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Plug of the Day #1: New “Hollywood to Dollywood” DVD is chock-filled with wonderful bonus material

Last night, I watched all the special features on the DVD of Hollywood to Dollywood, the wonderful documentary about gay twins Gary Lane and Larry Lane and their cross-country trip from Los Angeles to Tennessee in their quest to deliver a movie script to Dolly Parton.

The film itself is only 79 minutes but this new DVD has more 90 minutes of BONUS footage including interview with the twins who update us on all that’s happened in the two years since the movie was shot.

What has happened is a lot: the movie has screened at 60 film festivals and won 25 best documentary awards and the twins have traveled all around the world promoting it including Australia and Scotland. They have appeared on talk shows hosted by Marie Osmond, Jeff Probst, and Rosie O’Donnell.

The movie served as their public coming out to their small hometown in North Carolina. They had hoped it would help their mother, a devout Christian, accept them as gay men.

“As far as family, mom still not seen the documentary,” Larry says in the update. “Dad has so dad’s a lot more supportive.”

Their dad reached out to Gary’s partner Mike Bowen via Facebook: “I just want my sons to be happy and I’m so happy that you’re in love and taking care of him.”

Added Gary: ‘We’ve had a lot of people we went to church with, aunt and uncles have seen it. So it’s definitely getting out there. … We’re hoping with everything that’s happened she eventually will want to see it but right now, she doesn’t want to see it.”

Gary said he and Mike are thinking of having their own Christmas this year and starting their own traditions in LA. But they still talk to their parents every day on the phone and for now, they are agreeing to disagree.

The bonus features are filled with gems including extended interviews and footage from film festivals of some of the celebrities who appeared in the film.

Chad Allen recalls being outed in a tabloid. He wanted to come out to his parents before they saw the tabloid story so he sat down and watched the documentary Doing Time on Maple Drive and “it gave me a certain amount of courage.”

He watched the movie then drove to his parents house, sat them down and recalled how he “said everything I ever wanted to say to my mom and dad for years and years and I literally did not stop talking for hours.”

Chad shares how it took his father a long time to look him in the eye but today they have “an amazing relationship.”

Dustin Lance Black shares with us how he met Gary and Larry: “I remember they were the cutest two gay twins I’d ever seen in my life showed up at some pool party and I struck up a friendship with them.”

He has remained friends with the pair and helped them edit down the script they wrote with a plum part for Dolly.

Leslie Jordan shares how he first spotted the Lane twins at Bossa Nova restaurant in West Hollywood, a popular restaurant located across The Abbey: “I went to meet some friends for dinner and there sat the cutest boy I’ve ever seen in my life and right next to him was his identical twin. I said, ‘Oh my gosh are y’all twins?’ And they said ‘yes’ and I said, ‘God is good.’

Jordan appeared with the twins and director John Lavin at a film festival in Palm Springs and talked about his relationship with his mother which mirrors that of the Lane twins and there mom in some ways.

“My mother will never be Betty DeGeneres, she’ll never mark in a PFLAG parade,” he told the audience.

Jordan recalled when he was opening off-Broadway in a play he wrote called Hysterical Blindness and Other Southern Tragedies about growing up gay in the Baptist church.

“My mother came to New York and it was the scariest thing because there’s a point in the play where I just finally look at the audience and I say, ‘Let’s just face it, it’s hard to be a good Christian and a cocksucker too!’

He was going to cut the line but the director would not let him. So he bought out four seats around his mother and had his friends sit in them. Right when he said, ‘It’s hard to be a good Christian,’ they all coughed so his mom could not hear the rest of the line.’

Said Jordan: ‘To this day my mother says, ‘Well, I missed the big laugh.”

There is also footage of the press conference in which Dolly herself talks about the documentary for the first time: “They’re sweet sweet precious boys. … There was a lot of love and understanding and I think they felt that. … I have a lot of gay fans because they know that I just accept people as they are . i ain’t God and I ain’t running for office.”

This movie, especially with these bonus features, would make a GREAT Christmas gift! Go to the Hollywood to Dollywood homepage to order!


Late Night Video: The Punchy Players present Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli … and a hoarder named Ann Miller

Oh my God, this is so delicious!

