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LA Gay & Lesbian Center calls foul ball on Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig speaking at Boy Scouts gala tonight

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig is scheduled to deliver a keynote address tonight at the annual Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) Character Counts Gala in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center says that because the scouts are an orgainzation known for LGBT discrimination, Selig’s appearance flies in the face of his previous statements that “Major League Baseball is a social institution that brings people together and welcomes all individuals of different races, religions, genders, national origins and sexual orientations into its ballparks.”

In response to Selig’s scheduled appearance at the “Character Counts” Gala of the Los Angeles Area Council of the BSA, issued the following statement:“Mr. Selig’s participation and support of an event held by the anti-gay Boy Scouts of America only sends one message—that inequality and discrimination are acceptable,” the center’s CEO Lorri L. Jean (pictured, left) said in a statement. “In the past, Selig has taken a hard stance against discrimination and fined MLB employees for using homophobic slurs. He has publicly condemned the hateful behavior of certain players and coaches like John Rocker, Ozzie Guillen, and most recently, Roger McDowell—and almost a third of Major League Baseball teams this year participated in the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign. Mr. Selig’s outward support of Boy Scouts of America completely contradicts all of these steps forward and his claimed intolerance of discrimination in Major League Baseball.

The center points out that while the Boy Scouts of America Los Angeles Area Council touts their event as one that is ‘making an investment in character,’  investing in homophobia or discrimination of any kind is anything but an investment in character.

The center’s press release further states: “At a time when bullying in schools is a major issue facing our country’s youth, to support an organization that promotes discrimination against youth only fuels the fire of bullies. If he delivers his keynote address as planned, we implore Mr. Selig to tell the Boy Scouts of America that people of true character welcome diversity and accept all for who they are.”

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Anderson Cooper mockingly defends Kim Kardashian’s divorce: “She’s…laughing all the way to the bank.”

Anderson Coooper 360 Kim Kardashian 2011
If ever there was anything that deserved to be on Anderson Cooper’s “Ridiculist,” it would be the 72-day “marriage” of reality star Kim Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries.
On last night’s edition of Anderson Cooper 360, The Silver Fox mockingly defended the made-for-TV nuptials: “How could you not support a couple whose two day televised wedding on the E exclamation network, cost a reported $10 million and was subsidized by sponsors? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that is called the American Dream.”
Cooper said that according to the New York Post, Kardashian sold the rights to her wedding for nearly $18 million.”She’s…laughing all the way to the bank,” he remarked. “She’s laughing so hard that even if they locked her in the bank vault, deep inside the subbasement, you would still hear her laughter floating all the way to the street level where Kris Jenner would be in her Bentley double-parked on your soul.”
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Lunch Break Video: Down memory lane with Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney who have new DVD out today the time she was Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz but before she was Liza Minnelli’s mom, Judy Garland teamed with Mickey Rooney for a series of hit films – some of which have been released in a DVD package today.

Four films, Babes in Arms, Babes on Broadway, Girl Crazy and Strike Up the Band are available for just $19.99 if you go to

Their first film together was 1937′s Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry and 1948′s Words and Music was their last.

During an interview in the documentary film, When the Lion Roars, Rooney describes their friendship: “Judy and I were so close we could’ve come from the same womb. We weren’t like brothers or sisters but there was no love affair there; there was more than a love affair. It’s very, very difficult to explain the depths of our love for each other. It was so special. It was a forever love. Judy, as we speak, has not passed away. She’s always with me in every heartbeat of my body.

Greg In Hollywood chats with Jai Rodriguez about his role on “Days of Our Lives” and Carson Kressley’s DWTS stint Rodriguez may have come to fame as the culture expert on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but he has since displayed his considerable acting and singing skills on film and television.

Last week, Jai began shooting scenes on NBC’s Days of Our Lives for episodes to begin airing in January.

When I chatted with him Friday night at the Halloweenie event at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, I was hoping he’d spill some storyline details.

No dice.

“They shoot three months in advance and I’ve been sworn to secrecy,” Jai said. “My episodes will start airing in January so I think 2-3 weeks before then, they’re going to let me talk about what it is.”

Does he know how many episodes he’ll appear in?

“I don’t know yet. I think that is all going to depend on storyline and what happens and where things go.”

Jai was much more free to talk about the elimination two weeks ago of his fellow Queer Eye alum Carson Kressley from Dancing With the Stars.

“I was sad to see him voted off,” he said of his pal. “Of course he knew he didn’t quite nail the technique but he really did take it quite seriously and he was entertaining the best he could.”

