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Rob Lowe is leaving “Brothers & Sisters”

Rob Lowe, who left NBC’s The West Wing in the middle of its run, is also leaving ABC’s Brothers & Sisters early.

That makes even more interesting a remark Lowe recently made to outgoing Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien when he guested on the show: “As someone who has left a celebrated NBC franchise myself… it can be done,” Lowe said, referencing O’Brien losing his Tonight hosting gig. “Believe me, if my experience can you give you anything, it’s that in a couple of years, nobody will even remember The Tonight Show, just like they don’t remember The West Wing.”

Lowe, who plays U.S. Sen. Roibert McCallister on Brothers & Sisters, is said to have felt underutilized this season – his fourth on the show. His character had a heart attack last season but this year has mostly been helping wife Kitty (Calista Flockhart) battle cancer.

Last season the couple had some serious marital problems but were closer than ever this year. Speculation is the Lowe’s character might be killed off – perhaps a fatal heart attack given his health history.

However his exit is handled, Lowe will likely remain at ABC with a show that is more built around the former Brat Pack member whose many film credits include St. Elmo’s Fire, Wayne’s World, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, About Last Night, Class, About Last Night, Square Dance, The Hotel New Hampshire, a remake of Suddenly Last Summer and the recent comedy The Invention of Lying.

“We would like to keep Rob at ABC,” said network president Steve McPherson in a statement. “We feel he should be anchoring his own franchise. We are in talks now.”

Lowe has appeared in two major hit shows and also had the leads to the successful miniseries The Stand and Salem’s Lot. But the two series built around him – Lyons Den on NBC and Dr. Vegas on CBS – both lasted less than a season. He also turned down the part of  Dr. McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy that made Patrick Dempsey a hot star again.

Ironically, there is speculation that Lowe could find himself working for Grey’s creator Shondra Rhimes after all in a new medical drama she is creating for ABC.

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Matt Bomer, undressed …


Prince William meets King Roger Down Under

ROYALTY SUMMIT: It’s not every day that the future King of England meets up with the current King of tennis.

But that’s what happened Thursday at the Australian Open in Melbourne.

Prince William is in Australia on an official visit for his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and stopped by the tournament to watch Roger Federer breeze through his second round match.

William arrived fashionably late — 75 minutes — to Federer’s match and was greeted with a warm ovation from the crowd at Rod Laver Arena. The only problem was that 75 minutes into this Federer match meant showing up for the end.

“It’s a pleasure, of course, playing in front of him [Prince William],” Federer told the press later. “From what I’ve heard, I think he met Serena [Williams] and myself, and came to watch my match. He said he was happy that I played a little bit longer, because the match could have ended even shorter. So it was nice.”

Federer, the number one player in the world, is after his fourth Aussie crown. He lost a heart-breaking five-set final last year to Rafael Nadal but went on to win his sixth Wimbledon and first French Open. In all, he has won a record 15 grand slam titles including five US Opens as well.


Lunch Break Video: When movie star Ann-Margrock paid a visit to “The Flintstones”’s pouring outside here in LA. My sister and I were gabbing on the phone earlier about how when we were kids, it was so much fun to stay inside and watch cartoons on a rainy day and eat Pop Tarts.

Well, I don’t have any Pop Tarts but I do have YouTube and located one of our faves: The Flintstones!

There were a gazillion episodes made of this show and I loved every one of them – even the ones with Gazoo! For a star-struck kid like me, the very best ones were when celebrities paid a visit from Hollyrock. I remember Cary Granite was one of them as was the lovely Ann Margrock – two stars I was well aware of before I knew there was a Cary Crant and an Ann-Margaret!

Here is Ann-Margrock belting out a tune as Fred and Barney dance together and Wilma, Betty and Pebbles watch from home.

Enjoy your rainy day all!

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Chatting with Lucy Lawless about her hair! Lawless has a new series starting tomorrow - Spartacus: Blood and Sand – so I did a couple of interviews with her in recent days for a piece I wrote for

First we talked after a panel at the Television Critics Association press tour and I reminded of her of our first meeting around two years ago. She was one of the celebrities attending a charity burlesque show in Hollywood and was standing off to the side of the red carpet. She had blond hair – her natural color – so I did not recognize her as the dark-headed star of Xena: Warrior Princess.

So I asked the reporter standing next to me – a bit too loudly it turns out – “WHO is she?”

Lucy turned around and said to me: “It’s Lucy Lawless!”

