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David Beckham to launch own underswear line!

david-beckham-emporio-armani-underwear.jpgDear readers,

I do not need much of an excuse to post a buncha pictures of dishy David Beckham in his underwear but it just so happens I have a legitimate reason today.

It seems that the world’s most famous soccer star, who made us drool when he posed in his skivvies on those underwear ads for Armani, is coming out with a line of underwear all his own!

“The whole planet went nuts when David stripped off for his Armani ads,” a source told British newspaper The Daily Mirror . “Sales went through the roof. It was decided not to renew the Armani contract and develop a business of David’s own. He has seen how fulfilling it has been for [wife] Victoria [Beckham] to branch out into business and relishes a similar challenge.”

The British soccer star reportedly boosted sales for Armani’s underwear products by 30% when he stripped down, MTV reported.

The venture will be backed by Simon Fuller and designer Stella McCartney’s husband, Alasdhair Willis, sources told MTV.

Victoria Beckham will also reportedly have input in the line. The former Spice Girl became a minor figure on the fashion circuit herself with her line of dresses.

If the line does well as investors expect, sources told The Daily Mirror that it could expand into grooming products and moisturizers.

The latest Beckham underwear news came shortly before he assisted in two goals to help his squad, the Los Angeles Galaxy, advance in the MLS playoffs – the best showing he’s had in a tumultuous run since he came to the States with a record-breaking contract three years ago.
DavidBeckhamEmporioArmaniUnderwearA.jpg image by celebritygossipo
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An estranged Scotty and Kevin manage to work it out on a very good episode of “Brothers & Sisters”’m happy to report that ABC’s Brothers & Sisters continued it’s recent resurgence with a solid funny and touching episode last night.

Love seeing Justin (Dave Annable) smiling and flirting again as he begins life as a single man (let him date awhile!) and to see Holly (Patricia Wettig) get her memory back (that whole storyline has been a real drag).

Kitty (Calista Flockhart) and Sara (Rachel Griffiths) were terrific as their sister characters worked out some deep rivalry issues and Sally Field (as mom Nora) was in top form as she dealt with her daughters and began a flirtation with a handsome new character (a fellow radio show host at her station).

And finally, Kevin and Scotty. We knew they would get back together, somehow, after Scotty’s cheating episode.

I’m just happy with how they got back together, how the family’s love for in-law Scotty was shown to be so deep and how while Scotty did the cheating, Kevin had to take some responsibility for his role in it – especially when he skipped the opening night of Scotty’s restaurant.

It was on that night, with Kevin MIA, that Scotty succumbed to the charms of a hot young waiter. tells Kevin: “I think you’re making this all about you instead of about us. I did a terrible thing …sometimes I feel like our life is all about you, you consume all of the oxygen in the room. Someone came up to me and offered to make it all about me. When you didn’t show up to my opening, I was so hurt. I wanted to be the star that night.”

While Scotty did feel that way that night and at times, he makes clear that he mostly loves being in support of Kevin, doesn’t mind being in his shadow: “My life with you is beautiful and I cherish it, but it’s not without it’s problems.”

Kevin admits: I’m scared to let you back in.”

the catalyst for the couple to start talking again is niece Paige who needs their help to prepare for a debate competition. It is at the competition, when the two arrive together, that we know they have worked it out.

Before entering the auditorium, they hold hands and Kevin says: “Scotty, I love you.”

Scotty replies to his husband: “I love you too.”

Now someone hand me a damned Kleenex!

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Gaby succeeds in getting neighbors Bob and Lee back together on “Desperate Housewives” didn’t know it, but Bob Hunter was known as “the flipper” in college.

The gay Wisteria Lane resident, played by the devastatingly handsome Tuc Watkins, seemed to have his sights set on Carlos Solis on last night’s episode of Desperate Housewives and even a gorgeous woman like his wife Gaby was worried her straight hubby might succumb to Bob’s charms – and his biceps!

