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“Designing Women” Thursday: When Gerald McRaney guested as Dash Goff and met wife Delta Burke all of the much-married Suzanne Sugarbaker’s ex husbands, she seemed to still have a soft spot for writer Dash Goff.

And who could blame here?

He was good looking, smart and had this way with words that could sweep anyone off their feet.

We first met Dash during season two of Designing Women when he he is suffering from writers block and drops in on Suzanne, Julia, Mary Jo and Charlene.

I love this episode because there is a lot of reading of beautiful words. What makes it all the more special is it served as an introduction for Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney who fell madly in love more than 20 years ago and remain married to this day.

“That’s the one where we got together so that’s a very important role for me,” Gerald told me when we spoke at a recent Hollywood event.

I asked if he was as smooth with the words as Dash Goff.

“Well, sometimes I do,” he admitted. “Being Southern myself, we do tend to get a little flowery.”

When I told him that I am huge Delta Burke fan. He said: “I am too so we have something in common.”

Gerald appeared on one more episodes of Designing Women as Dash. It was the classic Reservations for Eight episode when the women and their men get snowed in at a vacation cabin and engage in a ferocious battle of the sexes debate.

Then he stepped into Dash’s shoes one last time in 1995. Although Delta had been famously fired from the show after season 5 (the series never recovered but did go on for two more seasons), she and creator Linda Bloodwoth Thomason resolved their differences and revived the character of Suzanne in the CBS series Women of the House. It lasted less than one season.

Gerald is a busy man this television season being regular on NBC’s Undercovers and has a recurring role on Facing Kate on USA network. How does he juggle it all?

“It’s feast or famine in this business,” he said. “What’s happened thus far is I’ve gone up to Canada twice to do Facing Kate and it just didn’t conflict, we hadn’t started yet on Undercovers. We’re going to see how things work during the season and see if I can see if I can get up and do some more Facing Kate because I love doing it.”

A series lead on Simon and Simon, Major Dad and Promised Land, Gerald is happy to have a supporting role this time around: “I much prefer this, especially at my age. Let those young kids do the heavy carrying.”

“Survivor: Nicaragua” gets blurry!

Of course I checked out the season premiere of Survivor last night to see which hunky guys I could highlight for Greg In Hollywood readers!

There’s Chase Rice, Tyrone Davis and Shannon Elkins who immediately got my attention.

The show takes place in Nicaragua this season and has been divided into “older” and “younger” groups sand among the oldster is legendary NFL coach Jimmy Johnson who is 67! The Espada Tribe is made up of individuals over the age of 40, and the La Flor Tribe consists of those age 30 and younger.

Espadas Chase and Rice became instant allies and buddies which meant they walked around a lot together shirtless and wearing what looked like boxer brief underwear that were so tight that their crotches were sometimes blurred!

Can you imagine being the person in the editing room of Survivor in charge of “crotch blurring”?

Shannon (pictured at the bottom of this post) is a real dreamboat but also revealed himself to be sexist during a chat with the even hunkier Chase: “It’s important that we don’t let these girls take over. I mean, we already get owned in marriage. Pretty soon we’ll have a woman president.”

I initially felt bad that the older tribe had targeted Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff to be voted off because we had not heard much from her and had to reason to be glad she was going. But then she opened her mouth during tribal council to state her case and would not shut up. She rambled on and on in a way that was so annoying that I wanted to reach into my TV set and extinguish her flame myself!

I’m not sure if I’ll watch Survivor regularly this season (it has a new Wednesday night time slot) but I will probably check in just to see how everyone is doing.


Mop top “Big Brother” winner Hayden Moss sure is hunky but I really want to give him a haircut! Moss won CBS’s Big Brother show last night and pocketed $500,000 for doing so.

“It makes me think I can do anything,” he said during last night’s telecast.

I’m figuring at least $30 of that can pay for a decent haircut for the 24-year-old college student!

