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See Adam Lambert’s performance on Kimmel!

I love when Adam Lambert has a new album coming out and is in full promotional mode.

He is such a hard-working star and really goes all out to get his music out there.

Surprisingly, Adam says it has been tough to win over his fellow gay males as fans. Read more about that in a piece I just posted over at Gay Star News.

And enjoy his performance from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!


“I Love Lucy” Friday: Lucy wears that headdress!

I Love Lucy Fridays has had a bit of a hiatus but now is back!

I’m going to try and include a little more history about each episode I feature instead of just telling you how much it makes me and my I Love Lucy BFFs, Henry and Eddie, laugh.

Today I present to you a scene from Lucy Gets In Pictures.

It is episode 116 of the series and originally aired on Feb. 21, 1955 – the fourth season of the show. Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred are in Hollywood while Ricky makes a movie.

Of course Lucy wants to be in movies too so Ricky, in a rare show of support for Lucy’s showbiz ambitions, arranges for his wife to have a small role in a nightclub sequence on a film.

Lucy gets to wear a giant headdress and is supposed to get shot during a nightclub sequence.

But that headdress is just a little too heavy for her red head.

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Friday Morning Man: Allan Hawco!

Allan Hawco is a gorgeous Canadian actor best known for his roles in the television series ZOS: Zone of Separation and Republic of Doyle and the television film The Trojan Horse.

Now 34, Hawco dropped out of college and joined the acting community in the Shakespeare by the Sea production of Macbeth.

He then was accepted into the prestigious National Theater School of Canada and after graduation performed in many major theater productions across the country.
Hawco he started his own troupe — The Company Theatre and remains co-artistic director.

As co-creator, Hawco writes, stars and is one of the executive producers of the hit CBC television drama Republic of Doyle. He plays Jake Doyle, the roguish and irreverent private investigator at the center of a colorful cast of characters who live and work together as an extended family.

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In honor of Carol Burnett’s 79th birthday, one of her greatest comedy sketches – ever! great Carol Burnett turns 79 years old and she’s still going strong.

Her classic variety show which ran on CBS from 1967-78 excelled at classic movie parodies and none were better than Went With the Wind.

The dress made from curtains is the most iconic image from this Gone With the Wind takeoff but the entire thing is just brilliant and includes hilarious moments from Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway and guest star Dinah Shore.

Here is the sketch in its entirety. Enjoy!

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Perez Hilton on why he thinks Anderson Cooper and others should be publicly out

Anderson Cooper has never publicly discussed his sexuality.

But he, once again, made the Out Power 50 List which was unveiled today.

Perez Hilton says in an interview that Cooper should be more open.

‘Look at someone like Anderson Cooper who even Out Magazine has reported as being gay,’ Hilton says in an interview with that surfaced on YouTube this week. ‘Has Anderson Cooper come out? No. That’s his choice. He’s going to remain in the closet even though everybody knows he’s gay. And that’s okay because it’s his story to tell if and when he’s ready.’

Until then, Hilton indicates that Cooper’s private life is fair game.

‘That doesn’t mean the gay media – myself included – shouldn’t talk about Anderson Cooper being in the closet and [that] we shouldn’t talk about how much better it would be for the community and for him if he were open.’

To read more about this, see my story at Gay Star News.

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Out unveils its annual Power 50 List

Well, they really chose 65 and not 50 but who’s complaining!

