and lost my partner in 2004, I got so many letter from kids around the country who decided to come out watching what a relationship that they wanted to have for themselves could be like. I was so grateful to Oprah for telling that story not as a gay couple that went through a tragedy but as a couple that went through a tragedy. I do feel a responsibility but it’s not a responsibility because I’m a gay man and on daytime television. It’s a responsibility to the people  who are giving me an hour of their day and I want to set the best example that I can.”

Nate-Berkus-Show.jpg image by skimbaco


Why you might want to root for Novak Djokovic in today’s rain-delayed US Open final against Nadal guy loves to take his shirt off! Especially after winning a tennis tournament!

Novak Djokovic, who edged Roger Federer Saturday in a brilliant five-set semifinal at the US Open, got the break of his life when rain started to pour in New York on Sunday and caused the men’s final to be delayed until today.

Novak most certainly needed an extra day of rest after his grueling match against Federer whereas his opponent in the final, Spain’s Rafael Nadal, had a far easier semifinal earlier Saturday and would have had a definite physical advantage.

With both men going into the final fully rested, it’s going to be anybody’s match. Nadal is number one in the world and winner of five French Opens, two Wimbledons and an Australian Open. But Novak, the 2008 Australian Open winner and number three player in the world, has a winning record against Nadal on hard courts which is what the US Open is played on.

I’ll be watching every point this afternoon (1 p.m. PST, 4 p.m. Eastern) and if Novak does pull off the win, I do expect that shirt to come off!


Monday Morning Man: Sergey Demekhine!

Yeah, it was a pity that this year’s US Open final between Kim Clijsters and Vera Zvonareva was so one-sided. It would have been nice to see more captivating tennis and it also would have been nice to have had more opportunity for the cameras to pan over to Vera’s smoking hot coach Sergey Demekhine!

Coaches just don’t usually look like that!

Sergey, 26, is a former touring pro who once played mixed doubles with Vera and they won the Russian national championship together. He was also, and this should come as no surprise, a former Abercrombie & Fitch model!

The coach was never able to break through on the pro tour reaching only number 673 in the world and competing on what are known as the Challenger and Futures circuits.

Yes, he’s lovely to look at but he’s also been effective as a coach it would seem. Since teaming up with Vera, she has made it to the finals of both Wimbledon and the US Open.

Now she’s just got to get over that final hurdle.

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Eric Sheffer Stevens talks to Michael Fairman about Dr. Reid Oliver’s demise on “As the World Turns”

As the World Turns ends its run on Friday but for me, the grieving began when Dr. Reid Oliver was killed by a train that looked like something out of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood! The actor who brought the snarky and sexy Reid to life, Eric Sheffer Stevens, gave a terrific exclusive interview to Michael Fairman’s On Soaps site.

Eric told Michael of the train vs. car scene the resulted in Reid’s demise: “I did not quite get how I was stuck on the tracks, that wasn’t quite clear to me, but overall, as an idea; I loved the idea of Reid dying and giving the heart to Chris, and all of that.  I thought, “Yeah sure, that is not a neutral way of going out.” (Laughs) … I am sure Reid would not have died right away if the show, as a whole, was not wrapping up.”

Many fans are bitterly disappointed that while most of the couples on the soap were given a happy ending, the gay couple of Luke and Reid was not. But Eric says: “I feel that it’s the better ending, and it just raises the awareness of it all the more, and to have them interacting with a funeral director… and it’s all about a gay couple.  All the focus then is about the gay couple and how they love each other, and how it should be easier to take care of Reid’s remains and effects.  But they are not married, but they are a couple and they are not quite being treated the same way, as if they were a straight couple.  That is all good stuff, but not satisfying stuff.   But, to have the couple be the focus of everybody’s conversation and grieving, I can’t think but that helps bring awareness to gay couples.”

Michael pointed out to Eric that as the 54-year-old soap ends its run, so much of the attention has been on his character of Reid who had only been on the show for nine months!

“It’s bizarre to me and wonderful, and not just for Reid, but to have the gay couple be such a focus at the end of the show,” said Eric. “All the other storylines are dealing with it in someway.  It helps raise people’s awareness of gay couples and relationships, and how normal and fantastic they are.”