I watched exactly two episodes of the show this summer, one during the first or second week (I can’t remember which) and last night’s finale.

Thanks to a nice season-long recap at the beginning of the finale, I felt completely caught up so was able top enjoy the battle for final head of household, the final eviction, the jury deliberations, the interviews and the vote.

And through it all, I was transfixed by Hayden’s hair! It’s such a throwback to the 70s and I oughta know because I had similar hair way back then (Oh, how I miss my hair).

Hayden, nicknamed “The Animal,” did not lack confidence and won several head of household competition. But what gave him an edge was being part of a secret “Brigade” alliance of four (and later three) that gave them control of votes because they all had “side alliances” with unsuspecting fellow houseguests.

“I have no clue what’s going on in the outside world, but I’m happy,” he told after being crowned the winner. “I just won half a million dollars – what more can I ask for?”
'Big Brother 12' winner Hayden Moss will help his sister pay off  her student loan with his $500,000 cash prize.


Happy 86th Birthday to Lauren Bacall! Bacall, the big screen icon who burst onto the scene in 1944′s To Have and Have Not opposite Humphrey Bogart and is still making movies 66 years later, turns 86 today!

It was a year ago that Miss Bacall received a well-deserved Honorary Oscar for her remarkable film career in which she starred in three more films (Key Largo, The Big Sleep and Dark Passage) with Bogart, her late husband as well as such well-known films as How to Marry a Millionaire, Designing Woman, Written on the Wind, Young Man With a Horn, Blood Alley, Harper, Murder on the Orient Express, The Shootist, The Fan and 1996′s The Mirror Has Two Faces for which she was nominated for an Oscar.

More recent films have been The Walker, These Foolish Things, Dogville, Manderlay and Birth.

When Hollywood had few good roles for her in the 60s and early 70s, Miss Bacall turned to the Broadway stage and starred in Goodbye Charlie followed by the smash hit Cactus Flower which ran for two years to sold-out audiences.

Then came her greatest stage triumph of all: Applause, the musical version of All About Eve. It won Bacall the Tony Award and she stayed with the show for nearly five years as it ran on Broadway and in London and a national tour. She returned to Broadway in 1980 in the musical Woman of the Year and won a second Tony Award.

She then triumphed on the London stage in Sweet Bird of Youth. Her most recent Broadway show was a six-month run in the play Waiting in the Wings in 2000.

Miss Bacall is also an accomplished author who won the National Book Award for her autobiography By Myself in 1978. She updated the book a few years ago and it was re-released as By Myself … And Then Some.

It’s a superb read.

Happy birthday to this amazing showbiz legend who is still showing them how it’s done.

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Thursday Briefs: Red carpet Ryan; “Chico’s Angels” returns! Christiano Ronaldo can’t find his shirt!

Hello all!

I’m going to be covering the Macys Passport Glamorama event at the Orpheum Theater this evening to raise crucial funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS organizations.

I’ll have a full report for you on Friday with Trevor Donovan (90210), Sara Rue, Gilles Marini (Brothers & Sisters), Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Dancing With The Stars), Rick Malambri (Step Up: 3D), Omari Hardwick (Dark Blue), Luke Kleintank (Gossip Girl and The Young and the Restless), and Sean Kanan (Young and the Restless), among many others.

As good as that red carpet sounds, I really would have liked to have been at the red carpet of the InStyle magazine- Hollywood Foreign Press Association party at the Toronto Film Festival. Why? Because Ryan Reynolds was there!

You know, I thought he was awfully cute in those early films Van Wilder and Buying the Cow but as the years go by, he has just about become the most gorgeous man in Hollywood.

FREEZE! As an avid Charlie’s Angels fan, there is no way I can miss out on an LA stage production parodying the 70s TV show called Chico’s Angels.

The show has three beautiful and comedic Latina drag queens as the leads: Kay Sedia, Chita Parol & Frieda Laye . Think of the 70s serie starring a Latino Three Stooges in drag.

