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Happy 44th Birthday to Robert Gant!

I’ll always respect Robert Gant for having to guts to come out publicly early in his run as Ben Bruckner on Queer as Folk.

At the time, the hunky actor, who turns 44 today, was being cast in mostly straight roles (one of Pheobe’s boyfriends on Friends, a teacher on Popular) but decided to go public and see what happened.

What’s happened is he continues to be cast in both gay (Save Me) and straight roles (Special Delivery) and in comedies (Mike & Molly, Hot in Cleveland) and dramas (Personal Affairs, Bones, Nip/Tuck).

That’s what happens when you are talented – and it doesn’t hurt to also be movie star handsome!

Robert has a small role in the film Joshua Tree 1951: A Portrait of James Dean which screens at Outfest on Monday night.

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Friday Morning Man: Cody Longo!

Cody Longo is a very in-demand young actor.

The 24 year old starred in the remake of Fame and the film Bring it On: Fight to the Finish.

He also has an impressive resume of television credits with guest spots on s Make it or Break It, Three Rivers, and Medium and is currently starring in the Nick at Night series Hollywood Heights.

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Outfest 2012 opens tonight!

Good grief, it’s been such a busy week (month! year!) that I’m just able to post this Outfest set up piece and opening night is in just a few hours!

I’m really looking forward to settling into the Orpheum Theater downtown and watching John Waters receive the lifetime achievement award then seeing the documentary Vito for the first time (see trailer below).

I’ve been watching some of the movies via screener and tomorrow I’m going to reveal … drumroll please … my top 10 recommendations for the festival. I’ve only seen one truly awful film so far and some really wonderful ones.

I’ve done a set-up piece and posted it over at Gay Star News so go take a look!

But do want to share with you some of the feelings about being a part of Outfest of filmmakers who I have been in contact with in recent weeks.

‘We’re thrilled to do the LA premiere at Outfest, always a wonderful festival, and especially so this year, their 30th year, when the fest seems to be focused on queer history,’ says Matthew Mishory, director of  the superb Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean which screens on Monday.

This Friday night is the screening of I Want Your Love, a drama described as having some laughs and lots of real sex.

‘I’ve been in Frameline which is in my hometown but never in Outfest before,’ says writer-director Travis Mathews. ‘So it’s all new to me. I’m really looking forward to meeting new people.’

Jonathan Lisecki, the charismatic writer, director and co-star of the comedy Gayby has had his movie screened at many festivals already including South by Southwest and the recent Los Angeles Film Festival.

But Lisecki is especially excited about having the movie shown on Saturday at Outfest where the short film that spawned the movie was shown a few years ago.

‘They are playing us in DGA 1 which is the best theater ever,’ he says.

For tickets and more information about Outfest 2012, click HERE.

COMING TOMORROW: My full interviews with Matthew Mishory and Travis Mathews!


Will Horton convinces a reluctant EJ to do lie detector test which he FAILS on “Days of Our Lives”

So, our Will Horton is holding all the cards when it comes to poor EJ DiMera.

Will knows EJ is not the biological son of the evil Stefano who police think he murdered.

So Will pushes EJ to take a lie detector name to clear his name. Problem is, he fails it. Someone paid the impartial test administrator off!

Oh boy! Thanks a lot Will.

One nice little moment is a brief talk Will has with his grandfather, Roman, who was not immediately supportive when he found out Will is gay. Roman told Will he loves him and wants to get together for a better chat soon.

DOOL – Part 128 – Will by SOAPYSTUFF


Rafael Nadal puts Wimbledon loss behind him!

Okay, it had to really be tough for Rafael Nadal is crash out in the second round of Wimbledon after making it to the finals in each of the previous five times he played there.

The the reigning French Open champion, currently ranked third in the world behind Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, took some time away from the courts to enjoy a holiday in Sardinia.

Here is a LINK to more photos of the sexy Spaniard star.


Stephen Moyer: The Advocate Interview

The Advocate’s Brandon Voss has done a delicious interview with True Blood star Stephen Moyer and, as usual, asks all the questions that we want answered!

Here are some excerpts:

he Advocate: The LGBT community has embraced True Blood from the start. Are you conscious of your own gay fans?
Stephen Moyer: I feel very at home in that world, so I’m very pleased about it, but I may come in fourth behind Joe Manganiello, Alex Skarsgård, and Ryan Kwanten, if I’m really honest. I’m a little upset. Once upon a time I was doing very well in that area, but after Alex and Joe joined the show, I naturally went down in the pecking order.

You’ve said that women occasionally ask you to bite them. Do men ever ask for a bite?
I’ve been asked to bite in West Hollywood. If the person looks clean and wholesome, I might oblige.

