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Kathy Griffin finally wins a Grammy!

Kathy Griffin’s two Emmys finally have some company and she’s halfway to becoming an EGOT! All she needs is an Oscar (never gonna happen) and a Tony (maybe?).

Kathy, after several years as an also-ran five previous times in the Best Comedy Album category, was the winner at last for Calm Down Gurrl.

She thanked the recently arrested Justin Bieber, joking, “I want to thank Justin Bieber for giving me his relax juice,” then made a reference to Bieber’s private parts.

She added: “I’ve never made my 93-year-old alcoholic mother more proud.”

Kathy’s award was given during the pre-telecast portion of the evening. Still a D-lister after all!


Surprise winner Down Under: Stanislas Wawrinka!

Wow, what a shocker at the Australian Open earlier today!

World No. 8 Stanislas Wawrinka of Switzerland stunned a hobbled Rafael Nadal (bad back) 6-3, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3 and win his first Grand Slam championship.

Wawrinka, who beat three-time defending champ Novak Djokovic in the quarterfinals, moves up to No. 3 in the rankings.

He is only the second man since the 2005 Australian Open – a span of 36 majors – to win a Grand Slam outside of Nadal, Roger Federer, Djokovic and Andy Murray. Juan Martin del Potro captured the 2009 U.S. Open.


Happy 56th Birthday to Ellen DeGeneres!

Ellen DeGeneres is a living example of someone who just seems to keep getting better and better with each passing year.

She turns 56 today, ratings for her daytime show are higher then ever, she and Portia de Rossi remain a golden couple, and Ellen is preparing to host the Academy Awards.

Happy birthday to this sensational woman!

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All-American Boy Steve Grand updates fans: he’s busy recording first full-length record and hoping for May release

Singer Steve Grand posted a career update on his Facebook account last night.

Here it is:

Its been a while since I’ve filled you guys in on what has been going on with me (most all of it has been behind-the-scenes stuff) so I’d like to do that now.

In a nutshell, I have more on my plate at this moment than I ever have. I am in the middle of recording my first full length record which (depending on if I can raise the funds needed) will be out in May.

I’ve also been busy planning and making the arrangements to produce my 3rd music video for a brand new song (which should be released some time in February).

And, in order for all of this to happen, I am working out all of the details of my Kickstarter campaign, including creating and editing the video for it, which I am doing all on my own. The release of my album will be contingent on the success of the campaign (which will launch some time next month as well).

Last month I found a producer who I really clicked with and we’ve been busy ever since, recording and editing the songs that I’ve written over the last several years. I’m more excited about the prospect of getting this album out into the world than I’ve been about anything in my life… and sharing it with you is the part I look forward to most. I swear to you, I’m putting every last bit of heart and soul, and time and energy into making the next chapter of this journey as special and as meaningful as you guys deserve.
Next week I am flying out to mix the first 4 tracks. Thanks to you guys for the contributions you’ve already made, I’ve been able to get this far, and will be able to complete the first 4 songs that will be on my record! I am so grateful for that!

I wanted to share all of this with you because, through reading your comments and messages and emails and tweets (which I read and respond to all on my own), I’ve noticed more and more of you asking “what’s going on? where have you been.”

I want to assure you I am working every. single. day. with almost no exceptions to bring you guys the next chapter of this incredible journey we’ve been on. I can’t wait to share with you everything I’ve been working so hard on. This has just been the very beginning… and not a day goes by that I don’t feel incredible gratitude to have all of you a part of this with me.

I apologize to those of you I have missed in my effort to respond to as many messages, comments, tweets, emails as I possibly can. I wish I could give each one of you a big hug and look you in the eyes and say “thank you.”

I want you to know that not for one second do I take you for granite… you have changed my life. Just remember that I am just one person, and I am doing the very best I can on top of everything else that requires my attention.

There is so much on its way I can’t wait to be able to share this next chapter of what has already been an incredible journey with you! I promise to only give you my very best.

Thank you for your kindness, your patience, and for making everything that has happened over the last 7 months possible.

Love you all so much!


Showtune Sunday: All about Aretha at Grammys

Aretha Franklin is not only the Queen of Soul, she’s also the Queen of the Grammys.

