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Snapped! “Days of our Lives” stars Freddie Smith and Nathan Owens pose for NOH8 campaign!

Days of our Lives stars Freddie Smith (Sonny) and Nathan Owens (Cameron) were captured between takes at their recent NOH8 photo shoot.

On Days, Sonny is in a relationship with Will Horton and is the boyfriend we all want – loyal, smart and cute!

Cameron is a doctor who was moonlighting as a make stripper but, unfortunately, seems to have given up one of his jobs – the one that requires him to rip his clothes off and show us his rockin’ bod!

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Adam Lambert and other highlights from the weekend’s GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco

I like how GLAAD spreads out its annual media awards out several cities. The New York one had Madonna and Anderson Cooper while the LA one had Bill Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio and Charlize Theron, among others.

Well, Saturday was San Francisco’s turn and GLAAD honored California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Adam Lambert at a show that included appearances by Mel B, Guillermo Diaz, Tamala Jones, Jinkx Monsoon, Rex Lee and Laverne Cox.

Mel B. presented GLAAD’s Davidson/Valentini Award to Lambert who said: “We are right in the middle of two generations with two different perspectives but one common thread – love. With all the differences of opinion both within the LGBT community and elsewhere, the best we can do is to keep it real and to spread a message of acceptance. If we can inspire even one person to open their mind, or another to be who they want to be, whether they’re gay or straight, old or young, man or woman, black or white – then it’s worth being objectified by the sometimes frustrating world of media sensationalism.”

Lambert added: “Thank you to GLAAD for recognizing my efforts, because I put a lot of effort into this. I think about it a lot (it makes me crazy), but my goal is to try to represent both myself and my community proudly.”

Filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom presented GLAAD’s Golden Gate Award to Newsom who happens to be her husband.

In accepting the award, Newsom said: “There’s one fundamental that defines the best of this city, and the best of this organization, and that is we don’t tolerate our diversity, we truly celebrate our diversity. We highlight all those wonderful and interesting differences, but at the end of the day we unite around our common humanity. As Dr. King so eloquently said, ‘We are all bound together by a web of mutuality.’ We’re all in this together.”

The reigning World Series champion San Francisco Giants received the Corporate Leader Award. The Giants are the first professional sports team honored by GLAAD. They were the first ever professional sports team to host an HIV/AIDS benefit game in 1994, and have generated more than $1.3 million for Bay Area HIV/AIDS education. The Giants were also the first major league sports team to record a video for the It Gets Better project, and this month will hold their 11th Annual LGBT Night Out.

Travis Fine, the writer/director of Any Day Now, accepted the award for Outstanding Film – Limited Release. Writer and artist Dan Parent accepted the award for Outstanding Comic Book for the ongoing comic book series Kevin Keller. Journalist Marc Lamont Hill accepted the award for Outstanding Digital Journalism Article for his piece “Why Aren’t We Fighting for CeCe McDonald?” which appeared on

GLAAD also presented Special Recognition Awards to Kevin McClatchy, former owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team who came out in a New York Times article last year, and Brittney Griner, an out basketball player and this year’s number one draft pick for the WNBA.


Monday Morning Man: David Pevsner!

One day this handsome actor is delivering dire medical news to Lindsay Lohan, on another he’s an old dog looking for new tricks and he’s soon to be a musical comedy whore!

Talk about versatility!

He’s David Pevsner and he’s one of the busiest openly gay actors in LA. He appeared in such recent movies as: Joshua Tree 1951: A Portrait of James Dean; Scrooge & Marley; and Role/Play and did recent guest spots on Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy.

David is also one of the stars of the wonderful web series Old Dogs & New Tricks which just wrapped its second season.

Then there’s Liz & Dick, the campy Lifetime movie in which Lohan “portrayed” Elizabeth Taylor. David appeared in my favorite scene in the movie as a doctor who walks into Miss Taylor’s hospital room and, managing to keep a straight face, says: “Listen, I’m not saying it’s colon cancer, but we need to run more tests.”


