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The amazing Peter Mac to perform Judy Garland’s The Lost Easter Special this weekend in West Hollywood!

A few months back, I had the immense treat of seeing Peter Mac perform his tribute show to Judy Garland.

He channels the great star so brilliantly that I felt like I was watching Judy Garland herself.

Great, great stuff and you can read my review of that show HERE.

So why am I returning to French Quarter Market – where Peter performs every weekend as Miss Garland – tonight?

Because it is a different show each month and this weekend is Judy Garland Live: The Lost Easter Special.

It’s described this way:  Everyone remembers Judy Garland’s classic 1963 CBS Christmas special BUT what about her “lost” Easter Special from 1967? While rummaging through her infamous trunk Judy stumbles upon the footage , so pristine you will feel like Judy and her kids are performing right in front of your eyes! That’s right her kids (now teenagers) Liza, Lorna and Joey are performing with her as well as her bosom buddy and everyone’s favorite Golden Girl, Bea Arthur. With Musical direction by Bryan “Mort Lindsey” Miller. Featuring songs from Judy’s Classic film “Easter Parade” as well as her signature hits. 2 WEEKS ONLY!

You will have extra opportunities to catch the show this weekend. In addition to the usual Friday and Saturday night performances, two more shows have been added for Easter Sunday at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.

The new Peter Mac Showroom inside The French Market at 7985 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 104, West Hollywood, CA 90046. The room will open for dinner seating at 7 PM .  Show starts at 8PM.

Tickets range between $15 And $30 and can be purchased at  or .

More info is available at: or by calling: (310) 871-7563 or by emailing


Daniel Radcliffe says he felt “no discomfort” filming gay scenes for upcoming “Kill Your Darlings”

We know that Harry Potter alum Daniel Radcliffe is gay friendly due to his staunch support of the LGBT community.

But we haven’t gotten to enjoy him in a gay role yet.

That is about to change.

He is currently filming the thriller Kill Your Darlings in which he plays gay beat generation poet Allen Ginsberg.

Ginsberg, of course, was gay, and this called for Radcliffe to participate in a love scene with co-star Dane DeHaan.

“There was no discomfort,” Radcliffe tells TV Guide. “There have been moments when Dane, the object of my affection in the film, and I did start giggling.”

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Snapped! Adam Lambert at NewNowNext Awards!

The sensational Adam Lambert appeared at the NewNowNext Awards last night in Hollywood – an appearance you can see when the show airs on Logo on Monday night.

Until then, here is some of what he had to say on the red carpet:

– The second photo is of Adam and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen.

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Lunch Break Video: A wonderful tribute to Meryl Streep’s record 17 Oscar nominations

It’s no secret that I worship Meryl Streep and her Oscar win this year left me in a good mood for weeks.

Came across this amazing video on YouTube last night and just had to share it.

You really get a good look at the roles that Meryl didn’t win for – all 14 of them!

I think she should have won for Doubt, Julie & Julia, Adaptation and One True Thing and certainly was deserving for The Bridges of Madison County as well.

It’s just an astonishing body of work – and these are just the roles she was nominated for!

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Morning Man Encore: Chord Overstreet!

chord-overstreet-glee-tap-320.jpg posted Sept. 28, 2010
Well, he may or may not be Kurt Hummel’s new boyfriend on Glee.
But what we do know about the new character of Sam Evans is that he can play football (he’s replaced Finn as quarterback!) and he can sing (Finn spied on him belting out a rock tune in the shower).
We also know that he’s played by a talented and very cute young actor named Chord Overstreet who made his debut on the show in last week’s premiere.
And, of course, we know that Chord/Sam has big, pouty lips, something that was written into his first scenes when Puck (Mark Salling) rather tactlessly asked: “Dude, your mouth is huge. How many tennis balls can you fit in there?”

“I laughed when I read that in the script,” Overstreet tells Zap2it. “I mean, I always got compliments or comments on my lips because I do have big lips. They definitely write about the actors’ actual features, which I think is funny. It’s something everybody’s thinking and when you actually hear it on the show, it’s like ‘I can’t believe they said that.’”

