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Video: See Katie Couric’s terrific, in-depth interview with “Glee” star Jane Lynch


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CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric and Glee star Jane Lynch have the most terrific interview that I think you will really enjoy. It’s a real treat to see two intelligent and dynamic sitting down together and having a conversation. I love Katie’s preparation for this interview. She’s clearly watched Glee, describing Sue Sylvester as “a beeyotch on wheels.”

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American Idol Recap: Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox soar in semis while Casey James faces elimination

idol-top-3Might as well say this up front: When Lee DeWyze was performing Hallelujah on last night’s American Idol, I got choked up. It’s such a beautiful song and he just sang it so wonderfully.

He not only assured himself a place in next week’s finals, I think he is now heavily favored to win.

Lee needed to be that good because Crystal Bowersox had just finished a sensational performance of Paul McCartney’s Maybe I’m Amazed that really was one of her best yet and she looked so great in black boots and a sexy outfit.

It will be a joy to watch these two fine singers and future recording stars face-off next week.  The audience will be the winners no matter who wins.

Both of those numbers were their second of the night and their first efforts were also outstanding with Lee opening with Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s Simple Man and Crystal singing the Melissa Etheridge hit Come to My Window.

No, I have not forgotten that Casey James also performed. He’s a terrific singer and he’s damned sexy but good God, his song choices have been so bad in the later rounds that he is fortunate to have even made it to the top three and will most certainly be voted off tonight.

Casey opened the show and had the opportunity to wow us. He chose Eric Hutchinson‘s Ok, It’s Alright with Me and was solid, as he always is, but it was not memorable. The judges rightfully criticized him for not picking a tune that would have allowed him to seize the moment.

His second song was better as it was chosen by judges Randy and Kara: John Mayer‘s Daughters. Casey excels at this kind of ballad but the song, by nature, is not a bring-the-house-down kind of tune. So Simon and Ellen served their contestants better by choosing Hallelujah and Maybe I’m Amazed, respectively.

Here are some of the performances from last night:


Video: See Adam Lambert visit Ellen! Lambert is everywhere these days and I love it!

He tells Ellen DeGeneres in an interview airing today that he is “having a blast” with his post-Idol career.

Ellen is mighty impressed with the lad: “You’re in a league of your own. You have such great talent and charisma on stage.”

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“Will & Grace” Wednesday: Jack meets Cher! (Sean Hayes) does a better Cher than Cher as you can see in this classic scene.

This showdown is just hilarious. Jack thinks Cher is a drag queen trying to impersonate the superstar and they go back and forth until a frustrated Cher finally just slaps Jack and says: “Snap out of it!”


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“Promises, Promises” producers blast Newsweek writer for article on out actors playing straight

More reaction to Ramin Setoodeh’s controversial Newsweek article in which he implies it’s impossible for openly gay actors to be believable as straight characters – including Tony nominee Sean Hayes in his current role opposite Kristen Chenoweth in Promises, Promises.

Neil Meron and Craig Zadan, producers of the hit musical and such films as Hairspray and Chicago, have spoken out to The Advocate about the article.

“Ramin Setoodeh’s Newsweek article is so obviously self loathing that one can only pity the myopic world he lives in,” said Meron. “We share our friend Kristin Chenoweth’s outrage and can only marvel at the wonderful, true and yes, sexy relationship that she and Sean Hayes have on stage every night in Promises, Promises on Broadway.”

Added Zadan: “I think what’s most frightening is the continuing disappearance of the already thin line between pedestrian blogging and authentic journalism. In this instance, Newsweek has published (and inadequately defended) a blog by a self-loathing gay man who is not only wildly off-base, but who has simultaneously done his best to help slam the closet door permanently for the many actors who were contemplating coming out. I am proud of both Sean Hayes, who is a superb actor who can play any number of roles — straight or gay — and of his co-star Kristin Chenoweth, an equally gifted actor, who, without hesitation, had the mettle to rebut the author’s specious assertions.”

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Christina Aguilera is the new OUT cover girl!

On her upcoming album Bionic, Christina Aguilera’s single Not Myself Tonight which includes the line “I’m kissing all the boys and all the girls.”

Aguilera explains in the new Out Magazine cover story: “I don’t get to kiss all the girls and the boys, but my husband knows that I get into girls. I think it’s fun to be open and play.”