It was great to see the show’s criminally underused gay couple Bob and Lee (Kevin Rahm) get some screen time this week and to be reminded of how damned funny they can be. And to finally, at last, give them a makeout scene!

Bob and Lee had split up last season. Here is their road to reconciliation: Gaby (Eva Longoria Parker) invited Bob over for dinner to thank him for putting she and hubby Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) in touch with their biological daughter. Carlos wasn’t thrilled because he doesn’t feel he has anything in common with Bob.

Gaby gifts Bob with tickets to Cats and he is underwhelmed. He might be gay but he’s no theater queen like Lee telling Gaby and Carlos:  “When I found out he saw Annie six times even I wanted to gay bash him.”

Hmmm. A gay bash joke? Not funny – ever., Gaby is shocked that Bob does not fit her stereotype and says: “Ever thought the reason Lee broke up with you is because you’re not gay?” She adds that “it’s very upsetting that you’re not a tired gay stereotype. … Just go,. I can’t even look at you right now.”

Bob reveals that he’s much more of a sports nut and Carlos lights up. They start making plans left and right to attend games etc.

A few days later, Lee comes over to Gaby’s upset because he has heard that Bob has been seen out three times “with a hunky Latino.”

When Gaby tells him to relax, that it’s just Carlos, Lee warns her: “Bob has always had a major crush on Carlos … Bob’s college nickname was flipper and it’s not because of his dolphin tattoo …  He takes them out drinking, gets them hammered then when they’re defenses are down, he flips them.”

Gaby tries to laugh it off: “He’s not giving up these chimichangas for a plate of franks and beans.”

Just then, Bob brings a drunken Carlos home, Carlos’s arm around his hunky gay neighbor.

Then they have plans to go golfing with Bob, an overnight trip to Palm Springs. Gaby tells her clueless hubby: “Open your eyes, this trip isn’t about golfing, it’s really about seduction.”

Carlos thinks it’s all rather amusing because he’s not gay. But he agrees to cancel the golfing trip so Gaby will calm down. This leads to a face-off between Bob and Gaby. When Bob finds out what his ex has told Gaby about his “flipping” ways, he said: “Lee’s a fine one to talk. Did he tell you about the summer he stalked Ryan Seacrest?”

Then Bob tells Gaby that he doesn’t have an agenda with Carlos. He is simply lonely and he has enjoyed the friendship: “Ever since Lee left all I do is work and come home to an empty house.”

Gaby has a tip for him: “If you ever do feel the need to flip a straight guy on the lane, I’d start with Tom Scavo (Doug Savant). I always felt he was three beers away.”
Bob replies: Two.

(Note: Savant played the gay character of Matt on the original Melrose Place.)

Whether she wants to keep studly Bob away from her hubby or just has a big heart, Gaby schemes to get Bob and Lee back together.

At first Bob is bitchy and says to Lee: Bob: “We only broke up four months ago. How did you gain this much weight?”

But things thaw. The last time we see them, they are totally making out. We only see them for a few seconds and it’s not a close up but it is their first kiss on screen that I remember.

Let’s hope for more of Bob and Lee this season, and more  making out! Here’s the clip:

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Meryl Monday: Watch scene from “Silkwood” and read what Cher has to say about Streep in Vanity Fair! Streep earned an Oscar nomination for best actress for her portrayal of Karen Silkwood in the 1983 film Silkwood.

Miss Streep played a metallurgy worker at a plutonium processing plant who was purposefully contaminated, psychologically tortured and possibly murdered to prevent her from exposing blatant worker safety violations at the plant.

Also starring in the film were Kurt Russell as Karen’s boyfriend and Cher as her lesbian roommate. It was a breakthrough for Cher earning her a supporting actress Oscar nod and establishing her as a serious movie actress after years of television and pop music stardom.

Cher and Meryl became great friends during the making of the film and have remained close.