1. Tim Cook
CEO, Apple, 51

2. Ellen Degeneres
Spokesperson/Talk-Show Host/Producer, 54

3. Peter Thiel
Venture Capitalist/Hedge Fund Manager, 44

4. Ryan Murphy
Writer/Director/Producer, 46

5. Rachel Maddow
TV Host/Political Commentator, 39

6. Anderson Cooper
Journalist/News Anchor/Talk-Show Host, 44

7. Rich Ross
Chairman, The Walt Disney Studios, 49

8. Barry Diller
Chairman, IAC, 70

9. Shepard Smith
News Anchor, 48

10. Andy Cohen
TV Personality/Impresario, 44

11. Neil Patrick Harris
Actor, 38

12. Tammy Baldwin
U.S. Representative, Wisconsin, 50

David Cicilline
U.S. Representative, Rhode Island, 50

Jared Polis
U.S. Representative, Colorado, 36

13. Scott Rudin
Film and Theater Producer, 53

14. Marc Jacobs
Fashion Designer, 49

15. Harvey Levin
TV Producer/TMZ Founder, 61

16. Matt Drudge
Blogger, 45

17. Chris Hughes
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, The New Republic, 28

18. Anthony Romero
Executive Director, ACLU, 46

19. David Geffen
Media Mogul, 69

20. Chad Griffin
Incoming President, HRC, 38

21. Barney Frank
U.S. Representative, Masschusetts, 72

22. Jann Wenner
Publishing Magnate, 66

23. Tim Gill
Software Pioneer/Philanthropist, 58

24. Christine Quinn
New York City Council Speaker, 45

25. Suze Orman
Financial adviser/Talk-show host, 60

26. Tom Ford
Fashion Designer/Film Director, 50

27. Ken Melhman
Businessman, 45

28. Andrew Sullivan
Journalist/Blogger, 48

29. Annise Parker
Mayor of Houston

30. Bryan Lourd & Kevin Huvane
Managing Partners, CAA, 52 & 53

31. Martha Nelson
Editorial Director, Time Inc., 59

32. Chuck Wolfe
CEO, The Victory Fund, 50

33. Mary Kay Henry
International President, SEIU, 53

34. Joe Solmonese
Political Consultant, 47

35. Jeremy Bernard
White House Social Secretary, 50

36. Nick Denton
CEO, Gawker Media, 45

37. Alan Ball
Screenwriter/Producer/Director, 54

38. Richard Berke
Assistant Managing Editor, The New York Times, 53

39. Perez Hilton
Blogger/TV personality, 34

40. Jess Cagle
Managing Editor, Entertainment Weekly, 46

Ariel Foxman
Managing Editor, Instyle, 38

Adam Moss
Editor-in-chief, New York, 54

41. Jenna Lyons
President and Executive Creative Director, J. Crew, 44

42. Adam Rose
CoPresident, Rose Associates, Inc., 52

43. Greg Berlanti
TV Producer/Writer, 39

44. Bryan Singer
Director/Producer, 46

45. Megan Smith
Google Executive

46. Simon Halls & Stephen Huvane
Founders, Slate PR, 48, 51

47. Jane Lynch

48. Dan Savage
Editor/Activist/TV Personality, 47

49. Robert Hanson
CEO, American Eagle Outfitters, 49

50. Evan Wolfson
Founder and President, Freedom to Marry, 55

51. Andre Banks
Cofounder, Executive Director,

52. Bryce Bennett
Montana State Representative

53. Widney Brown
Senior Director, Amnesty International

54. Chai Feldblum
Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner

55. Bruce Harris
New Jersey Supreme Court Nominee

56. Victoria Kolakowski
California Superior Court Judge

57. Steven Kolb
Executive director, CFDA

58. Don Lemon
CNN News Anchor

59. Mark Leno
California State Senator

60. Jonathan Murray
Cofounder/Chairman, Bunim/Murray Productions

61. Beth Robinson
Vermont State Supreme Court Justice

62. Hilary Rosen
CNN Correspondent, Democratic Strategist

63. Brad Sears
Executive Director, The Williams Institute

64. Andy Thayer
Cofounder, Gay Liberation Network

65. Michael Weinstein
President, AIDS Hhealthcare Foundation

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Dustin Lance Black does not think President Obama deserves a pass for his continued gay marriage ‘evolution’

Dustin Lance Black takes President Barack Obama to task for continuing to ‘evolve’ on the issue of gay marriage.