And who could forget the classic season one episode Angels in Chains when Farrah, Kate and Jaclyn went undercover to the slammer and ended up being chained together and nearly killed before they were able to escape.

The current stage show, Chico’s Angels: Chicas in Chains, was inspired by that episode and was co-created and co-written by Oscar Quintero and Kurt Koehler.

The storyline:  After a high school streetwalker is killed in a string of murders,  Chico’s Angels are hired to go undercover to find a witness at a local prep school.  But the Angels don’t realize they’ve gotten so deep in the case,  that they end up in jail.

As an added bonus, hottie actor Sean Kushner (pictured, left) has been added to the cast and I assume he will be wearing very little with a body like that!

The show opens on September 30, 2010 It begins its current run on Sept. 30 at Cavern Club Theater inside Casita Del Campo Restaurant in Silverlake and runs through October 23, 2010.

Shows are Thursday thru Sunday. To learn more about the cast and characters and to buy tickets, go to the show’s website:

When on the site, checl out Chico’s Angels web cases online!  Currently running are three original mini-episodes to be seen exclusively on the website.

And finally, coccer stud Christiano Ronaldo can’t find his shirt in this Armani commercial. It takes place inside a hotel room where a maid is tidying up. She’s no fool. She wants to keep checking out Christiano’s shirtless torso in all its glory so she keeps hiding the shirt!

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Thursday Morning Man: Sendhil Ramamurthy!

The hunk quotient on USA’s action-drama Covert Affairs, which just wrapped its first season this week, is sky high and right near the top of the list of heartthrobs is Sendhil Ramamurthy.

I featured his co-star Eion Bailey yesterday and, well, you all know how I feel about Christopher Gorham.

On Covert, Sendhil plays CIA agent Jai Wilcox and in the season finale, he was featured in more action scenes out in the field than ever before. He was previously best-known for his role on NBC’s Heroes on which he played geneticist Mohinder Suresh.

The 36 year old actor was originally a pre-med student at Tufts University but an acting class during his junior year led to his appearing in several plays then after graduating with a history degree, he attended the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

Prior to Heroes, he had a role on the CBS soap Guiding Light and guest starred on such prime-time series as Grey’s Anatomy, Psych, and Numb3rs.

Sendhil filmed his first Bollywood movie, Shor, earlier this year and it will be released in late 2010.

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UK soap star Kieron Richardson comes out!$plit/C_71_article_1188395_image_list_image_list_item_0_image.jpg?07%2F01%2F2010%2016%3A33%3A39%3A771Although I have not seen much of the UK soap Hollyoaks, I certainly want to catch some episodes online now that one of its stars, Kieron Richardson, has come out publicly as a gay man.

It always takes great courage to do so – especially when you are in the public eye – and even more courage to do so on live television!

Kieron was on the UK show This Morning on Wednesday discussing the upcoming gay storyline of his Hollyoaks character and confirmed that he himself is gay: “I feel that it’s relevant and the storyline’s relevant to some situations in my life, then if maybe I can help people that are going through the same thing then it’s a bonus.”

There was much speculation about the actor’s sexuality when he was competing on the show Dancing On Ice earlier this year but he did not feel that then was the right time to address the talk.

“When I was on Dancing On Ice, newspapers speculated and tried to say we kind of know and if you want to say you can do your story with us and get it out there,” he said. “At that point, my personal life took a back step and it was more about the competition and trying to get through the next week rather than get a few column inches in the newspaper and maybe raise my profile at the time. But it wasn’t about that.”

The new Hollyoaks storyline will see his character of Ste kiss drug dealer Brendan Brady, played by Emmett J Scanlan, during a drunken evening (pictured below). Ste is initially rejected but the pair later start a relationship which he today hinted would become violent.

Richardson’s character was previously involved in a violent relationship with girlfriend Amy Barnes (Ashley Slanina-Davies), the mother of his son.