She’s won 18 of them over the years and performed at the Grammy telecast many memorable times.

On this Grammy Sunday, let’s revisit some of Aretha’s Grammy appearances.

Her most memorable, hands down, was the year when Luciano Pavarotti cancelled at the last minute due to illness. With barely 20 minutes’ notice, she stunned the audience with soulful interpretation of Puccini’s aria from Turandot.

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Morning Man Classic: Paul Muni!

Paul Muni may not be as well remembered as such contemporaries as Spencer Tracy and Cary Grant but he was one of the most acclaimed actors of the 1930s and 40s.

He was nominated for six Academy Awards and won the best actor Oscar for his performance in The Story of Louis Pasteur. He also won a Tony Award for best actor for the play Inherit the Wind.

Muni’s more famous films included the original Scarface, The Last Angry Man, The Good Earth, The Life of Emile Zola, I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, and his first movie The Valiant which earned him an Oscar nod.

Failing eyesight and other health problems brought an end to his film career by 1959. Muni died of a heart disorder in Montecito in 1967, aged 71.

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Late Night Video: Neil Patrick Harris pays a visit to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” — without Ellen!

Ellen DeGeneres is a busy woman – so much so that she had a guest host earlier this week.

Neil Patrick Harris, usually the host with the most, is the guest as Ellie Kemper does the hosting thing for Ellen.

NPH talks about his recent vacation in Mexico during which he did a funny series of Instagram pics that showed him getting drunk on margaritas. In case you mixed it, he talks us through them.

Also talks about his twins.



Days of Our Lives: A preview of the return of Nick Fallon – alive and ready for revenge!

Oh, and we thought Nick was bad before he “died.”

We saw him finally return – alive and looking quite well – at the end of Friday’s episode. He knows Kate, Sami and Gabi left him for dead and knowing Nick, he’s going to use that to his advantage and do some blackmailing.

Here’s a brief glimpse of what Kate has in store – maybe Nick can backmail her into getting rid of that hideous blue streak in her otherwise fabulous hair,.

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China’s charming Li Na wins Australian Open at last … and Chris Evert presents her with the trophy!

I’m so happy for Li Na, the world’s fourth-ranked tennis player who won the Australian Open title earlier today.

It was her third trip to the final and she beat 20th-ranked Dominika Cibulkova 7-6 (3), 6-0.

It is the charming Chinese star’s second grand slam title overall. She won the French Open in 2011.

Not bad for a 32 year old who has become the oldest Australian Open women’s champion in history – a feat many assumed Serena Williams, also 32, would accomplish this tournament.

But Serena lost unexpectedly in the fourth round and failed in her attempt to match the 18 grand slam championships won by Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova during their legendary careers.

Speaking of Evert, she was Down Under working as a commentator for ESPN and was selected to present the women’s trophy.

While Chrissie had more success at the French Open (7 titles), the US Open (6 titles) and Wimbledon (3 titles), she managed to win the Australian Open twice in her career despite only playing in it six times. And all six times, she made it to the final.


Sex and the City Saturday: When Kristen Johnston got so bored at a Manhattan party that she died

Welcome to the return of Sex and the City Saturday!

This remains one of my all-time favorite shows so I’m trotting back out an old Greg in Hollywood feature for a few months to see how it goes.

And we begin with a splat!

In this scene from a season six episode, Kristen Johnston guest stars as one of Carrie’s old party buddies from the 80s who never stopped partying.

She’s 40 and still snorting cocaine and making a scene.

And boy, does she have an exit scene.


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Morning Man Encore: Kayne Lawton!

Originally posted April 27, 2011 – updated with some new photos – I highly recommend yiou follow his Instagram account!

It’s a really hot day here in Los Angeles today so why not have a Morning Man who is just hot, hot, hot!

This handsome athlete is 24-year-old Kayne Lawton, an Australian Rugby League Player for the Gold Coast Titans.