We had a good laugh then and again during our interviews. Lucy called a few days after press tour ended – she was in New Yoek City making all kinds of promotional appearances – and we talked more in depth. She said that now that her hair is darker again, she’s recognized everywhere!

“For eight years I was blond or had red hair and the minute I dye it back, all of a sudden, bam!” she says. “I had gotten used to being unrecognized. I realize that it’s currency. There are roles where you will vanish into a character but out in the world, being recognizable is currency.”

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Thursday Morning Man: Andy Whitfield!

Good morning everyone! Sorry for the last start today but rest assured, plenty of posts to come.

Let’s start out with Andy Whitfield who plays the title role in the new Starz series Spartacus: Blood and Sand which debuts tomorrow. It’s got all kinds of bloody violence if you’re into that kind of thing which I can take or leave. But it’s also got a lot of nudity and sex which I don’t mind so much.

Anyway, at the center of things is Whitfield, the Australian actor and former model who had to whip himself into incredible shape to film the series in New Zealand. I got to chat with Andy for a minute last weekend at the Television Critics Association press tour where he and other cast members including Lucy Lawless and John Hannah were talking up the series.

It has already been renewed for a second season and they will resume production in April. I wondered if Andy had anything planned in between professionally.

I’m going to rest,” he said. “I’m tired physically, obviously. You get to a certain point and you get injuries and you have to carry on around those injuries. But also emotionally it was very draining as the series progresses you’ll really what happens with these characters.”

He describes Spartacus as having a dangerous edge, being “a beast with a heart” and a fire that burns within. He won the role after what executive producer Rob Tapert describes as a worldwide search for a talented actor who has so far flown under Hollywood’s radar, but who after Spartacus will be highly sought after.

Andy grew up in Wales and studied at Sheffield University in England. He then spent five years working in the construction industry in London before moving to Australia a decade ago. Once there, he attended drama school in Sydney and started to land acting roles while still working as a diagnostic engineer – a job that required him to rappel down tall buildings!

Andy, who is married and has one child, got his first lead in a theatrical movie in the Australian supernatural flick Gabriel and has a role in the upcoming theatrical thriller The Clinic.

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A chat with the man who stepped on – and ripped – Chloe Sevigny’s dress at the Golden Globe Awards


It was the rip heard all around Hollywood.

When Big Love star Chloe Sevigny’s name was called as the winner of the Golden Globe Award for outstanding supporting actress in a television role, she did not make it up to the stage inside the Beverly Hilton Hotel unscathed – well, at least her Valentino dress didn’t.

As she began her speech, she stopped and said to an off-camera escort: “I can’t believe you just ripped my dress!”

Backstage she told the press: “I feel amazing in it. Unfortunately, the gentlemen escorting me up to the stage when I won this award stepped on it as he was walking and away tore it, so now it’s slightly more tattered. I think it’s going to make it through at least to the party.”

I talked to the poor guy who did the stepping and the accidental ripping. He’s theater producer Joe Everett Michaels who was mortified by the incident that resulted in his being on Access Hollywood, The Insider and Extra in recent days.

Joe, it should be noted, had been a Globe escort for female winners for three years and on Sunday, successfully helped Sandra Bullock, Julianna Margulies, Drew Barrymore and cast members from Glee and Avatar onto the stage without incident.

Only Sevigny’s long train proved to be a problem. He tells Greg In Hollywood, in his own words, exactly what happened:

“There’s two of us who basically escort the female winners onto the stage. I greeted [Chloe] and put my arm out. They are always in a state of shock and grab onto you tight. I say ‘Congratulations’ and walk them up and get off as soon as possible. When I got her up there, I lifted my hand off to have her release and let go and as she pulled away, I went to the left and she was going right. The train of the extraordinarily beautiful dress she was wearing got caught under my foot and as I started to walk, I heard it rip. It was really loud.”

“My natural instinct was to stop and turn around and say, ‘Are you okay?’ But in my head I said, ‘This is live TV. This is the Golden Globes and you can’t do what is instinctual.” So, I just walked off the stage. I was shaken up. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I just ripped her dress.’”

Big Love: Chloe Sevigny's Wardrobe Malfunction at the Globes

“About two commercial breaks late, when [Chloe] was done with press, when she was back at her table with Jeanne Tripplehorn, I walked up and said, ‘Excuse me, I’m extremely sorry about stepping on your dress. I apologize. I am very, very sorry. Unfortunately my foot got caught on your train and I truly apologize.” [Chloe] said she had a bad feeling something like this was going to happen, that she was going to fall down. Jeanne gave me a big hug and said, ‘Don’t worry about it.’”