In a special political issue of The Hollywood Reporter he writes: ‘On paper, it’s often tough to discern how Obama’s views on marriage differ from, say, GOP superstar Gov. Chris Christie, who believes separate-but-equal civil unions are just fine. And that actually puts the president behind the national polls, Dick Cheney, Laura Bush, Cindy McCain and many Republicans in the New York, New Hampshire and Maryland legislatures who support marriage equality.’

‘Until the president publicly puts his wheels down on the side of full equality, he must be passionately engaged, confronted and protested for maintaining his prejudiced, hurtful public position,’ Black writes. ‘If his evolution continues to fall short, then those interested in equality in this country must abandon their support. Hope should never become delayed disappointment.’

Go to Gay Star News to read my full story.

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Poster and trailer for Meryl Streep’s new comedy “Hope Springs” with Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell

Even though her three Academy Awards are for dramas, Meryl Streep fans know that this great actress is glorious in a comedy.

From It’s Complicated to Death Becomes Her to The Devil Wears Prada, we love a  funny Meryl.

She is returning to the genre this summer in Hope Springs which co-stars Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell.

She and Jones play a longtime married couple who make a trip to Maine to see a top-notch marriage therapist played by Carell.

Streep, who spent much of her career in ‘critically acclaimed’ films that rarely had major commercial success, has become a summer box office queen in recent years with the successes of The Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia and Julie & Julia.

Here is the trailer for Hope Springs:

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Lunch Break Video: Kurt sings Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” to Blaine on “Glee”

This week’s episode of Glee featuring the songs of Whitney Houston was such a good one.

The highlight for me was when Kurt Hummel sang an emotional and heartfelt I Have Nothing to boyfriend Blaine Anderson to assure Blaine that he is the only man in his life.

Blaine had been jealous and hurt that his Kurt had been texting with another guy that he met at the music store and the two even had some couples therapy from the school counselor!

Glad they worked it out!


George Takei: LGBT discrimination “remains a long and ugly shadow across” Boy Scouts of America

As a kid, George Takei was a Boy Scout, a member of Troop 379.

But in an essay posted Wednesday, the Star Trek icon writes that “there remains a long and ugly shadow across the organization, for the Boy Scouts of America–the largest youth organization in the country–continues to discriminate openly against LGBT people, both as members and as scout leaders.”

Takei is speaking out because of Boy Scouts dismissed Ohio den mom Jennifer Tyrrell as leader of her son’s troop because she is a lesbian. [See story HERE].

“Ms. Tyrell had taken the troop to soup kitchens and on conservation projects at a local state park. She imbued in the scouts the core values of citizenship, compassion, respect, and responsibility,” he writes. “But no matter: She was hounded out, merely because of who she is and who she loves. As a former scout, it is particularly distressing to see this rigid homophobia of the scout leadership exercised so callously in this day and age. While I respect the right of organizations to their beliefs, when the organization is as influential as the Boy Scouts, I am compelled to speak out–and I have just as much right to voice my opposition to bigotry and call for its end.”

Here is a LINK to the entire piece.

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Thursday Morning Man: Wilson Bethel!

Wilson Bethel can be seen each week as Wade Kinsella on The CW series Hart of Dixie.

Wade is the “bad-boy” neighbor to the series’ central character, Zoe Hart, played by Rachel Bilson.

But daytime soaps fans know the 28-year-od actor from his time on The Young and the Restless on which he played Rhyder Callahan.

Bethel was also one of the stars of the HBO miniseries Generation Kill as Cpl. Evan ‘Q-Tip’ Stafford.

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Jean Stapleton: “I meant no insult to Lindsay [Lohan] – a very talented actress who I hope has a long, fruitful career”

Jean Stapleton is not happy with me.

I’m kind of mortified because I have so much respect for her but don’t really feel I did anything wrong when I wrote a post earlier today entitled Jean Stapleton disses Lindsay Lohan too.

The 89-year-old television icon, best known for her role as Edith Bunker on All in the Family, had tweeted about Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime movie: ‘Agree with Rosie O’Donnell on the ‘Today’ show- Lindsay Lohan should not be portraying Liz Taylor. She needs some time away from Hollywood.