“I think he gave something to the show that is missed now,” Jai added. “He was, by far, one of the leading entertainers of that bunch. He just looked forward to what he was going to do each week. I has worried about him crumbling because he’s not a technical dancer. But he flipped it. He was like, [expletive] that, I’m just going to entertain. He dances from such a pure, honest place  you can’t help but like fall in love with him.”

Busy Jai is also one of the executive producers of a new Logo series called Bad Sex which premieres on Friday.

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Roger Federer finally back in action; Still hopes to regain number one ranking next season

  Roger Federer Of Switzerland In Action In His

Switzerland's Roger Federer ThanksRETURN: I love it that Roger Federer, who has dropped to his lowest ranking since 2003 (he’s now number four in the world behind Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray) is still determined to regain the number one spot that he held for such a long time.

Federer returned to the men’s tour on Monday after more than six weeks off. He is trying to defend his title at the Swiss Indoors tournament and won his first round match convincingly.

“In the long term that’s one goal,” the Swiss star said of his ambitions. “But in the short term it’s no longer possible. This I must accept. Whether I’m No. 3 or 4 does not matter. The crucial thing is that I stay in the Top 4. That makes it easier at the Grand Slams. We are four equals, there can be very quick changes in the hierarchy. What is clear is in men’s tennis in a season you have to get almost two Grand Slam titles to be No. 1. In the women’s world rankings you can become No. 1 without winning a major, which would be unthinkable for us. That’s not to sound disrespectful towards women, it is simply a fact.”

Federer, who has won a record 16 grand slam singles titles, makes an excellent point. It really is a joke that Caroline Wozniacki has been ranked number one for much of the past year-and-a-half when she has not even played in a grand slam final since 2009.

The women’s tour needs to award more points for grand slam titles for the top ranking to have any credibility.


Annual OUT 100 includes Dustin Lance Black, Geri Jewell, Gareth Thomas and David Mixner so far

. Click to move to next slide. The most attention OUT Magazine’s annual OUT 1oo issue ever got was several years back when they featured Anderson Cooper and Jodie Foster on the cover.

Neither has ever denied being gay, but they certainly don’t talk about it – although sometime after that issue, I was at a luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel where Jodie did acknowledge her longtime partner from who she has since split and I was the only journalist there to report on it.

Anyway, I’m all for celebrating folks who celebrate being gay and the latest edition of the OUT 100 has that – at least so far. The magazine unveiled some of its selections and will continue to do so in the coming days.

They will include a gay intern who helped save the life of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords; a young transgender student was crowned high school prom queen; a New York City lawyer became the first openly gay man appointed to the federal bench; and an air force officer, who helped found an undercover group of 4,000 LGBT active-duty service members, was free to come out — along with tens of thousands of his colleagues.

They will also include legends such as Larry Kramer – whose 1985 play, The Normal Heart, received a stunning revival on Broadway this past season — as well as iconoclasts, like Justin Vivian Bond and Sandra Bernhard, and newsmakers, such as Chaz Bono, whose participation in the most recent season of Dancing With the Stars was as groundbreaking as it was stirring.

Here are three of the first crop of people unveiled. I’ll have more in the coming days:

Dustin Lance Black, <em>Screenwriter &  Playwright</em>. Click to move to next slide.

Dustin Lance Black, Screenwriter &

As the most visible gay person in the film industry, Dustin Lance Black hasn’t shied away from addressing difficult, often-controversial subjects. He recently returned to theater, penning 8, which addresses California’s Proposition 8. Black’s stature and influence — such as his Oscar-winning script for Milk and his latest credit for J. Edgar — could be attributed to his creative output alone, but he backs this up with fervent activism. “I hope that by the end of this year, we are not only celebrating marriage equality in New York, but the fruits of a federal victory in regards to the Prop. 8 case,” says Black, who’s been a leading figure in the American Foundation for Equal Rights, the sponsor of the groundbreaking federal court case to overturn the state law.

Geri Jewell, <em>Comedian, Actor & Writer</em> . Click to move to next slide.

Geri Jewell, Comedian, Actor & Writer

Jo might have been the butchest of the girls on The Facts of Life, but Geri Jewell, who played Cousin Geri, was the real-life lesbian. A comedian with cerebral palsy, Jewell broke ground as the first person with a visible disability to have a regular role on a primetime network series. She was also a regular on HBO’s Deadwood, and this year, released her autobiography, I’m Walking as Straight as I Can. “I wrote it to tell my truth and a part of my truth is being gay. If I didn’t tell that part of who I am, it would be like writing an autobiography and not saying I have cerebral palsy.”