At that point, Joe was unaware that Chloe had even said anything about the ripped dress in her speech or to the press backstage.

“I didn’t really know any of that had been said until I was backstage and one of the make-up women said, ‘Oh my God, she really ripped you one!’ When I got home and watched the show on TiVo, then I saw what she said and I was like, ‘Wow.’ Then of course [on Monday] first thing in the morning, my phone was blowing up with calls and texts. I thought, ‘Really? All this?”

“It was an accident. It was her big moment and I guess I kind of spoiled it for a second. I certainly didn’t mean to.”
Here is video of “the incident.”

Once the hoopla dies down, the 41-year-old former actor, who is openly gay, will get back to focusing on his work. Among the plays he has produced in Los Angeles are a Mommie Queerest and a Facts of Life parody. Most recently, he produced Falling Upward at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood which may be headed off-Broadway.

He also participated in a reality series called Boystown that has been completed and not yet aired. He hopes it does someday soon because he is very candid in it: “I talked about coming out, getting beat up as a kid and now I have a production company and am having dreams fulfiled. I want to give hopes to some kid somewhere who didn’t have anybody to look up to.”

As for the Globes, despite what happened with Chloe Sevigny, “I’d love to do it again. I really enjoy it.”


Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless together again!

I was so excited to participate in an interview last week with television icons Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly.

While they are, of course, best known for their stellar work on Cagney and Lacey – one or the other won the Emmy each of the six years the series was on the air – they have done so much other work since then that is so varied and so memorable.

Miss Gless spent five glorious seasons playing Debbie Novotny on Showtime’s Queer as Folk wearing an eccentric red wig and dishing out advice as well as food at the local diner where her gay son Michael (Hal Sparks) and his group of gay pals often congregated. Loved that series so much.

Then there is Miss Daly and her stellar six years as the indomitable Maxine Gray and CBS’s Judging Amy. She wasn’t just a mother and grandmother on the show, she was a tenacious social worker who cared about her clients and tried to do right by them even if it got her into trouble.

Gless did a few guest spots on Amy as a favor to Daly who had done a memorable guest appearance on Gless’s series The Trials of Rosie O’Neil which lasted two seasons on CBs in the early 90s.

Now Gless is on USA Network’s Burn Notice which is in its third season. Daly guest stars on Thursday night’s episode (pictured above) and it will be a real treat to see these two formidable ladies together again.

To read my write-up of the interview with them, go to

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Dustin Lance Black in New York state of mind winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black tells New York Magazine’s Daily Intel that he is planning to make the big move from Los Angeles to New York City.

He is in New York these days editing What’s Wrong with Virginia, the film he directed starring Jennifer Connelly and Ed Harris.

“I came here to edit the movie because I would like to live here,” he told New York at the Cinema Society screening of Howl last night.

Here’s an excerpt from the rest of the item: “I’m currently looking for a place to live. So if anyone has any tips on how to find a place, I could use them,” he said, rather nervously. Rents are dropping, we mentioned, trying to be helpful. “So don’t do it yet?” he asked tersely. “Do it now?” We assured him we simply meant that rents are negotiable these days, thanks to the ailing economy. “Oh, all right, yeah,” Black muttered. “It’s more, like, finding the place. I’m spoiled, I’m used to L.A. [where] there’s like a million places open at any given time. And you come here, and it’s like a hunt,” he added bleakly. “I have hope; I’ll find it.” Hey Lance, you know what they say — if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.


See the latest episode of the web series “Then We Got Help” featuring Nicholas Rodriguez

We haven’t seen much of Nicholas Rodriguez on One Life to Live lately but the handsome out actor can be seen in the weekly web series Then We Got Help which I have been happily posting about each week. The show is about a group of friends who go into group therapy – without a therapist!

This week, Dan (played by Rodriguez) and his partner Eric (Blake Hammond) enter the meeting in the middle of a fight because a store clerk had been flirting with Danny. We hear mostly from other characters after that but I’m sure our gay couple will again have the focus on them in an upcoming episode of this entertaining show from writer-director Julie Ann Emery who also plays Emily.

Here is a link to the show’s homepage where you can also watch past episodes.


Lunch Break Video: Check out Adam Lambert’s official video for “Whataya Want From Me” just love Adam Lambert’s song Whataya Want From Me from his For Your Entertainment album but for some reason, I just got around to watching the video for it this morning!

