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Tuesday Morning Man: Rodiney Santiago!

I’ve not watched any of The A-List or Couples Therapy so I was not real familiar with Rodiney Santiago until I picked up the latest issue of DNA.

Rodiney is on the cover with the headline: Reality TV’s Sexiest Star.

He grew up in Brazil and says he didn’t realize he was gay until he was 20.

“It’s always a surprise when someone finds out that I’m actually bisexual,” he tells DNA. “In Brazil, to be bisexual is a normal thing for people to accept. In the States, people want to believe that you’re either gay or straight, bottom or top. You have to be one thing or the other and it’s your label. I’m not used to this.”

Rodiney left University For Physical Therapy in Brazil to start modeling in San Paulo.

He was cast on A-List when he accompanied boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl to a casting for the show.

“We moved in together and immediately had cameras following us around,” he tells DNA. “Because the show established us as a solid relationship, I don’t think viewers understood how new of a thing it was and how normal it was for us to have little problems.”

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Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife fesses up: He’s not gay

Linda Bollea had claimed in her autobiography last year that ex-husband, wrestling icon Hulk Hogan, had an affair with fellow wrestler Brutus Beefcake.

Now she is coming clean and says it never happened.

‘When you’re mad and you’re going through a divorce, you say things you just don’t mean,’ she said during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show.

She also apologized for the fib: ‘Hulkster, I’m sorry. I love and I will always love you.’

Read more over at Gay Star News.

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Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen thinks gays are sinners – but at least he doesn’t hate us!

Okay, here’s why when Joel Osteen says things like ”I believe the Scripture says that being gay is a sin,’ I can’t help but think of all the pain he causes.

This is a guy who is the pastor of the largest church in the US. His Sunday sermons are televised to more than 100 nations around the world and seen in 10 million households.

I think of all the parents of gay kids watching who will use this as a reason to reject their kid instead of providing them with acceptance and love.

But Osteen doesn’t want to be seen as a homophobe, of course.

“People say, well, you are a gay hater and you’re a gay basher. I’m not,’ he insisted on Fox News Sunday. “I don’t dislike anybody. Gays are some of the nicest, kindest, most loving people in the world. But my faith is based on what I believe the Scripture says, and that’s the way I read the Scripture.”

But kind-hearted Joel does think gay couples should at least be able to see each other in the hospital.

‘I’m not for gay marriage, but I’m not for discriminating against people.’

Sorry Joel, you can’t have it both ways.

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Snapped! Matt Bomer on the set of “White Collar”

Matt Bomer is shooting scenes of his hit USA Network series White Collar on the streets of New York City.

He, or course, looks stunning while doing so.

To see more shots of beautiful Bomer at work, go to Socialite Life.


Post-Dinner Videos: Ellen DeGeneres, Betty White and more moments from GLAAD Media Awards

I wrote plenty about the GLAAD Media Awards last week and posted some videos but not these three. The first is the opening monologue from Ellen DeGeneres followed by a moving appearance by the family of Jamey Rodemayer who are introduced by Glee stars Max Adler and Grant Gustin. And finally, there is video of Hot in Cleveland stars Betty White, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick presenting the outstanding comedy series award to Modern Family – an award accepted by Jesse Tyler Ferguson.


Daytime vet Chrystal Chappell returns to soaps – as a lesbian on “The Bold and the Beautiful”

It’s always been a little ridiculous that the CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful is set in the fashion business and in 25 years on the air, never had a gay storyline.

That will finally change next month when a lesbian romance between the character of Karen Spencer (played by returning cast member Joanna Johnson) and Danielle who will be played by soap opera veteran Crystal Chappell.

B&B is strong in the ratings and has win the Outstanding Daytime Drama Emmy for the past three years. It seems like a show in an excellent position to try something they have never tried before!

Executive producer and head writer Bradley Bell shares some of the details with TV Guide:

“Karen and Danielle are a modern married couple. … We plan to discuss the real issues, present some prejudices, and try to get people to move forward in their thinking, instead of backward. I want to do this story because I listen to all the political debates on the subject of same-sex marriage and can’t believe I share the same country with people who think so differently about human rights. I want to put my hat in the ring and, hopefully, help change some thoughts and opinions on the issue.”