You’ve gotten in on the action with a fantasy sequence involving you and Sam Trammell. Was that a challenging scene?
Not at all. We had an awful lot of fun that day, and I happen to think Sam’s a very good-looking man. We also had a lot of fun lighting the scene with our shirtless stand-ins, Nate and Lenny. [Laughs] Not that that particular scene was a challenge, but anything that seems like it could be a challenge in the script is just meat for an actor. So I looked at that scene like, Oh, my God, that’s fantastic. I can’t wait to do that!

Sam’s sex dream and your imminent kiss were cut short by Sam’s phone ringing. Like many home viewers, do you secretly wish it had gone off just a little later than it did?
[Laughs] I think we’ve all had times where the alarm’s gone off or the phone’s rung earlier than you wanted it to.

(see video below)

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A sexy same-sex scene from “Political Animals”


Has basic cable every had such a sexy scene between two men as this scene from the upcoming USA Network series Political Animals?

See for yourself!

The scene involves the openly gay son of a former US President and First Lady (the First Lady, played by Sigourney Weaver is now running for president herself). He hooks up with the very cute son of another politician.

The series premieres on Sunday!

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Kristin Chenoweth injured on set of “Good Wife”

We all love Kristin Chenoweth, one of the sweetest and most gay friendly stars in all of showbiz.

So it’s scary to hear that she was injured yesterday in New York while filming a scene of the CBS drama The Good Wife on which she has a recurring role as a political reporter.

Details remain pretty sketchy as is any kind of definitive statement on Kristin’s condition.

I posted about this yesterday on Gay Star News: Chenoweth was rushed to the hospital from the show’s Brooklyn set. Witnesses tell that she was knocked to the ground by a piece of lighting equipment and hit her head on the concrete.

‘I thought she was dead at first,’ a witness tells the website.

Despite the dramatic descriptions of what happened, a New York Fire Department representative tells TMZ that the actress is at the hospital being treated for ‘minor injuries.’

CBS Studios has released this statement: “While filming a scene for ‘The Good Wife’ in Brooklyn, a gust of wind blew a lighting silk out of place striking actress Kristin Chenoweth,” the studio said. (Lighting silk is cloth used to soften or deflect artificial light or sunlight during shooting). “All of us at the studio and the show are thinking about Kristin and wishing her a quick recovery.”

Hopefully we will get an update on her condition later today.

UPDATE: Kristin has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home. Her publicist said the actress “thanks everyone for their prayers and good wishes.”

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Brilliant Christopher Sieber is a revelation in production of “La Cage Aux Folles” at Pantages Theatre

It’s ironic that Christopher Sieber’s image is not featured on any of the posters for the production of La Cage Aux Folles that opened last night for a two-week run at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.

Instead, we only see a tuxedo clad George Hamilton looking as dapper as ever – and very tan.

Hamilton is wonderfully charming in the show as the owner of a glitzy nightclub but it is the sensational performance by Sieber as his husband (and the glamorous chanteuse Zaza) who absolutely makes this a production a must see.

Sieber, Tony nominated for Shrek and Spamalot,  is a force of nature in a role played by Nathan Lane in the feature film version called The Birdcage.

This is one of the best times I’ve ever had at The Pantages – and I’ve seen plenty of shows there.

There is such a fun energy in the house for this production.

My friend Mark and I had terrific seats and seated in the row behind us was Shirley Jones, the Oscar winning actress and star of such classic film musicals as Oklahoma and The Music Man.

Across the aisle was JoAnne Worley, the former Laugh-In star whose name is actually used in the show at one point.

We also spotted Loni Anderson in the house and author Jackie Collins. Then on the way out, I was reunited with my LA Daily News pal Carol Rock (pictured with me), a real theater buff who has done plenty of community theater herself. GREAT to see her!

It’s a fun night folks and I highly recommend.

The show runs at The Pantages for two weeks only through July 22. For tickets of more information, visit


Happy 37th Birthday to Cheyenne Jackson!

He’s one of the most talented guy’s in showbiz and it doesn’t hurt that he’s also one of the most handsome. Whether he’s wowing us on Broadway, releasing a new recording, guesting on 30 Rock or Glee or appearing in a movie, we’re always so glad to see Cheyenne Jackson.

Happy 37th birthday to this dazzling star.

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Thursday Morning Man: Thom Evans!

Former Scottish rugby player Thom Evans has been all over the web in recent days, shirtless.

As he should be!

What a gorgeous man.

The 27-year-old’s rugby career, unfortunately, ended three years ago when he suffered a serious neck injury.

But he’s not doing so badly. He’s in a relationship with actress Kelly Brook and he works as a TV analyst last year for World Rugby Cup telecasts.

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Jenifer Lewis performing in WeHo this weekend!

There are very few events or performers who I will basically give a free ad to like this but there are very few performers like the great Jenifer Lewis.

There is no one else on the planet quite like this showbiz dynamo who doesn’t always get the recognition and attention she so richly deserves.

