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Daytime Soap Clip: Will Horton has a meltdown on New Year’s Eve, starts to release his burdens

If you’ve been following these clips of Days of Our Lives in recent weeks, then you are just dying to have Will just spill the beans about seeing his mother, Sami, having sex with her ex-husband, E.J.

It starts to come to a head on New Year’s Eve. After Will bolts from a party in the town square, he goes to grandma Marlena’s house and starts to unload.

“I’m such a complete idiot,” he tells his grandma. “My life is a complete mess. I can’t even act normal around my friends anymore. … I can’t control my emotions. My life is spinning out of control.”

Marlena suggests he sit down but Will, pacing, cannot: “I can’t sit down grandma, I can’t breathe. I’m too stressed.”

At this point, we don’t know if Will is going to share about being gay or about his mom.

He goes with Sami.

“Mom cheated on Rafe and I saw her having sex with E.J. … She cheated on Rafe! Grandma, she lied to him! And she lied to you and she lied to me. She’s a selfish SLUT and I cannot stand that she’s getting away with it.”

There it is. He’s told someone about THAT. The gay thing will take awhile longer. But the seeds are being planted. Will meets up with Sonny and a flirtatious and very appealing Tyler at the party and is clearly intrigued with their chemistry – terrified, but intrigued.

EJ is watching them from afar and you can see the wheels turning in his head about Will hanging out with the gay guys.

Stay tuned everyone!

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2011 Greggys: Morning Men of the Year are Sam Kass! Rory O’Malley! and Brant Daugherty!

The final 2011 Greggy Award is a fun category: Morning Men of the Year.

The criteria is simple: These are three guys who are, quite simply, the most unforgettable selections this year.

We start with the bald and beautiful Sam Kass.


He is the Assistant White House Chef and Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives.

He was on Chopped, one of my favorite shows, during an episode about school lunches that featured four lovely ladies who are cafeteria chefs.

According to the New York Times, Sam forged a close bond with the Obamas while cooking for them and their children for about two years before they moved to Washington and has golfed with the president on Martha’s Vineyard. Behind the scenes, he attends briefings on child nutrition and health, has vetted nonprofits as potential partners for White House food initiatives and regularly peppers senior staff about policy matters.

Sam is known to be an eligible bachelor but it seems he is also straight. Oh well, can’t win ‘em all!

********************************************** O’Malley, an out actor starring as The Book of Mormon’s gay character, was nominated for a Tony Award this week for his role in the hit musical which opened March 24 at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre.

The Advocate writes that O’Malley quickly discovered that being closeted professionally wasn’t an option for him.

“Life comes before the business,” says the 30-year-old New Yorker, who was featured in the movie Dreamgirls and last appeared on Broadway in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. “Maybe some actors haven’t gotten a role because they came out, but who gives a shit if you aren’t happy? I do have it easier because I’m not a leading man, but I can’t imagine having the energy to be in the closet. Besides, gay actors who start up gay organizations can’t exactly get away with it.”

He is referring to Broadway Impact, the coalition of theater professionals raising funds and organizing events in support of marriage equality that he founded in December 2008 with friends Jenny Kanelos and Gavin Creel.
He may be going through the busiest time in his career thus far, but he continues to make time for the cause.
“For a long time I felt it would hinder my acting if I focused on anything else, but I found myself wanting to broaden my horizons,” he says. “There comes a point when you have to be more than an actor, and doing something else that means a lot to me has actually made me a stronger actor. It’s stimulated something else in my brain and heart.”
The 25-year-old Brant Daugherty wasn’t on my radar until late June but I’m sure glad he is now!

Brant is best known for his role as Noel Kahn on the series Pretty Little Liars which has gained quite a following in the short time it’s been on the air.

Brant was born and raised in Ohio, Brant was until quite recently working behind the scenes as a production assistant on such shows as Pushing Daisies and also wrote, directed and produced the short film The World’s  Smartest Man.

A few years ago, he played the role of “hottest guy on campus” Thomas Pearson, in’s PRIVATE!

What makes me like Brant all the more because of his very public support of same-sex marriage.