“We hung out and drank plum wine after work. Cher was really fun,” Meryl says in the December issue of Vanity Fair. “I was smitten by her openness both as an actress and as a person. It’s incredibly disarming – you’re a little worried for her like: Are you sure you want to be telling me all this? Her lack on inhibition is part of what endeared her to the national audience on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour - that’s where I first saw her. Most people on TV had a little TV veneer back then, a performing gloss,  but her gloss was not only her beauty but how easily she wore it and dismissed itnlike, ‘No big deal.’ For a showgirl, there’s not a phony bone on her body. What you see is what you get, and when she gets dressed up and gets gorgeous, you get  whole lot.” Cher of Meryl: “She’s so good and she makes me laugh hysterically.  We are opposites: she takes everything so easily, and I’m so stressed about everything.”
Cher also gloats: “I was responsible for Mamie [Gummer, the actress, the second of Streep's  four children]! I take full credit. We were in Texas doing Silkwood, and Don [Gummer] was there with Henry [their son]. Meryl said, ‘We need some time alone. Take Henry – it’s Halloween. Please, just take him.So I took Henry and she got pregnant with Mamie.”

Trivia Question: In what other film did both Meryl and Cher appear?

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Monday Morning Man: Marcos Daniel!’s not a top player like Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal.

But in the looks department, Brazilian tennis pro Marcos Daniel would have to be ranked pretty darn high!

He also had a very good weekend winning the Open Challenger Series event in Medellin, Antioquia department, Colombia on Sunday.

Daniel beat Juan Sebastian Cabal of Colombia 6-3, 7 -5 in this tournament for lower-ranked players on the ATP tour.

He turned pro in 1997 but at 32, has been a bit of a late bloomer reaching his highest singles ATP-ranking of No. 56 a year ago. He has since dropped out of the top 100.

In  all, he’s had a decent career winning more than $1 million in prize money and, at times, being Brazil’s top-ranked player. Daniel has won 14 singles titles and 7 doubles titles on the ATP’s challenger circuit where he never had to play guys like Federer, Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Roddick or Andre Agassi.

It’s a pity. I’d like to see more of this guy on the main tour!

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Huey Lewis doesn’t mind being a gay crush I was in college, Huey Lewis and the News were all the rage and my senior year roommate and I played their music all the time in our apartment.

The Power of Love, If This is It, Doing It All For My Baby, Hip to Be Square, Do You Believe in Love and so many other great songs.

Love ‘em!

I didn’t tell my roommate that I had a big ol’ crush on Huey nor did I mention that to another friend the summer after graduation when we went to see them perform at the San Diego Sports Arena. We decided to go a few hours before the show and just walked up to the ticket window and hoped for the best.

We got seats in the second to the last row and it was a show I will never, ever forget. Huey and the band were in great form and Huey kept doing encores and finally at one point confessed, “I don’t want to leave.”

Flashforward to more than 20 years later. It was last summer and my friend Lorna treated me to a Huey Lewis and the News concert at the Pacific Ampitheatre in Costa Mesa. This time, we were in something like the 12th row.

Huey still looked and sounded great!

Dave Karger of Entertainment Weekly chatted with Huey about his new album Soulsville and mentions the “It Gets Better” video that the former MTV VJ Dave Holmes posted where he said that seeing you at the beginning of the “I Want A New Drug” .

Dave played it for Huey who reacted this way: “That’s cute. I’m flattered! That’s sweet. I remember when I filmed that scene, I didn’t wear a shirt, I wore boxer shorts. It was the Paul Newman scene in The Sting; that’s where I swiped it. Paul Newman wakes up and he’s hung over and fills the sink with ice and puts his head in the ice. So that was just a rip-off of that scene.

Here’s the video:

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Roger Federer wins 65th title of his career!

Switzerland's Roger Federer KissesWinning looks to be as sweet as ever for Roger Federer who won the 65th singles title of his career earlier today in Basel, Switzerland.

