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Celeb Instagram: Women’s March Pt. 2


A photo posted by Lance Bass (@lancebass) on

Oh the #LOVE…the March was about standing together, in unity, Equal, and running into old friends! Laura Linney & I did the film Mothman Prophecies together and had lost touch. And the delicious @isabelgillies and I go waaayyy back but today was super special. I'm grateful for strong, bighearted, brace, women. And for everyone who Marched, across the globe. #womensmarch2017 #36Strong

A photo posted by Debra Messing (@therealdebramessing) on

My last picture from today is when Lily Tomlin and Nicholle Tom BEGGED me for a picture. #WomensMarchLA

A photo posted by Lance Bass (@lancebass) on

With @corybooker at the #womensmarchonwashington

A photo posted by Chaz Bono (@therealchazbono) on

BROADWAY SAYS FUCK YOU TRUMP. @womensmarch @hamiltonmusical #linmanuelmiranda #feministasfuck

A photo posted by Lea DeLaria (@realleadelaria) on

#jamieleecurtis @happyhippiefdn @womensmarch @womensmarchla #womensmarchla #WMLA #whyimarch #hearourvoice #hh4pp

A video posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

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Celeb Instagram: Women’s March Edition!

It was pretty dope singing backup for #HelenReddy onstage today at #womensmarchla #WomensMarch with #jamieleecurtis @kerrywashington #jenniferlewis and other incredible women

A video posted by laverne cox (@lavernecox) on

2.9 million marched in the biggest protest in American History. This is Day 1. #inaugurationday2017 #womensmarch

A photo posted by Scott Turner Schofield (@turnerschofield) on

THIS is the truth. THIS is how YUGE the march was today. We couldn't move. We couldn't pee. We were cold. We were tired. And we were SO FUCKING HAPPY TO BE A PART OF IT. #womensmarchonwashington

A video posted by Matthew Wilkas (@mwilkas) on

my gang. #WomensMarchLA2017

A photo posted by guillermo diaz (@guillermodiazreal) on

#women #LGBT #womensmarch womensmarchSanFrancisco #comedy #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #whywemarch #nastywomenunite

A photo posted by Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) on

Onstage today for #womensmarchla #womensmarch #Intersectionality #TransIsBeautiful #womensrightsarehumanrights #TransRightsAreHumanRights #StandwithGavin #translivesmatter #blacklivesmatter

A photo posted by laverne cox (@lavernecox) on

. @michaelturchinart gets scared in crowds, so I had to hold him like this the whole day. #WomensMarchLA

A photo posted by Lance Bass (@lancebass) on

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Watch tennis studs Roger Federer, Tommy Haas and Grigor Dimitrov try and do the boy band thing

We're starting a boy band #NOTNSYNC @grigordimitrov @tommyhaasofficial @davidfoster

A video posted by Roger Federer (@rogerfederer) on


Rosie O’Donnell’s very dark inaugural day tweet

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Afternoon Video: Megan Mullally dishes with Jimmy Kimmel about ‘Will & Grace’ past and future

She seems very over the moon about the 10 new episodes of Will & Grace and so are we. Megan Mullally chats with Jimmy Kimmel about that and dishes about some of the show’s past guest stars – most notably Madonna.


Snapped! Robbie Rogers and Caleb visit Greg Berlanti!

Heading into Dada G's office with his new fresh kicks.

A photo posted by Robbie Rogers (@robbierogers) on

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Ellen DeGeneres assembles an all-star line-up for a remarkable LGBT thank you video to Obama

Ellen DeGeneres assembled a remarkable line-up of LGBT celebrities and allies to say thank you to President Barack Obama.

DeGeneres kicked things off by mentioning marriage equality, the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the passage of hate crime legislation.

‘President Obama, we are all so grateful for everything you’ve done in the name equality, kindness and love,’ she said.

DeGeneres’ wife Portia de Rossi thanked Obama for her right to get married as did Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Tig Notaro, Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris.

Tom Daley who is engaged to Dustin Lance Black said: ‘As a gay man who’s going to be getting married to one of your Americans, I just want to say thank you.’

Jim Parsons summed up Obama’s accomplishments by saying: ‘You presided over a period of time that turned out to be in many ways one of the most positive periods of time in the lives of gay Americans.’

Laverne Cox weighed in on behalf of transgender people by saying: ‘You had the first transgender presidential appointees. You were the first president who ever even uttered the word transgender and I certainly hope you won’t be the last.’

Rachel Evan Wood was emotional in her video.

‘I’m going to try and do this without crying,’ she said.

Wood thanked Obama ‘for changing the way people thought about us and honestly the way I thought about myself. That hope is going to stay with me. Thank you for everything.’

Also weighing in were Lily Tomlin, Colton Haynes, Jonathan Groff, Dan Bucatinsky, George Takei, Guillermo Diaz, Chris Colfer and Alan Cumming.

Joked Tomlin: ‘Too bad aliens didn’t come during your presidency. We would have been so proud to take them to our leader.’

Straight allies Sarah Silverman, Debra Messing, Kristen Bell, Eric Stonestreet and Drew Barrymore were among those who also had messages for Obama.