It’s just pure, fun entertainment that showcases Adam’s talent well and it’s one of my favorite songs right now.

So is the American Music Awards scandal finally behind the American Idol runner up? Let’s hope so. He’s paid the price, seems to have learned a lesson and we can all get on with our lives.

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Former Cosmo centerfold elected to replace Ted Kennedy in the United States Sentate! was unthinkable that Republican Scott Brown had a chance in heck of winning the special election in Massachusetts  for the late Ted Kennedy’s seat in the United States Senate.

And yet, it has happened.

His election is a blow to the Democrats because they no longer have a 60 vote majority in the Senate. Since they don’t seem to be able to get much done anyway, I gotta wonder how much more upset I possibly can be. He is supposed to be the vote that will derail health care reform which was the cause of Ted Kennedy’s life.

As you can see from his Cosmo centerfold a few decades back, the new senator is quite easy on the eyes. But then again, so is former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney who is one of the scarier people out there.

Is Brown just as scary? MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann seems to think so describing the new senator as “an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, tea-bagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees.”

Olbermann later apologized for the comment — because he didn’t go far enough: “I’m sorry, I left out the word sexist.”


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The baby daddy plot begins to unfold for Kyle and Oliver on “One Life to Live” and Oliver are solid as a couple but they are facing a tough situation.

Oliver is earning some extra money by guarding the pregnant Stacy who Kyle knows is trying to pass the child off as Rex’s child. Then Kyle finds out from Oliver that Fish had slept with Stacy: “Not my finest hour,” Fish said.”I was lonely, i got a little drunk. It was Valentine’s Day!”

Then Kyle cops to sleeping with her a second time, the night before he came out. Oliver doesn’t want Kyle to feel threatened by this and Kyle says he’s not: “I know you’re gay, I knew before you did. I know you love me. I love you too.”

Kyle starts to piece things together in terms of timing and the two realize that Oliver could be the baby’s daddy.

Stay tuned!

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Wednesday Morning Man: Thore Schölermann! few weeks back, I featured Jo Weil from the German soap Forbidden Love and judging from the huge response, it’s a show with a lot of loyal fans! So today, I bring you Thore Schölermann who plays Weil’s lover Christian Mann on the show.
They are one good looking pair!
Thore is just 25 years old who joined the soap in 2006 after graduating from college and doing a few short films. His Wikioedia page says he speaks fluent English. He is also an animal lover who even had a pet pig when he was a child.
The actor , who is straight, told last year about his reaction to Christian falling in love with Weil’s character of Olle.
“At first it was kind of a shock because I had no idea that would happen,” he admitted. “I had to think about that because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to play that, because it’s hard for me to play a gay man because it’s so far away from me. I was just afraid not to be able to do that.”
But he has certainly gotten over those initial fears and he and his co-star seem comfortable with the storyline and the physical contact that takes place: “Sometimes we think we have to put something into the scene where everyone sees that we are not only good friends, but that we are a couple. And sometimes we really have to put something like this into the scene. It’s just one touch and sometimes it comes and sometimes it’s planned. It’s different.”
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Luke becomes his father’s son and Noah finally has reason to smile on “As the World Turns”

Thank God for the arrival in Oakdale of Dr. Reid Oliver! Not only is he going to restore Noah’s sight, but he has instantly established a very antagonistic rapport with Luke which was very entertaining to watch.

“I don’t like you,” the doctor says to Luke point blank toward the end of the episode.

You can’t blame him. Luke took a page out of Damien’s book and blackmailed the dude to fly into town and examine Noah. Luke (Van Hansis) was fun to watch as he was on the phone doing the blackmailing then returned to being sweet Luke when the doc arrived and the doctor (played by new cast addition Eric Scheffer Stevens) is having none of it.

There is some buzz out there that the doc and Luke become attracted to each other which makes sense because the line between love and hate is rather thin. Meanwhile, Noah (Jake Silbermann) is smiling again! He’d been so unrelentingly angry since he went blind after an explosion on his film set. I loved the scenes with ex-girlfriend Maddie and her friend (WHO is that cutie pie znd is he gay? I missed how he is in the storyline).

Anyway, let’s hope things stay interesting during the show’s final eight months or so. If things stay interesting, the writers just might make us really sad that Luke and Noah and co. are leaving the airwaves.

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Now that Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas is an openly gay man, he talks about looking for love a difference there is in Gareth Thomas compared to last month. When the Welsh rugby star gave his first coming out interviews, he seemed anguished and very unsure of his future.