“I am gay in real life and at 20-years-old I kind of accepted it myself and now I can finally relate to my character Ste that he’s 20 and he’s going through things that I went through in my past,” he said. “All the viewers know that Ste is now exploring his sexuality and turning gay.”


“Will & Grace” Wednesday: All the guest stars from Kevin Bacon to Cher to Michael Douglas to Madonna and more! watching those wonderful compilation video, it’s easy to see why the biggest names in showbiz were always eager to do a guest shot on Will & Grace.

They usually got to do something really hilarious and often times, make fun of themselves or their image. My favorite of all is Kevin Bacon who mistakes Will as his stalker (that would really be Jack!).

The way that Kevin slipped into insecure actor mode (bragging about his Golden Globe nomination for The River Wild) is a scream.

Then there’s Matt Damon pretending to be gay so he can be part of the Gay Men’s Chorus and get a trip to Europe and another gem is Michael Douglas as a closeted gay cop with the hots for Will.

Also on this video are scenes with Madonna, Cher, Glenn Close, Gregory Hines, Elton John, Martina Navratilova, Gene Wilder, Minnie Driver, Ellen DeGeneres, and more!

Jimmy Smits excited about new “Outlaw” series LA Law to NYPD Blues to The West Wing to Dexter, Jimmy Smits has had one helluva TV career.

Now he’s back for another go-round in the new NBC series Outlaw which gets a special preview airing tonight at 10 p.m. before settling into its regular Friday night timeslot.

Jimmy plays  Cyrus Garza, a justice on the United States Supreme Court who quits the court to become a crusading lawyer. He’s also a gambler and a womanizer so this should plenty of fun for the actor.

“He lives his life out in the open and has his eccentricities,” Jimmy said when we chatted earlier this summer. “If they get him into trouble down the line, that makes for interesting drama.”

How does he feel about returning to series television as the main star of a show, something he has not done since the short-lived but terrific drama Cane in 2007 – a show that had its fate cut short by a writers strike.

“I’m super psyched,” he said of his return. “More than anything, I’ve been looking around for a script that was about something. So just in terms of the premise, the cases that we’re going to be dealing with on a week to week basis are going to be substantive issues. That the show is going to be about something balanced with the fact the head writer on the show has what I think is a unique ear and voice for differentiating characters. When I look as at successful dramas whether their doctors, lawyers or Indian chiefs, the audience gets engaged in a character.

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Will this be the final season of ABC’s once must-see Brothers & Sisters? Does anybody still care?

There was a time, and it doesn’t seem like that long ago, that ABC’s Brothers & Sisters was my favorite show on the air. I was so enamored with gay lawyer Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) and watching his relationship then marriage to Scotty (Luke Macfarlane).
Plus, Scotty (pictured, right) is such a hottie!

I love how the show has always treated Kevin and Scotty pretty much like any other couple on the show.

They are, in fact, the most stable couple in the Walker family.

But we don’t see enough of them for my liking as much more screen time has always been given to Justin’s dramas, Nora’s meddling,  Sarah’s love life and work headaches, Holly’s business schemes, and Kitty’s problem of the week (cancer, marital woes,  sentate race and now widowhood).

And so much drama surrounding Ohai Foods and whatever secrets (mistresses? children? land deeds?) dead patriarch William Walker left behind.

I’ve always thought that was the least interesting part of all!

With such a large ensemble cast, I can’t believe that all the stories have been told but it feels like they have because, I fear, we are sick of most of these people.

Sadly, Rob Lowe’s Sen. Robert MacAllister was killed off at the end of last season (the actor has joined the NBC comedy Parks & Recreation). Balthazar Getty’s Tommy Walker, always one of the least interesting characters, will also be gone again and after three episodes or so, Emily VanCamp will be gone as Rebecca Walker.