The actor hails from Nashville, Tenn., and his unusual name is no accident, setting him on a musical path in life.

“My real name is Chord Overstreet,” he confirmed to Zap2It. “I actually got my name because my dad is in the music business as a songwriter. I was the third one in my family born, and there are three notes in a chord, so that’s how they came up with my name.”

Of acting on Glee he says: “It’s great working with all the cast. I really think Jane Lynch is hilarious, she’s got the best timing, she’s one of the people I was really looking forward to working with, but I was also looking forward to working with [producer/writers Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan] — those guys. Each episode we get is funnier than the next. It’s all jokes and shenanigans.”

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LA Gay & Lesbian Center slams KCBS/KCAL for publishing mug shots of men charged in sting operation

Meant to post this yesterday but better late than never.

L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center officials are outraged that KCBS/KCAL decided this week to display on its website the mug shots, names and birthdates of 18  men who were recently charged in an undercover sex sting operation at a Manhattan Beach public restroom.

The men were reportedly charged with what the center calls “victimless crimes” ranging from loitering to engaging in lewd conduct in a public place.

“It’s shocking that any news operation, but especially an affiliate of a major network like CBS, would choose to publish the mug shots, names and birthdates of people charged with victimless crimes, simply because the charges are salacious or related to gay sex,” said L.A Gay & Lesbian Center Chief of Staff Darrel Cummings. “Naturally we don’t condone illegal activity of any kind, but these men haven’t been proven guilty and historically, charges such as those leveled against them have involved police entrapment. Publishing their photos serves no purpose other than to humiliate and destroy their lives.”

The Center is calling on KCBS/KCAL to remove the images and names from their website. I’ll update you on the situation tomorrow!

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Chandler Massey talks to Greg In Hollywood about Will’s coming out moment on “Days of Our Lives”

Had a nice chat with Days of Our Lives star Chandler Massey yesterday after the episode aired in which his character of Will Horton comes to terms with the fact that he is gay.

“I did feel relief personally,” Chandler said of shooting the touching scene with Deidre Hall who plays his grandmother, Marlena.

“Will has been had so much angst and conflict for so long. Once we finally filmed those scenes  where Will comes out and is okay with it, for some reason, I felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders as well. It was a lot of fun.”

It was perfect that his scene partner would be Miss Hall since she and Chandler clearly have an on-screen chemistry that appears so natural and real.

“The vast majority of it is Deidre,” he says modestly. “She’s amazing. I just hope to keep up with her in the scenes.”

But they do work together as a team to make the Will-Marlena scenes memorable.

“We do get along very well off set as well, we have the same relationship off screen,” Chandler says. “She really helps me. She’s a pro and I’m  new to [the soap opera] genre, and that relationship carries over in our scenes. We also do work a lot on our stuff – I work with her off-screen on our scenes more than with any other actors.”

While Will continues to come out to various family members in the coming weeks and months, it is not the only focus of his life. His job as assistant to former stepdad EJ will also take center stage.

“The next few months is a lot about Will and his relationship with EJ and how it evolves,” Chandler says, “It’s him learning basically how to run a business and how to blackmail people. [The gay plotline] is still interwoven but not at the forefront. But it’s still there, it’s who Will is.”

Since Will is going to be involved a lot with EJ (played by James Scott), I did have to ask Chandler about what appears to be a bit of a sexual undercurrent between the two characters.

“Some of it is in the writing,” he explains. “The relationship between Will and EJ is mentor-mentee and lends itself to those intimate scenes. But really it’s the fact that James Scott is British and everything he says to Will seems to have underlying sexual undertones.”

So what about Will’s love life? He passionately kissed a guy named Neil (played by Jesse Kristofferson) last month and we know that Kristofferson is set to return for at least three more episodes. Will also seemed to share a surprisingly intimate moment with his pal Sonny (Freddie Smith) recently at the coffee house.

Chandler says there will be more kissing for Will in the future but “I wouldn’t say his next kiss will be with Neil.”


The kiss with Neil, the first time Will had ever kissed a guy, was very aggressive and anything but romantic.

The next one, whoever it is with, will be far different Chandler says.

