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Kathy Griffin rips into Sen. John McCain’s bigotry at the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell rally in Washington DC

A-LISTER ACTIVIST: I’m awfully glad to have Kathy Griffin on the side of LGBT equality.

She is a powerful straight ally who is unabashed in her support of same-sex marriage and the repeal of the military’s discriminatory Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. The star of My Life on the D-List went to the nation’s capitol this week to film an episode of her Emmy winning Bravo series built around a US Senate hearing on DADT.

The videos below are Kathy’s remarks at a DADT rally the next day. She gives us a good idea of just how loathsome Sen. John McCain can be:

“Before the election, I was one of those people who, even though I voted for Obama, I kind of respected McCain – until this morning. I was so disappointed and let down by this man that I thought at least was intelligent and had obviously served the military with honor, questioning the man and woman who stood before him and been dishonorably discharged. [He was] questioning them and accuses them of lying, exaggerating. …He was so condescending in his tone. He kept saying to them: “Wasn’t Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell a policy when you first joined the military? They said ‘Yes’ and he said: “Did you not understand it?” … The woman said, ‘I understood it but I wanted to serve so much that I knew I could serve anyway until I was kicked out.’”

Here is the entirety of her remarks at yesterday’s rally:

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Lunch Break Videos: See Joy Behar and Sigourney Weaver accept GLAAD Media Awards

[#1:2+JoyBehar.jpg]Joy Behar was funny and humble last Saturday when she accepted the GLAAD Media Awards: “I’d rather get this award than the Oscar,” she told the crowd. “You helped me so much in my career.” She looked back on her career as a schoolteacher in New York then being a receptionist at Good Morning America where she was eventually fired. So she became a a stand-up comic who gay crowds quickly embraced: “The gay community was so great and warm to me … They got all the jokes and I’ll forever be grateful to you for that.”

The classy and thoughtful Sigourney Weaver was nominated for the Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG award for her performance in Prayers for Bobby but each time lost out to either Jessica Lange or Drew Barrymore from Grey Gardens. So when she finally made it to the podium at the GLAAD Awards, she was ready to say something meaningful. At the end, she said directly to those in the audience: “I just want to say, I Love you. You are on the front lines fighting for our common humanity which is the glory of all ofus being who we are.”

And finally, the cast of Hair performs Let the Sunshine In led by the out and proud Gavin Greel. He then accepted a Special Recognition Award for the cast and producers’ support of LGBT equality. The cast and producers actively supported the National Equality March held in Washington D.C. in October of 2009. In the weeks leading up to the march, they re-staged the finale of the play to actively encourage audience members to attend the march for LGBT equality. Then, on the weekend of the march, the play went dark so the entire cast could attend and perform in Washington, D.C
Bonus Video Below: Meredith Vieria’s funny presentation to Behar who she referred to as her lesbian lover:

Anthony Geary of “General Hospital” finally confirms affair with Elizabeth Taylor 25-plus years ago Taylor caused quite a sensation in the early 80s when she did a multi-episode arc on General Hospital.

Her character of Helena Cassadine was the widow of a villainous man who tried to freeze the world but was foiled by Luke (Anthony Geary) and Laura (Genie Francis).

Reports surfaced at that time that Miss Taylor and Geary had become romantically involved but he denied it. Now, all these years later on an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, the multiple Emmy winner comes clean.

Wendy Williams: I remember when Liz Taylor entered the show and she’s always been fabulous. Were you friends with her in real life?

Anthony Geary: We were. I used to never talk about my relationship with Elizabeth Taylor because I’m a gentleman and don’t kiss and tell, but she did an interview a few years ago for Talk Magazine where she outed us as more than friends.

WW: Really?!

AG: Yeah, so I don’t mind telling that. I was sort of her boy toy for a couple of years.

WW: I love it.