He beat defending champion Novak Djokovic 6-4, 3-6, 6-1 to win his fourth Swiss Indoors title and was watched courtside by his parents, his wife, Mirka, and their 15-month-old twin daughters, Myla and Charlene.

“It is even more special to win again at home,” Federer told the crowd after the match. “I had a super week and a tough final to play. … It’s always tough to play Novak. We’ve met so many times and he knows my game and how to beat me. He had a great week here.”

Federer’s 65th career singles title lifted him out of a tie with Pete Sampras and into sole possession of fourth on the career singles victory list in the modern era. Jimmy Connors leads with 109.

Federer is 4-4 in finals this year after winning titles at the Australian Open, Cincinnati Masters and the Stockholm Open.

The world’s second ranked player had a mostly dismal 2010 after his Australian Open win losing in the quarterfinals of the French Open and Wimbledon and the semifinals of the US Open.

But he has played with purpose and confidence this fall making three finals in a row (winning two). He has a 57-12 season record and is the top seed at the Paris Masters which began today. It’s the last event before the eight-man ATP World Tour Finals being held Nov. 21-28 in London.


Showtune Sunday: All about Lucie Arnaz!

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lucieabel.jpgLucie Arnaz was born with the kind of purebred showbiz genes that can only rival Liza Minnelli’s.

I saw her perform in 2008 at an Actors Fund event inside the Pantages Theatre and she was absolutely dazzling. What was even more cool is that Lucie – the very talented daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, remains amazingly youthful, full of energy and in good voice.

She may have gotten her start co-starring with her mother (and brother Desi Arnaz Jr.) on the Here’s Lucy series but Lucie made it big on her own not long after. She made a big splash on Broadway starring in They’re Playing Our Song and went on to also star in Lost in Yonkers and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.’s one of the rare performers who has headlined in television (The Lucie Arnaz Show, Sons and Daughters), on Broadway and in films (The Jazz Singer, Billy Jack Goes to Washington). She performs in concert all around the world and also produced the 1993 Emmy-winning documentary on her famous parents Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie.

“I’m doing whatever appeals to me at the time,” Lucie told me after that Pantages show in 2008. “I’m an actor who sings and dances and I like to produce and do documentaries. I jump all over the place and maybe that’s not such a good thing because people wonder, ‘Where is she? What does she do?’ But it’s been a great life, lots of different plains.”

It’s a life that has not been all about work. She has three children – Simon, Joseph and Katharine – and her husband Laurence Luckinbill has two more – Nicholas and Benjamin – from his previous marriage to actress Robin Strasser.

“I raised three gigantic children so that’s been my priority for a long time but now they’re out of the house!” Lucie said. “They live on their own and make their own kind of music – literally. And I can get on a ship go to Hong Kong or wherever whenever I feel like it.”

To celebrate the magnificent Lucie, here are three numbers: Hey Look Me Over from her mother’s 1961 Broadway hit Wildcat; The Best is Yet to Come and finally; the title song from Lucie’s biggest Broadway hit They’re Playing Our Song.

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Morning Man Classic: Shaun Cassidy! guess you could say that Shaun Cassidy, who burned so bright as a teen idol in the 70s, was the Zac Efton or Justin Bieber of his day.

Shaun stardom picked up right where that of his older half-brother, David Cassidy, had left off with the elder Cassidy taking a low profile after his years on The Partridge Family and as a major pop star.

He was just 19 in 1977 when his self-titled debut album was released and had a number one single Da Doo Ron Ron and top 10 hits That’s Rock and Roll and Hey Deanie.

He also began a three-year run on ABC’s The Hardy Boys Mysteries during which Shaun released five more albums and did concert tours. Then, just as his brother’s stardom quickly faded, so did Shaun’s who also starred for a season in the ABC series Breaking Away.

But it really was just the beginning of a second act for the eldest son of Oscar winner Shirley Jones and the late actor Jack Cassidy (David has a different mother).