V Guide Magazine: Tell us about your decision to reveal this secret side of Karen.
Bell: Once we decided to bring Karen’s daughter, Caroline, onto the show, the question naturally arose, “Who is the father? Why doesn’t she seem to have one?” I started thinking about all the story possibilities and decided, “Why not give her two mothers?” Everyone on the show has a mother and father and that’s getting a little dull. So I talked to Joanna Johnson and asked if she’d be okay with this story and she was very excited. When it came to casting Karen’s partner, I thought immediately of Crystal Chappell. She was at the top of my list. I called her, she was interested, so here we are. She’s a great actress and such a good kisser.

TV Guide Magazine: And you know she’s a good kisser because…
Bell: Because I’m a big fan of her web series Venice.

TV Guide Magazine: Does this mean we’ll actually see some lesbian lip locks on CBS Daytime?
Bell: Oh, sure! Absolutely.


Monday Afternoon Man: Mario Gomez!

Today’s Morning Man is coming to you so late in the day that he is an Afternoon Man.

But whatever time of day he’s here, he is pretty dreamy don’t you think?

He’s German soccer star Mario Gomez, a striker for Bayern Munich.

The 26-year-old athlete not only has amazing skills and handsome looks, he also made news a few years back for urging gay players to come out and calling for a radical rethinking about homosexuality in the sport.

He told UK’s The Guardian that gay players would have an improved performance if they were out.

“They would play as if they had been liberated. Being gay should no longer be a taboo topic. … Professional footballers should own up to their preference.”

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Greg In San Jose Airport …

Good morning everyone!

I’ve been in the Bay area for the past four days visiting family but am just about to board a plane back to LA.

That means I won’t have any fresh posts up until the afternoon. Had hoped to get a little bit ahead and have some ready for you but I’ve got this amazing new great-niece named Bella, two months old, who kept distracting me with her cuteness!

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President Obama and Jimmy Kimmel touch on LGBT topics at White House Correspondents Dinner

Last night’s White House Correspondents Dinner drew such celebrity trainwrecks from Kim Kardashian to Lindsay Lohan.

And also such real celebrities like George Clooney, Barbara Walters and Charlize Theron.

But let’s focus on what really matters. What was said about LGBT issues.

President Barack Obama, funny and charming as ever in this kind of situation, noted that ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t’ tell was repealed in his first term. He promised something more if he gets reelected: ‘In my first term we repealed a policy known as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. In my second term we will replace it with a policy known as “It’s Raining Men.”‘

The evening’s host, Jimmy Kimmel, had a go at  Sen. Rick Santorum’s rabid opposition to same sex unions – Santorum was in the audience.

‘You know, it’s one thing to oppose gay marriage. It’s another all together to do it in a sweater vest.’

Kimmel also had a zinger for former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich: “Newt I have a question. How can you be against gay marriage when you yourself are the son of two gay parents? The Michelin and the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.”

Kimmel also said of gay marriage: “I don’t understand politicians who are against gay marriage. I don’t understand anyone who’s against gay marriage. When you really think about it, aren’t all marriages kind of gay? I mean, as a man when you get married essentially what you’re saying is, “I will never touch another woman as long as I live. Now let’s put jewelry on each other and dance.”‘

The Obama and Kimmel routines can be found at C-SPAN.

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Rafeal Nadal back in winning groove!

What I absolutely love about Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal – aside from his gorgeous face and body – is his insatiable desire to win and his passion for his sport.

You hear so many whiny players make excuses for dips in form and all the rest but Nadal just goes out and plays. If he loses, he regroups and he tries again.

He went nearly a year without winning a title, lost his number one ranking to Novak Djokovic, and suffered seven consecutive defeats to Djokovic – including in the finals of Wimbledon, the US Open and the Australian Open.

Less than that drove the great Bjorn Borg in to retirement 30 years ago. But Nadal, at 25, keep showing up – despite nagging injuries.

He managed to finally beat Djokovic again winning the title in Monte Carlo last week. Then earlier today, he beat David Ferrer in the final of the Barcelona tournament which he won for a record SEVENTH time.

It marked the 48th tournament title of Nadal’s illustrious career. He will be going after his seventh French Open crown next month and 11th grand slam title overall. But expect strong challenges from Djokovic and Nadal’s great rival Roger Federer who remains as passionate about the game – and winning – as Nadal. Only Federer and Djokovic have ever managed to beat Nadal in a clay court final.


Happy Birthday to Leslie Jordan!

He may stand just 4 feet, 11 inches tall but Leslie Jordan is a huge talent.

The Emmy winning star is probably best known to the masses for his recurring role as Karen Walker’s bitchy nemesis, Beverley Leslie, on Will & Grace. But his greatest role, in my opinion, is that of Brother Boy in Sordid Lives which he played on stage, feature film and in a television series.