Gareth Thomas, <em>Rugby Player</em>. Click to move to next slide.

Gareth Thomas, Rugby Player

In the brutal contact sport of rugby, Gareth Thomas proved time and again to be one of the most ferocious (and decorated) players on the field. Thomas is one of only a handful of out professional athletes. It’s apt that his current team is the Crusaders, as Thomas is certainly breaking barriers and opening up a world of possibility for other gay athletes. And who else could play this Welsh badass in an upcoming biopic but tough-guy actor Mickey Rourke?

To see who else who has been revealed so far, go to


Tuesday Morning Man: Kyle Martino! to today’s Morning Man, soccer-star-turned-broadcaster Kyle Martino.

Over the weekend, he married the lovely actress Eva Amurri who appears on Showtime’s Californication and happens to be the daughter of Susan Sarandon.

Kyle is 30 and provides color commentary for Major League Soccer games on ESPN and ESPN2, and for local Philadelphia Union telecasts on WPVI-TV.

The handsome Kyle was a collegiate soccer star at the University of Virginia and was drafted by the MSL’s Columbus Crew after his junior year. He went on to earn MSL Rookie of the Year honors.

He had some up and down seasons before being traded to LA Galaxy in 2006. Two years later, he retired due to injury.

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“Days of Our Lives” finally makes it official: Chandler Massey’s Will Horton character is gay’ve seen Will Horton avoid being intimate with his beautiful girlfriend Gabby in NBC’s Days of Our Lives for months now.

Gabby is trying to convince herself that Will just has too much going on in his life to want to have sex with her again – they consummated their relationship but it seems clear Will has no interest in doing that again.

Anyway, for those of you who have been patiently waiting for the gay storyline to unfold last summer’s arrival of Sonny (Freddie Smith), it’s finally being officially confirmed that Will (played by Emmy nominee Chandler Massey) is also gay.

Massey said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly: “I’m thrilled to be able to portray my character in an empowering way that will show his struggle to accept who he is. It is my hope that this storyline will inspire others to be true to themselves as well.”

Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng said: “We are excited to have the encouragement and support from both NBC and Sony to tell the inspiring story of a young man learning who he is as he defines and creates his relationships with others.”

While it initially seemed like the characters of Will and Sonny would hook up, that may not happen.

We will have to wait and see!

I’m glad that the role of Will is in the hands of a thoughtful young man like Chandler Massey. When I interviewed the actor last June about the possibility of Will being gay (it had been rumored that long ago), he had no qualms about the character going in that direction: “It’d be fun. It obviously would be very challenging on a creative level.”


Snapped! Rosie O’Donnell as Little Bo Peep!

We’ve seen her as stand-up comic, an actress, as a “nice” daytime TV talk show host, as a controversial panelist on “The View,” an author, and as a radio personality.
But until now, we have never seen Rosie O’Donnell as Little Bo Peep.


Neil Patrick Harris, dressed as Captain Hook for Halloween, drops in on Ellen DeGeneres Patrick Harris, dressed as Captain Hook, paid a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and proclaimed: “I absolutely love Halloween the best.”
He and partner David Burtka wanted to do a costume that involved them and their two kids and had considered The Wizard of Oz but NPH balked at being The Tin Man because he wouldn’t be able to sit all night (they are hosting a party).
Parker is going to be Tinker Bell, Gideon is going to be Smee and David will be Peter Pan.


Celebs tweet about the Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries divorce 72 days after multi-million wedding’ll just admit right up front that I have never had any patience for the Kardashians and all their reality show nonsense. All of their fame and money has eliminated anything “real” from their lives some time ago.

But it was impossible to avoid seeing all the magazine coverage of Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries just 72 days ago – an event that seemed to be more about publicity and making money than love.

Then earlier today, Kim is filing for divorce!

This nonsense is happening as same-sex couples in this country are fighting for the right to marry each other – couples together far longer than 72 hours.

It is just sickening.

Those are my thoughts on this debacle. Here are some Twitter thoughts of various celebs who seem as annoyed by this as I am:

Sandra Bernhard
SandraBernhard Sandra Bernhard

by HegedusEricC
if you are gay and demand marriage equality ban the kardashian show just stop watching it,help make this all go away!
Kathy Griffin
kathygriffin Kathy Griffin
Ugh! gay couples like Kim K & Kris H ruining the sanctity of marriage is the problem w the radical homosexual agend— oh wait, oops:)
John Aravosis
aravosis John Aravosis
From Facebook: “Kim Kardashian earned $17,900,000 from her wedding and divorced 72 days later (but gays ruin the sanctity of marriage).”
Richard Roeper
richardroeper Richard Roeper
Wouldn’t it be great if each of Kim Kardashian’s 10 mil+ followers decided not to buy the bullshit any more and hit Unfollow?