I’ve just discovered PunchyPlayers videos and am hooked!

These two depict Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli and Ann Miller in two different settings: the great hoofer Miller in her home where she is a certifiable hoarder where Judy and Liza try and help her; and Judy and Liza shopping at a local piggly wiggly where Judy keeps breaking into the commercial jingle of whatever item she is buying. Their checker at the grocery store is a moonlighting Ann Miller.



Calvin Klein’s young ex-boyfriend: “I don’t know why, but there’s, like, something about me that attracts everyone”

Calvin Klein’s former boyfriend Nick Gruber is not only 48 years younger than his ex, he’s also the first man Klein ever went public with romantically after being married and divorced from two women.

Apparently it is because, according to Gruber, he is simply irresistible.

‘I was the first man [Calvin] fell in love with,’ Gruber tells New York Post Magazine. ‘I don’t know why, but there’s, like, something about me that attracts everyone. I have a nickname called Romeo. I get every girl, and even guys. Something about me draws them all in.’

Gruber met Klein while he was serving in the US Army. He came out by showing his superiors a bisexual porn film in which he had appeared and was discharged. He soon found himself living in his own New York City penthouse paid for by Klein.

‘He taught me a lot,’ Gruber says. ‘You know, like how to present myself to an older crowd. Traveling the world is an education in itself. … I did not ask for gifts or money or anything. I’m not a user.’

But he did accept a 2011 Bentley Supersport that had a price tag of more than $250,000 which Klein took back after their split earlier this year.

The relationship became strained when Klein suspected Gruber of cheating but the younger man says he passed a lie detector test to put his fears to rest. But trouble surfaced again in April when Gruber was arrested on assault and drug charges.

Klein paid for his rehab but the romance was over.

‘I fell in love with him, but then, sooner or later, I realized it was paternal,’ Gruber says. ‘That’s what I learned in therapy.’

He has since moved on and is now in a relationship with John Luciano, the 48-year-old grand-nephew of notorious mobster Lucky Luciano.

‘He craves something, I think, from older men,’ Luciano tells The Post. ‘The most intimidating thing is having sex with your boyfriend and pulling down his pants and his ex-boyfriend’s name is staring you right in the face.’

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John Travolta awarded $140,000 in legal fees in failed lawsuit filed against him by gay author

John Travolta, hit by several gay-related lawsuits this year, had a victory in court Friday when a judge in Los Angeles ordered an author to pay the actor approximately $140,000 in legal fees.

Robert Randolph had sued Travolta and his attorney Marty Singer in June alleging that the pair harmed his reputation with false statements and hurt the sales of his self-published book You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again which alleges he had sexual encounters with Travolta and other celebrities.

The lawsuit was dismissed in September and on Friday, LA Superior Court Judge Malcom Mackey awarded Travolta the legal fees and costs in the case.

Randolph’s lawsuit stemmed from when Gawker used part of Randolph’s book as source material for the article The Secret Sex Life of John Travolta.

Singer made legal threats to Gawker Media and sent a cease-and-desist letter which alleged that Randolph was an unreliable source in part because several people maintain that he had spent time in mental institutions.

Gawker posted Singer’s entire letter online.

In dismissing the case, the judge had ruled that the letter was a legitimate part of the legal dispute over the book and therefore protected by the First Amendment.

‘This legal fee award is another complete and total victory for Mr. Travolta,’ Singer tells The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. ‘Anyone else who files a ridiculous lawsuit against him should expect a similar outcome.’

Earlier this week, Travolta was sued by Doug Gotterba, a pilot who wants to be able to speak publicly about what he says was a six-year affair with the actor.

Gotterba claims in a lawsuit filed that he was threatened with legal action by Singer after he reportedly spoke to the National Enquirer about his alleged relationship with the actor.

The actor, whose film classics include Pulp Fiction, Grease, Saturday Night Live and Urban Cowboy, had faced a pair of lawsuits by two male masseurs accusing him of sexual battery and harassment. The lawsuits have since been withdrawn.

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US Supreme Court to hear Prop. 8 and DOMA

I was looking forward to writing a story about how the US Supreme Court had decided to pass on hearing the Proposition 8 case so that same-sex marriages could resume in California.