He took to Twitter after New York passed same-sex marriage in June and wrote: Well done, New York! another step forward today #equality

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Retired gay baseball pro Billy Bean says it will take “one special guy” to come out while still playing major team sport

It was so exciting when retired American soccer pro David Testo came out earlier this year.

But he is hardly a household name.

We are going to need an active player in one of the three big U.S. team sports: baseball, basketball or football to come out to really make a breakthrough.

Hopefully that player will be enveloped with all kinds of love and support and would be soon followed by scores more just like him.

Because we KNOW they are there.

‘It’s going to take maybe just one special guy who can really move that ball forward,’ retired baseball pro Billy Bean told me recently.

Billy came out after his playing days were over and still is only one of two baseball pros to ever do so.

To read more about what Billy has to say about sports stars coming out, see my story just posted over at Gay Star News.


My interview with Sean Maher, the handsome actor who came out while starring on “The Playboy Club”

photoIt’s one thing for a famous actor to come out, but it’s quite another when their doing so brings me to tears.
I read Sean Maher’s interview with Entertainment Weekly and found it interesting and moving. But it was the action on his Twitter account that gave me the lump in my throat which gave way to tears.
People were so supportive and just showering the 36-year-old actor with Twitter love. I watched it happening in real time and thought, ‘He must feel so good right now – so glad he went public!’
He did tweet that night: ‘Desperately want to respond to all of you. Please know that I am reading each and every one of your tweets. So emotional. Love to you all! … I can’t possibly express how overwhelmed I feel by all of the love and support. Truly amazing. From the bottom of my heart I thank you.’
When I met Sean at the LA Gay and Lesbian Center gala in November, he was such a sweet guy and still seemed so moved by all the love that had come his way since coming out.
‘I am still hearing from people who were inspired by my story and came out to their parents,’ he told me. ‘I’ve also been getting some old-fashioned fan mail from people that brought me to tears – their stories so inspire me.’
To read the entirety of my interview with Sean, jump on over to Gay Star News!

Celeb Tweets: Adam Lambert feels the love; Don Lemon appreciative; Help Greg reach 2,000 followers on Twitter by NY Eve!

Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert’s second album is not due to be released until March 20 but the superstar is driving up the excitement already via Twitter.
Adam Lambert
adamlambert Adam Lambert
I’m so excited for you all to Trespass into my world and under my skin with this album!!! My Lightness and Darkness collide on this one…

adamlambert Adam Lambert

Just a quick thank you to all who are helping get BTIKM noticed! I wouldn’t have been able to make this album if you weren’t so passionate.
Adam Lambert
adamlambert Adam Lambert
You all got my back and I feel that love!!! Thank you!!
It was also great to get a tweet from CNN’s Don Lemon (@donlemoncnn) the other day who has become a regular presence on this site’s Celeb Tweets column:
Don Lemon
donlemoncnn Don Lemon
@greghernandez thanks Greg for your support! Really appreciate you. Happy new year!
Greg Hernandez
greghernandez Greg Hernandez
Welcome & thanks to my 80-plus new followers this week! I have less than 48 hrs to reach 2,000 #Twitter followers by 2012! Fingers crossed.
From Greg: As of this posting, I have 1,980 followers on the @GregHernandez Twitter account. I’m trying to reach at least 2,000 by the time the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. It would be great to have some of you follow me there! (This is not the same as the official @GregInHollywood Twitter account which automatically sends you a link of every posting. My personal account sends you the links plus my various musings and links to my stories for Gay Star News.
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Video: George Takei talks about bullying and Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles Alive Music Project

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2011 Greggys: Neil Patrick Harris, busier than ever on television and in films, is male Star of the Year seems fitting that Neil Patrick Harris would get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this year. Now he can bookend that honor with another: the 2011 Greggy for Male Star of the Year!

He’s a man who seems to be more in demand with each passing year. He not only is supremely talented, but he’s also never seemed more comfortable in his skin and that just makes him all the more appealing.

Neil engaged us this year on various talk shows like The Late Show With David Letterman, The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson and Live With Regis and Kelly (then just Live With Kelly) with stories about the twins he and partner David Burtka are the proud parents of.