In terms of sexy eye candy, Gilles Marini returns as Sarah’s husband Luc so that can’t be all bad.

Also, I’d still watch Sally Field (an Emmy winner for season one) in anything and Rhys and Macfarlane I am a fan of for life.

I will watch season five and maybe I’ll fall in love with Brothers & Sisters again. I’m interested in how they handle Uncle Saul’s storyline (we learned that he is HIV-positive in the finale of season four) and how Kevin and Scotty’s quest to become parents goes.

But the thing is, I just don’t care anymore. And since only 18 episodes have been ordered for season 5 (usually at least 22 are ordered) you gotta wonder if  this will be the swan song.

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“Glee” star Jane Lynch tells Ellen DeGeneres that she was her inspiration in coming out publicly

Emmy winner Jane Lynch pays a visit to Emmy winner Ellen DeGeneres today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Since the show is taped a day ahead of time, we already know some of what was discussed between these two gorgeous, funny, blond, married lesbians.

Of coming out in Hollywood the Glee star tells Ellen: “I was more closeted in my life when I was younger,” confessed Jane.

But Jane wasn’t very secretive about her sexuality in her career, in part, due to Ellen publicly professing herself to be a lesbian back in 1997 both on her sitcom and on the cover of Time Magazine with the headline: “Yep, I’m Gay.”.

“It made it so much easier for me when you [came out],” she said.

Jane, who pre-Glee was already well-regarded character actress from such films as Best In Show and The 40 Year Old Virgin,  added that it might have been harder for her to be honest about her sexuality if she were a Julia Roberts-type actor. In response, Ellen quipped, “So you’re saying Julia Roberts is gay?”

“That’s what I’m saying,” Lynch joked.

It’s just so great to have two openly-gay women having this kind of discussion on a nationally syndicated daytime talk show.

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Video: See Kathy Griffin at her best as she imitates Oprah Winfrey on last night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” my God, I’m laughing so hard.

Oprah Winfrey’s over-the-top season premiere has given our girl Kathy Griffin some hilarious material. I’m so glad I watched Oprah on Monday (she came on during a rain delay of the US Open final) and she was wearing an orange skirt that wasn’t really flattering.

So Kathy walks out wearing the same outfit last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kathy’s imitation of Oprah shouting that everyone “IS GOING TO AUSTRALIA!” almost made me fall off my chair here at the Starbucks.

Here is video of Kathy’s Kimmel appearance. Enjoy!


Greg In Hollywood chats with Wendie Malick about “Hot in Cleveland,” working with Betty White and more! Malick was so good as the narcissistic, boozy fashion model-turned-magazine fashion editor Nina Van Horn on the sitcom Just Shoot Me!, it;s hard to imagine her in a more delicious role.

After the series ended in 2003, she went on to play Martin Crane’s girlfriend in the final season of Frasier, John Stamos’s agent in two seasons of Jake in Progress and the mother of the bride in the short-lived ABC comedy Big Day.

Now she’s back on series television in a big hit called Hot In Cleveland in which she stars with Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and the legendary Betty White. She series premiered this summer on TV Land and has been renewed for s second season.

“We’ve all had been doing this for so long,” Wendie pointed out when we talked recently. “I think we all figured that combined, we all had been working in comedy for about 187 years. We just weren’t sure if people anted to see something about women who were our ages: Valerie and Jane are pushing 50, I’m pushing 60 and Betty’s pushing 90.”

It turns out people did want to see it and the premiere episode was TV Land’s highest rated telecast in the cable network’s 14-year history.

“We have such an incredible demographic who watch this show it’s really amazing,” Wendie says. “I think part of it is going back to old-fashioned sitcom storytelling, it’s like the classic form. Really solid writers who know about jokes but they also build characters and the relationships. This really harkens back to the old days when you really started to invest in those people you watched every week. I think you can tell that we all adore each other but still give each other a lot of crap.”