But the high court has decided stepped into the forefront of the gay marriage debate Friday by agreeing to review cases involving Proposition 8 as well the Defense of Marriage Act.

See my story over at Gay Star News.

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Tennis star Roger Federer still setting goals: 2016 Olympics and reclaiming #1 ranking

Greg In Hollywood fave Roger Federer has won virtually everything there is to win in the sport of tennis.

He’s spent more weeks ranked number one and won more grand slam singles titles than any other man who has ever played.

All that’s missing on his historic resume is an Olympic gold medal in singles. He came close last summer taking the silver medal at the London Olympics and even though he is 31 -relatively old in tennis years – he wants to keep playing at least long enough to try again at the Olympics in Rio in 2016.

”Hopefully, I can still stay on tour for many more years and hopefully play the Olympics here in three and a half years or so,” Federer said from San Paulo where he is playing an exhibition tournament.

The reigning Wimbledon champion, currently ranked second in the world, hopes to regain the top spot next year after losing it to Novak Djokovic last month.

”It’s difficult,” he said. ”But I’m happy to set that challenge and I’ll give everything I have.”


Morning Man Encore: Madison Hildebrand!

Madison Hilderbrand and friends play around at a photo session for No On Prop 8 campaign.Originally posted Dec 14, 2009

There has been several requests over the past week or so to feature Madison Hildebrand of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing as Morning Man.

So here he is, cute as can be!

He is the break-out star of the reality show that follows the lives of three high-end real estate agents in California. The show just wrapped its third season and during one of the shows, Madison was asked to participate in Adam Bourska’s NOH8 photo shoot. This gave him the opportunity to clarify his orientation from “polyamorous” to “gay.”

He wrote on his Bravo blog: When I was asked to participate in the NOH8 Campaign it inevitably made me reflect on myself, my sexuality, and my business. Ultimately, my business and personal life are commingled, but I am at choice to reveal certain depths of myself. This episode I decided to come all out. It is a beautiful thing. It feels good and I feel fortunate to have the television program as an opportunity to reveal natural emotions and feelings. I think it it can help others who feel stuck or afraid to be more courageous and engage their feelings.”

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Will Horton makes a hard decision about being his baby’s father on “Days of Our Lives”

Will Horton is going to be a daddy but is he going to be a hands-on daddy?

I won’t spill the beans for you – you’ll have to watch the scenes!

But I will say that I’m very impressed, and pleased, by how the writers have handled Will’s feelings about whether or not to claim his child.

Writers have brought into the storyline Will himself being the result of an unplanned pregnancy and made it be about more than what Sonny will do if he finds out Will got Gabi pregnant.

In fact, Will does not seem worried about Sonny leaving him but the real problem will be when Sonny finds out Will has been lying to him – and we know he will find out!

Also: A nice scene between Will and his uncle Eric, a Catholic priest who has just returned to town. Greg Vaughan, who plays Eric, has really ratcheted up the beefcake on this show which already has more than it can handle with Eric Martsolf (Brady)! And of course Chandler Massey as Will.

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Neil Patrick Harris says he and David Burtka plan to move to NYC and do theater when his sitcom ends

When Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka met and fell in love, each was appearing in a Broadway show – Harris in Assassins and Burtka in Gypsy.

They moved to Los Angeles when Harris landed the role of Barney Stinson on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother which remains a big hit in its eighth season.

But Harris says once the show ends its run, the couple and their children, Gideon and Harper, will return to their theater roots.

‘Our plan after How I Met Your Mother wraps up the series is to head east,’ Harris tells ‘David’s a New York theater guy, he’s done Edward Albee and Gypsy on Broadway, so he’s clamoring to get back. I think that’s a great place to have our kids raised and go to school.’

Burtka told Oprah Winfrey earlier this year that when they first moved to Los Angeles, he thought it would be easier for him to find television work. Frustrated, he became a professional chef but now works as a correspondent for E! News.

Harris returned to the Broadway stage for one day this week for a concert performance of Assassins, the Stephen Sondheim musical that won the 2004 Tony Award for Best Musical Revival.