I think I enjoyed those appearances more than any acting role he did. But he did a lot of acting and, as usual, was first-rate.

There is the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother on which he playing Barney Stinson for a seventh season. The show seems certain to have at least a few more years left in its run which means NPH is not free to replace Regis Philbin alongside his pal Kelly Ripa. That would be a dream!

Neil became a bigger movie star than ever before in 2011 with a starring role in the summer hit The Smurfs. He also had a supporting role playing Alex Pettyfer’s blind tutor in Beastly and reprised his role as a fictionalized version of himself in A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas.

Then there was Company. Neil was cast in the lead role of perpetual bachelor Robert in an an all-star cast of the classic Stephen Sondheim musical. He was joined by the likes of Patti LuPone, Stephen Colbert, Jon Cryer, Christina Hendricks, Katie Finneran and more as well as the New York Philharmonic for four concert performances at an all-star cast joined the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center for four concert performances.  The production was filmed and later shown briefly in theaters.

In addition, Neil hosted the 2011 Tony Awards and did a remarkable job. His bit with Hugh Jackman was especially fun as was his opening number about how gay the Tonys are. I was hoping he’d be tapped to replace Eddie Murphy as host of the Academy Awards but the gig went to Billy Crystal instead.

But I am certain NPH will be an Oscar host down the road because it really seems there is nothing he can’t do.


2011 Greggys: Ellen DeGeneres is Female Star of the Year for being as classy and caring as she is busy


CLASSY: Ellen DeGeneres can add a 2011 Greggy to the Emmy (the sixth!) her daytime talk show won in June and the Teen Choice Award Ellen won for favorite comedian.

It was a stellar year for our Female Star of the Year who not only entertains, but also deeply cares.

This fall, when so many LGBT teen suicides were taking place, Ellen did not remain silent.

“I am devastated over the death of 18-year-old Tyler Clementi,” Ellen told her daytime audience in October. “He was outed as being gay on the Internet and he killed himself. … One life lost in this senseless way is tragic.”

Noting the three other deaths that have been reported with gay teens that month, Ellen added, “Something must be done. … This needs to be a wake up call to everyone that teenage bullying and teasing is an epidemic in this country, and the death rate is climbing. We have an obligation to change this.”

A month later, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that Ellen had been appointed as a special AIDS envoy who would be using her high profile to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS around the world.

Ellen’s daytime show is now in its ninth season and more popular than ever as she welcomes the biggest stars in the world as her guests, looks for new talent, and continues to dance her way into our hearts.

Miss DeGeneres also had her newest book, Seriously … I”m Kidding released this fall and she and wife Portia de Rossi have an NBC comedy pilot in the works that will star Portia and be executive produced by Ellen.


Friday Morning Man: Ričardas Berankis this guy adorable or WHAT?

He’s 21-year-old tennis pro Ričardas Berankis from Lithuania.

This cutie is the final Morning Man of 2011 as Saturday’s will be comprised of the top five of the year – winners of the 2011 Greggy.

Anyway, back to Mr. Berankis.

He has really put tennis on the map in his country becoming the first Lithuanian ever ranked in the top 100 and is the highest ranked Lithuanian of all time.

While he is currently ranked 125th in the world, Ricardas has been ranked as high as number 73 and was the junior US Open champion in 2007.

He has spent a lot of his career playing Challenger events which are kind of like minor league baseball. But players earn ranking points at the events and can earn their way into the draw of major tournaments.

Beranakis qualified to play the 2010 French Open, Wimbledon and US Open and got his ranking up high enough to gain direct entry into the 2011 Australian Open.

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Daytime Soap Clip: Watch some of the best Will Horton scenes yet on dramatic “Days of Our Lives”’m only a recent viewer of Days of Our Lives, drawn in by the promise of a gay storyline. So I don’t know how the show fared without its most famous cast member: Deidre Hall.

But what I do know is that I’m so glad she’s back on the show in time for her character of Dr. Marlena Evans to help her grandson, Will Horton (Chandler Massey), come to the realization that he is gay.