Wendie, Valerie and Jane play three past-their-prime entertainment industry veterans from Los Angeles whose lives are changed when their Paris-bound plane lands in Cleveland, Ohio. There they find a welcoming community that is less shallow, youth-obsessed and weight-conscious than L.A., and where one of them leases a home with a sassy caretaker played by Miss White.

Did she know from the beginning that they had something special?

“We kind of did,” Wendie says. “We had high hopes for it and it seemed like they were putting all the right pieces together but as you know, you can put the greatest people in the world together and somehow it doesn’t work. So that first day when we did the first table read we kind of went, ‘Whoa. I think we’re onto something very fine here. And it as true, something was going on.”

hic909Wendie plays a five-times divorced soap opera star named Victoria Chase whose long-running soap has just been canceled after 27 years on the air. [Real-life soap legend Susan Lucci recently guested as Victoria's arch-nemesis]

“It’s so fun,” she says of playing an actress. “I get to sort of work all that stuff out at work and be completely outrageous and narcisistic. You know I have a little bit of that, it’s just exaggerated and I certainly know a lot of people who are very similar to Victoria Chase.”

So what’s it like to work with the 88-year-old White who in less than 12 months, has become something of a pop culture rock star?

“The show came about after the Snickers commercial and what a wonderful serendipitous kind of coming together of all these different things coming together at the same time. We’re all really, really fortunate that it all came together like this. [Betty] is filled with gratitude and that’s like the mantra on our set. We are all filled with gratitude, the crew, the cast. We all know how hard it is these days to have a hit show. It’s a real rarity and all of us have been doing this for a long time and we all have really good lives outside of it so there’s no big egos. It’s a really happy, grateful group of people.”

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Streisand asks voters to “Stop. Think. Breathe.” Streisand was unfairly pummeled by Larry Kramer the last time she spoke out about something political but that has not stopped the great star from doing so again via her blog.

This time she takes on Republicans and points out how difficult it will become for President Obama to achieve anything with a Republican-controlled Congress.

In a post headlined “Stop. Think. Breathe,” she writes, “Week after week, on the 24 hour cable news cycle, Republican officials and prominent GOP leaders twist, distort and misrepresent the facts in order to place blame on others, while they continue to obstruct progress. It’s like the old saying that if you tell a lie big enough and you keep repeating it often enough, people will eventually come to believe that it is true. Whether they are discussing financial regulation, health care, jobs, the economy, energy policy…virtually every important issue our country is grappling with today, the Republican Party that once stood for something, now refuses to engage in constructive conversation about anything, all the while, offering virtually no new policy alternatives in return.

“Since President Obama took office, the Republican narrative has been to serve their party over serving the people. They have been committed to blocking progress at all costs in order to insure the failure of this President. But now is the time to give President Obama a chance to fulfill his promise of reviving the spirit of hope and possibility that has always allowed our country to dream and to make the impossible possible. The only way he will be successful is if he has a Congress that dreams with him and an American electorate that gives him the chance!”

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Wednesday Morning Man: Eion Bailey! you watched the season finale of Covert Affairs last night – as I instructed you to do! – then you are already familiar with the impossibly handsome actor who plays Ben Mercer on the show.

He’s 34-year-old actor Eion Bailey who was one of the stars of the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers and also had roles in the films Fight Club, Center Stage, Mind Hunters, Almost Famous and Sexual Life.

One of his early breaks was as one of the leads in the short-lived TV series Significant Others in 1998 which also starred a then-unknown Jennifer Garner, Elizabeth Mitchell and Michael Weatherly.

He also had recurring roles on ER and Dawson’s Creek and done guest spots on Cold Case, House Rules, CSI: NY, Without a Trace and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

He grew up in the Santa Ynez Valley of California where his father owned a small airline service which flew people around the state.

The young Eion tagged along on flights and his father gave him flying lessons after dropping off passengers. His first lesson was at the age of twelve.