Shaun has become a prolific television writer and producer whose credits include American Gothic, Players, The Agency, Hollyweird, Invasion and Inseparable.

He’s also performed occasionally since his teen idol days. He and David Cassidy teamed up for a highly successful Broadway production of Blood Brothers and stayed with the show for more than a year in the mid-90s. Shaun has also appeared in several other Broadway and West End productions including Mass Appeal and Bus Stop.

Last Friday, the now 52-year-old Shaun was one of several “teen heartthrobs” who appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and he performed his hits Da Doo Ron Ron” and That’s Rock and Roll.

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Chris Colfer talks with Entertainment Weekly about Tuesday’s “Never Been Kissed” episode of “Glee” gay stars are ruling the magazine stands this week!

We get major Portia de Rossi and Ricky Martin stories in People and there is a terrific three-page spread on Glee star Chris Colfer in the new Entertainment Weekly.

I love all the mainstream attention and after reading all of the articles, they have great “It Gets Better” messages for any troubled gay teens looking for some role models.

Glee’s next episode on Nov. 9 is called Never Been Kissed. In a timely decision, producers have opted to address the current rash of bullying through Kurt (Colfer).

Fed up with football players harassing him, Kurt ventures off to spy on his glee club’s competition and meets another openly gay student, Blaine (Darren Criss).

Producers, according to EW, have not officially decided whether Blaine will be Kurt’s love interest but he motivates Kurt to stand up to his tormentors.

Chris shares with EW that he was a social outcast in high school and was bullied by classmates who would often taunt him with gay slurs. Not unlike Kurt, he would fight back with wit instead of his fists.

“One time I was walking and someone said, “F–!’ and I turned back and said, ‘Yeah, but can you spell it?’”

Adds Colfer: “Had you told me when I was walking down the halls being picked on and harassed, in a matter of four years I’d be put in a position where the character I’d be playing on TV would be inspiring so many people in that same situation, it would have been mind blowing. Everything happens for a reason, so maybe it was good I went through all of that because now it comes from a personal place.”

Here is a musical number from the Never Been Kissed episode featuring Darren Criss and Chris Colfer:

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Ian McKellen on being gay in Hollywood: “If you’re going around telling a lie you may get by but you won’t be half as happy as you would be if you came out.” McKellan was 49 when he came out publicly as a gay man and has since enjoyed the most successful phase of his career.

He’s been a part of two huge blockbuster franchises: The Lord of the Rings and X-Men, earned two Academy Award nominations (for Gods and Monsters and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring).

He’s in an excellent position to talk about being an out actor in Hollywood and he did just that recently with Popeater. Here are some excerpts:

On closeted actors: “If you’re going around telling a lie you may get by but you won’t be half as happy as you would be if you came out. If that means you have to give up hopes of being one of the three or four young sex symbols in Hollywood so be it. You probably weren’t going to be one of those anyway. That happens by chance and it doesn’t last for very long.”

Benefit of being out: “I don’t think any gay person is going to be happy and bring joy to themselves and other people unless they can be honest about their sexuality, and if other people don’t like that honestly, that’s a comment on them and not on the person who is being honest.”

On how open you should be: “There is a difference between living a private life and being in the closet. Being in the closet means you’re lying about your life but just because you come out doesn’t mean you have to talk about every affair you have. You don’t have to talk about what you do in bed anymore than I have to talk about the food I eat.”


Andy Roddick no match for Roger Federer

Swiss Tennis

REMATCH: The last time Roger Federer and Andy Roddick played each other, it was in the 2009 Wimbledon final and it was an epic. Federer finally won 16-14 in the fifth set after 4 hours, 16 minutes.

Their follow up, which took place earlier today in the semifinals of the Swiss Indoors in Basel, was a much more straightforward affair with Federer winning 6-2, 6-4. Still, it’s always nice to have Andy make it far into a tournament so his shirt will fly up and we can check out his abs.