Eric isn’t sure what he would have wanted to have happen storyline-wise for Luke and Reid had the show continued but he said: “I was interested in seeing how they were developing the relationship and where it was going to lead them.  I would love to see them date and have Reid open up some more, like Katie said he was finally doing at the end.   And, see him in a relationship, and get really close with Luke, and showing them living together.  And Luke is a man now, so whoever Luke would end up with, even if later down the line the Reid relationship didn’t work out, that is the next step… to show him with somebody, and living with him, and being a proper couple as adults.”

Eric is well aware that the gay storyline was handled differently than the straight storylines, most glaring was the fact that Luke and Reid never made love: “That frustrates a lot, and no story is reflected in daytime television, as it would be in life.  So that is a given.  But it is frustrating for everybody and should be.  They are not at a point yet where they should be, to tell a gay storyline as they would a straight storyline.  And, that has to do with who their sponsors are and their audiences are.  And, they have to take that in to consideration, and everybody understands that, but that does not make it less frustrating.”

Here is a LINK to the complete interview which is a nice, long gab!


Who will be the next gay couple in daytime soaps?

Reid is dead and Luke and Noah are united as friends as the CBS soap As the World Turns fades to black this week.

Here’s hoping that one of network’s other soaps, The Young and the Restless, will shine a spotlight on its gay characters Phillip Chancellor III and Rafe Torres. The actors who play the roles, Thom Bierdz and Yani Gellman, respectively, have made clear recently that both want their characters to find romance.

Bierdz wrote on his Facebook page last week: THIS IS IT! today on Y&R PHILLIP AND RAFE MET – AND OBVIOUSLY HAD AN ATTRACTION! If you want more Phillip and Rafe, write to or go to and at bottom of website, hit ‘feedback’ and fill in information!

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest Gellman said: “I’m interested in playing Rafe to the fullest, so I really want the opportunity to explore his personal life more and to have a fully-developed romance with another character.”

Last year, Rafe had a brief affair with Adam (Michael Muhney) but Adam was merely trying to distract the young lawyer from uncovering some dirt on him.

Gellman (pictured below in a scene with Muhney) did not know until several episodes into his gig that Rafe would be gay: “It was a bit of a surprise , but I quickly realized that it would be a window into telling some really good stories. I was actually very excited about playing such a role … He has values, principals and goals like everyone else.”

yr0629092.jpg image by daytimeconfidential
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Showtune Sunday: See Elizabeth Taylor sing “Send in the Clowns” in film version of “A Little Night Music” Zeta-Jones won the Tony Award for her performance as actress Desiree Armfeldt in the Broadway revival of A Little Night Music. She left the show soon after and was replaced by the legendary (and many say far superior) Bernadette Peters in the role.

It’s a juicy role for an actress and many would clamor for the role of Desiree should a feature film version ever be made.

Wait a minute! One has been made and you’ll never guess who starred as Desiree: Elizabeth Taylor!

The year was 1977 and Miss Taylor, between marriages to Richard Burton and John Warner at the time, starred with Len Cariou, Lesley-Anne Down and Diana Rigg in this 1977 production. Cariou, Laurence Guittard and the delicious Hermione Gingold reprised their Broadway roles.

Gingold played Madame Armfeldt, a role played by Angela Lansbury in the Broadway revival. Miss Lansbury left the production along with Zeta-Jones. Her replacement was a doozy: Elaine Stritch!

Anyway, here is Miss Taylor’s painful, but interesting to watch, rendition of Send in the Clowns.

BONUS VIDEOS: Okay, that was bad, I know. but I love Elizabeth Taylor! Here are two more better versions of the song. The first is Catherine Zeta-Jones singing Send in the Clowns at the 2010 Tony Awards and the next one is the best version I have ever seen: Judi Dench’s rendition during her 1995 run in the musical on London’s West End.
And, just for the hell of it, here also are versions sung by Glenn Close, Barbra Streisand and Julie Andrews. Would be interested to know which of the five versions you think is best and why (I’m not including Taylor’s!)

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Tim Gunn’s revealing People interview: “When I was seventeen, I’d made a serious suicide attempt” Runway’s Tim Gunn, whose book Gunn’s Golden Rules has just been released, talked to People Magazine about some of the deeply personal revelations in his book. Here are some excerpts from his interview in the current issue of the magazine:

“Sometimes people ask when I figured out when I was gay. For a long time, I didn’t know what I was. I knew what I wasn’t: I wasn’t interested in boys, and I really wasn’t interested in girls. Things have changed so much; it’s hard for young people to imagine what it was like to be gay back then. You used to feel so alone. When I was thinking I might not be John Wayne material, the only role model I had was Paul; Lynde from Bewitched. He was gawky and ridiculous.”