Nevertheless, Aguilera knows what this girl wants. “I don’t think I could ever really be with a woman because that’s a lot of…” Aguilera pauses. “Yeah, there’s a lot of estrogen and I’m a lot to deal with when it’s that time of the month, so I can’t imagine it times two.” She then shakes her head and adds, “And you know, I love dick. To be honest, that I cannot live without.”

Well, the girl knows what she likes!


Wednesday Morning Man: Justin Hartley! Hartley arrived on my radar screen just this week after making the AfterElton Hot 100.

Readers have excellent taste!

Justin, 33, was best known for his role of Fox Crane on the NBC soap Passions until he landed on the CW’s Smallville as Oliver Queen and his alter-ego Green Arrow. That role came along for Justin after the network ended up passing on a pilot that had him playing Aquaman.

He’s also had roles in various films including the indie flick Race You to the Bottom and the very funny comedy Spring Breakdown which inexplicably was never released in theaters but is on DVD.

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Not a good few days for Wanda Sykes: Her talk show already axed, CBS cancels “Old Christine”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wanda.jpgThis is really a shock: CBS has canceled the brilliant comedy New Adventures of Old Christine, a show with plenty of life left in it after five seasons.

It’s one of the best comedies on television and features a female friendships that ranks right up there with Lucy and Ethel or Mary and Rhoda.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Wanda Sykes play Christine and Barb and even got married so Barb wouldn’t be deported! Now that’s friendship! reports that there is a realistic chance that ABC might pick up the show and I sincerely hope it does because this just feels completely wrong.

Poor Wanda. It was just last week that she learned Fox was not renewing her weekly late-night show.

Whatever happens, Wanda will have more offers than she knows what to do with an can do TV, movies or perform live. But as a new mom of twins, the TV schedule seems to be what works best for her at this time in her life.

What do you think of Matthew Morrison’s stubble?

I know this is a really silly post but could not resist.

Glee star Matthew Morrison showed up at yesterday’s Fox event where the fall line-up was unveiled for advertisers with a few day’s growth on his gorgeous face.

TV’s Will Schuester is usually quite clean-shaven.

What’s the verdict?

I like it!


Queen Elizabeth will finally return to Wimbledon Majesty Queen Elizabeth, who has not attended Wimbledon since 1977, will at last return to the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament which takes place at The All England Club.

The queen has been a no-show since the year she presented British player Virginia Wade with the women’s trophy 33 years ago. It was the last time one of her subjects – male or female – took the title. No British man has won the tournament since Fred Perry back in 1936! United Kingdom actually has a realistic chance of crowning a men’s champion if fourth-ranked Andy Murray finally lives up to expectations. He made the semifinals last year and was runner-up to Roger Federer at this year’s Australian Open and at the 2008 US Open.

I think it’s got the makings of a fairy tale script and I’m going to predict right now that Murray will win the title. He’ll probably have to get by six-time champion Roger Federer and possibly 2008 winner Rafael Nadal but I just have a feeling about this.

It’s not easy for British stars at Wimbledon because in addition to having to deal with the competition, they are also carrying the hopes of an entire nation on their shoulders. Murray has wilted to this pressure in the past but last year he was simply outplayed by Andy Roddick in the semifinals.

Retired star Tim Henman made the semis four times between 1998 and 2002 and each time he won or lost, it was front page news.


Jane Lynch on her upcoming nuptials: “I’m looking forward to spending every day with this woman” happy for Jane Lynch.

She’s not only enjoying the role of a lifetime as Sue Sylvester on Glee but is experiencing the love of a lifetime with fiancee Lara Embry.

“It’s a great and wonderful thing at the tender age of 49 to have finally found somebody that I want to be with,” Jane told PEOPLE this week. “I’m so lucky. … “I’m looking forward to spending every day with this woman all the time, and we’re making that happen.”

Even though Jane’s singing has been a highlight of the last two episodes of Glee (first Madonna’s Vogue followed by Olivia Newton-John’s Physical) she isn’t planning to be the entertainment at the wedding: “I will not be singing and don’t expect any track suits at my wedding.”

So how is Jane like her TV alter-ego?

“I can be aggressive like her. One of the things Sue Sylvester is – she’s a warrior,” she said. “She’s always looking for a fight, and I go through stuff like that. With the wedding plans and even when I got to my hotel here in New York, I was looking for everything to be wrong and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m doing my Sue Sylvester.’ “


Red-hot Neil Patrick Harris tops the AfterElton Hot 100 list for second year; Scott Evans in second place’s annual Hot 100 list is out and Neil Patrick Harris is once again at the head of the class.