Federer, currently ranked second in the world, improved his career record to 20-2 against Roddick. He will play Novak Djokovic for the title tomorrow. Federer, who has had a subpar years by his lofty standards, will be playing in his eighth final of 2010 and is seeking his fourth tournament win of the year.

  Roger Federer Of Switzerland Is


Happy Birthday to Sally Field! Her career in pictures from Gidget to Sybil to Norma Rae to Nora Walker!’s hard to believe, but it was 45 years ago that Sally Field first charmed audiences as the sunny surfer girl in her first TV series Gidget.

The actress, who turns 64 today, went on to do the even more successful sitcom Flying Nun but after that was over, Sally found it hard to be taken seriously.

But she persevered and by 1976, when she won the Emmy for her performance as a woman with multiple personalities in Sybil, no one doubted her abilities again.

She went on to make a bunch of hit movies with her then-boyfriend, Burt Reynolds, including Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper and The End before landing one of the greatest roles of her career in Norma Rae.

Sally won her first Oscar for best actress then five years later won her second Academy Award for Places in the Heart.

There have been many other hit films including Soapdish, Murphy’s Romance, Punchline, Mrs. Doubtfire and, of course, playing Tom Hanks’ mom in Forrest Gump.

As she has gotten older, Sally has never stopped working in quality projects earning Emmy nods for the miniseries A Woman of Independent Means and the HBO movies A Cooler Climate.

She was a sensation as Maura Tierney’s bipolar mother in a series of episodes of ER and won an Emmy for the role.

Then came Brothers & Sisters and the role of Nora Walker – matriarch of the Walker family of adult children played by Calista Flockhart, Matthew Rhys, Rachel Griffiths, Dave Annable and Balthazar Getty.

What a showcase it has been for Sally – a role filled with dramatic moments and with comedy. She won the Emmy for the first season of the show and in 2009 won the Screen Actors Guild Award for best actress in a drama.

The ABC drama is in its fifth season and it’s not known how much longer it will run. But Sally will no doubt remain in demand. She is reportedly in early talks to play May Parker, the beloved aunt of Peter Parker, in director Marc Webb’s big-budget Spider-Man reboot.

I’ve selected some photos from Sally’s career to mark her birthday and to just look at and realize what a really remarkable run it has been, non-stop, since the days of Gidget.

And also, I have to shine a special spotlight on her most iconic film role of all: M’Lynn Eatenton in Steel Magnolias.

Let’s take a look at her big dramatic scene at the cemetery after the burial of her daughter who was played by Julia Roberts:

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Saturday Morning Man: Caleb Followill! faithful blogger is hopelessly unhip when it comes to most of today’s new music but I’ve become a fan of Kings of Leon since seeing them perform on Saturday Night Live recently.

I loved their sound and I was just transfixed by handsome lead singer and rhythm guitarist Caleb Followill.

Those eyes! That baritone voice!

Caleb is his middle name (his full name is Anthony Caleb Followill) and he’s 28 years old. He is in the Grammy Award winning group with his brothers Jared Followill and Nathan Followill and cousin Matthew Followill is lead guitarist.

Even though we all have crushes on him, Caleb is not on the market. He has been with his model girlfriend Lily Aldridge since 2007 and proposed to her in September.,%202007%20in%20Chicago76021047.jpg

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Patti LuPone: Excerpts from “The Advocate” interview: “They broke the mold when they made me.”

The Advocate’s Jeremy Kinser has done a terrific interview with Patti LuPone. It was posted more than a week ago but it just came to my attention the other day. I’m glad I didn’t miss it entirely because I love it! Here are some excerpts:

The Advocate: I have to get this out of the way. A friend who is a big theater queen has this fantasy that you, Audra McDonald, Liza Minnelli, and Bernadette Peters hang out and have karaoke parties. Any chance this has ever happened?
Patti LuPone: [Laughs] No, never! That’s a funny notion, but it doesn’t happen. I mean, I sing with Audra a lot, but I can’t say that I’m friends with Bernadette or Liza. I know them, but I don’t count them among my friends. Broadway is a place of work. My friends are my lifelong friends I’ve had since childhood. But on Broadway you go to work, you do your thing, and you move on.