Chely Wright
chelywright Chely Wright
So, I’m not being snarky, but this is a serious question about wedding etiquette: Do Kim and Kris have to return all of the wedding gifts?
Andy Cohen (@BravoAndy): “thanks for the entertainment, Kim Kardashian.”
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“Glee” newcomer Grant Gustin says his Dalton Academy Warbler is “a new kind of gay character” next week’s episode of Glee, a new Dalton Academy Warbler by the name of Sebastian will do his best to shake up the Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine relationship by making a play for Blaine (Darren Criss).

The homewrecker is being played by Grant Gustin who talked to Billboard Magazine a bit about his character who sounds like quite a piece of work!

“Sebastian is new to Dalton,” he explains. “He’s a gay character, obviously, but he’s kind of a new type of gay character. He’s someone you wouldn’t necessarily know is gay unless you asked him, but he’d be the first person to tell you. He’s very confident and comfortable with who he is and what he wants. Darren was that new confident strong gay character, and Sebastian is taking that a step further. He’s a guys-guy, just a dude who happens to be gay. He’s a lacrosse player, he’s popular. He’s after Blaine, obviously, and he’s also trying to take the place that Blaine had as the leader of the Warblers. He’s been referred to as a villain, which I guess is true in the sense that he’s going to get what he wants and he doesn’t care who he steps on along the way, but he does so with a smile on his face.

Here is video of Grant performing at a club:


Lunch Break Video: As a Halloween treat, some scenes from Bette Midler’s scary and funny “Hocus Pocus” Midler, whose movie hits include The First Wives Club, Ruthless People, Big Business and Outrageous Fortune, has had much bigger box office successes than her 1993 Disney comedy Hocus Pocus.

But the film about three sister witches who are resurrected in Salem Massachusetts on Halloween night has become a Halloween classic that a lot of families watch every year right around this time.

It’s delicious fun with the Divine Miss M in hideous make-up and chewing up the scenery with her co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy.

Here are some scenes to get you in the mood for tonight.

Joan Rivers says gays are scarce in Occupy Wall Street demonstrations because they are too vain it Joan Rivers to offend just about everyone – even her beloved gays.

The 78-year-old comedienne was quoted by New York Magazine as saying there are no gays participating in the Occupy Wall Street protests in Zuccotti Park because there is no place for them to change!

“Gay men have better bodies, on the whole. That’s number one, and number two: They care more about what they look like. Very seldom will you find a gay schlep. Am I right? Very few homeless.” She continued: “This is why there are no gay protestors in Zuccotti Park. Because there’s no place to change, and no closets.”

So she is joking, right? This is such stereotyping!

Miss Rivers had more to say about the Occupy Wall Street protesters in general: “I think Occupy Wall Street was terrific the first week, and it has now turned into a very happy druggy party. I suggest they all get jobs and go back to work. What was an amazing and wonderful thing, I now find just ridiculous. Everyone’s on drugs and everybody’s singing, and they now have a DVD out, and now they want to do a reality show.”

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Daytime Soap Clip: Will gets uncomfortable during heart-to-heart chat with his grandmother Marlena though I’ve never been a regular viewer of Days of Our Lives, even I know that Deidre Hall as Dr. Marlena Evans is as critical to the show as Susan Lucci’s Erica Kane was to All My Children.

But someone, who has probably since been fired, wrote the actress and the character out a few years ago in a cost-cutting move.

Ratings have never recovered and someone had the good sense to bring Miss Hall back in the role she had previously played for 29 years.

So why do we care?

Because Marlena is Will Horton’s grandmother and Will, played so well by Chandler Massey, is on the verge of coming to terms with being gay.

His grandmother seems to be the ideal character to help him sort through his feelings.

There’s something so special about my relationship with that boy,” Marlena tells Will’s girlfriend Gabby who later discusses with her friends how she and Will have not had sex since their first and only time.

Cut to Will and grandma having a heart-to-heart chat. She brings up his letters to her and says: “You know, you can talk to me about anything.”

“I’ve been feeling a little confused,” Will admits to Marlena.