Readers cast their votes in recent weeks and the results are a list comprised of male actors, musicians, athletes, and other prominent celebrities.

The AfterElton Hot 100 began in 2007 in response to Maxim’s Hot 100 and allows gay and bisexual men to pick the celebrities they believe to be the most attractive, regardless of sexual orientation.

This year’s Hot 100 features 26 openly gay or bisexual men including second-place Scott Evans as well as John Barrowman, Adam Lambert, Michael Urie, Cheyenne Jackson, Ricky Martin, Luke Macfarlane, Chris Colfer, Jonothan Groff, Chad Allen, Wilson Cruz, Gavin Greel, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, David Burtka, Nick Adams, Dustin Lance Black, Randy Harrison, Tom Ford, Gareth Thomas, Matthew Mitcham, Darryl Stephens, and Robert Gant.

Here is NPH’s reaction to his latest honor: “Holy Pete, a repeat!?!Thanks for the votes, gentlemen.  I don’t quite know how to respond  - it’s always fun to be on the top of a pile of hot dudes?  No, umm - it IS a lot more enjoyable the second time you do it?  No, no.  How about – I’ve always fantasized having these 99 guys behind me?  Truly, though, the fact that David and I both made this list means a lot.  Mainly, it means that there will be some enthusiastic role playing tonight.  So thanks for that.” Cooper, the hard-working CNN anchor and 60 Minutes correspondent, doesn’t discuss his sexuality publicly but he did have this reaction to making the list: “I was very humbled and flattered to be number 11 on your list, until I was reminded I was number 9 on it two years ago. Is it my wattle, or the bags under my eyes? Despite my rapid decline, thank you very much. My trainer is also very thankful, because you have just guaranteed his employment for the coming year.”

Other highlights:– The three actors at the center of the As the World Turns gay love triangle all finished high on the list: Van Hansis, Jake Silbermann and Eric Sheffer Stevens while Brett Claywell who played Kyle on One Life to Live made the cut.

– Movie star Chris Evans has to settle for finishing in 10th place, nine spots behind brother Scott!

– Four Glee stars are included: Colfer, Groff as well as Matthew Morrison and Cory Monteith.

Queer as Folk stars are still special to readers with Gant, Randy Harrison and Gale Harold all ranking high.

– A-List movie stars are sprinkled throughout: Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, George Clooney, Daniel Craig, Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Colin Farrell, Gerard Butler (pictured).


Cybill Sheperd, Lee Daniels to be honored at GLAAD Awards in San Francisco; Chely Wright to perform, GLAAD announced honorees and special guests for the final event of the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards which will be held in San Francisco on June 5, 2010.

Cybill Shepherd will receive the Golden Gate Award from her daughter, out actress Clementine Ford.

The award is presented to media professionals who, through their work, have increased the visibility and understanding of the LGBT community. In addition to being an actress, musician, author, producer and model, Shepard has also been a vocal advocate of LGBT equality.

In the final three seasons of the Showtime original series The L Word, Shepherd starred as Phyllis Kroll, a married woman who comes out as a lesbian, divorces her husband, and falls in love with her divorce attorney (played by Jane Lynch).

The star of such films as The Last Picture Show and Heartbreak Kid and the hit TV series Moonlighting and Cybill has long been an advocate for marriage equality and same-sex parental rights for decades, marching and speaking at the 1993 March on Washington and appearing on the cover of The Advocate to discuss her reaction to the march.

Sheperd’s daughter Clementine Ford is an openly gay actress who currently portrays Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Browning on The Young & the Restless and Shepherd is ardently supportive of her daughter. Previous recipients include Megan Mullally, Jennifer Beals, Stockard Channing, Jennifer Tilly, James Schamus, and Brooke Shields. Oscar-nominated director of Precious, Lee Daniels, will receive the Davidson/Valentini Award which is presented to an openly LGBT media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting equal rights for our community.

This year Daniels became the first openly gay African American man to be nominated for Achievement in Directing at the Academy Awards® for Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire. Daniels also served as Producer of the film which was nominated for Outstanding Film -Wide Release at the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards for its inclusion of the character “Ms. Rain,” an out lesbian teacher. Daniels also directed Shadowboxer, and produced The Woodsman and Monster’s Ball.

The Davidson/Valentini Award is named after Craig Davidson, GLAAD’s first executive director, and his partner Michael Valentini. Previous recipients include Chad Allen, Ilene Chaiken, Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman, Alec Mapa, Robert Gant, B.D. Wong, and Sandra Bernhard.