AG: I don’t mind. A great story about her: at the time, I think it was 1983, and People Magazine did a cover story on me and they had a picture of me on the cover and the blurb there was ‘Anthony Geary looking for life after Luke… Admits his affair with Elizabeth Taylor was a hoax. ‘ I never said such a thing, I said, ‘No, we are just friends.’ So Elizabeth calls me and she says, ‘Tony? I hear you told People Magazine that we didn’t sleep together. That’s the worse thing that anyone has ever said about me. ‘


“I Love Lucy” Friday: Lucy Ricardo tries to impress Caroline Applebee by dancing with Van Johnson! has written a bunch of letters from Hollywood to her friend Caroline Applebee in New York bragging about all the movie stars she’s been hobnobbing with while Ricky is out in California making a movie.

The only problem is, it’s all a bit of an exaggeration.

So when Caroline shows up in Hollywood on her way to Hawaii, Lucy is desperate to come up with some movie stars so Caroline doesn’t blab all over New York that Lucy had been lying.

The redhead somehow convinces Van Johnson to let her do a dance routine with him during one of his rehearsals. When his regular partner gets sick, he asks Lucy to step in.

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Friday Morning Man: Matt Cavenaugh!

Actor Matt Cavenaugh attends a recording session for West Side Story at Clinton Studio on April 6, 2009 in New York City . (Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Sony Masterworks) *** Local Caption *** Matt Cavenaugh gorgeous stage, film, and television actor has a thriving career on Broadway most recently starring as Tony in West Side Story.

But that Broadway career got off to a disappointing start for Matt Cavenaugh who got the lead in the highly-anticipated musical Urban Cowboy which received terrible reviews and lasted for just 60 performances. But he rebounded beautifully with roles in Grey Gardens and A Catered Affair.

The 31-year-old actor has been acting since he was a child but still went to college and graduated from Ithaca College in 2001. Since then, he was in the national tour of Thoroughly Modern Millie has had roles in the daytime soaps As the World Turns and One Life to Live.

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Happy Birthday to Adam Levine! dreamy Maroon 5 frontman turns 31 years old today. That’s as good excuse as any to post some pics of the ridiculously handsome Adam Levine and to revisit some of his Big Gay Following interview from The Advocate a few years back:

Do guys ever hit on you?
Not outwardly. Not “Hey, you wanna make out?” It doesn’t happen to me. I don’t know why. But I never really pick up on when I’m hit on anyway—unless I’m into it, and then I just convince myself that they’re hitting on me.

So we shouldn’t expect a sequel to your first album, Songs About Jane, called Songs About Dick?
No, I’m not into dick. I wish I were. It would be so much easier. Because, you know, men have a certain camaraderie with each other that’s easygoing and kind of simple, when you think abou. Sometimes men and women clash mentally, although physically it works out.

If you were into guys, who would be your type?
Oh, there are beautiful men out there. Antonio Banderas is gorgeous. Well, maybe not so much anymore. He peaked around Desperado. I mean, every male secretly wants to have sex with Brad Pitt, but that’s a given.

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Nicholas Rodriguez: “I absolutely treasure my part in the creative process with Brett Claywell and Scott Evans”

The handsome and talented Nicholas Rodriguez, whose character of Nick was for a time part of a love triangle with Kyle and Fish on One Life to Live, spoke with Daytime Confidential about his castmates Brett Claywell and Scott Evans who have been abruptly written out of the ABC soap.

“I am so proud of them both for how they are handling this situation,” says Nicholas, who is currently in Washington D.C. performing in the musical Light in the Piazza. “I am truly proud of all our work together and the honesty and sincerity that came with these relationships. Not only was there an emphasis on professionalism and good acting, but there was always an obligation to present these gay men as honest, true, fully fleshed out human beings. I absolutely treasure my part in the creative process with Brett Claywell and Scott Evans. I have no doubt they will go on to do many more incredible things.”

Video: Justin kisses a boy on “Ugly Betty”

The One Where <i>Ugly Betty</i>'s Justin Kisses a BoyI’m already sad that Ugly Betty has been cancelled after four seasons. It just seems like such a premature end for a show that still has so much to offer.
Now I’m even more sad because on last night’s episode, Betty’s fabulous nephew Justin (Mark Indelicante) shared a sweet kiss with a boy! I guess Justin will have to grow up in our minds instead of on our television screens.
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Greg In [West] Hollywood meets Scott Evans!