Miss Stapleton, who I had exchanged Twitter pleasantries with in the past, posted this tweet earlier today: @greghernandez I didn’t “diss” Lindsay- she is a very talented actress but the role is not right for her now. Please don’t distort my words.

She later added this message to her 1,000-plus followers: FYI: I meant no insult to Lindsay- a very talented actress who I hope has a long, fruitful career. The role is simply not right for her now.

Was ‘diss’ a poor choice of words to use in the headline? I’m not so sure. But I certainly did not mean to upset Miss Stapleton!

I hope that by posting her follow-up tweets, we can all go back to being friends.

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Snapped! Jesse Tyler Ferguson takes twitpic onstage with Betty White and her “Hot In Cleveland” co-stars

This was a really funny moment from last Saturday’s GLAAD Media Awards in LA.

Modern Family, for the second straight year, won the award for outstanding television comedy.

The award was presented by TV legend Betty White and two of her Hot In Cleveland co-stars Wendie Malick and Jane Leeves.

The award was accepted by Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson who after giving his speech, did what any self-respecting gay man would do: He took a twitpic of himself, Miss White, Miss Malick and Miss Leeves.

Then he said to the crowd: “Take that bitches!”

Great moment!


Meeting a trio of Morning Men: Peter Marc Jacobson, Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach and Freddie Smith!

So many Morning Men, so little time.

Well, it seemed that way at least at last Saturday’s GLAAD Media Awards where I met three of my blog’s Morning Men alums for the first time.

The first was Peter Marc Jacobson who had been featured just last Friday.

He had sent me a nice message earlier in the day on Saturday saying thanks so it was cool to be able to meet face-to-face shortly after that.

‘I was so honored to be a Greg In Hollywood Morning Man,” Peter said when we met. ‘I tweeted it and I put it on my Facebook. It was a beautiful article.’

Peter, of course, is co-creator and co-producer of the TV Land sitcom Happily Divorced which stars his former wife Fran Drescher. It is based on their lives as a married couple who split up after the husband realizes he is gay.

He wondered if the extra attention would result in him getting a husband.

Somehow, I think the handsome Peter will have no trouble with that.

Speaking of handsome, it was such a thrill to run into Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach as he waited in line at the bar outside the ballroom.

When I introduced myself, he realized he had been featured on the blog as a Morning Man on Veteran’s Day.

‘Thank you so much!’ he said. ‘Some friends sent it to me and I was very honored.’

He also told me that he had officially retired from the military with full benefits and pension on Sept. 30. He had been threatened with discharge, because he is gay, after 18 years in the military and just two years short of retirement.

No way to treat and American Hero completed 88 combat missions, 2,189 total flying hours, 1,487 fighter hours and 488 combat hours. He has received eight air medals, one for Heroism, and was hand-picked to protect the Washington, D.C. airspace after 9/11. He flew combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, targeting the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

And finally there was Days of Our Lives cutie pie Freddie Smith who was featured as a Morning Man last spring when he was appearing on 90210 as Teddy’s new boyfriend.

I bumped into Freddie just a few minutes after seeing Fehrenbach so realized I was hanging out in the perfect place before the start of the show – the bar!

Freddie could not have been nicer. Although I’ve interviewed his Days co-star Chandler Massey several times, I’ve never interviewed Freddie. We didn’t have time to do more than have a brief off-the-record chat and snap a photo together. I did get him to tell me that even though his character of Sonny has been largely absent on screen lately, Freddie has been busy taping a bunch of episodes so the character will be resurfacing down the road which is good news for fans.

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Lunch Break Video: A beautiful “Homecoming”

Boy, this is a beautiful video.

Called Homecoming, it was directed by filmmaker Mike Buonaiuto and produced to help the Coalition for Equal Marriage.

According to UK’s Pink News, the short film shows British forces returning home to their loved ones, with the reunion of one soldier and his partner soon turning into a surprise marriage proposal.