Newly out country music singer Chely Wright will perform at the show. She has been widely seen in recent weeks promoting her autobiography and new album. Sam Sparro will also perform.

The San Francisco awards show is shaping up to be quite star studded. The recipient for Outstanding Music Artist will be announced with Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert among nominees. Bruce Vilanch will host.


Neil Patrick Harris on “Glee” tonight!’t you just giddy with anticipation?

I know I am!

Neil Patrick Harris guest stars on tonight’s episode of Glee. He will play Bryan Ryan, a high school glee club nemesis of Will’s (Matthew Morrison) who resurfaces as a board member at William McKinley High School.

Flashback scenes will show Bryan (in a very unfortunate mullet)  picking up girls and getting all the cool solos while Will sits off in the sidelines.

The stage for a present-day rematch is set when Harris’ character announces his intent to cut the arts programs at the school.

Show choir ruined his life, made him feel he could be a star, but all he could do is book Carnival cruises. Now he wants vengeance.

Check out the preview!

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Knots Landing Tuesday: All About Joan Van Ark!

Love the ladies of Knots Landing,a formidable group that included memorable characters played by Michelle Lee, Donna Mills, Julie Harris, Lisa Hartman, Constance McCashin, Michelle Phillips, Nicolette Sheridan and even, for awhile, Ava Gardner, among others.

Then there was my favorite one of all: Joan Van Ark who played Valene Ewing.

Val loved Gary Ewing (Ted Shackelford) so very much and that was not always easy since he was an alcoholic and cheated on her. But they always found their way back to each other.

Apart from her love for Gary, Valene/Joan was the emotional core of the series with her tight friendship with Karen (Lee), her complicated relationship with mother Lillie Mae (Harris) and her marriage to Ben Gibson (Doug Sheehan). Val was also married for a time to some dude named Danny but I’m kinda fuzzy on that one – I think I blocked it out!

“She was one sandwich short of a picnic,” Joan told me when I interviewed her a few years ago. “The more problems, the better off Valene was.”

It was fun to gab a bit about the show that many people think was a bit of a precursor to Desperate Housewives.

“We were ahead of our time in a way,” Joan said of Knots. “Enough time has passed that, heaven knows, a lot of people might not be familiar with ‘Knots.’”

Joan keeps in touch with Ted Shackelford, Michelle Lee and the great stage star Julie Harris who played her mother.

“I send her goodies in the mail,” she said of Harris. “Julie is the love of my life, We were family, No way it could have lasted 14 years without that true love.  went on to be a regular on The Young and the Restless where Joan herself appeared for more than a year. But the rigors of a daily soap were not for her: “It was a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there. Ted is loving it.”

When we chatted, Joan was promoting an episode of Nip/Tuck that also featured her “Knots” nemesis Donna Mills who played the scheming and ambitious Abby. They are both women of a certain who undergo various cosmetic procedures.

“We each had a surgery with Julian McMahon,” Joan reveals. “We were all in bed with him. It’s so un-Valene, barely any clothes on bouncing around with Dr. Christian.”

“I love anything for women who are past 40 and they’re still hot,” she said. “Now, we are redefining all of it. It doesn’t mean you become Mrs, Sees on the box of candy, grandma on the porch knitting and going into the kitchen to bake cookies. You don’t have to put on a warm up suit and take long walks in the woods.”

Why do that when you can be a “cougar,” an older woman who is still attractive who dates younger men.

“What I’ve always done is basically goody two shoes,” Joan said. “Abby (Mills) was the cougar.”

She had so much fun playing one on the FX series that she even has an idea for a series that could be called something like “Beverly Hills Cougar Club.”

“It could have Jaclyn Smith, Victoria Principal, Cheryl Ladd, You could go on and on with all of us divas and have this club. We’d all be cougars living in Beverly Hills which means glamour. We’d be chasing the younger guys and having the younger guys chase us.”

Somebody’s got to get that show off the ground – or at least make a TV movie!

Here are some very memorable Val scenes for your enjoyment:

Martina Navratilova’s busy life: Senior doubles in Paris, TV commentating, and radiation therapy for cancer Navratilova has long been an inspiration for her on-court prowess and off-court courage.

The 53-year-old tennis legend is currently radiation therapy for breast cancer but that is not going to stop her from playing in a senior doubles tournament during the French Open and work as a commentator for The Tennis Channel. The tournament begins on Sunday.