He also appeared on Broadway in his one-man show My Trip Down the Pink Carpet based on his memoir. There is a DVD available!

More recently, Leslie had a role as a newspaper editor in the huge box office hit The Help, did guest spots on Desperate Housewives and The Game, and had a delightful cameo in the documentary Hollywood to Dollywood.

I last chatted with Leslie in November at the LA Gay and Lesbian Center’s annual gala and  wondered what he thought about a growing feeling among some that the LGBT community is becoming too mainstream.

“You know, I fluctuate on that,” he said. “When I came out, there was one gay bar in Chattanooga, Tenn. and in that gay bar there were lawyers, there were black people, there were white people, there were drag queens and we had one leather queen all under one roof and what we had in common was that we were gay. And sometimes I miss that. But then again, c’mon. We were also that gay bar that you had to go down an alley and knock on the door. We feared for our lives.”

He added: “The other day, I was at a restaurant and there were two young guys sitting side by side and they were holding hands. I watched them and, I couldn’t help it, I went by and I said, ‘This is just so beautiful and I hope you realize what we went through.’ They thanked me but, you know, I don’t think they had any idea of what it was like. I try to tell my story sometimes to younger people and they’re like, ‘Wow! Oh really?’ A world without the Internet, a little gay boy in Chattanooga Tenn. immersed in a Baptist church with not one soul to talk to, not one soul! I think if there had been a Trevor Project that I could have talked to.”

But would he be as brilliant as he is, especially in his one-man shows, had he not had those difficult experiences?

“No. I wouldn’t change a thing,” Leslie said. “I look back and I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything that I went through brought me to here.”

Happy 57th birthday to Leslie!

Here are some random Leslie clips to enjoy:

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Showtune Sunday: All About Ann-Margret!

There are stars and then there are stars.

Ann-Margret is the real deal and since she turned 71 yesterday, I thought it would be a good time to celebrate a star who isn’t always appreciated as much as she should be.

She got her start in movies 51 years ago opposite Bette Davis in Pocketful of Miracles then followed that up with major roles in the musicals State Fair and Bye-Bye Birdie.

She went on to star opposite Elvis Presley in Viva Las Vegas and Steve McQueen in The Cincinnati Kid.

She was nominated for an Academy Award and won a Golden Globe for her performance in the musical Tommy. She was also nominated for an Oscar for the drama Carnal Knowledge.

Ann-Margret has been nominated for Emmys for her stellar dramatic work in television movies including Who Will Love My Children?, A Streetcar Named Desire and Life of the Party and finally won for a memorable performance on Law & Order: SVU.

But the focus today is on her music and these clips, I think, are a nice mix of what this gorgeous and talented star can do.

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Morning Man Classic: Erik Estrada!

Hey look, I know it’s hard not to think of all those cheesy late-night infomercials he’s done for National Recreational Properties in recent years when you think of Erik Estrada.

But this guy was a major heartthrob during the peak of his fame as one of the stars of NBC’s CHiPS. I also passed my his poster every day for years because it was plastered on my little sister’s bedroom door.

Estrada, now 63, played macho, rambunctious Officer Francis (“Frank”) “Ponch” Poncherello, a Highway Patrolman of the Central Los Angeles office of California Highway Patrol. He was paired with Larry Wilcox as strait-laced partner, Officer Jonathan “Jon” Baker.

The show lasted six seasons from 1977-83 but Estrada missed seven episodes during season 5 in a dispute with producers over syndication profits. He was replaced for those episodes by, of all people, Bruce Jenner!

Estrada has never had the same level of success since CHiPS but he has never stopped working either with countless television guest spots – sometimes parodying himself – and many, many film roles.

His greatest successes have been as co-host the syndicated outdoor adventure show American Adventurer which lasted a decade and as Johnny, a Tijuana trucker, in the Televisa telenovela Dos Mujeres, un camino (“Two women, one road”). Originally slated for 100 episodes, the show went to 400-plus episodes and became the biggest telenovela in Latin American history.

In 1998, Estrada returned as the character of Ponch in the TNT made-for-TV movie CHiPs ’99 along with the rest of the original cast and had written his autobiography, Erik Estrada: My Road from Harlem to Hollywood a year earlier.

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Lunch Break Video: Adam Lambert performs “Trespassing” and “Naked Love” on Jimmy Kimmel

Yesterday, I posted Adam Lambert’s performance of Never Close Our Eyes from his appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday.

Well, he performed several more songs during his appearance including these two: Trespassing, the title song from his new album out May 15, and a song called Naked Love.


