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Today’s Holiday Tunes: Ronnie Spector and Darlene Love team up for “Sleigh Ride” and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Darlene Love goes back a very long way with Ronnie Spector, lead singer of the 60s girl group The Ronettes.

Both women are immensely popular during the holiday season and have even teamed up for some live shows and television performances.

These performances of Sleigh Ride and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree are just terrific.


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Morning Man Encore: Christoph Waltz! posted Aug 28, 2009

Christoph Waltz’s character was a very smart but horrible man in Inglourious Bastards which I saw yesterday afternoon. But this Austrian-b0rn actor pretty much stole the show from Brad Pitt in this WWII revenge fantasy with his gloriously villainous performance which deservedly won him the best actor prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

I decided to make him today’s Morning Man once I got back from the movie and looked at some photos of Waltz out of character. I knew he was handsome but it was hard to appreciate that in the movie since his role of Nazi Colonel Hans Landa called for him to be quite evil and violent.

Already well-known in Germany as an award-winning stage veteran and TV actor, he has a star-making role in Inglourious Bastards at the age of 52 which will most certainly earn him an Academy Award nomination.

And he will win!

Actor Christoph Waltz, winner of the Best Actor Award for the movie' Inglourious Basterds', attends the Palm d'Or Award Ceremony Photocall at the Palais De Festivals during the 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 24, 2009 in Cannes, France.  (Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Christoph Waltz

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Greg’s Gay Star News: Rosie, Romney, Buble crushing on Downey Jr. and controversy over “Work It”

Kelly Ripa with Robert Downey Jr. and Michael BubleHappy Friday everyone!
It’s been a busy week and I’m looking forward to a few days off – gotta catch up on some movies and also watch my 10-year-old nephew’s first Lacrosse game (I’m a wreck!).
Here are links to a batch of stories I did today for Gay Star News.
Check ‘em out!

Michael Buble’s got ‘a bit of a man-crush’ on Robert Downey Jr.

Singer confesses to Sherlock Holmes star on ABC’s Live With Kelly

Rosie O’Donnell on why she’s battling Trump and Letterman

ABC sitcom ‘Work It’ under fire from LGBT groups

GLAAD, HRC and others say new show is hurtful and makes punchline of transgender workplace challenges

Republican presidential hopefuls

Rick Santorum goes after Mitt Romney on gay issues

Republican presidential hopefuls clash over same-sex marriage as they square off in Iowa debate

Mom sues teacher for kicking her son out of class for anti-gay beliefs

The incident in Michigan got national attention after another student eloquently defended the teacher at school board meeting
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Rosie talks about her old pal, Madonna seems like forever ago that Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna starred together in the baseball movie A League of Their Own which also starred Tom Hanks and Geena Davis.

Rosie chatted Huffington Post about a wide range of topics in an interview posted today. Here is what she has to say about Madonna:

“Madonna is my age. I don’t have that big sister reverence of looking up to her. We’re very good friends. I just saw her new movie, “W.E.” and it’s amazing. It’s a brilliant piece of work. She is probably the most talented person I have ever met in my life. You don’t get to be Madonna in this lifetime without an immense amount of talent and I think when people see this movie, that not only did she write and direct but she produced it as well, they’re going to be shocked. She’s a meteoric, once-a-generation type talent and she’s a pretty phenomenal human being as well.”

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Kathy Griffin tells Jimmy Kimmel about her New Year’s Eve plans for CNN co-host Anderson Cooper’m going to be partying with friends in West Hollywood on New Year’s Eve so you won’t find me watching a television.

But you can be sure that the next day, I’ll be on YouTube watching the highlights from CNN’s coverage featuring the fun pair of Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper.

Kathy paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel this week and shared a list of goals she has for this year’s broadcast:

”My first goal is to get Anderson fired. Literally before midnight, somebody from CNN just says, ‘That’s it buddy, you’re out.’”

She wants to expose a breast during the broadcast: “If I can just whip one out on CNN…”
Then there’s this: ”I’m going to probably drunk dial Wolf Blitzer.”
And this: ”I’m going to give Anderson what’s called a rohypnol.”
And finally: ”I’m going to hog-tie Ryan Seacrest and hide him in a can of peanut brittle.”

You go girl!

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“I Love Lucy” Friday: Lucy tries to hide the morning newspaper from Ricky – because she’s in it! scene just cracks me up!

Lucy and Ethel (with a little help from Fred) stole John Wayne’s cement footprints from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and she doesn’t want Ricky to read about it in the morning newspaper.

Here she is trying to keep the paper away from Ricky by tossing it off the balcony. The neighbor below keeps tossing it back up. Lucy throws it back downstairs and yells: “Well mind your own business!”

Of course Ethel then runs into the room carrying her own copy and in front of Ricky says: “Have you SEEN the morning paper?”

Lucy’s reaction is priceless!