Greg Hernandez and Scott Evans by you.What an unexpected treat! I was in West Hollywood last night attending the monthly Smoking Cocktail mixer at O Bar when I found out that One Life to Live star Scott Evans was across the street at Hamburger Mary’s for the Legendary Bingo event. I went over and said hello and we chatted for a few minutes.

Scott has been in LA this week having some meetings. He suddenly and shockingly finds himself an unemployed actor now that the soap has decided to write out his character of Officer Oliver Fish and his boyfriend Kyle Lewis (Brett Claywell).

The 25-year-old actor seemed upbeat about the future but the manner in which the situation was handed by the show and by ABC must be taking a toll: “It’s their loss,” he said.

He’s right about that. It’s an awfully big loss for the show and especially for the many fans of Scott and Brett.

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Neil Patrick Harris set to return as host of next month’s Academy of Magical Arts Awards in Hollywood

We all know by now that Neil Patrick Harris is the host with the most so who better to host next month’s awards show for The Academy of Magical Arts.

Neil is a longtime member of The Magic Castle in Hollywood and charmingly hosted last year’s show which, it turned out, was a nice warm up for his gigs hosting the TV Land Awards then the Tony Awards and finally, the Emmy Awards. A few weeks ago, he performed the opening number at the Oscars.

The magic awards celebrate the lavish world of mystery and illusion by gathering the top magicians from all over the world for one star-studded spectacular night. The night will include performances by Yo Kato, Ed Alonzo, John Calvert, Andrew Goldenhersh, Armando Lucero, Jeff Hobson, The Great Tomsoni & Co. and more.

The show will take place April 11 at Avalon Hollywood.


“American Idol” results show: Tim Urban survives bad week but Lacey Brown does not

Lacey Brown: First to be eliminated on American Idol.
Hey, I’m not saying Tim Urban’s acoustic reggae version of the Rolling Stones’ Under My Thumb was very good but I’m just not ready to say goodbye to this cutie pie American Idol contestant.
But Tim did land himself in the bottom three this week as the finalists were whittled down 11. The contestant with the lowest number of votes was Lacey Brown whose Ruby Tuesday was mostly panned by the judges.
Too bad for Lacey who I liked and was rooting for her to do well. As for Tim, he’s got to make every week like last week when he knocked it out of the park with Hallelujah.

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Thursday Morning Man: Sasha Roiz! the Battlestar Galactica spinoff Caprica, Sasha Roiz plays the role of Sam Adama.

Science fiction is not my favorite genre but Caprica intrigues me because the character of Sam is gay.

In an interview with Edge Boston he said of his Caprica character: “I didn’t perceive him as gay when I played him in the pilot but then it was explained to me that it wouldn’t effect it all that much because it’s a world without any kind of discrimination in regards to sexuality so I realized there was not a need to alter the performance at least in regards to that. It was just going to be an interesting statement and another layer to this character and an interesting statement about this society at large. To be honest, I really don’t dwell too much on him being straight or gay. I just am more excited by the fact that he’s a more stable, monogamous individual in a loving relationship. That affects the character much more than his sexual orientation. It doesn’t inform me all that much but I do love the statement it makes and I love the effect it casts on the viewers.”

The role on the Syfy series is the highest-profile job yet for the 36-year-old actor who has done guest spots on such popular television dramas as CSI: Miami, NCIS, The Mentalist, Lie to Me and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Sasha Roiz

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Brett Claywell interviews: “From now until the day I die I’ll be supportive of the [LGBT] movement.” Claywell has got to be one of the better actors in all of daytime. He’s managed to navigate dramatic changes written for his One Life to Live character of Kyle Lewis and made them believable.

He also made the audience care about him and about his relationship with Oliver Fish (Scott Evans). To have the character and the storyline written out of the show remains absolutely shocking and feel absolutely wrong.

Yesterday, I posted an excerpt from a Fancast interview with the actor where he responds to ridiculous rumors being floated by God knows who about his and Evans departures somehow being performance-related. Anyone who has watched the show knows that it ridiculous., here is more of Brett’s interview:

When did you find out you were being written off the show?