David has found much better material on the stage appearing in Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway and the off-Broadway shows When Pigs Fly and Party. He was also one of the writers of the hit review Naked Boys Singing.

And now this: On Friday night (May 17), David’s one-man show Musical Comedy Whore has its world premiere at The Desert Rose Playhouse in the Palm Springs area.

It’s said to be a deeply personal show with a lot of witty showtunes and I hope to catch it soon! Here is a LINK for tickets and more information.

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Roger Federer and Andy Murray weigh in on gays in men’s pro tennis – whoever they might be

On the one hand, I’m glad to see pro male athletes being asked about gays in their sport – it gives the opportunity to say something really thoughtful or something really stupid.

On the other hand – especially when it comes to tennis – Martina Navratilova came out THIRTY-TWO years ago!

But here we are, 2013, no male player has come out during their career and if anyone has in retirement, I’m not aware.

So Roger Federer and Andy Murray were asked about gays yesterday in Rome where they are both set to compete in the Italian Open.

Murray said thoughtfully: “I would hope there are no issues on the tour. You know, there have to be some players who are probably gay but I don’t think other players have any issues with it and hope tennis deals with this well. I saw the Jason Collins thing in basketball and the player and the owners were respectful and happy about his decision and so I think it is a good thing.”

Federer had this to say: “I don’t think it would be a problem. We’re very relaxed. We don’t play a team sport and see each other all the time. … We’re very open. So whatever happens, happens. I don’t know if there are any (gay players). So far from what I’ve heard, no. But that could change, possibly because of the case in the NBA.”


Barbara Walters to announce her retirement

There are a lot of people who like to make fun of Barbara Walters but chances are, none of them have accomplished even an iota of what she has during her remarkable career in broadcast journalism.

Now 83, Barbara will announce on The View on Monday morning that she will be retiring next year from ABC News after 37 years at the network where she became the first female to ever co-anchor the evening news and for decades hosted 20/20 and highly-rated prime-time specials.

By that time, she had already spent more than a decade at NBC News and made history as the first female to ever co-anchor The Today Show.

She literally paved the way for Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Jane Pauley, Meredith Viera and all the rest.

“I am very happy with my decision and look forward to a wonderful and special year ahead both on ‘The View’ and with ABC News. I created ‘The View’ and am delighted it will last beyond my leaving it,” Walters said in a statement. “I do not want to appear on another program or climb another mountain. I want instead to sit on a sunny field and admire the very gifted women—and OK, some men too—who will be taking my place.”

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LGBT ally Chris Kluwe: “There’s a very rich tradition of athletes in America standing up for societal issues”

Chris Kluwe is such a fine man that whatever NFL team gives this suddenly unemployed punter a job next season, I will root for them and feature team members as Morning Men for a week!

Chris, who became one of the most visible LGBT equality activists in the US last year, was let go last week by the Minnesota Vikings who decided to go in another direction.

Who don’t officially know if it was his activism that cost him his job but it doesn’t take an NFL expert to read between the lines.

Anyway, Chris is showing that he has no regrets and has no plans – thank God – to quiet his unique voice. He talked with journalist Michelangelo Signorile about his situation a few days ago.

On Minnesota Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton saying that he doesn’t “doesn’t feel good” about the team’s decision and that “public officials should be honest about what’s going on” Kluwe says: “That was cool to hear from the governor, because generally governors don’t speak out about football players very often. It’s just one of those things where, right now, I’m just hoping to latch on with another team, and hopefully continue my football career. I feel that I have at least four, possibly five years left of playing at a very high level.”

On whether his activism cost him his job: “I honestly don’t know because I’m not in those meetings. I don’t know what’s said between managers, between coaches. All I can do is go out and punt to the bet of my ability and trust in the body of work that I’ve put together over the years, which has been pretty consistent.”

On if it was all worth it: “To me it’s something that, if I’m going to remembered for something, I’d rather be remembered for something that helps people’s lives, that keeps children from wanting to kill themselves as opposed to playing football. As much as I love playing football, and I really do enjoy playing football, there are serious societal issues that plague our civilization. And there are things that we need to address. And if no one ever speaks out, nothing ever gets changed.”