He struggled in school until he found his calling in his high school drama department. He then went on to study formally at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

In 2007, Eion won something that took Susan Lucci 19 times to achieve: he won a Daytime Emmy! The award was  for his performance in the television movie Life of the Party.

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Tuesday Briefs: Nadal takes Manhattan; George Michael sentenced; Chelsea and Perez feud; JLo “Idol” deal sealed?

Rafael NadalHello all!

Hope you are enjoying your day and your Greg In Hollywood posts.

Watched Rafael Nadal on Regis & Kelly this morning and it was hilarious because I really think Regis scared Rafa! Regis was just being his intense self and he pointed out to Rafa that he looks so imposing and mean in court with his headband on etc but so much less so right there in the studio.

Nadal really is kind of shy and goofy in these kind of interviews so it was funny to watch. Kelly remarked that Regis flirting with Rafa and he kind of was a little bit. And who could blame him!

The newly-crowned US Open champion also posed for pics, holding his new shiny trophy, for fans and later did a Q & A with commentator John McEnroe.

1284488472_george-michael-290.jpgSENTENCED: It’s a great mystery why pop star George Michael, who can well afford a driver, keeps getting arrested for DUI.
It’s a good thing he has not hurt or killed someone and I hope he will have learned his lesson now that he has been sentenced to JAIL. Yup, the slammer! The big house!
He’s been sentenced to eight weeks in a British jail for driving under the influence and possession of marijuana after he drove his Range Rover through the storefront of a photo shop in London on July 4, the Associated Press reports.District Judge John Perkins told the singer that “it does not appear that you took proper steps to deal with what is clearly an addiction to cannabis. That’s a mistake which puts you and, on this occasion, the public at risk.”

Police allegedly found Michael “spaced out” behind the wheel of his car after the collision. He admitted that he had smoked marijuana and had taken a sedative. He pleaded guilty to the charge soon after the accident. On two different occasions in 2006, the singer was found slumped over the steering wheel of his car, and also in that year, he hit three other cars as he was trying to leave a parking space.

Talk-show host Chelsea Handler (left) told Perez Hilton (right) and  the rest of her VMA critics to 'f--- off' as the awards show netted  11.4 million viewers.BOMBS AWAY: Perez Hilton was not impressed with Chelsea Handler’s performance as host of Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards and shared his thoughts on his blog.
Handler “really didn’t pull it off…For the most part, we were bored and just hoping she would shut the hell up so we could hear more music,” he wrote.
The Chelsea Lately star did not take the insult lightly and fired back via Twitter: “oh, f–k off. I had a blast and the show awesome last night. Bomb? Your life is a bomb.”
That was not the end of it. Hilton posted several Tweets ripping into Chelsea but probably should have stopped after simply stating “I’m more happy with my bomb life.” COMES THE JUDGE: It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez is going to be one of the judges on American Idol next season. Sure, it’s not “official” yet but neither was Kara DioGuardi’s departure until she released a statement confirming what everyone else knew for almost a month.
But what is news is how much JLo will be paid for joining the Fox talent competition: $12 million!
According to reports, Lopez was hoping for movie and TV development deals to accompany and even larger Idol salary as well as input about her new co-judges, but Fox made no commitments and she settled for a the $12 million.

“She’s very excited,” a source close to Lopez says of the final deal.


“Golden Girls” Tuesday: See Bea, Rue and Betty together for last time on 2008 TV Land Awards DAYS: A lot can happen in two years. It was in the spring of 2008 that Beatrice Arthur, Betty White and Rue McLanahan reunited at the TV Land Awards in Los Angeles to receive the Pop Culture Award.

It would be the last time the three Emmy winning comedy legends and stars of The Golden Girls would be seen together publicly. Bea died from cancer the next year while Rue passed away earlier this year.