I was stopping by One Life To Live [last week] to drop off my Emmy reel and I found out the same day.

That’s some strange timing.

Yeah.  That’s some irony right there.  The next day the story broke on-line.

Were you surprised?

A little bit but slowly the story had been dwindling.  I really only filmed four or five days since New Year’s Eve.  They were obviously pulling back from our story.  I was surprised because I really felt like we had really made an impact.  But, at the end of the day, I also wasn’t surprised because I could see the writing on the wall.

Were you given a reason for being written off?

I think the reason that has come out is pretty much the reason I was given: we didn’t test well with their mainstream audience.

Do you think Kish was blamed for the show’s ratings drop?

I’m not going to accuse anybody or speak on things that I really don’t have knowledge of.  I feel like we did tell a really good story.  I feel like we brought a lot of new viewers to the show.  We have a very loyal fanbase but evidently the network and One Life To Live didn’t feel like we were contributing as much as we maybe thought we did.

Have you taped your final episode?

Yes.  The day the story broke was my last day on set.

Do you think there is any chance the show will bring you back, since Kish are not going to be killed off or sent out of town?

I think they intentionally left it open.  Whether or not it’s going to happen, I can’t predict the future.  But Scott and I would both love to work together again.  We filmed our last day together and we didn’t even know it was our last day together.  I feel like there’s still some closure [needed] both for the story and us working together.

What has the response to Kish’s departure been from your fans?

The fans are what made me so proud of what Scott and I did together.  Everybody used to say that I have no idea the type of impact we’re making.  I never really have paid too much attention to it. I do my work and that’s what I’m putting out for the world and hopefully it’s received well but it’s not my business how it’s received.  Now I kind of get an idea and it makes me very proud and appreciative of all the support we’re getting.  It makes me proud of the work we’ve done because we’ve showed we made a difference in people’s lives.  All the people that come up and speak to us, all the people that tell us their story or how our story related to theirs.  It’s been a beautiful journey to do work that means so much to so many.

Are you going to stay in touch with your fans? Soap fans are so supportive, they’ll be there for the rest of your life no matter what you’re future projects are.

I realized this week that we don’t have a fanbase.  We have an army.  I think I need to start making uniforms for them.  I couldn’t be more appreciative.

Brett has also done an interview with

A few excerpts:“Emotionally, it has beaten me up a little bit.  I’m okay. This isn’t my first job and it’s not my last. Every story has an end. As an actor, you understand that. … Scott found out through somebody tweeting him, and absolutely, that’s not the way he should’ve found out. It shouldn’t happen that way.

Scott and I were disappointed that we’d already filmed our last day together. That would’ve been nice to know. We were like, “We’re not even going to work together again.” That was the most upsetting part.”

Right on the heels of the news about the gay storyline being written out, “One Life to Live” won a GLAAD Award for Outstanding Daily Drama.

I think that’s what it was. I never heard it! We saw the trophy backstage and otherwise there was no mention of it during the ceremony. I don’t know if GLAAD is upset with “One Life to Live” — I didn’t get it. Scott and I presented! I felt like we had such a big impact in the LGBT community that we would’ve been recognized a little bit. I’m not upset that we weren’t, but I was a little surprised. I thought they would at least mention us because what we did was groundbreaking.

As a straight actor playing a very visible gay role, what was the response from your family and friends?

As much of an eye-opening, life-changing experience as it was for me, it was also that for the people that surround me, that have known me for years. I’m from North Carolina, my dad’s from Kentucky. The society that exists and the thinking that exists — not within my family at all, but in the South — is very narrow-minded. It’s ignorance in the purest definition of the word that runs through a lot of these places in the world. It’s not a lack of compassion; it’s just a lack of knowledge.

Are you going to keep up your advocacy work?

Absolutely. I became a part of something bigger than myself, and from now until the day I die I’ll be supportive of the movement. For the rest of my life, not just for the gay community, I will do everything I can in every way I can for those who are suffering injustices. I do believe that this is one of the huge injustices. Until we as a nation recognize that all men are created equal, the words that we’re founded on, I’m going to fight.