He added: “There’s a very rich tradition of athletes in America standing up for societal issues. Whether it’s Jackie Robinson, whether it’s Muhammad Ali or others. This thought that your job defines you, that you can only do your job, that you can’t talk about anything else, it really goes against the spirit of what this country is about, that every citizen should be vested in where it’s headed.”


Serena Williams wins her 50th career title at Madrid Open while Rafael Nadal wins his 55th

Love it when an all-time great in tennis adds to their legend.

It happened to two future Hall of Famers this weekend at the Madrid Open – one of the seven (or maybe eight) tournaments where the world’s top men and women compete in the same location at the same time.

Rafael Nadal, who missed more than half of last season with a knee injury, continued his astounding return by winning his fifth title of the season and his 55th overall – 40 of his titles have come on clay.

Serena Williams, currently ranked number one in the world, won her 50th career title by beating second-ranked Maria Sharapova in the final.

Serena, who has won 15 grand slam singles titles in her career, used to only have interest in the sport’s four majors and for years, her performance at the lesser tournaments was subpar.

But no more!

She seems to be motivated each time out to take home the trophy which is why is why she has won four titles this year and amassed a 31-2 record.

“It feels good,” said Serena who becomes the 10th player in history to win at least 10 titles. “I don’t know how many more I can win. Like I say every day, ‘Who knows if I’ll ever win another title?’ I just want to live in the moment and the dream every chance I get. I feel like every moment I play – I don’t know if it’s because of what I went through – I feel like I’m so fortunate to be out there and healthy and to have an opportunity to play a sport and be really good at it.

“Hopefully I can just keep it going.”

The record for the most singles titles is held by Martina Navratilova (167) followed by Chris Evert (157), Steffi Graf (107), Margaret Court (92), Evonne Goolagong (68), Billie Jean King (67), Lindsay Davenport (55), Virginia Wade (55) and Monica Seles (53).


Showtune Sunday: All about Mama Rose!

It’s Mother’s Day so who better to feature today than Mama Rose from Gypsy?

She’s one of the great characters in musical theater and been played by so many greats on stage and screen including Ethel Merman, Rosalind Russell, Angela Lansbury, Bette Midler, Bernadette Peters, Tyne Daly, Betty Buckley, Linda Lavin and, of course, Patti LuPone.

Here are Rose’s three big numbers from Gypsy.

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Morning Man Classic: Jeffrey Hunter!

Jeffrey Hunter may not have been the most famous actor, but he sure was one of the most handsome.

His most famous roles are as John Wayne’s character’s sidekick in The Searchers, as Jesus Christ in the biblical film King of Kings, and as Capt. Christopher Pike in the original pilot episode of Star Trek.

After serving in the US Navy during WWII, Hunter studied theater at Northwestern University (Charlton Heston was a classmate) then went on to graduate school at UCLA where he was discovered by talent scouts at 20th Century Fox.

He went on the appear in such films as The Longest Day, The Last Hurrah, and Sergeant Rutledge.

Hunter turned to television in 1963 to star in the NBC series Temple Houston which lasted one season then he filmed the original pilot episode for Star Trek. When NBC requested a second Star Trek pilot, Hunter decided not to participate.

Hunter was just 42 when he was injured in an on-set explosion in 1969 on the set of the film Viva America! in Spain. He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage on the flight back to the US. Although he recovered, he suffered a second cerebral hemorrhage a short time later and died during surgery.

At the time of his death, Hunter was married to actress Emily McLaughlin known to General Hospital as Jesse Brewer. He had previously married to actress Barbara Rush with whom he had a son.

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Days of Our Lives: Rafe gets Will to admit that Nick wants him away from baby because he’s gay

Rafe (the hunky Galen Gering) has his doubts about his new brother-in-law Nick – and with good reason!

He has a chat with Will and gets him to admit that the reason Nick wants to keep he and Sonny away from Gabi’s baby is because they are gay.

Meanwhile, Nick has his hands full with Will’s mom Sami who is walking around town with Nick’s $30,000 in cash and a gun in her purse.