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Celeb Tweets: NPH reaches #666; Behar does the math; Maher and others comment on Republican debates Patrick Harris
ActuallyNPH Neil Patrick Harris
That was my 666th tw – whuuh, what’s happening? What’s happening to mmmm – Red Rum! Red Rum! REDDDD RUMMMMM!
Neil Patrick Harris
ActuallyNPH Neil Patrick Harris
Nice! Just heard about @HowardStern. THRILLED he is the new judge on America’s Got Talent! Just became appointment TV. He’ll be amazing!
Neil Patrick Harris
ActuallyNPH Neil Patrick Harris
Happy to be home. About to trim the tree with David. That’s not a euphemism. Not yet anyway. Fingers crossed.
Joy Behar
JoyVBehar Joy Behar
I just did the math. My HLN show lasted 803 days longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage.
Chris Colfer
chriscolfer Chris Colfer
Thank God for online shopping! I got my sister a life-size poster of Justin Bieber for Christmas. Don’t tell her!
Ricky Martin
ricky_martin Ricky Martin
Feels perfect in Pto Rico!Sun pool/beach all day!2morrow sm meetings & then the Beach. Good night sexy souls #NadacomolaNavidadenPuertoRico
Hal Sparks
HalSparks Hal Sparks
Rick Santorum doesn’t discriminate against gays.. He just makes sure they know they’re unwelcome #iowadebate #GoogleSantorum
Hal Sparks
HalSparks Hal Sparks
Why does Mitt Romney always look like someone farted on him? #iowadebate
Chely Wright
chelywright Chely Wright
I love how Rick Perry pulls out his “winning lines and buzzy comments” that his instructors taught him, thinking crowd will erupt- crickets
Bill Maher
billmaher Bill Maher
All Rep candidates competing over who loves Scalia, Thomas the most – I cld say a lot of things but What a bunch of douchebags has to be 1st
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Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black likes to write on a laptop covered with coffee and croissant crumbs is a fun little piece about Dustin Lance Black in this week’s edition of The Envelope, the Los Angeles Times section about awards season.

Black, a past Oscar winner for writing Milk and the writer of this year’s J. Edgar, shares some details about where he writes and what he writes on.

Black shifts coffee shops around every two hours around Hollywood.

“I’m completely over-caffeinated by the end of the day,” he says. “It’s less distracting than being alone with my thoughts in an empty office.”

He writes on a “very beat-up” Macintosh laptop: “It’s covered in food and it is disgusting.I open it up on a plane and I’m so embarrassed because it’s covered with coffee and croissant crumbs.”


Friday Morning Man: Chris Paul! Angeles fans are all abuzz over the fact that Chris Paul will be playing at Staples Center this season – but not for the Lakers!

In the biggest trade in its history, the Los Angeles Clippers have acquired New Orleans Hornets star Chris Paul, a four-time NBA All Star. He will earn $16.3 million this season.

He is considered as good a point guard as there has ever been in the NBA so his joining the team makes the struggling franchise instantly relevant.

“I’m excited to be here in L.A. with this unbelievable franchise with so much history behind it,” Paul said at a press conference Thursday. “This is going to be an unbelievable experience.”

“I’m crazy competitive,” he added. “I think that’s what makes me the player that I am. I just have to compete, so knowing that they never won a championship here I wanted to be a part of something like that. … I want to see those Clippers T-shirts around town. I want to see everybody filing into Staples Center to see us play and at the end of the day I want to win here.”

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Happy Birthday to the Supreme Cindy Birdsong! Let’s celebrate with videos and revisiting my 2009 interview with the Motown star

diana ross and the supremes + pictures
In 1967, singer Cindy Birdsong left the group The Bluebells and their lead singer Patti Labelle to join an even bigger group: The Supremes.

Today, Miss Birdsong turns 72 and I’m so glad that I had the chance to interview her nearly three years ago about her years as part of the most successful Motown act ever and about why she, Diana Ross and Mary Wilson have never had a proper reunion concert.

Here is our January 2009 interview in its entirety:

If you want to hear dirt about Diana Ross, don’t bother asking Cindy Birdsong for any. She is a class act and has nothing bad to say about her former singing partner who she remains friends with to this day.

“i saw her on TV recently,” Birdsong said during our chat this week. “I just happened to turn it on and there she was and I thought, ‘Wow!’ She’s in great shape and sounded good. She’s a queen of her art.”

Ross had called Birdsong, who lives in Los Angeles, when she did a two-day stint at Hollywood Bowl last year and the former Supreme who replaced Florence Ballard in the biggest girl group of all time still tries to catch Ross in concert when she can.

But their professional reunions have been fraught with difficulty because of the famously strained relationship between Ross and fellow original Supreme Mary Wilson. In 1983, there was a disastrous performance at the 1983 Motown 25 concert special. The trio, together for the first time since 1970, were just a few verses into “Someday We’ll Be Together” when there was an altercation, onstage, between Ross and Wilson. It was edited out of the televised special but was widely publicized and was recounted in the first chapter of Wilson’s best selling memoir “Dreamgirl: My Life as a Supreme” released three years later.