Today’s scenes between the two are just heartbreaking and such a glorious payoff for we fans who suffered through the horrible computer hacking story!

Marlena and Will are having a heart-to-heart and a tearful Will says: ‘I want to be able to feel like I can breathe again.’

He explains his ex-girlfriend, Gabi, was right to break up with him because things were not right between them.

‘I wanted to be the boyfriend that she wanted but it felt so fake and she knew that. She called me on it. … She probably knew how I felt more than I did.’

Will then closes back up. But Marlena knows he’s on his way to a breakthrough: “Whatever you tell me, please remember I will always – always – love you and I will never judge you.”

Those are words any kid struggling with their sexuality would dearly love to hear.

Will later runs into Sonny at the pub where Sonny is to meet a gay friend Tyler who may or may not be a love interest. The two share an easy chemistry and humor and there’s a longing in Will’s eyes as he watches them interact.

It’s just heartbreaking and so real.

Further proof why Mr. Massey won the Greggy Award this week for Daytime Soap Star of the Year.

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Gay Star News: LGBT Nativity scene vandalized; Kelly Clarkson supports Ron Paul, Rick Perry clueless and more!

Did someone say it’s a quiet news week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

Not over at Gay Star News!

Me and my colleagues have been busy putting out stories all week.

Today, I chatted with Rev. Dan Lewis of Claremont United Methodist Church who woke on Christmas morning to find that an LGBT-inclusive Nativity display in front of the church had been vandalized.

The display featured wooden silhouettes of two same-sex couples holding hands next to a heterosexual couple holding hands. Here is a LINK to the story.

Another piece I wrote today was on Texas Gov. Rick Perry who is one of the most anti-gay candidates vying for the Republican nomination for president. Incredibly, Perry drew a blank during a campaign stop in Iowa earlier today when he was asked about the landmark Lawrence v. Texas case which struck down the state’s anti-sodomy law and similar laws in 13 other states.

“I’m not taking the bar exam…I don’t know what a lot of legal cases involve,” he told reporters at one point. Here is a LINK to that story. It’s a doozy!

And speaking of Republican candidates for president, Ron Paul got an unexpected endorsement today: from Kelly Clarkson. The first-ever American Idol champion immediately got flack from some of her 925,000 followers who pointed out alleged homophobic and racist newsletters from Paul in decades past.

‘I love all people and could care less if you like men or women,; Clarkson wrote. ‘I have never heard that Ron Paul is a racist or homophobe’

Here is a LINK to that story.

And finally, I have a story for the third day running on Chicago’s Archbishop Francis George who insists on standing by his analogy comparing the LGBT community to the Ku Klux Klan. Truth Wins Out wants him to resign and is taking out a full-page ad in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune to drive that point home.

Here is a LINK to that story.

Check ‘em all out and everything else on Gay Star News!

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My story on “Pariah” writer-director Dee Rees!

I’ve already shared with you pieces I did for Gay Star News on Pariah stars Adepero Oduye and Kim Wayans.

Today, I complete the trifecta with this story on Pariah writer-director Dee Rees.

She has made such a superb film, so deeply moving and authentic.

I hope a lot of people go to see Pariah when it opens in theaters tomorrow.

While Pariah is not her life story, Rees says there are similarities.

‘It’s the emotions I experienced that were the same,’ she said during a recent Los Angeles press junket for the film. ‘Who I was was not a choice. … I knew this film was a universal story. I’m excited to see it playing out and seeing people respond to it.’

Click HERE to read the story in its entirety.

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Snapped! Don Lemon and a small plane!

It’s for photos and funny comments like this that I love following CNN anchor Don Lemon on Twitter.