He is one of the rugby stars who has posed wearing next to nothing in the annual Gods of Football calendar. To get to know this studly guy a little better, here is the Q&A from the calendar:

How would you describe yourself in a personals ad? Fun, sporty and relaxed

What three things do you look for in a partner? Good personality, a nice smile and someone who loves the outdoors

What would you do on your ideal date? A tropical island with a nice dinner on the beach

Sex or Football – what’s better? Sex

Most embarrassing thing a fan has ever asked you to do? Someone once asked me to sign their boobs

Favorite sport other than footy? Golf

What’s it like getting naked in front of a camera? (And would you do it again?) Nerve wracking but towards the end it was good fun! Yep, I would do it again favourite part of your body is? My bum!

How do you feel about being named a ‘God of Football? Privileged and lucky

What does sexy mean to you? Being fun and confident

Do you think you’re sexy? Yeah, why not!

Clean shaven, stubble or beard? What do you prefer? Stubble

Intensive, sensitive, Fresh or Control? Which best describes you? Sensitive and fresh

If you were meal, what would you be? A supreme pizza!

What can’t you live without? My leopard skin undies!

Tell me something most people don’t know about you. Ermmm……… I’m a really good surfer!

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Lunch Break Video: Andrew Rannells heads all-star cast in musical parody protesting Russia’s anti-gay law

With a cast that could rival a Tony Awards telecast in terms of star wattage, some of Broadway’s biggest stars use their talent in a new video to make a statement against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law.

In the video, the Russian government cites the propaganda law in outlawing theatrical performances on ‘The Great Red Way.’

The Russian Broadway community responds in the only way they know how – they put on a show called Love and Punishment.

There are plenty of songs about the LGBT repression and such one liners as: ‘Tooth Fairy is now Tooth Reaper’ and ‘You can’t even enter through back door … of own home!’

Andrew Rannells, in thick Russian accent, anchors a musical parody that also features Harvey Fierstein, Michael Urie, Jonathan Groff, Joanna Gleason and original Annie star Andrea McArdle, among others.

‘I know we’re just a musical and it might seem silly,’ Rannells says in character in the video. ‘But if we can help bring joy, inspire, and call people on bullshit, that’s a night of theater.’

The musical includes such scenes as a young Vladimir Putin losing his first girlfriend to another woman then later ripping his shirt off, two female astronauts falling in love in space in 1969, and two modern day Olympic male athletes in love with one ending up dead.

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Days of Our Lives: It’s Ari’s christening – watch until the end for an unexpected guest at the church!

It is Ari’s christening and new Will says it will be a wonderful day ‘as long as the baby’s mother, grandmother and great-grandmother don’t get arrested for murder.’

It’s all coming together folks!

All of the players are together in the church – the people who know Nick is ‘dead’ and the people who give a damn.

I’m not going to spill the beans.

All I’m going to say is watch today’s scenes until the very, very end!

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See sneak preview of episode 2 of HBO’s “Looking”

The ratings were not so hot for the premiere of the gay-themed dramedy Looking but thankfully it’s on HBO so it’s not going to be pulled from the air.

There will be at least 8 episodes to enjoy and I hope the ratings build so we can have season 2 and 3 and on and on.

Episode 2 is even better than the premiere and I think Jonathan Groff is so appealing and wonderful in the role of Patrick.

The second episode airs on Sunday after Girls.

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Anderson Cooper talks about being a dummy – but can’t quite get the words out correctly

I didn’t like when Anderson Cooper made fun of Ian Ziering’s recent career choices a few weeks ago on his Ridiculist.

But I like when he makes fun of himself.

An artist in Pennsylvania spent three months creating an Anderson Cooper ventriloquist doll called ‘Mini Cooper’ and put it for sale on eBay for $360,000.

The hefty price tag is an homage to the name of the show Anderson Cooper 360.

So far, no takers.

‘I’m psyched that there’s a doll of me,’ The Silver Fox said at the start of the segment.

Then the trouble begins.

The anchor tries to say he would like to learn more about ventriloquism but stumbles on the word.

Again, and again.

So much so that it is revealed the segment was planned for earlier in the week but had to be postponed because Cooper could not get past the word.

‘Listen, it;s not the easiest word in the world to say,’ he tells viewers.

In the end, he finally succeeds and concludes by saying: ‘I’m very touched and very, very honored to be a dummy on The Ridiculist.’