“The first one was appropriate for that point where Will was in coming to terms with things. Now that he’s out, it’s not so much of a release of all those emotions as a romantic moment.”

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Alan Thicke ‘shocked and somewhat frightened’ by fallout over Kirk Cameron’s anti-gay remarks

Kirk Cameron certainly caused quite a stir last month with his comments against gay marriage and homosexuality being ‘detrimental,’ ‘unnatural’ and ‘ultimately destructive.’

Alan Thicke, who played Cameron’s dad on the long-running sitcom Growing Pains, had quickly taken to Twitter to and joked: “I love Kirk but I may have to spank him…’tho not in a gay way!”

The Six Pack had a chat with Thicke this week about Cameron and other topics which you can find in their entirety HERE.

Here are some excerpts they kindly sent me:

On Cameron’s remarks: “Kirk took quite a beating the last couple of weeks. He and I were in touch over all of [the controversy]. Basically I told him I wanted to stay out of the conversation and I’d throw in a few jokes, he should understand where I was coming from and that I respect his right to say whatever he feels. I just didn’t happen to agree with him.. I also believe in fossils and dinosaurs!”

On the backlash that followed – from both sides: “I was shocked and somewhat frightened by all of the fallout from the remarks from Kirk on Piers Morgan. I was astonished at all the hate mongering venom spewing vitriol that I saw. Going both ways, in both directions. It wasn’t only the incredibly hypocritical Christian wing who was calling me names, really vicious mean ugly kind of commentary, for my support of the gay and lesbian community. On the other hand, the gay and lesbian community attacking Kirk and all evangelicals and people of faith, that wasn’t right. I was quite surprised at the level of anger and meanness on both sides.”

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Snapped! Christian Bale and Wes Bentley roughhouse on the beach in Santa Monica in scenes for movie

These shots were snapped of Christian Bale and Wes Bentley this week as they filmed scenes for Terrance Malick’s latest film Lawless.

The IMDB synopsis states that the film is about two intersecting love triangles.

It’s about sexual obsession and betrayal and is set against the music scene in Austin, Texas.

I don’t think Christian and Wes play a couple but they sure would make one attractive pair!

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Thursday Morning Man: Eric Ladin!

I had not seen any of season 1 of AMC’s The Killing.

I’ll have to catch up on it soon because I watched the premiere of season 1 last Sunday and now I’m hooked!

And boy did I develop a quick crush on cutie pie Eric Ladin who plays Jamie Wright on the show.

Eric is 34 and previous;y best-known for his recurring role of William Hofstadt on Mad Men – which precedes The Killing on Sundays – and as Corporal James Chaffin on the HBO miniseries Generation Kill.

While his good looks no doubt have helped his career, so has his voice!

Eric is the voice of the character Ellis in the cooperative first-person shooter game Left 4 Dead 2 as well as the voice as Cole MacGrath in the video game Infamous 2 and Street Fighter X Tekken.

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Elton John gets down with Channing Tatum!

Look, I don’t know what song they were singing and I don’t care.

All I know is that Elton John was the luckiest gay man in New York last night as he shared the stage with hunky Channing Tatum (My friend, Danny, has a real problem with the actor’s name because he thinks it was chosen as a hybrid of Stockard Channing and Tatum O’Neal!).

Anyway, Channing and Sir Elton performed during the 2012 Concert for the Rainforest Fund at Carnegie Hall.

See more photos over at Socialite Life.

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Days of Our Lives update: Will Horton accepts himself, tells grandmother Marlena: “I’m a gay man”

This is a big day in the life of our young Will Horton.

He’s becoming a man in so many ways – standing uo for himself, setting boundaries for his parents and grandparents and, most importantly, accepting himself as a gay man.

It is so fitting that Will would first make the statement about being a gay man to his grandmother Marlena. But before he does, she has a bit of a showdown with EJ over his motives when it comes to her grandson.

EJ tells her: “I want William to have the opportunity to be who he is without any fear of judgment. … I think we both know what I’m talking about. If I were going to take advantage of that situation, I already would have. But I haven’t and I won’t.”