“In my parents home, the term “gay” wasn’t even in our vocabulary. If I tried to talk about anything remotely related they’d say, “We’ve never heard of this!” But I think they knew that “this” was what I was, and that’s part of why they sent me ti shrinks constantly. I wound up seeing a wonderful therapist. When I was seventeen, I’d made a serious suicide attempt. I was at yet another boarding school – I must have cycled through a dozen. I had no friends. I was depressed. I wanted to end it all. In my dorm room at Milford Academy I took too many pills, then lay down with a sense of peaceful resignation. Much to my frustration, I woke up the next morning. Now, of course, I’m glad it didn’t work. When I got beyond my stutter at nineteen, my world opened up.”“In my twenties, I was madly in love with the same man for almost a decade. It was fabulous. [Then] one night he told me he’d been sleeping around. I could hardly breathe from grief, humiliation and despair. Much of my boyfriend’s “I’m over this” was about sex. I’ve always been kind of asexual. That breakup was a cold shower to last a lifetime.”

“When people hear I haven’t had a boyfriend since 1982, they often whisper, “Does he not have sex?” That’s right! Could I get Psychiatric help? Probably. It’s a little late.”

“It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that my mother, who has never acknowledged that I’m gay, stopped talking about women to fix me up with. She says, “What about old age? Don’t you want to be with someone?” I’ve started to say, sincerely, “Maybe not.” I am really happy alone. Back when I was seventeen, I never imagined I’d have a beautiful apartment, a job I love, witty friends. I think about that when fans call out, “We love you, Tim!” I want to respond, “I love you too!” I mean it.”

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Morning Man Classic: Pat Cash! Pat Cash won the Wimbledon singles crown in 1987, he very dramatically climbed into the stands at the All England Club to hug his parents. No player had done that before but a lot have done it since.

I was watching with some college buddies and still heavily closeted so as Pat climbed into the stands, I had to keep this thought to myself: “Look at those THIGHS!”

The Aussie champion was a real heartthrob during the 80s but the Wimbledon win was his only major title although he did twice reach the finals of the Australian Open only to lose heartbreaking five-set matches to Stefan Edberg and Mats Wilander, respectively.

But Pat did lead Australia to two Davis Cup titles. He also won the junior titles at Wimbledon and the US Open.

His best chance at winning the US Open, which concludes in Flushing Meadows later today, was in 1984 when he had a match point on Ivan Lendl in the fifth set. It looked like he had won the match with a winner but Lendl flicked up a desperation lob that managed to go over Cash’s head and bounce just inside the baseline.

He got his revenge on Lendl three years later though when he beat him in the finals of Wimbledon.

Now 45, Pat keeps busy as a tennis commentator, mostly for the BBC. He also continues to be a draw card on both the ATP and Champions Cup legends tours having won the Hall of Fame event in Newport Rhode Island in 2008 and 2009. He also won the over 45′s Wimbledon doubles title this year with fellow Ausssie Mark Woodforde.

He’s also a grandfather! His daughter Mia, 22, recently gave birth to a daughter.

What a sexy grandpa!

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Kim Clijsters coasts to third US Open win!

  Kim Clijsters Of Belgium And Daughter Jada Pose With The  Championship Trophy
Congratulations to Kim Clijsters for emphatically defending her US Open title last night with a 6-2, 6-1 defeat of  Vera Zvonareva.

Kim, a former number one player now ranked third, had retired from tennis in early 2007. She got married, had a baby and after recovering from a series of nagging injuries, decided to give the pro tour another try.

What an amazing second act!

“It’s always an honor to go back to a place, especially a Grand Slam, where you’ve done well and you’ve won, and you want to bring your best tennis again,” Clijsters said after the match. “I know if I bring my best, I’m capable of beating the best players.”By becoming a three-time champion at the US Open, Clijsters tied Serena Williams for sixth on the all-time list. The only women to have won more US Opens are Chris Evert (6), Steffi Graf and Margaret Court (5), Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova (4).

Kim ClijstersEvert and Navratilova, who faced-off four times at the US Open, were on hand for the pre-match ceremony.

It’s probably no consolation, I’m sure, but Vera also joined a select group by reaching the singles final of the US Open and Wimbledon in the same year. The others are all former number one players: Margaret Court, Billie Jean King, Chris Evert, Evonne Goolagong, Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Martina Hingis, Venus Williams, Lindsay Davenport and Serena Williams.