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LGBT celebrities and allies bid Obama farewell

Mr. President, WE cannot thank you enough. You taught us all that "Yes WE can." Now: "Yes WE must." WE must keep the arc of history bending toward justice — with the overwhelming power of our combined voices, our bodies, and our bold actions. YES WE MUST. #OneStruggleOneFight #YesWECan #YesWEmust #TheAmericanMajority

A photo posted by Dustin Lance Black (@dlanceblack) on


A photo posted by Wilson Cruz (@wcruz73) on

your intelligence has guided us. your strength has protected us. your thoughtfulness has reassured us. your humanity has moved us. you are possessed of a rare kind of dignity rooted in unimpeachable (no pun intended) integrity. thank you for being an example of character and leadership that i will forever be proud to have supported and fought for. we will miss you more than we yet know – and in the face of your negligently incompetent successor – we must be heartened by all that you have accomplished and the spirit of hope which is your enduring legacy. godspeed @barackobama in all that you do from here. we must fight. we must endure. we must prevail.

A photo posted by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on

Meeting #potus was a thrill. I will miss having an ally in The White House so much.

A photo posted by Alec Mapa (@alecmapa) on

… No, thank YOU, Mr. President. This photo was taken four years ago tomorrow, and marks one of the greatest honors of my life. Thank you, Obamas, for your leadership, your grace, your strength, your compassion, your humor- the list goes on and on. You have been and will continue to be an inspiration to us all, for generations to come. Also let's be real, hot damn what a great lookin' couple. Can't wait to see what you do next. #tbt

A photo posted by Darren Criss (@darrencriss) on

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See Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange transformed into Bette Davis and Joan Crawford for ‘Feud’

Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange appear completely transformed into Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, respectively, on the cover of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.

The two Oscar winning actresses play two Oscar winners from the past in the first season of the FX series Feud.

Davis and Crawford had many things in common: Both were huge movie stars in the 1930s and 40s, both had won Academy Awards and both had several failed marriages.

They also hated each other.

But by 1962 with good movie roles scarce, the two Hollywood legends joined forces to star in the classic film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

The movie was a huge hit but the off-stage drama continued when Davis was nominated for an Academy Award and Crawford was not.

Davis lost to Anne Bancroft for The Miracle Worker and Crawford had arranged to accept the award for Bancroft who could not attend the ceremony.

The actresses re-teamed for the thriller Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte but there was friction and Crawford left the production early on and was replaced by Olivia de Havilland.

The series premieres on March 5 and also in the cast are Alfred Molina, Sarah Paulson, Catherine Zeta Jones and Stanley Tucci.


Friday Morning Man: Eric Fanning!

Want to pay tribute today to Eric Fanning, the first openly gay Secretary of Army in United States history. This was Eric’s last week on the job and he was given an emotional farewell ceremony at the Pentagon on Wednesday.
‘It’s been the honor of my lifetime to be your secretary,’ Fanning told the audience of top Army and Defense Department leaders in a packed Pentagon auditorium.
‘Day after day, you deliver’ and ‘I come away a little more in awe of you every time.’
Fanning’s partner, Benjamin Masri-Cohen, posted a photo on Facebook yesterday of he and Fanning exiting the Pentagon after ‘a very emotional farewell.’
‘While sad, I was so proud of what Eric and his team accomplished and honored to have been by his side for the adventure,’ Masri-Cohen wrote. ‘We are SO very proud of you Eric Fanning.’

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Celeb Instagram: Cher & Alec Baldwin, Alan Cumming, Debra Messing & Sally Field at protests and rallies

A photo posted by Cher (@cher) on

Off to protest against the next POTUS with signs made by @granteepants

A photo posted by Alan Cumming (@alancummingsnaps) on

I love this woman. #TheRealDeal #HugeVoiceInASmallPackage #Activist #SallyField #NormaRaeForReals #NYCRally

A photo posted by Debra Messing (@therealdebramessing) on

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Billy Eichner has a big problem with Queen Latifah

When Billy Eichner played a game called Queen Latifah or Brave Person’ in 2015 on an episode of Billy on the Street, he meant what you probably thought he meant.

He meant to imply that the Oscar-nominated actress is a lesbian who refuses to come out publicly.

‘It’s not like I was intending to completely obliterate Queen Latifah,’ Eichner says in an interview with this week.

‘I think Queen Latifah is very talented. I’m sure she’s lovely. But there is one aspect of her life I find frustrating and a tad backward. That was what that game was about, and I was more than happy to put that on the air because I think that is a statement that needs to be made.’

Eichner has been openly gay since the start of his career and says he realizes ‘everyone’s life experience is different.’

‘I do take for granted, probably, the fact that I grew up in New York City, one of the most liberal places on earth, with bleeding-heart, liberal parents who took me to see Rent and Terrence McNally plays from a very young age. So my view of this whole topic is skewed, because I am one of the lucky ones.

‘With that said, I do think that if you can come out, you should come out. I personally think it’s the right thing to do. And at this point, there’s really not much stopping you from coming out of the closet as an actor.’