Your book is dishy and revealing. You don’t hold anything back, and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Was there any discussion about whether you should be so forthcoming?
No, that’s just who I am. I didn’t make an effort to be anything but who I am already. you star in a revival, such as Anything Goes or Sweeney Todd or Gypsy, is there ever pressure to distinguish your performance from a predecessor’s?
No, no. The pressure may come from other people placing it on me, but I don’t place it on myself. All I have to do is read the script and I’m a different person. Otherwise I’m an imitator. I don’t think actors are imitators. We are creators.

Are there any young performers on Broadway who remind you of yourself?
No, they broke the mold when they made me. [Laughs]

Do you think a TV show like Glee will create a new audience for musical theater?
Yes, yes, and more yeses. I hope they don’t get campy and crazy, but yes. You know what, everyone wants to be in a Broadway musical. Over and out. If you’ve a young girl tap-dancing in toe shoes in Fort Lauderdale Fla., everybody wants to be on Broadway. Bono is writing a musical. For some reason everyone wants to be on Broadway or write a Broadway musical. I don’t get it. As a performer, they certainly don’t know how difficult it is. I don’t know what the rockers are thinking … Oh, now we’d better write a Broadway musical. It’s so crazy to me. [Laughs]

Go to to see the entire interview.

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Ricky Martin talks to People about his new love, his memoir, and the day he came out to the world loving this Ricky Martin book tour.

Watched him on Access Hollywood last night and he was relaxed, fun, thoughtful and adorable. This was a gay man comfortable in his skin and loving his life and he’s telling his story to Oprah, to USA Today and all the other major stops – including People.

Here are some excerpts from his new interview with People. He was relegated to the upper left corner of the cover because, fantastically, Portia de Rossi got the main cover but lots of nice photos of Ricky inside!

On his new boyfriend: “I’m in love.” The relationship began just as he was writing a chapter in his new memoir, Me, about hoping for a soulmate. He won’t reveal the man’s identity but says: “He has nothing to do with the industry.” He says they will go public “whenever he’s ready.”

On writing his memoir: “All I wanted to do with this book was to let it all out. Every time I go over the pages, I feel relief.”

On fatherhood: “I always knew I was destined to be a father. … I will never forget the moment that each of them looked into my eyes for the very first time. Those were the most precious moments in my life. … I want to make sure that my kids grow up without the pressures that I grew up with. I want them to feel total freedom to be who they are. And if they like men or women or both, I won’t be the one to hold them back.”

On coming out publicly: “[Colleagues and friends] tried to dissuade me: it was not the right time, people wouldn’t understand. I know [it] came from love and concern. But I said, ‘What part of ‘I can’t take it anymore’ do you not understand?’ … When I pressed ‘Send’ [he came out in a letter on his website], I closed the computer and went to my room to take a nap. But the curiosity killed the cat. I called a friend and asked her to go to my Twitter account and tell me what people were saying. She said, ‘Kiki [his nickname], it’s pure love.”

His life today: “I feel strong, happy, and free. Thanks to [my sons], I found the strength to live without secrets. When they flash [their] smiles at me, I think, ‘The world could fall apart tomorrow, but it wouldn’t matter to me. This is the greatest joy imaginable.”