Don Lemon
donlemoncnn Don Lemon
Do I really have to get on this tiny plane? OY!
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Celeb Tweets: Adam Lambert’s brother; Sara Gilbert can’t sleep! Chord Overstreet’s Twitter milestone

Adam LambertToday is Adam Lambert’s brother’s birthday so he did a little Q&A today about his sibling. Here are some of the answers which also give us a little more information on Adam himself:
Adam Lambert
adamlambert Adam Lambert
Ok. Twitter party!! But I’m only answering questions bout my brother Neil in honor of his birthday. I’ll try not to embarrass him.
Adam Lambert
adamlambert Adam Lambert
@smushypotato we were both in children’s theatre together. Getting to perform alongside my bro was very special.
Adam Lambert
adamlambert Adam Lambert
@Morgan_Dancer totally put him in drag once at an early age. Lol. He was pretty fierce. He loved the attention.
Adam Lambert
adamlambert Adam Lambert
@DesireeSj_love he can def hold a tune. Great sense of pitch. He plays piano beautifully too!
Adam Lambert
adamlambert Adam Lambert
@gaaraluver NO. I can discuss certain social and historical things w him, but he’s very versed in politics and I’m not… I know jack s**t!
Adam Lambert
adamlambert Adam Lambert
@VestigesLCRI when we were young I thought we couldn’t be more different, now I enjoy noticing how we’re alike.
Adam Lambert
adamlambert Adam Lambert
@charliesabin we fought a lot as kids but spent a lot of time together. Go figure.
sara gilbert
THEsaragilbert sara gilbert
There should be an app that keeps me off of twitter at 3:48am.
sara gilbert
THEsaragilbert sara gilbert
Trying to embrace the mystery of insomnia. When will sleep come? It’s exciting really… If only I was awake to enjoy it’s arrival.
Johnny Weir
JohnnyGWeir Johnny Weir
I went a whole day without tweeting, what is the world coming to? @vitya_zvesda keeps me too busy…he burned his finger cooking last night.
John Amaechi
JohnAmaechi John Amaechi
Saw this today: “Homophobia: the fear that gay men will treat you the way you treat women.” Brilliant.
Chord Overstreet
chordoverstreet Chord Overstreet
Almost approaching 600’000 followers!!!!! u guys rock!!! I love every single one of you!
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Lunch Break Videos: A collection of classic clips in celebration of Mary Tyler Moore’s 75th birthday!,%20circa%201970.jpg certainly turned the world on with her smile during the glorious seven year run of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and for five years before that as Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

She is, of course, Mary Tyler Moore and she turns 75 years old today!

I have every season of both shows on DVD and when I want to watch something of quality, smart comedy that really stands the test of time, I will watch those shows.

Mary won two Emmys as Laura Petrie and four as Mary Richards. Her seventh came years later for a villainous in the TV movie Stolen Babies.

Miss Moore has excelled in both drama and comedy winning a Golden Globe Award and being nominated for an Oscar for her performance as an ice cold mother in Ordinary People and winning a special Tony Award for her performance in the play Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Mary is one of the all-time greats and next month, will receive the Screen Actors Guild’s Lifetime Achievement Award. She was one of the first inductees into the Television Academy’s Hall of Fame and, if there’s any justice, will be a recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors next year.

Here are some clips to remind us of the greatness of Mary:

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See Zac Efron’s new movie poster!

Remember back in the mid-90s when Matthew McConaughey was the new “it” guy after nabbing the lead in A Time to Kill?
Well, there’s a new “it” guy in town and his name is Zac Efron!
At least that’s what it seems like in the poster for the upcoming film Paperboy. Zac is looking mighty handsome and buff in the poster which also features Nicole Kidman and … if you look real hard … Mathew McConaughey. (Look even harder for John Cusack!)
Not that Matthew is over the hill. He looks pretty darn good in the first stills from next year’s Magic Mike in which he plays a stripper!
The film is directed by out director Lee Daniels (Precious) and is adapted from Pete Dexter’s novel. It centers on a reporter and his brother who attempt to get an innocent man off death row in the mid-1960s.
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Thursday Morning Man: Ken Luckey! Luckey is one busy young actor.

He had a role in the short-lived drama Glory Daze and has done guests spots on Psych, CSI: NY, Greek, The Riches, House M.D. and 90210.

Ken has also filmed roles in the films Skinny Dip, Mission Park and made the pilot The American Housewife.

The actor is from Dallas, Texas, and his interest in acting began in elementary school. He moved to LA after high school and soon landed a role on General Hospital.