He adds: ‘What does bother me is when you see a closeted celebrity say, “Oh, I just don’t talk about my personal life.” Okay, but what about your ten-page spread in Architectural Digest? Or your multiple profiles in People magazine about every other aspect in your life? I don’t buy that for a second. We’re all on our own journey, and I respect that. But maybe reconsider your journey? [Laughs.]‘

Latifah remains steadfastly private about her sexuality.

Some thought she might come out Last year when she won a GLAAD Media Award for the HBO film Bessie which she starred in as the bisexual singer Bessie Smith and also executive produced.

Instead, she dedicated the award to the LGBTI people in her family including ‘my cousins who are gay’ and her aunt, ‘a lesbian who raised me … my inspiration. (She) taught me how to be a loved person.’

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Dominic Thiem unveils new look at Aussie Open!

I like the new look, I liked the old look. When it comes to Dominic Thiem I like any look!

3rd round Australian Open #newstyle #mygame

A photo posted by Dominic Thiem (@domithiem) on


See Ellen’s sweet tribute to the Obamas

They danced, they did push-ups, they had some good chats.
Ellen DeGeneres looks back on eight years of visits with outgoing US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on her show today.

In addition to dancing and comedy clips, we also see DeGeneres paying tribute to Obama on the day he came out publicly in support of same-sex marriage.

‘It takes a brave man to take a stand like this,’ she said on that day in 2012.

DeGeneres also got serious and said today of the outgoing president: ‘I want to personally thank him for changing my life. I am a legally married woman because of him and so is my wife.

‘His courage and compassion created equality for everyone. He moved us forward and made more happen in the past eight years than I ever dreamed possible. I love him, I love Michelle.’

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Happy 71st birthday to the great Dolly Parton!

It was 71 years ago today that Dolly Parton was born in Sevier County, Tennessee, as the fourth of 12 children.

It’s well known the family was quite poor in terms of material possessions but had strong values and a lot of love.

And out of that situation emerged a beloved star who has been making hits for nearly 50 years such as Jolene, Coat of Many Colors, I Will Always Love You, Islands in the Stream, Here You Come Again and Nine to Five, among others.

Dolly made a big splash in the movies in 1980s Nine to Five with Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda and had another big hit with 1989′s Steel Magnolias – both films are huge with us gays.

Of her longevity, Dolly says: ‘People feel like they’ve known me so long because I’ve been around a long time. I’m really like an aunt or a cousin or a person you’ve grown up with—like somebody in the family. So I think they feel comfortable with me. I really think that is Southern hospitality.”’

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Thursday Morning Man: Brad Marchand!

I’m just mad about this guy.

He’s National Hockey League pro Brad Marchant who is stepping up as a staunch LGBTI ally.

The league has never had an openly gay player but the high-profile member of the Boston Bruins makes clear it will not be a problem.

‘Guys would accept that, no question,’ the left winger tells ESPN.

‘We’re a team in the [dressing] room and a family. It doesn’t matter what different beliefs guys have, or where they come from, or whatever the case may be. Guys would accept it. Again, in the room we’re a family. That’s the way it is on a hockey team, and that’s the way it will always be.

‘It’s bound to happen at some point, and when it does, it will be accepted.’

Marchand, 28, stood up against an anti-gay slur recently on Twitter by writing: ‘This derogatory statement is offensive to so many people around the world, [you’re] the kind of kid parents are ashamed of.’

Marchand says if his reaction to the slur: ‘I want to stand up for what I believe in, and I don’t think it’s right when people say things or bash people because of their sexual orientation. I have friends who are in gay relationships, and I don’t think it’s right for people to be against that.

‘Everyone is allowed to find love whatever way that is, so I felt like that was a time to say something, especially nowadays. We’re in 2017, and things are a lot different than they were 100 years ago. We’re all evolving to be equal, and that’s the way things should be.’

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Late Night Video: Kathy Griffin pays a visit to ‘Conan’

Kathy Griffin is in excellent form during her visit to Conan O’Brien’s show. Best part of this is her Josh Groban stories. I had no idea he was such a man whore!

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‘Will & Grace’ stars tweet about their return

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The ever-popular Ellen DeGeneres has now won 20 People’s Choice Awards – the most in history

Ellen DeGeneres Wins The Most People Choice… by videosuploadedJustin Timberlake could have been speaking for all of us at the People’s Choice Awards tonight when he said of Ellen DeGeneres: ‘She is one of the best people on this planet and no one is more deserving.’ Ellen won three awards – including for favorite daytime TV host – bringing her total number to an astounding 20. In her speech Ellen said of this milestone: ’17, I get it. 18, sure. 19, I can see that. But 20 is outrageous.’ She went on to say: ‘This is really something that means more to me because it comes from the people. You are the people who are responsible for me being up here.’


Wednesday Evening Video: That time Carrie Fisher sang ‘My Guy’ in a bunny suit on ‘Laverne & Shirley’

Can’t believe I’ve never seen this! I did know that for many years Carrie Fisher and Penny Marshall held joint birthday parties that were all the rage but didn’t know Carrie did this guest turn on Laverne & Shirley. We don’t have many performances of Carrie singing but I’m glad we have this one!