I’m juggling some Outfest screenings so am unsure if I can catch her this time but if you do, you will have no regrets!


Kirk Cameron makes video for NOM

Kirk Cameron is appearing in a new video for the anti-gay group National Organization for Marriage.

Cameron is introduced in the video as one of ‘America’s most important champions of marriage’ and is described as being ‘persecuted by the mainstream media’ for his controversial comments made on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight back in early March.

In the video, Cameron does not specifically mention gay marriage. But he does talk about ‘a man and a woman coming together’ in marriage.

‘God makes it really clear that society and civilization is really held together by the glue of families,’ he says. ‘This is where the next generation of human beings are incubated and nurtured.’

UPDATE: The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has this to say about Cameron’s video: “Kirk Cameron and the anti-gay activists at NOM are making a claim that Americans know to be false,” said GLAAD President Herndon Graddick. “This rhetoric won’t work anymore. Communities across this country love and cherish their LGBT neighbors, friends and family members. This includes people in families headed by LGBT people. Their implication that LGBT couples can’t create loving and stable homes is not only outdated and irrelevant; it’s designed specifically to hurt those families.”

Check it out for yourself:

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Snapped! The unofficial engagement photo of MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts and fiancee Patrick Abner

Thomas Roberts on WhoSay
What a handsome couple! MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts tweeted this photo of he and fiancee Patrick Abner early this morning and writes: “My sister Patsy snapped our un-official engagement photo at the beach, not too shabby!”

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Days of Our Lives: Will enjoying blackmailing EJ

I miss sweet Will!

This Will is smug and in over his head with EJ who he is trying to control. It’s not my favorite part of Will’s story.

But hey, at least it’s not the dreary website story from last year!

Days of Our Lives – Part 127 – Will by SOAPYSTUFF

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Star sighting of the week: Tuc Watkins!

It was great to bump into one of my favorite actors, Tuc Watkins, while I was at an event in West Hollywood last night.

The actor who spent several years juggling the roles of David Vickers on One Life to Live and Bob Harper on Desperate Housewives, is currently without a regular series role since both shows have come to an end.

But Tuc is far too talented to be off of TV for long. He recently did guest appearances on TNT’s Franklin & Bash and NBC’s Parks & Recreation.

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Wednesday Morning Man: Allen Leech!

Here’s another one of my crushes from Downton Abbey: Allen Leech!

What. A. Cutie.

Before he was cast as politically active chauffeur Tom Branson on Downton, the 31-year-old actor was best known Marcus Agrippa in the 2007 HBO television series Rome.

Other TV roles include The Tudors, Primeval, Legend and Love is the Drug.

His breakthrough film performance was in Cowboys and Angels in which he played Vincent, a gay fashion student.

Allen also has extensive London stage credits in productions of A Streetcar Named Desire, Everybody Loves Sylvia and Ecstacy.

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New book claims Jagger and Bowie had love affair

Well, well, isn’t this juicy.

I think it’s old news but the new book The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger attempts to flesh out the alleged affair in 1973 between David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

It’s well-known that Bowie’s first wife, Angela, walked in on the pair, naked, in her bed. But she did not witness them having sex.

Author Christopher Andersen, however, is reporting that the two men “were really sexually obsessed with each other” and “were very close emotionally.”

To read more, and to see their bouncy 1985 video of Dancing in the Streets, go over to Gay Star News.


Andrew Rannells: “No one cared that I’m gay”

I seem to get into a lot of discussions at cocktail parties with people – gay and straight – about whether famous actors can come out of the closet and still have a successful career.

Here’s what I’ve found myself saying lately: “They can if they have the talent.”

That’s what we’ve seen with Neil Patrick Harris, with Matt Bomer, with Zachary Quinto and a growing list of others.

Then there’s Andrew Rannells who’s been out since the start of his career.

It’s working out pretty damned well so far: A Tony Award nomination for lead actor in a musical for The Book of Mormon, a role in the hit HBO series Girls, and one of the stars of the upcoming NBC sitcom The New Normal.

He plays a gay man in all of these shows.

‘I came to New York and had a fresh start with college. I was gay and that’s what I presented to a new group of people as I moved here,’ Rannells tells The Advocate in an interview posted Tuesday (10 July). ‘I continue to be so fortunate, particularly in the past year. It could have been an issue in The Book of Mormon,but it was never brought up. No one cared that I’m gay.’

To read more about this and to see a scene from Normal, go to Gay Star News.


Lunch Break Video: Relive birthday boy Alec Mapa’s hilarious visits to Ellen’s show and The View

What can I say? Alec Mapa absolutely cracks me up!

He’s one of the funniest comics around – gay or straight – and today is his 47th birthday.

Whether it’s getting older, adopting a child or growing up gay, Alec knows how to mine the humor out of whatever happens in his life.

Happy birthday to this brilliant talent!

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