Navratilova told reporters on Monday that she is in her second week of treatments after being diagnosed this year with a noninvasive form of breast cancer and having a lumpectomy in March. She went public with her illness last month.

“So far, so good,” she said.

Paris was very good to Martina during her career as a full-time pro. She won the singles title in 1982 and 1984 (pictured below) but a fourth-round loss in 1983 to Kathy Horvath prevented her from achieving an undefeated season. She also lost hard-fought three-set finals to Steffi Graf in 1987 and to Chris Evert in 1975, 1985 and 1986.

Martina has been practicing at Roland Garros, site of the French Open, with doubles partner Jana Novotna ahead of the four-team mini-tournament they’ll participate in during the second week of the French Open.

I wouldn’t bet against her!

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Tuesday Morning Man: Nando del Castillo!

The New York Times described Nando Del Castillo as resembling “a young Peter Gallagher.”

The words I use to describe him are hot! Hot! Hot!

Nando is currently starring in the film Shutterbug which is currently playing an engagement at Regal’s University Town Center 6 Cinema in Irvine.

Shutterbug tells the story of Alex (del Castillo), a photographer who is frustrated with life and tired of meaningless fashion shoots. As he sets off to shoot his own creative work, he stumbles upon a mystery.  While shooting the sunrise one morning, he looks into the sun and hurts his eyes. He starts seeing spots and blurs. When the blurs turn into a face, the film takes a supernatural twist. Alex journeys through various circles of hell (it’s Brooklyn by night!), following a muse and confronting an array of colorful characters who in turn aid, abet, tempt and threaten him.
Nando’s previous films include Kalipolis, Judith and House of the Insect.
Here is the film’s trailer:

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Kenneth in the 212 gets close look at the stars of “Sex and the City”’m damned jealous that my pal Kenneth Walsh, who does the fabulous Kennethinthe212 blog, has not only already seen Sex and the City 2, but also attended an intimate press event over the weekend for the film.

He can’t yet post a review of the film but he can tell us how each of the fab four looked up close and personal in his post Kenneth in the City: Everyone was delightful — Cynthia Nixon is poised and thoughtful, and looks the freshest in person, Kim Cattrall is funny and smart and looks better in person, Kristin Davis is exactly how you’d expect her to be (REALLY sweet and really pretty) and Sarah Jessica Parker lays the style — and the makeup — on thick, but even that can’t conceal her genuineness.

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Etheridge says her songs not gay enough for “Glee”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,etheridge29.jpgThe newly single Melissa Etheridge is out promoting her new album, Fearless Love, and chatted with PopEater about a host of topics.

I’ve pulled out a few that I found of particular interest:

Did you separate from Tammy [Lynn Michaels] before writing this album?
It was written before we actually physically separated, but you know, breakups just don’t happen overnight.

It must suck having the album and the separation emerge at the same time. Do you wish the timing was different?
[Laughs] Absolutely! When I saw these things were about to collide for a while there I thought, I don’t want this to come up on top of the album, and then I started doing interviews and they’re like, “You’re such a family girl, your marriage is great, what’s the key to a great marriage?” and I was like, “Oh, I can’t sit here and lie.” But I would have definitely made the timing different.

Have you been accused of not being gay enough?
Oh sure. I’ve had the gay community say, “Why don’t you write a song saying ‘her’? Your lyrics are non-gender.” They’re never happy. And the straight folks, they just assume the lyrics are about a woman, and they assume that if they go to a concert it’s going to be all gay people. There are stereotypes we all have. But there’s no us and them. Good God, we’re all the same.

Have you ever been approached to have your songs on ‘Glee?’
No, I don’t think they’re gay enough. [Laughs]

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Video: Whoopi Goldberg updates viewers on how Barbara Walters is doing after heart surgery lot of us have been watching Barbara Walters on television all of our lives and I know I’d like to watch her for awhile longer.

So it’s nice to hear that the 80-year-old legendary newswoman is recovering nicely from heart surgery that took place last week – a few days after she announced on the air that she would be undergoing a procedure to have a heart valve replaced.

Whoopi Goldberg (pictured with Barbara and singer Justin Bieber) told viewers this morning that Barbara wanted to thank everyone for their good wishes: “She’s very touched and appreciative. The surgery went well and her doctors are very pleased with the outcome. She’s recovering as expected.”

Barbara has not only received tons of cards, emails, presents etc from family, friends and fans, she’s also heard from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, among others.

She is not yet having visitors.