Marlena feels she has no choice but to give EJ the benefit of the doubt but warns her former son-in-law to watch his step when it comes to her flesh and blood.

Over coffee, Will very politely but firmly tells Marlena to “back off and give me a little space” when it comes to EJ and his working for him.

His grandmother apologizes “for treating you like a 12 year old.” Will said he’s the one who’s sorry for being “rude” and adds: “I’m not trying to hurt your feelings. I think we both know that you’re the only person I can rely on. I don’t want that to change.”

Will shares with Marlena that he has been feeling “claustrophobic” with everyone from his grandma Kate to his father, his mother and EJ “lining up trying to tell me how to live my life.”

“When people are telling you how you should be comfortable with who you are, it makes it hard to be comfortable with who you are. The thing is though, I do know who I am and I’ve figured out what I want to be. I’m just not ready to broadcast that to the world yet.”

Marlena lets him know she will always love him and support him “no matter what.”

Asks Will: “Even if I’m a gay man?”

Marlena: “No matter what.”

Will, sips his coffee, smiles a bit and says: “Did you notice? I said I’m gay.”

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Gratuitous Beefcake, Pt. 2: Michael Fassbender!

An earlier post today featuring a shirtless Mark Wahlberg brought some comments from readers who claim Wahlberg is a homophobe.

I know he didn’t want to star in Brokeback Mountain but I don’t really have a problem with the guy at this point and think he’s lovely to look at.

But to those who aren’t too keen on Mark, I offer you this: Michael Fassbender!

The star of Shame turned 35 yesterday and really is just about the sexiest star out there right now.

Enjoy the view!


Today’s gratuitous beefcake: Mark Wahlberg!

Oh my.

A shirtless Mark Wahlberg was snapped this week  from his South Beach hotel balcony in Miami Beach, Florida.

Mark is in town filming Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain.

To see more shots of hunky Mark and his muscles, go over to Socialite Life!


See Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin and the rest in the new trailer for the “Rock of Ages” feature film!

Now that I’ve seen Rock of Ages live (at The Pantages in LA last month), I’m very eager to see the movie version which comes out in June.

It’s a real change-of-pace role for Tom Cruise as rock star Stacee Jaxx and it’s always a treat when he makes bold choices in his film roles like he did in Magnolia and in Tropic Thunder.


Jason Alexander to receive Julie Harris Award for Lifetime Achievement at LA Tony Awards event

Jason Alexander may be best known for his long run on Seinfeld but he also has had a stellar stage career.

The year he began on Seinfeld – 1989 – he had won the Tony Award for best actor in a musical for Jerome Robbins’ Broadway.

He also appeared on Broadway in Neil Simon’s Broadway Bound, Kander and Ebb’s The Rink, and Stephen Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along.

In addition, Alexander appeared opposite Martin Short, in the Los Angeles production of Mel Brooks’ The Producers, as well as with Kelsey Grammer in the 2004 musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

It’s just been announced that Alexander will be honored for his stage career with the Julie Harris Award for Lifetime Achievement at The Actors Fund at their 16th Annual Tony Awards Party.

The June 10 gala features the only approved live feed of the Tony Awards as they happen in New York.

Previous recipients of the Julie Harris Award have included Julie Harris, Gwen Verdon, Charles Durning, Rita Moreno, James Earl Jones, Tyne Daly, Lauren Bacall, Stockard Channing, Carol Channing, Liza Minnelli, Jerry Herman, Tommy Tune, Chita Rivera, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Hal Holbrook.

Congratulations to Jason!

For more information visit

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Nick Adams STILL being asked about Mario Lopez

It was way back in 2008 that Mario Lopez, in his pre-Extra days, came to Broadway to take over the lead in A Chorus Line.

There was a member of the cast named Nick Adams who happened to have bigger muscles than Mario. So Nick found himself having to wear a sweatshirt in order not to overshadow the STAR.

The episode made the attractive and oh-so-talented Nick more famous than he had ever been before and he has proven himself to be worthy of the attention with roles in Guys and Dolls, La Cage Aux Folles and is one of the leads in the current hit Priscilla: Queen of the Desert.