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Friday Morning Man: Dan Osborne!

I’ve been reading a lot about Dan Osborne in recent weeks because he’s a part of the British TV diving competition Splash which features Tom Daley.

But I didn’t know who the heck he was except that he has this amazing body and a lot of tattoos.

It turns out he’s a cast member of The Only Way Is Essex (often abbreviated as TOWIE), the BAFTA award-winning ‘scripted reality’ television show based in Essex, England.

It shows “real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in a structured way.” The show, filmed just a few days in advance, has been described by the Daily Mirror as Britain’s answer to The Hills and Jersey Shore.

Dan, 22, is a new father but split with the baby’s mom back in April. But they remain friends and plan to raise the baby together.

We’re supposed to believe that the buff Dan is “actually quite insecure about my body. I know it seems like I get it out all the time, but I worry about what I look like and I don’t feel too confident about getting my shirt off,” he tells The Daily Star.

Uh, okay.

Trust us Dan, it’s all fine.

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Days of Our Lives: Detective Abigail gets closer to the truth about her cousin Nick’s “death”

Abigail, who couldn’t figure out that Chad didn’t have a brain tumor, has figured out that Gabi “killed” Nick – or at least she thinks she has.

She should have her cousin Hope’s job as a police detective!

All this is going down as Ari is about to be christened and Julie is badgering poor Gabi about Nick.

Nerves are frayed!

Can EJ keep Abigail at bay?

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Neil Patrick Harris first openly gay man chosen as Man of the Year by Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals

The kudos just keep coming for Neil Patrick Harris and this one’s a fun one.

Hasty Pudding Theatricals, the oldest theatrical organization in the United States, has just announced that NPH will receive its 2014 Man of the Year Award.

He joins Dame Helen Mirren, who was recently announced as their 2014 Woman of the Year.

The Man and Woman of the Year Awards are presented annually to performers who have made lasting and impressive contributions to the world of entertainment.

The Man of the Year award was established in 1963. Its past recipients include Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise, Robert de Niro, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins, Bruce Willis, Justin Timberlake, Jason Segel, and Kiefer Sutherland.

The Man of the Year festivities will take place on February 7 where NPH will be presented with his Pudding Pot at Farkas Hall, the Hasty Pudding’s historic home in the heart of Harvard Square since 1888.

“I assume this is for that pudding wrestling competition I won last April…right?” Neil said in a statement. “It was dark and seemed quite seedy at the time – I’m stoked that it’s connected with Harvard. Fancy! Can’t wait!”

He later tweeted: “Stoked to be Hasty Pudding’s Man of the Year. There’s pressure, though, it’s only January. I really need to accomplish some shit. #pressure”


Snapped: Dustin Lance Black posts Throwback Thursday selfie with boyfriend Tom Daley

It was a big story a few months ago when it was learned that Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and Olympic bronze medal winning diver Tom Daley were an item.

But as we can see from this selfie Lance posted earlier today on Facebook, their relationship began long before the public knew about it.

Lance writes: Oh yeah @tomdaley1994, two can play that throw back selfie game. #TBT #SFsummer

His message was in response to the selfie Tom posted earlier of the day which showed him holding up his phone with a pic of he and Lance.

So cute.

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Happy birthday to the great Broadway legend Chita Rivera who turns 81 years young today!

If you look up the word dazzling in the dictionary, you should be able to find Chita Rivera’s name right there in the definition.This national treasure turns 81 today and she’s still going strong.

She came to fame in the late 50s as Anita in the original Broadway production of West Side Story followed by a starring role opposite Dick Van Dyke in Bye Bye Birdie. Chita also starred in the London productions of both those Broadway hits but was passed over for the film roles that went to Rita Moreno and Janet Leigh, respectively.

If Hollywood didn’t want to make Chita a star, she always had a place on the stage – front-and-center. She was Velma Kelly in the original production of Chicago, won Tony Awards for The Rink and Kiss of the Spider Woman, and more recently appeared on Broadway in Nine and Chita Rivera: The Dancer’s Life.

She received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama and is also a Kennedy Center Honoree. Below is Chita reflecting in getting the Medal of Freedom and some of her performances.

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