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Portia de Rossi’s anorexia nightmare is People cover story: ‘I Don’t Want to Have Any More Secrets’

Portia de Rossi: 'I Don't Want to Have Any More Secrets'Portia de Rossi’s new book, Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain, is getting all kinds of coverage and I’m happy to see such an articulate out woman on Oprah for the hour and now on the cover of People.
(It’s a bit of a pity that Portia’s book is out the same week as Ricky Martin’s since it relegated him to a cover photo in the upper corner of People. But hey! They are both great stories and great stars who are at a place where they can really speak their truth and be so thoughtful and articulate about their journeys).
I had no idea how bad Portia’s anorexia was (she was at one point at 82 pounds and got quite ill). She was on Ally McBeal at the time and says there was much pressure to be thin but she took things to an extreme by going on a diet of 300 calories a day.
She went into treatment and recovered and a lot of good things started to happen like meeting future wife Ellen DeGeneres:
“I met Ellen when I was 168 pounds and she loved me,” Portia tells the mag. “She only saw the person inside. My two biggest fears, being fat and being gay, when realized, led to my greatest joy.”
“I still don’t like my thighs,” she adds. “But I’m not going to do anything to compromise my health or my sanity to change them. I don’t want to have secrets anymore. I don’t want to have a darkness that I feel that I should be ashamed of. And going forward now, without having anything to hide, the future looks pretty bright.”
She has gained a lot of self-awareness since the days of starving herself: “My struggle with anorexia, coming to terms with my sexuality, I realized I had struggled with self-acceptance my whole life. To be able to get to a point where you’re just happy with who you are, I think that’s when you know what real peace feels like.”

Video Bonus: Portia was on Nightline yesterday and it is a really good piece. I’m just in awe of her candor and of how far she’s come. Nice to see her in this happy and healthy place.

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“I Love Lucy” Friday: Lucy puts herself out on a ledge by promising the get Superman for her son’s party

It’s all Carolyn Applebee’s fault!

If she hadn’t planned her little Stevie’s birthday party for the same day as Little Ricky’s party then Lucy wouldn’t have had to make up a big lie.

The redhead told Carolyn that TV’s Superman (George Reeves) would be at Ricky’s party so she may as well cancel hers.

When it looks like she won’t be able to convince Superman to show up, Lucy puts on a costume and is prepared to fly into the room herself!

But she gets trapped on the ledge and has to be rescued – by Superman himself.


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Find out when Adam Lambert lost his virginity!


I feel like the National Enquirer or something but you know you want to know!

The sensational Adam Lambert, who has been touring like a mad man this year, is subject of the Nov. 21 episode of E! True Hollywood Story.

In it, he talks about his very first time.

“I lost my virginity at 21 years old.and it was to a man, not a woman. Uh, and it wasn’t very good. Sometimes it takes a little while to learn how to do that correctly.”

My guess is Adam has had a lot of chances to practice in recent years!


Constance McMillen goes from being banned from prom to one of Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year! time Constance McMillen gets some kind of honor, I feel so proud of this 18 year old who stood up for herself in her rural Mississippi town where the homophobic adults behaved even worse than the kids.

Constance wanted to take her girlfriend to her prom and rather than letting her do so, the school canceled the event then parents held a private event they did not invite her to.

There was a legal battle which Constance won (she awarded $116,000 in damages and legal fees) and, I hope, some of these “adults” have learned a few things.

Meanwhile Constance goes on with her life and has just been named one of the women of the year by Glamour magazine.

“I was raised to always be proud of who you are,” she tells the magazine.

Ted Olson, one of the lead attorneys in the federal suit against California’s Proposition 8, tells the magazine, “Constance stood up to foolishness and inequity and irrational unfairness, sending a signal that this battle should be fought on every front.”

Melissa Etheridge also weighs in on the teen: “She stood up and said, ‘This is who I am.’ When someone does that, it changes the world. It gives hope.”

Producers Neil Meron and Craig Zaden are currently working on a TV movie about McMillen’s ordeal.

With anti-gay teen bullying causing some kids to take their lives, Constance tells the Associated Press in a new interview that she also was bullied.

“I went through a lot of harassment and bullying after the lawsuit, and I realized how bad it felt being in that position,” she said.

McMillen said she has had her own suicidal thoughts: “But I never really considered it to the point where I almost did it. Everybody thinks about it when times get hard.”

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