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Edith Bunker disses Lindsay Lohan too!

Well, Rosie O’Donnell got all kinds of attention yesterday for saying what a lot of people were already thinking which is essentially this: ‘How the hell is Lindsay Lohan going to play Elizabeth Taylor?’

So guess who else weighed in with her thoughts today?

A TV icon who is closing in on 90, who is active on Twitter and who isn’t Betty White: Three-time Emmy winner Jean Stapleton.

She tweeted earlier today: “Agree with Rosie O’Donnell on the ‘Today’ show- Lindsay Lohan should not be portraying Liz Taylor. She needs some time away from Hollywood.”

I love hearing from Stapleton who, unlike Betty White, has retired from acting.

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Lynda Carter talks with OUT Magazine about her revived music career: “I absolutely love what I’m doing”

It’s a wonderful thing that Lynda Carter decided to reviver her long dormant music career five years ago because she is a helluva fine singer.

I saw her in concert last week in Hollywood and thought she was simply spectacular.

OUT magazine has just posted an interview with this talented star who at the age of 60, still looks much like she did when she was TV’s Wonder Woman more than 30 years ago.

Here are some excerpts:

Out: Most people are familiar with your talent as an actress, but you actually began your career as a singer.

Lynda Carter: Right! I started very young, singing in all the normal things kids do, but then I joined a band when I was fourteen and actually started making some money. Later I sang in clubs and even went on the road before I eventually ended up in L.A. where I did a little work singing commercial jingles.

Your first solo album, Portrait, debuted in 1978. Since you began singing at such a young age are you surprised more than 30 years passed before your second album was released?

Was it 30 years? (Laughs) Yes, it was a long time and I make jokes about the first one being so long ago it was on vinyl. But the funny thing is, once I started pursuing acting I was told not to tell anyone I was a singer because no one was interested in singers who wanted to act. So I didn’t tell anyone, and then after I had been acting for a while and began to search for a record deal people said, “Oh, here’s another actor who thinks she can sing!” (Laughs)

You hit the road with your one-woman cabaret show in 2007. Were you nervous about slipping back into the role of a singer once again?

I was absolutely terrified. Putting myself back out there again and launching a show was a bit like walking a high wire.  Of course I was worried about people liking it, but at first I was worried whether or not people would even have an interest in coming.

You’ve been a vocal supporter of LGBT equality. When did you first realize you had such a large gay fan following?

It was about 15 years ago. During an interview a journalist said, “You’re such a gay icon!” and I said, “I am? That’s great!” I had no idea until that moment. But as far as being supportive of LGBT equality, I’ve always felt that it shouldn’t even be a question.  It’s a matter of basic civil rights and I don’t understand how anyone can see it differently. I would love to ask some of these homophobic politicians and “religious” people to start talking about their sex lives.  Let’s talk about what kinds of “deviant” things go on there. They really need to get over themselves. I mean, why does anyone care? I really don’t get it.

For tour dates, tickets, and the latest on Lynda Carter visit


30th Anniversary party for Frontiers draws LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Charo and many other revelers

My apologies for the tardiness in getting these photos up from Sunday’s party celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Frontiers magazine. (My red carpet from the GLAAD Media Awards are still to come as well!)

But better late than never!

This was a completely fantastic party at Eleven in West Hollywood and I think everyone who was there had a terrific time.

The place was packed! I flitted around and quickly spotted Chandler Massey of Days of Our Lives. Chatted with him and Frontiers publisher David Stern out on the red carpet then headed over the the VIP section.

And there she was: Charo!

My friend Lorna, who is from Britain, has no idea who Charo is and the other night at dinner I was trying to explain to her.

Lorna didn’t seem to get it and it made me realize that Charo is just one of those personalities who you just had to live through to appreciate – you had to catch her on all of those Love Boat episodes, Merv Griffin guest spots and appearances on Hollywood Squares.

I didn’t really know what to say to Charo, nor could she hear me over the din, but did get a photo with her.