The two-time Emmy winner and two-time Tony Awards host would like to revive his stage career for more than one night. He had also previously appeared on Broadway in Cabaret and Proof and was in the national company of Rent.

‘I’d love to do something very against type,’ he says. ‘I’d love to revive something dirty and raw, to do something radical like Hedwig, something that would really be outside the box.’

The question is, will How I Met Your Mother EVER end?


John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s new video “I Think You Might Like It” is a hot mess!

This new song and video from John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John is a bit more Two of a Kind than Grease which means it’s a hot mess!

And yet, I love seeing Danny and Sandy together again singing and dancing a little and having a good time.

Just wish the song was better!


George Takei guests in new issue of Archie Comics

George Takei, the openly gay actor who came to fame as Sulu in the original Star Trek television series, appears as himself in the just-released issue #6 issue of Archie Comics.

Takei encounters Kevin Keller at a science fiction convention. Keller is the first gay character in the history and married in issue #16 of Life With Archie.

‘With Archie Comics, it’s a fun way and a natural way and an ideal way of advocating happily,’ Takei tells the Washington Post.

Takei grew up reading the comics and will sign copies of the issue at Midtown Comics in Manhattan last night.

He agreed to appear in the series after meeting artist and writer Dan Parent, a life-long fan of the science fiction star, during a comic convention.

When Parent pitched the idea of Keller meeting his dream idol by chance in a future issue, he said Takei was ‘thrilled’.

Archie Comics made international headlines when Keller married his doctor boyfriend with Life With Archie #16 targeted by anti-gay group One Million Moms. Soon after the spike in publicity for the issue, the comic sold out.

Takei married his longtime partner, Brad Altman, in 2006 and has been a high-profile advocate for LGBT equality for more than a decade.

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Video: See Matthew Mitcham model Funky Trunks!


Morning Man Encore: Camilo Villegas!

Colombia news - Villegas nude

Originally posted on Oct 12, 2010

Colombian golfer Camilo Villegas was not on my radar even though I’m a casual fan of professional golf.

But he sure is now after shedding his clothes to appear on the cover of ESPN magazine’s 2010 Body Issue.

The sexy golfer is included in the yearly issue of the magazine that features the naked bodies of the world’s top sports people.

In an interview with the New York Times, Villegas admitted it was “very uncomfortable” for him to take off his clothes: “Taking off your clothes before a camera is not what I do for a living. Especially at moments like that when I felt weird I just thought of having working very hard to obtain these results. This helped me to relax.”

Villegas poses on one of the six covers of the magazine in his traditional “spiderman” position, which golfing fans will recognize from the course.

Just 28, Camilo has accomplished a lot: After several different National Junior Championships in Colombia in the ages between 8 – 15, at 16 he became the first player in Colombian golf history to win the Amateur’s Grand Slam in the same year.

Then, in 2001 he became only the second player to win the Colombian Open as an amateur. His success in Colombian golf throughout the 1990s earned him the distinction of “Player of the Decade” issued by the Colombian Golf Federation.

And all that was before college! He attended the University of Florida where he was a four-time All-American.

He started playing on the PGA Tour in 2004 and has won three tournaments. In 2006, Golf Digest named him “Sexiest Player on Tour.”

He might be better known to casual fans like me if he were to break through at one of the major tournaments.

So far, he has a top 10 finishes only at the the US Open and the PGA Championship both in 2008.

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Frank Ocean gets SIX Grammy nominations!

Frank Ocean, the R&B/Hip-Hop star who came out publicly as a gay man over the summer, earned six Grammy nominations including Album of the Year (Channel Orange), Record of the Year (Thinkin Bout You) and Best New Artist.

Ocean was also nominated in the categories of Best Urban Contemporary Album (Channel Orange), Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (No Church in the Wild), and Best Short Form Music Video (No Church in the Wild).

Among the other openly gay performers nominated for Grammys were Dave Koz for Best Pop Instrumental Album (Live at the Blue Note Tokyo) and three in the Best Spoken Word Album category: Rachel Maddow (Drift: The Unmooring Of American Military Power), Ellen DeGeneres (Seriously … I’m Kidding) and Janis Ian (Society’s Child: My Autobiography).