But the overwhelmingly positive public response to his honesty has made him all the more beloved by many of his fans and won him even more admirers.

He told the Welsh newspaper Wales on Sunday that he would no longer feel ashamed to walk down the street hand in hand with a man. “I don’t think it would detract from my masculinity or who I am.”

“The thought now is exciting; sitting down to watch telly, to cuddle up to somebody, to be able to show affection to somebody is exciting, … I know a lot of gay men are looking for love. I’ve done this as well in the hope that I can find somebody.”

Good luck Gareth in your quest!


Matt Bomer on cover of gay novel?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It does appear to be White Collar star Matt Bomer on the cover of the gay novel Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez unless he’s got an equally good looking doppelgänger out there.

Here is the plot of the bookThe story follows the overlapping lives of three high school seniors, with the chapters alternating between their different points of view. Jason Carrillo, the jock, finds himself questioning his heterosexuality and decides to attend a meeting for gay youth. He does not expect to see his classmates Kyle Meeks and Nelson Glassman at the meeting. Meanwhile, Kyle Meeks crushes on Jason and through a number of run-ins the two become more than ‘just friends.’ Nelson, the flamboyant class clown, finds himself jealous of Kyle and Jason and decides to hook up with an online stranger named Brick. He engages in sexual intercourse with Brick and fears he has contracted HIV. He becomes friends with HIV-positive Jeremy and finds himself in love.

Jason has got to be Matt, right?


CNN’s Anderson Cooper steps into the action while reporting in Haiti to protect an injured young boy

Anderson Cooper wasted no time in getting to Haiti after last week’s devastating Earthquake. On Monday, he had the presence of mind to step in and help a boy who had been hit in the head with a rock or piece of concrete thrown by someone.
The CNN anchor pulled the bloody boy away from the scene and can be heard telling him: “It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s okay.” Then he scooped him up and carried him away to safety.
I know there are those who will say a reporter should never become a part of the story but where kids are concerned, you gotta help if you can. I hope the kid is okay and that Anderson stays safe during the rest of his time reporting in Haiti.

Here are some photos Anderson posted on Twitter of the aftermath of the earthquake that hit Haiti last week in Port-au-Prince.

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Lunch Break Video: Birthday boy Desi Arnaz Jr. learns about the birds and the bees on “Here’s Lucy”

When a big star hires a family member for a key role in a TV series or movie (Sofia Coppolla in Godfather III for example) it can be a disaster for all involved. That was not the case when Lucille Ball hired her two real-life children, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. to play her kids on her third sitcom, Here’s Lucy, which ran from 1968-74. The Arnaz kids had real showbiz genes and were terrific.

In this scene, Desi’s character of Craig listens as his uncle Harry (Gale Gordon) bumbles through trying to tell him the facts of life. As I watched this, it occurred to me: I’ll bet Uncle Harry was GAY! Only back then, you were known as a confirmed bachelor.

Desi Jr., who turns 57 years old today, became quite the heartthrob because of the show and being drummer for the band Dino, Desi and Billy. He is currently touring with a configuration of Dino, Desi & Billy called Ricci, Desi & Billy. It features Arnaz, Jr. reunited with Billy Hinsche, and joined by Ricci Martin (youngest son of Dean Martin). Dino was Martin’s older son who was killed in a plane crash.

Desi Jr. was also born the night Lucy Ricardo gave birth to little Ricky on his parent’s I Love Lucy series and received massive publicity.

That’s quite a way to enter this world!


Kurt to get a boyfriend on “Glee” next season’s so exciting to hear all this news about Glee, courtesy of We know that last week Fox execs said they would be conducting a nationwide search to cast three new roles in the show’s second season. One of those roles will be a boyfriend for Kurt who is played by openly gay actor Chris Colfer!

The show’s producer and creator, the out and proud Matt Murphy says: “We just announced we’re doing a nationwide search for the season 2 cast, and [a boyfriend for Kurt is] one of the three roles that we’re adding. And we’re going to make them a power couple. We’re not going to do the whole hiding in the shadows thing. We’re going to make them popular, and out and proud and glamorous. Like prom king and king. We’re doing the opposite of what’s been done.”

I love, love, LOVE that.

Things like this are not only fun to watch for people like me but I’m thinking of the gay kids out there who are watching the show and about how empowering this storyline will be.

Thank you Ryan Murphy!

Earlier post:

My chat with Chris Colfer, the breakout gay character of FOX’s new series “Glee”

Interview: Glee creator Ryan Murphy on Chris Colfer coming out

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