Seeing her made me think: ‘I can’t believe I’ve experienced Cher and Charo within 24 hours. Only in gay LA!”

It was great to see my pal Karen Ocamb who is news editor of Frontiers. Karen is such a hero to a lot of people because she covers the LGBT movement like few others and her dedication and doggedness are truly a wonder.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was a popular guest and honoree (He, Lorri Jean and John Duran received Community Builder Awards).

“It’s great to be here,’ the mayor said. “I had a very long speech but then I walked in and saw that everybody was drunk! … It’s so beautiful to see people who can freely celebrate their love, their friendships in this town. I come here as the mayor of the city they call West Hollywood adjacent. … I really do love West Hollywood and I love all of you.”

Villaraigosa then singled out Karen which came as a wonderful surprise: “For a serious moment, I want to acknowledge Karen Ocamb, reporter extraordinaire, always  there to jab you no matter what good things you’ve done, but we love her.”

Later, Karen was called up to the stage by Stern and Frontiers CEO Mark Hundahl so we could properly appreciate her.

Well-deserved kudos for Karen!

There were other familiar faces at the party including Lorri L. Jean, executive director of the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, West Hollywood Mayor Jeffrey Prang, former West Hollywood Mayor John Duran and West Hollywood City Councilman John D’Amico.

Candis Cayne served as the hostess of the official program part of the festivities.

Also spotted in the crowd: Days of Our Lives star Freddie Smith and GOP presidential hopeful Fred Karger.

During his remarks, publisher Stern said he was “completely overwhelmed” by the turnout and thanked everyone for supporting Frontiers.

“Frontiers has always been about building community and it’s always been about telling the stories of the people of our community.”

I was all business until after the presentations. Since it was my birthday, I indulged in a few cocktails with friends and it turned out to be a great way to spend a birthday!

Hundahl had told the crowd that the party was originally going to be held inside of the West Hollywood Public Library which is now utterly fabulous.

But the library balked at beverage being served – something Eleven obviously had no problem with.


Congratulations to Frontiers on 30 amazing years!

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Wednesday Morning Man: Josey Greenwell!

Josey Greenwell is a 23-year-old pop singer from Miami who is also a pretty successful model.

He’s appeared on countless magazine covers including DNA Magazine, Out & About, Men’s Exercise, Männer Magazine, Sensitif, TETU Magazine, and is the new face for the 2012 Spartacus International Gay Guide.

Josey recently released his debut pop single Stuck In My Head.

You can learn more about this incredibly hot dude on his Facebook page.

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70 things I love about Barbra Streisand!

Today is Barbra Streisand’s 70th birthday as you know.

I posted some videos earlier today but just read this awesome feature over on by Louis Virtel in which he lists 70 things he loves about Barbra.

It inspired me to do my own list!

Here goes – in no particular order:

1. Her stupendous rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone at the 2001 Emmy Awards – just a short time after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

2. The gorgeous Love Comes From the Most Unexpected Places from her Superman album.

3. My Man from Funny Girl.

4. The fabulous surprise cameo at the end of the Madonna/Rosanne Coffee Talk sketch on Saturday Night Live in 1992.

5. The dramatic Grammy Awards duet of You Don’t Bring Me Flowers with Neil Diamond.

6. Woman in the Moon in one of the concert scenes of A Star is Born.

7. Coming in and Out of Your Life from the early-80s Memories album.

8. I’m the Greatest Star from Funny Girl.

9. Her opening number from her comeback 1994 concert tour: It’s As If We Never Said Goodbye from Sunset Boulevard.

10. The Broadway Album.

11. Back to Broadway.

12. Stoney End.

13. The dance in the street with Jeff Bridges at the end of The Mirror Has Two Faces.

14. Walking in the beach scene with Robert Redford in The Way We Were and Streisand’s Katie falls down laughing over baby names.