Gay faves Margaret Cho (Cho Dependent: Live in Concert) and Kathy Griffin (Seaman 1st Class) are among those facing off in the Best Comedy Album category.

To see a full list of nominees, go to

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Will’s past as the unplanned child of teen parents impacts his feelings about raising Gabi’s baby

Will does not want his and Gabi’s child to suffer the same way he did while he was growing up as the unplanned child of young parents.

This weighs heavily on him as he tries to decide whether to go along with Nick and Gabi’s plan to let Nick raise the baby as his own and keep the fact that Will is its father a secret from everyone – including Will’s boyfriend Sonny.

Will doesn’t seem to think that Sonny would leave him if he finds out the truth but will he tell him?

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Former “One Life to Live” star Scott Evans is arrested on drug charges in Los Angeles

Ugh. I hope this is some kind of misunderstanding!

Greg In Hollywood readers are well aware of actor Scott Evans, best known for his role as gay police officer Oliver Fish on the daytime soap One Life to Live.

Well, it seems that he was arrested during an undercover drug sting operation in Los Angeles yesterday. reports that the actor, younger brother of Captain America star Chris Evans, was arrested after he allegedly tried to buy narcotics from an LAPD officer who was posing as a drug dealer.

‘Most ridiculous night of my life in LA so far,’ Evans wrote on his Facebook page after being released from jail early Wednesday. ‘At least I made it a year before getting arrested.’

Evans, 29, was booked on the felony charge of a attempt to possess a controlled substance and released on bail after more than five hours in custody. It’s not known what type of drug he was allegedly trying to buy.

Evans was a regular on One Life to Live from 2008 through early 2010. His character came out as gay in 2009 and for a time was part of the show’s main storyline that culminated in a symbolic group gay wedding in the show’s fictional town of Lanview.

Since being written out of the show along with the rest of its gay characters, Evans has done guest spots on Law & Order, White Collar and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

See a preview of Cheyenne Jackson’s new single!

The oh-so-talented and oh-so-hot Cheyenne Jackson has a new single out on December 14. It sounds terrific and the video looks even better as it is filled with beautiful men like Broadway baby Nick Adams.

Enjoy this preview of Don’t Wanna Know.


John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John pay a visit to Ellen to plug their new holiday album

It’s been nearly 35 years since they starred opposite each other in the classic musical Grease and nearly 30 years since they re-teamed on the big screen in Two of a Kind.

But they’ve never stopped being friends and how nice to see them together again out promoting their new holiday album called This Christmas.

They paid a visit to Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday to talk up the album.

“All the proceeds go to our charities. And they knew that so, once we told them that it was more impetus to help us,” said Travolta, whose cause is the Jett Travolta Foundation, in honor of his late son who died after suffering a seizure. “Autism and seizures are the least known areas of illnesses. And I feel bad that there’s so many people dealing with this and there are no answers for. So, I felt like starting a foundation that will help that.”

Newton-John, meanwhile, is raising funds for her eponymous Cancer and Wellness Foundation.


Morning Man Encore: Adam Mayfield! posted Apr 17, 2010

Today’s man is the gorgeous Adam Mayfield who plays Scott Chandler on All My Children.

The 33-year-old actor joined the soap just last year and had previously been seen in various other TV shows including Just Shoot Me and Boston Legal and movies such as Love Struck and Corpse Run.

He knew he was destined for an acting career early on and attended the High School for the Performing Arts in Houston, Texas. He is also a 2000 graduate with a BFA in Acting from the Depaul Theatre School.

Adam attended the recent Broadway Cares benefit in New York City and had the good sense to pose on the red carpet with David Gregory of One Life to Life whose abs rival that of The Situation on Jersey Shore! (See photo below).

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Nick pressures Will to let him claim and raise Gabi’s baby on “Days of Our Lives”

Nick thinks he has it all figured out. He claims to be the father of Gabi’s baby, marries her and they become a family. Will can go on with his life and pretend as if he doesn’t have as child out there in the world – the small world of Salem.

Will is thinking it over but it’s clear this is not something he is inclined to do. He may be a young dude, but he seems to understand the gravity of the situation.

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