Sami is a loose cannon – even has a streak of pink in her hair that absolutely no one in the town of Salem has made a single comment about.

Added bonus: We finally get a scene of Will with his grandma Marlena. They are so damned good together. Hope to see more of them together if writers can give Marlena her dignity back and have her dump hubby John whose behavior is beyond the pale.

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Morning Man Encore: Paul Walker!


paulwalker2Originally posted March 29, 2009 – updated with additional photos and video

Paul Walker shot to fame nearly a decade ago in The Fast and the Furious opposite Vin Deisel.

On Friday, the two actors reunite in Fast & Furious, the fourth film in the car racing franchise. Paul co-starred in the second film 2 Fast 2 Furious without Deisel but both skipped The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Paul has had his share of non-furious hits such as the Disney smash Eight Below and the sexy adventure flick Into the Blue where he and co-star Jessica Alba wore very little in most of their scenes.

And here’s a tip: he wore even less in a memorable scene in the 2001 movie Joyride co-starring Steve Zahn.

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Nick Lachey says he doesn’t miss playing “grab-ass” with former father-in-law Joe Simpson

All I can say is if I were sitting at the same table as Nick Lachey, I’d certainly wanna play some grab-ass.

I’ve been face-to-face with him a few times and he was so beautiful I coulda cried!

Anyway, Nick was on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live the other night and he played the “Plead the Fifth” game.

And plead the fifth he did not!

Nick, of course, was married to Jessica Simpson for a time and had that reality show and blah, blah, blah.

Well, WWHL host Andy Cohen asked Nick what he misses the least about being Joe Simpson’s son-in-law.

Lachey shocked all with this answer: ‘I don’t have to play grab-ass under the table on Easter Sunday!’


Andy was so taken aback by the response that he blushed.

Lachey’s brother and bandmate Drew then said: ‘Our publicist is freaking out right now.’

Joe Simpson’s divorce from wife of 34 years Tina Simpson became official last month. At the time of their initial split, there were reports that he had left his wife for a man much younger than him.

A family rep told last fall that ‘there is no third party involved. Any other related allegations are completely false.’

Nick also hasn’t spoken to Jessica in about six years. No doubt that will now likely stretch into six DECADES!

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Celeb Tweets: Bitterly Disappointed Edition

Bette Midler Bette Midler ‏@BetteMidler Just heard producers of @illeatyoulast have pulled free tickets to Tony voters! Hilarious!! Brother, B’way types are tough! Sue approves.
Alan Cumming Alan Cumming ‏@Alancumming @BetteMidler hey Bette, the @MacbethBroadway producers did the same thing! I mean, if you touch you have to buy!!
Andrew Rannells Andrew Rannells ‏@AndrewRannells Hey @LauraBenanti , want to do a musical? Or get really really drunk?
Andrew Rannells Andrew Rannells ‏@AndrewRannells You #TheNewNormal fans are the best. Thank you so much for all the love and support! I had a blast and I am so proud of our work.
Adam Shankman Adam Shankman @ElizabethBanks: The cancellation of #happyendings is criminal. Boo.” I am livid! #oneofthebest!!! #SUCKS!
Jeremy Jordan Jeremy Jordan ‏@JeremyMJordan Yes, Smash has been cancelled. Very sad, but we’ll all move on to bigger things! Hope you all keep watching. The last episodes are doozies!
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“The New Normal” and “Smash” canceled by NBC

Yup, it happened.

Literally the only two shows I watch regularly on NBC have been canceled.

They happen to be the network’s gayest two shows: The New Normal and Smash.

Thank God for cable!

The cancellation of Smash after two seasons isn’t a big surprise since the show got exiled to Saturday night’s recently and is, no doubt, expensive to produce.

Sometimes I loved to hate it.

It didn’t always work but sometimes it did gloriously and good God, the talent on the show was amazing.

I hope Angelica Huston is throwing a martini in someone’s face right about now!

Would be great if NBC produced a two-hour movie sequel about a Tony Awards showdown!