“Glee” star Matthew Morrison was not happy about having to assert his heterosexuality in Elle interview, Matthew Morrison is a Broadway veteran who grew up singing and dancing but that doesn’t mean that he’s gay.

Still, the handsome Glee star did not feel the need to clarify that he is straight until he was pretty much cornered by a writer late last year during an interview for Elle magazine.

“That was, like, the worst interview I’ve ever done, and it kind of turned me off from doing interviews completely, because that guy was such a d**k,” Morrison reveals to Zap2it. “It just turned into like a verbal sparring match and I was trying to be polite to him, but just right off the bat he came out with all these crazy accusations and stuff. So I was like, ‘Ok, buddy… .’  I was completely caught off-guard.”

Here is the exchange from that interview:

Elle: So, Matt, you’re a musical theater star who’s been interviewed by The Advocate and much discussed on, and you star in Glee, a program that’s referred to as “the gayest show on TV.” You must feel particularly proud being the first gay man to grace this page.
Morrison: I’m not gay.

Elle: I had indeed read in various places that you’re straight, but in light of the circumstantial evidence, I wasn’t sure.
Morrison: I grew up singing and dancing, so people have been calling me gay since fifth grade. I’ve heard everything you could possibly hear about it. But I do love gay people, so I’m not going to act like I was insulted or angry about it.

Previous posts:

Glee star Matthew Morrison: “I’m not gay.” and My chat with Glee leading man Matthew Morrison

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Daytime Soap Clip: The sexual tension between Luke and Dr. Reid Oliver reaches a new level

Getting to Know <i>As the World Turns</i>' Dr. Oliver

Luke Snyder is supposed to be running his bio-dad’s big corporation but instead, he seems to be lurking around Oakdale running into Dr. Reid Oliver. Not that I mind!

Luke runs into Reid at the hotel where everyone seems to live or meet etc. and tries to intervene when Reid gets the crap kicked out of him by a man who accuses the doctor of killing his daughter.

Later, Reid shows up at Luke’s house and asks him to forget about what he saw. Luke agrees then it comes out that he and Noah have broken up. Reid does not offer Luke any condolences:

“Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. You barely gave that guy room to breathe,” the hot doc said. “He felt like he had to take care of you most of the time. Your guilt overwhelmed him. … I don’t know what took him so long to put himself first.”

Luke is irate and says: “This was MY decision. I ended this relationship. Now get out of my house!” Luke starts to forcibly push Reid toward the door and he advises advises Luke “to take a bug step back.”

We can see from the close-ups that their attraction to each other is palpable.

Let’s see where this leads. I’ve learned not to get my hopes up with this or any other daytime soap when it comes to gay characters.

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Sondheim feted by Bernadette Peters, Patti LuPone, Elaine Stritch and more at 80th birthday concert

The great Stephen Sondheim was clearly moved by Monday’s birthday concert with the New York Philharmonic celebrating his birthday.

An impressive group of Tony winners who have headlined various Sondheim shows performed including Bernadette Peters, Patti LuPone, Elaine Stritch, Audra MacDonald and Mandy Patinkin, among others.

The man is responsible for such classic shows as A Little Night Music, Sweeney Todd, Follies, Company, and Sunday in the Park With George just to name a handful. He turns 80 years old on March 22.

With tears in his eyes, Sondheim acknowledged the thunderous applause at the end of the concert and said: “Alice Longworth Roosevelt said, ‘First you’re young, then you’re middle-aged, then you’re wonderful.’ This was wonderful — thank you all.”

To see a wonderful collection of photos from the event, go to Here is a LINK to a New York Times review of the concert.

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Classic Movie Wednesday: Robert Redford and Jane Fonda are newlyweds in “Barefoot in the Park” year was 1967 and Jane Fonda and Robert Redford were two young and appealing stars still in the early days of their legendary film careers.

Redford, the future Academy Award winning director and founder of the Sundance Film Festival, reprised his Broadway role of young newlywed Paul in the film version of Neil Simon’s 1963 play Barefoot in the Park.