When she presses about what he might be confused about, Will clams up and bolts from the table.

Meanwhile, the show’s one out and proud character of Sonny (Freddie Smith) is stuck in a truly boring website storyline.  The poor actors!

Trust me DOOL writers, no one cares.

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Movie legend Doris Day to receive Los Angeles Film Critics Association’s Career Achievement Award Los Angeles Film Critics Assn. announced over the weekend that it would bestow its Lifetime Achievement Award to Doris Day, one of the biggest female box office stars of all time.

Throughout the 40s, 50s and 60s, Miss Day starred in scores of hit films that included drama (Love Me or Leave Me, Young Man With a Horn,  , romantic comedy (Pillow Talk, Send Me No Flowers, Move Over Darling), and musicals (By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Tea for Two, The Pajama Game). She even starred as the title character in the westerns Calamity Jane and The Ballad of Josie and in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller The Man Who Knew Too Much.

Miss Day, now 87, retired from showbiz in the mid-70s and has rarely re-emerged. It would be quite something if she were to actually show up the the association’s awards dinner in January.

Let’s hope so. Then maybe she can go on to receive a much-deserved Honorary Oscar and Kennedy Center Honor.

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Friday Morning Man: Trent Garrett! I’d feature the least-scary looking guy I could find since it is Halloween!

The handsome young man is Trent Garrett, a model-turned-actor who had a recurring role this past year on All My Children as Asher Pike.

The soap gig was the 27 year old’s first major acting role but he had already appeared in a long strong of commercials for such products and companies as Pizza Hut, Mervins, Hot Pocket, Carl’s Jr. and Valvoline. His best-known spot was for Hornitos Tequila.

According to Trent’s Wikipedia page, his approach to life can be summed up with this quote: “Don’t let anything bring you down. Stay positive. I don’t let negativity enter my mind. I would never let anything get in my way.”

Good advice!

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Snapped! Alan Cumming and Nick Adams among the stars seen at Bette Midler’s Hulaween bash in NYC

Bette Midler’s annual Hulaween gala benefiting the New York Restoration Project drew some big names to the Waldorf Astoria in New York City on Friday night including Stevie Wonder, John McEnroe, and Debra Messing.

But I’m most interested in the gays!

Among those representing the LGBT community were Tony winner Alan Cumming who is now starring each week on CBS’s The Good Wife and hunky Broadway star Nick Adams who is currently starring in Priscilla Queen of the Desert. (Bette is one of that show’s producers!)

To see more photos from the event, go to

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A gallery of birthday boy Matthew Morrison! don’t believe the man is capable of taking a bad picture.

The very photogenic Matthew Morrison, who shot to stardom two years ago with his starring role as the choir teacher on Glee, celebrates is 33rd birthday today.

He is the kind of star you are happy to see rise because he has the talent to back up the hype and prove it each week on the show.

Pre-Glee, Matthew had been a smash on Broadway with the role of Link Larkin on Hairpsray and a Tony-nominated performance in The Light in the Piazza.

He’s a star who is clearly here to stay.

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Excerpts from Ellen DeGeneres chat w/PARADE’s issue of PARADE features a very revealing cover story Ellen DeGeneres, where she opens up about Hollywood’s reaction when she came out as a lesbian, life with Portia, her decision to leave American Idol, and more. She tells PARADE that coming out as a lesbian was more of a shock to herself, and that her family approved, while Hollywood did not. She also talks about behind-the-scene “nastiness” at American Idol.

Here are some more highlights from the Ellen’s interview in PARADE:

On dealing with rejection in Hollywood after she came out as a lesbian in 1997:
“I didn’t work, didn’t have any money. No one [in the business] would even talk to me on the phone.” With the outline of her talk show in hand, she finally convinced Hollywood that she was “not just gay,” she says, but “a funny woman who happens to be gay.”

DeGeneres says her own family was more understanding when she came out at age 18:
“If anything, it was a shock to me. I’d always known that I had crushes on girls, but I also liked boys-though I wasn’t drawn to them romantically. For me to get in touch with myself enough to recognize that I was gay, and then not to stay private about it, was a huge step.”

DeGeneres found the behind-the-scenes nastiness of American Idol off-putting:
“It was disappointing to hear things about the kids, the drama going on. Some of them are not as grateful as you would expect. All of a sudden they have fan mail, millions of people saying they’re great, and some of them just stop appreciating it.”

Look for the full story in the Oct. 30 issue of PARADE and to check out Ellen at her photo shoot and read an excerpt from her new book, visit:

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