While Smash was a goner for sure, I was holding out hope that NBC would give the wonderful and always improving comedy The New Normal a second season.

The show had a first-rate cast and some delicious moments and I know its best days were ahead of it.

You couldn’t kill The Office or 30 Rock and now Community no matter what the ratings but The New Normal couldn’t get a second season.


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Must see TV: David Sedaris on “The Daily Show”

The Daily Show
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We know author David Sedaris (Naked, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim) is a terrific writer but he is also a hilarious talk show guest. His appearance with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last night is a classic.

Watch and enjoy!

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Sean Hayes returns to NBC as a gay dad in the new sitcom “Sean Saves the World”

Love Sean Hayes and am thrilled that he will be back on our TV screens every week next fall.

It was nice to see him on Smash during a guest arc but his new NBC sitcom, Sean Saves the World, puts him center stage.

‘We are thrilled and can’t wait,’ Sean wrote on Twitter.

He plays a gay man who is the father of a 14-year-old girl who moves in with him just as he gets a new boss at work who is quite temperamental and demanding.

Added bonus: The great Linda Lavin of Alice TV fame and a Broadway legend, plays Sean’s mom!

An Emmy winning sensation on NBC’s Will & Grace for eight years, Sean came out publicly as a gay man in 2010.

Since Will & Grace left the air, he has become a television force behind the scenes as well as producer of the hit NBC drama Grimm and of the long-running sitcom Hot in Cleveland on TV Land.

He also starred on Broadway in the musical Promises, Promises and was nominated for a Tony Award.

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Will and Gabi bond on “Days of Our Lives”

Some nice scenes here between parents-to-be Will and Gabi as the talk about their baby’s impending arrival and Gabi’s strange cravings.

Will seems a lot more assured that he Will be a part of his daughter’s life because he thinks the evidence that he shot EJ has been dealt with.

But, I think we all know this is just the calm before the storm!

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Morning Man Encore: Matt Cooper! posted Sept. 16, 2011
Australian rugby star Matt Cooper concludes our rugby week but I reserve the right to sprinkle a few leftover rugby studs into the line-up next week!

The 32-year-old athlete who has played his entire career to date for the St. George Illawarra Dragons of the National Rugby League.

He began playing rugby league at the age of six. Last October, Matt was a part of the Dragons side that beat the Sydney Roosters 32-8 in the 2010 NRL Grand Final, helping the joint venture club claim its first premiership. This was also Cooper’s 100th career win out of a possible 199 NRL games.

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Flashback Video: See Thom Bierdz’s first scene with Jeanne Cooper in 1986 episode of “Y&R”

Yesterday, I posted Thom Bierdz’s touching tribute to his late The Young and the Restless co-star Jeanne Cooper. Today, here is video of their very first scene together back in 2006!

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Abbey owner David Cooley is opening up a new restaurant/bar in West Hollywood

I was at The Abbey for lunch today with Gary Lane and Larry Lane of Dollywood to Hollywood fame and we chatted with David Cooley who owns the place which remains the hottest spot in West Hollywood.

It turns out David is planning to open a second restaurant and bar right around the corner at 8936 Santa Monica Boulevard in 10,000 square feet of retail space.

That part of the block has needed a buzz-worthy place for years and it sounds like this will be it.

A press release states that Cooley and his management team at The Abbey are developing a venue designed to compliment The Abbey. It will integrate a 3,000-square-foot patio overlooking Santa Monica Boulevard and a large terrace overlooking the West Hollywood Park.

“I’ve been looking for ways to expand on The Abbey’s success for a long time. Opportunities on Santa Monica Boulevard like this do not come along very often,” Cooley said in a statement. “With this project, we’ll use nearly 25 years of experience from The Abbey serving the West Hollywood community and add something new and exciting to the heart of Boystown.”

I. Can’t. Wait.

BTW, the handsome blond in the second photo with Gary and Larry is Chris who has just moved to SoCal from Cleveland, Ohio.

He was applying for a job at The Abbey and we are hoping he gets hired! He’s even gone to bartending school!

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