But he is still being asked about Mario!

“I mean it’s ridiculous! I am very good friends with him,” Nicks tells “I set him up with his fiancée (Courtney Mazza) and the mother of his child. I’ve known her for over ten years, and she was in A Chorus Line with me. I went with them on their first date. We were never feuding. There was never a fight between the two of us!”

Nick did make a point I had not read elsewhere thought regarding Lopez and his stint on Broadway: “When he joined the show, it was beneficial to all of the cast members because it helped us run another six months. So I’m not going to be upset about celebrities, I understand the point of star casting, he came in he helped us run longer, and I got paid longer. They may have changed my costume and put me in the back, but like I still got paid so I’m not mad about that.”

Okay, so let’s hope that will be the last time Nick, a longtime Greg In Hollywood fave, is asked about MuscleGate!

But do read the rest of the Queerty chat. It’s interesting to get Nick’s thoughts on the political nature of the Tony Awards and his desire to be a working actor and not necessarily a star.

Too late though – Nick already is a star!


Wednesday Morning Man: Nathan Adrian!

Oh, I just love this guy!

Had never heard of swimmer Nathan Adrian until last weekend when he became a Twitter sensation after his bodysuit RIPPED while he was bending over on the starting blocks in a big race at the Indianapolis Grand Prix swimming meet.

Part of his rear end was exposed but he was undaunted. He not only went on to complete the race, he won over a field that included Olympic legend Michael Phelps!

“I was on the block, bending over,” said Adrian, whose winning time was 48.62 seconds, 12/100ths faster than second-place Phelps. “What could I do? … It was near. ‘Take your mark.’ I’m not going to stop.”

He told the press after the race that it had never happened to him before, “not even in practice. It’s happened when I’ve been walking up to the blocks, my suit has ripped on me. But never on the block. I certainly never had to swim with one like that.”

The 23-year-old won the gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in the 4×100 m freestyle relay. Adrian is currently a pre-med student at the University of California, Berkely. At Cal, He is a five-time individual NCAA champion: Winning the 50-yard freestyle in 2009 and 2011 and the 100-yard freestyle in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

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“Del Shores: My Sordid Life” out on DVD today!

I’m so far behind on my DVD viewing it is getting a little pathetic. Among the very appealing possibilities in my pile is Del Shores: My Sordid Life which was released on DVD today.

I had hoped to watch it and have a review by today and surprise Del’s very patient and persistent publicist but the workload has been too heavy lately. So, I’m going to post this trailer for now and point out my favorite line from it: “I’m so co-dependent. When I die, someone else’s life is gonna flash before my eyes.”

Mr. Shores is, of course, the creative force behind Sordid Lives (the movie, stage play and TV series), Daddy’s Dyin’: Who’s Got the Will? (play and movie) and the play Southern Baptist Sissies, among many other works.

“I write to entertain, I write mainly to make y’all laugh,” he says in the trailer. “If I am able to make you think, if I’m able to make you cry, for me, that’s a bonus.”

I hope to get to the DVD and watch it all very soon!


Happy Birthday to David Hyde Pierce!

His Niles Crane on Frasier is one of the most delicious comedic characters in the history of television and David Hyde Pierce has four Emmy Awards to show for it.

During the run of the series, we never really knew too much about Pierce who turns 53 today. But when he won the Tony Award for Curtains in 2007, he thanked his long-time partner, television writer, director and producer Brian Hargrove “because it’s 24 years of listening to your damn notes — that’s why I’m up here tonight.”

The couple was married in October 2008 just before the passage of California’s Proposition 8.

In 2010, David was the recipient of the Isabelle Stevenson Award, which recognizes an individual from the theater community who has made a substantial contribution of volunteered time and effort on behalf of one or more humanitarian, social service or charitable organizations.

If you’ve never seen the 2003 romantic comedy Down With Love, do see it. David (pictured below with co-star Ewan McGregor) played Renee Zellweger’s book editor and had a terrific chemistry with Sarah Paulson in the film. Considering he’s gay and she’s a lesbian, those who think openly gay stars can’t convincingly play straight are just dead wrong.

Happy birthday to David!

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