Meanwhile, future two-time Oscar winner, political activist and workout queen Fonda landed the role of his wife Corie (Natalie Wood turned the down the role originated by Elizabeth Ashley on Broadway).

In this scene, Corie’s mom (and Oscar-nominated Mildred Natwick) pays a surprise visit to the couple’s sixth-floor walk-up where they have just moved in and have yet to decorate with so much as a stick of furniture.

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Bryan Batt on “Mad Men” and being out in Hollywood: “If you are openly gay, the masses can be asses.”

Bryan Batt hasn’t just been sitting around since his character of Salvatore Romano was written out of Mad Men last season. The multi-talented actor just finished shooting a guest role on the final two episodes of ABC’s Ugly Betty which ends its four-year run in May.

But he’d love to return to the AMC series – season 3 comes out on DVD next week – and the role of the closeted gay art director at the Sterling Cooper ad agency in the early 1960s. Sal was fired last season after he rebuffed the advances of a make client whose account is worth $25 million to the company.

“Sal could have prevented that by taking one for the team but I don’t think Sal was ready for that,” Batt said in an interview with Huffington Post. “The guy was kind of creepy and drunk and it was seedy how it happened. What it boils down to is he’s not going to do anything that jeopardizes his position at Sterling Cooper, but when he tried to do the right thing, he was screwed. In one way.”

Sal’s last scene had him calling his wife from a phone booth in a tawdry corner of Central Park, looking ready to go get screwed in quite another way.

“I’m just praying that the last time we saw him at the phone booth, that he doesn’t end up on a ramble for the rest of his life,” Bryan said. “But that was one of the options of the time, unfortunately.”

The Broadway veteran has a memoir out in May and would be happy to return to the Emmy-winning series: “I’d be on a plane in a second! Are you kidding me? In a nanosecond, with the slicked hair and ready to go.”

Whatever happens, Bryan has no regrets about being honest about his sexuality.

Still,  he understands why many actors choose not to be: “If you are openly gay, the masses can be asses and sometimes can’t get past the fact that that’s how someone lives their private life. Some actors have to make a choice. If they have the opportunity to become these huge megastars, making millions and millions of dollars and have to live a lie, that’s a choice they have to make. Not that I would ever be a big star, but I just had to live my life the way I saw fit.”


Wednesday Morning Man: David Wright!

[wright_muscles.jpg]The New York Mets third baseman is a four-time National League All Star and has some great guns!

David Wright is 27 years old and was drafted by the Mets way back in 2001 and decided to play pro ball rather than attend Georgia Tech where he has signed a letter of intent.

It’s been year after year of success since being brought up to the majors in 2004 but had a bit of a disappointing season in 2009 and f0r the first time was put on the disabled list. He recently arrived to spring training heavier than he has in previous seasons, adding more muscle to his body.

Lookin’ good!

The handsome baseball star seems like a good guy – He’s developed a reputation for arriving very early to the park for games and being uncommonly accommodating with fans and reporters.

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Betty White’s hot streak continues: 88-year-old dynamo to star in new TV Land series! you think that Betty White’s first series Life With Elizabeth was in the 1950s, this news is all the more remarkable: Betty has just signed on for the new sitcom Hot In Cleveland which will premiere on TV Land in June!

The Golden Girls legend, also known for her Emmy-winning role on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, takes on the role of  snarky but lovable Elka Ostrovsky, property caretaker of the home inhabited by co-stars – Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick.

The trio end up at the house after their plane headed to Paris makes an emergency landing in Cleveland and they decide to stay. The show has been picked up for ten episodes and is the network’s first venture into scripted comedy series.

TV Land President Larry W. Jones said: “The talented Betty White is the finishing touch to this outstanding sitcom ensemble. Betty’s illustrious career spans more than 60 years and makes her one of Hollywood’s most iconic and sought after actresses in television today. Her lively role as Elka in Hot in Cleveland is what viewers love to see from her – an amazing sense of timing and fantastic comedy genius. We are confident audiences will love her in this project, TV Land’s first foray into scripted television.”

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