15. Papa Can You Hear Me from Yentl.

16. The No More Tears (Enough is Enough) duet with Donna Summer.

17. The 1986 concert she had in her backyard in Malibu and made into album One Voice.

18. Guilty with Barry Gibb.

19. The Way We Were – the movie.

20. The Way We Were – the song.

21. What’s Up Doc? opposite Ryan O’Neal.

22. Every moment of the Don’t Rain on My Parade number from Funny Girl.

23. The first words of her Oscar speech when she won for Funny Girl: ‘Hello, gorgeous!’

24. Evergreen.

25. The With One More Look at You/Watch Closely Now medley at the end of A Star is Born.

26. Somewhere from The Broadway Album.

27. The Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy duet with Judy Garland on The Judy Garland Show.

28. The lunch scene with Brenda Vacarro from The Mirror Has Two Faces and they split the salad and the hamburger in a nod to one of them no longer being heavy.

30. The “Your girl is lovely Hubbel” line from the final scene in The Way We Were.

31. The performance of People in Funny Girl.

32. The Higher Ground album.

33.  2004 Inside the Actors Studio appearance.

34,  The scene in A Star is Born when she tells Kris Kristofferson’s character who she has just caught cheating: “You can trash your life but you’re not going to trash mine.”

35. The afro hairstyle from the 1976-80 period.

36. Her fingernails in The Prince of Tides.

37. The Tell Him duet with Celine Dion.

38. Smile from The Movie Album.

39. The morning scene with Lauren Bacall in The Mirror Has Two Faces when Streisand’s character asks her mother: ‘What was it like? To be beautiful.’ Bacall’s character admits: ‘It was wonderful.’

40. The Woman in Love single from Guilty album.

41. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes from the Love is the Answer album.

42. The crazy scenes with Dustin Hoffman in Meet the Fockers.

43. All I Ask of You from Till I Loved you album.

44. Everything from A Star is Born album.

45. The Oscar-nominated I Finally Found Someone duet with Bryan Adams from The Mirror Has Two Faces.

46. If I Could from Higher Ground album.

47. 1967′s A Christmas Album.

48. The dramatic courtroom scene in the movie Nuts.

49. The break-up scene with Robert Redford in The Way We Were.

50. The title song of the album Songbird.

51. New York State of Mind from Superman album.

52. I Believe in Love from concert scene in A Star is Born.

53. Queen Bee number from A Star is Born.

54.  The Way He Makes Me Feel from Yentl.

55. Don’t Believe What You Read from Superman album.

56. 2010 appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

57. Prince of Tides.

58. The moment at the end of The Way We Were when Streisand’s Katie fixes Hubbel’s hair.

59. Second Hand Rose from Funny Girl.

60. The title song of The Main Event.

61. Moon River from The Movie Album.

62. The ‘Till  Loved You duet with then-boyfriend Don Johnson.

63. The scene in Yentl when Mandy Patikin’s character discovers that his male friend Anshel is really a woman named Yentl.

64. What’s Up Doc?

65. Appearance on The Rosie O’Donnell Show in 1997 that had Rosie in tears.

66. The infamous 60 Minutes interview with Mike Wallace during which he makes her cry.

67. Joining Judy Garland and Ethel Merman to perform There’s No Business Like Show Business on The Judy Garland Show.

68. Lost Inside of You duet with Kris Kristofferson from A Star is Born.

69. The see-though pantsuit she wore to the Oscars the year she won for Funny Girl.

70. Somewhere from The Broadway Album.


71. Her dramatic performance in Up the Sandbox.

72. Performance of America the Beautiful from I Love Liberty television special.

73. The love scene when she gets into bed with Robert Redford in The Way We Were.

74. What Kind of Fool duet with Barry Gibb from Guilty album.

75. My Heart Belongs to Me from Superman album.

Okay, there’s my list! While I love so much of her work, this exercise has made me realize that I’m not very familiar with her early albums or TV specials and that I’m indifferent about some of her movies including Hello! Dolly, The Main Event, All Night Long and even Funny Lady.

Would love to hear from some of you! What are your favorite Barbra moments?

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