Ken’s first feature lead came in 2007 with the independent film Marsten Manor, and most recently he appeared in the romantic comedy Love at First Hiccup.

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Gay Star News Round-up: Anti-LGBT calendar, TLA’s Sandusky “satire,” Lady Gaga’s good deeds & more!

It’s been a very busy day over at Gay Star News and I’ve worked on some interesting stories.

There is an uplifting piece on Lady Gaga and her generosity. She uses her fame for causes she believes in including anti-bullying and AIDS causes. Gaga has topped’s annual list of Top 20 Celebs Gone Good. Here is a LINK to that piece.

But that’s about it for feel-good pieces, unfortunately.

The photo you see is about an anti-gay calendar that includes things like AIDS jokes. GLAAD is calling on to stop selling. Barnes & Noble took it off its site earlier today. Read the story HERE.

Other stories today include; Taylor Lautner tweeting about the bogus People Magazine cover that had him coming out as gay; Chicago Cardinal Francis George persisting in comparing the LGBT community to the Ku Klux Klan; and a bizarre attempt at humor by LGBT video retailer TLA who decided to use accused child molester Jerry Sandusky in a campaign.

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2011 Greggys: The Daytime Soap Star of the Year is Chandler Massey of NBC’s “Days of Our Lives”

Let’s face it, daytime soaps have rarely done its LGBT characters justice.

One Life to Live did for a brief, glorious time a few years back with Oliver and Kyle and Nick and As the World Turns gave us Luke, Noah and toward the end, the amazing Reid.

ATWT is now off the air as is All My Children which had the first same-sex wedding on a daytime soap between Bianca and Reese. AMC jettisoned the characters soon after the wedding. OLTL, which ends its run in a few weeks, quickly abandoned its entire gay storyline last year due to outside pressures.

So now we are left with Days of Our Lives. The show did well in introducing the gay character of Sonny (Freddie Smith) as a self-assured young man who has his sexuality figured out. It has done little with him after a promising beginning but more than made up for it with a developing storyline that has the character of Will Horton at the center of it.

Will is just beginning to come to the realization that he is gay and in the coming months, he will be walking a rocky road. We will be watching, riveted, because the young actor who plays Will, Chandler Massey, has done a brilliant job of making us care.

Whether he’s breaking up with his girlfriend, defending gay friend Sonny, confronting his mother or confiding in his grandmother, Will is the one you can’t keep your eyes off of. Massey is showing us so many layers to this character – especially in the past month – and it is a wonderful ride.

That’s why he is the winner of the 2011 Greggy for Soap Star of the Year following in the footsteps of last year’s winner Eric Sheffer Stephens who played Reid on ATWT.

There are so fewer actors playing LGBT roles in what is left of the soaps that there was a danger of this category not being presented this year. But Massey is a deserving winner and if he keeps up this level of acting, he will be the front-runner for next year’s prize as well as an Emmy nomination.

It’s also so nice to know that the actor playing Will is such a thoughtful and articulate young man off-screen. Chandler has shown up to support various LGBT causes and knows the importance of his character to viewers watching at home – especially LGBT kids and their parents.

Before returning to Georgia to spend the holidays with his family, Chandler filmed an anti-bullying Public Service Announcement for the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles:

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Happy 47th birthday to Malcolm Gets!

Malcolm Gets kept his personal life fairly private while playing a straight guy on the NBC sitcom Caroline in the City during the 90s. But since the show ended its run, he’s been very openly gay.

This stage, film and television actor was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in Amour and also appeared in Broadway productions of Dreamgirls, The Molière Comedies, Passion and The Story of My Life.

Malcolm won the Obie for his work Off-Broadway in Merrily We Roll Along and The Two Gentlemen of Verona in 1995. He also was very good in the 2009 HBO film Grey Gardens and as one of the leads opposite Craig Chester in the 2005 indie romantic comedy Adam and Steve.

There’s a reason why he’s always so in-demand. In addition to being an actor, Gets is a dancer, singer, composer, classically trained pianist, vocal director, and choreographer.

Hope he has enough time in his busy schedule to celebrate his birthday!

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