And 88-year-old Betty, of course, goes on and on. This year she has been elevated to national treasure as well as being an Emmy winner, SNL host, star of a new hit sitcom (Hot in Cleveland) and co-star of a new movie (You Again), highly-coveted series guest star (NBC’s Community next week, ABC’s The Middle last season).

It’s been reported, including here on this site, that Bea was not fond of Betty off-screen. I personally witnessed her coldness to her co-star at a previous reunion but on this night, they acted warmly to each other.

As they received the award from Steve Carrell, Betty said to the audience: “The nicest thing about receiving this lovely award is that we get to see each other again” and Bea clasped her hand.

Ryan Reynolds is the new GQ cover man!


Ryan Reynolds
Ryan ReynoldsSomething I never get tired of seeing: Ryan Reynolds on the cover of a magazine.
The new GQ describes him this way: Funny. Charming. Ripped. (Even his abs have abs.) As likable as a guy that handsome can be. But while everyone was taking him for granted as a bright spot in mediocre comedies or puzzling over his stealth marriage to the world’s most desirable woman (Scarlett Johansson), Ryan Reynolds was busy making himself a movie star.
Ryan stars as a man buried alive in his new film Buried, and is now making the superhero film Green Lantern.
You learn many interesting things in the article like how Ryan spent the summer in Amsterdam between seasons of his ABC sitcom Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place and how a body double was needed for the poster of his cult fave comedy Van Wilder because Ryan was not buff enough!
That’s certainly not the case now as Ryan has one of the hottest bods in all of movies.

Blade: Trinity gave him the body. He worked out for six months beforehand. “It was like a project. I just did everything they told me to.”

Right now he has that body again. ­Reynolds is at pains to point out that this isn’t his natural, or permanent, way of being, just something he is currently doing for the third time, for Green Lantern, after Blade: Trinity and The Proposal.

“I have a discipline that has served me very well in my career and in my personal life,” he says, “and that’s gotten stronger as I’ve gotten older. I’ve always felt if I don’t just have a natural knack for it, I will just outdiscipline the competition if I have to—work harder than anybody else.”
He also says marriage to Scarlett is “the best part” of his life even if he doesn’t talk about the marriage publicly: ”

I’m a little more guarded, I think. I’m a little bit more wary of having my relationship turning into a soap opera. I’ve just unilaterally not addressed it. That’s kind of been the fail-safe for me.”


Photo Gallery: The adorable Novak Djokovic!

NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 13: Novak Djokovic reacts

Nadal completes career Slam sweep with US Open crownBEAUTIFUL LOSER: After his stellar run to the US Open finals, Novak Djokovic is now the number 2 ranked tennis player in the world.

He probably feels crummy about losing the final to Rafael Nadal but he won a lot of fans along the way for his thrilling performances – especially saving two match points against Roger Federer in the semis – and for the grace and class he showed after losing to Nadal.

The anger and frustration he felt after certain points during the match were gone and his 23-year-old face softened and smiled during the post-match rituals.

Your day will come Novak!


Number one seeded Rafael Nadal of Spain



Desmond Child: Once Ricky Martin came out and had kids “he opened that door a floodgate of energy and creativity” often hear closeted or semi-closeted gay people say: “It’s nobody’s business” and “It makes no difference if I’m out or not.”

Of course it’s every individual’s right to come out or not come out but if they are any kind of an artist, coming out will most certainly make all the difference in whatever they are putting out into the world – and in a good way.

Take Ricky Martin. The singer just exudes happiness and confidence these days and my bet is it has so much to do with publicly uttering those words: “I am gay.”

Producer Desmond Child is working with the singer on his new record and tells “I’m really excited about the music, the content, because since he’s come out it’s unleashed his creativity and the scope of what he can sing about and say and do. He’s a formidable person – an activist, a philanthropist, a humanitarian. All of the work he’s put into his charity—it’s all going into the music. His personal life too, and how much his life has been changed by his children. Once he opened that door a floodgate of energy and creativity just really exploded.”

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