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Morning Man Encore! Mark Valley! posted May 12, 2009

Not a lot of television actors who have college degrees in math and engineering and served in the military during the Gulf War.

But Mark Valley has and it just makes the star of the unfortunately short-lived series Keen Eddie all the more sexy.

Mark followed up that series – in which he played an American police detective in London – with a role in a long-running hit, Boston Legal and I always wanted to see a bit more of him and a bit less of James Spader and William Shatner.

Mark has a recurring role in last year’s wonderful Swingtown series and most recently is one of the stars of the Fox series Fringe from JJ Abrams.

He’s the kind of guy who is likely to always have a job with his classic handsome looks and talent.

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Rosie O’Donnell says she just doesn’t want Lindsay Lohan to end up like Whitney Houston

With The Today Show losing the weekly ratings race to Good Morning America for the first time in ages recently, bringing on a lightning rod like Rosie O’Donnell certainly can spark up interest.

All kinds of attention has been given to Rosie’s comments earlier this week that Lindsay Lohan not only is miscast as Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime movie, but that Lohan should leave the spotlight altogether and get herself together.

Rosie returned to The Today Show Thursday and elaborated on why she said what she did: ‘I (was) watching Whitney Houston’s funeral, and I remember thinking why didn’t more people say what they knew?’ O’Donnell told hosts Matt Lauer and Ann Curry. ‘We all knew, when she would not show up to do this show, not show up to do my show, we watched Being Bobby Brown and it was like watching Sid and Nancy, they were people who were in the throes of addiction. But all that anyone cared about was that the show was getting ratings, not that this woman, this talented individual, this human being, this mother, this daughter, was worth saving… To look at Lindsay Lohan you can’t help but feel for her. I don’t think she’s untalented, I think she’s quite talented.’

Access Hollywood caught up with Lohan this week to get her take n Rosie’s remarks:

It’s funny that someone you don’t know at all can say something so intrusive and so knowing,’

She believes she is a good choice to play Taylor: ‘I know that I’m great. I know that I know Liz Taylor very well, and I share the same makeup artist and the same hair stylist. We’ve worked with a lot of the same people.’

But one thing Lohan doesn’t know, apparently, is that Miss Taylor hated being called Liz.

It was always, Elizabeth.

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Lance Bass visits Kathy Griffin’s new show!

I did not happen to catch Kathy Griffin’s new show Kathy on Bravo last night.

I did see last week’s premiere and do think the how has great promise although I still think it needs to gel a bit more.

Anyway, the cute singer Lance Bass dropped by on the famous D-lister.

It’s always good to see each other because on the first season of Kathy’s My Life on the D-List show way back then, a still closeted Bass could be seen at her house for a game night.

So these two go way back!

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Days of Our Lives: Will on the sidelines – for now

Things have not been terribly interesting on the Will Horton front in recent weeks on Days of Our Lives so how ’bout a shirtless pic of the young lad just to keep us awake!

I know things will perk up again once Will comes out to his parents but for now, we are dealing with him being ex-girlfriend Gabi’s buddy and EJ’s assistant.

Personally, I want to see him check in with grandma Marlena and gay buddy Sonny more often.

The show has changed writers so you just never know how they will handle this very promising storyline.

Here are some of the Will scenes from this week.

Here are earlier scenes between Will and Gabi from earlier in the week:

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See Adam Lambert’s performance on Kimmel!

I love when Adam Lambert has a new album coming out and is in full promotional mode.

He is such a hard-working star and really goes all out to get his music out there.

Surprisingly, Adam says it has been tough to win over his fellow gay males as fans. Read more about that in a piece I just posted over at Gay Star News.

And enjoy his performance from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!


“I Love Lucy” Friday: Lucy wears that headdress!

I Love Lucy Fridays has had a bit of a hiatus but now is back!

I’m going to try and include a little more history about each episode I feature instead of just telling you how much it makes me and my I Love Lucy BFFs, Henry and Eddie, laugh.

Today I present to you a scene from Lucy Gets In Pictures.

It is episode 116 of the series and originally aired on Feb. 21, 1955 – the fourth season of the show. Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred are in Hollywood while Ricky makes a movie.

Of course Lucy wants to be in movies too so Ricky, in a rare show of support for Lucy’s showbiz ambitions, arranges for his wife to have a small role in a nightclub sequence on a film.

Lucy gets to wear a giant headdress and is supposed to get shot during a nightclub sequence.

But that headdress is just a little too heavy for her red head.

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