Birdsong was overshadowed in the ruckus.

“It came out so bad and there were hard feelings,” she remembered. “It wasn’t that we didn’t love each other, we always did. You get angry and there are no answers.”

That night, Wilson came strutting out in a stunning and sparkling red gown despite plans for all the girls to wear black or white (Ross was in a black outfit). Birdsong, smiling from ear-to-ear, had already joined Ross onstage looking lovely in a white gown.

But she confessed that she also felt self-conscious because she had not been performing for several years.

“I had gained quite a bit of weight and I couldn’t get a gown right away,” she remembered. “I didn’t have the money! But I was still socializing with both. Diana would call and say, ‘Come up for the weekend!’ “They both (pause), both the girls, they still love each other. Like sisters, they fight. But they are sisters.”

Seventeen years passed before another Supremes reunion was broached. Ross wanted to do a 2000 summer concert tour performing the group’s many hits incluidng “Reflections,” “Love Child,” “Someday We’ll Be Together,” “I Hear a Symphony,” “Where Did Our Love go,” “Baby Love,” and “You Keep Me Hanging On.” Her desire was to have Mary and Cindy join her on the tour.

diana ross and the supremes + picturesThe “Return to Love” tour, however, went on with Ross being joined by Linda Laurence and Scherrie Payne – two women who had been members of The Supremes after Ross’ departure and continued to perform in recent years as Former Ladies of the Supremes (FLOs).

So what happened?

“It was over money basically,” Birdsong said. I was still really close with Diana and I said I’d like to do it. I called Mary and she was overseas on a tour. I was excited.”

But there was haggling over money – Wilson felt her $4 million salary did not reflect her contributions to the group and its legacy. It was reported that Birdsong was to have received about the same amount while Ross’ take was five times what either of the other women would be making.

“I was excited about it but I waited too long,” Birdsong said. “Diana had a certain time period and she got annoyed because (the money haggling) was stopping the tour. A person from Diana’s camp called and said, ‘Miss Birdsong, we’re not going to go with you and Mary.’ I was devastated. I could have said yes from the beginning and I couldn’t believe (Mary) said no.” Birdsong has no hard feelings toward Ross who endured one of the biggest failures of her stunningly successful career when the “Return to Love” tour suffered from such poor attendance that it was cancelled shortly into its run.

“It was very, very hurtful to her,” Birdsong said.

And so, nine years later, the question remains: Will there ever be another Supremes reunion? Like Wilson, Birdsong says the decision lies with Ross.

“Mary would probably do it now,” she said. “There’s still a fanbase out there who say: ‘We still want it!’”

Cindy also told me about the competition with The Supremes while she was a member of Patti LaBelle and the Bluebells whose lead singer was Patti LaBelle (pictured, left).

“We were hot and they were hot,” she says. “We were so competitive – all this catty stuff with girl groups – and my girls didn’t want to have anything to do with them. But I was fascinated by them.”

One day, Birdsong just couldn’t resist knocking on the dressing room door of the Supremes:

“I went across the hall. Florence answered the door and she was like, ‘Come on in Cindy!’ Mary and Diana were like, ‘What’s she doing in here?’”

But soon enough, Ross had warmed up to Birdsong and they began chatting. While the Supremes were flashy with wigs and gowns and false eyelashes, the Bluebells had a more simple style and were only allowed to wear lipstick at that time.

“We looked like fresh little girls from the (housing) projects,” she says. “I was i awe of (The Supremes’) glitter and gowns. They were just so sophisticated.”
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,supreme21.jpgCindy remembers Diana saying: “You’ve never had a wig or anything? You want to try one on?’ Then I put on rouge and earings that were almost down to my shoulders. I was like a kid in a candy store. I went back across the hall and (Bluebell members) were like, ‘Look at Cindy! She’s been to enemy camp!’”

But the experience had a deep impact on her: “That day, I felt I came back a Supreme. It was like Cinderella.”

Flash-forward to 1966 and a series of number one hits for the Supremes who were now superstars. Ballard (pictured above performing with Ross and Wilson) grew increasingly troubled and missed some performances until finally things came to a head during an engagement in Las Vegas. Ballard performed the first week of a two-week engagement then Birdsong – between Bluebell gigs at the time – was brought in to do the second week and quietly became a member of the biggest girl group of all time.
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,drosssupreme.jpg“I really didn’t expect that I was going to be a part of it,” she says now. “It was such a dramatic thing and it was all so fast. I had to stay up all night in Mary’s (hotel) room to learn the whole show.”

She made her debut as an official member of the Supremes at a concert at Hollywood Bowl: “They got me in (Florence’s) dress. I wore the same shoe size and the same dress size. When I was (first) onstage, nobody knew that I wasn’t Florence. From a distance, she looked just like me.”

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Greg’s Gay Star News Round-Up: Golden Globes; Kathy Griffin on Hugh Jackman; Fassbender on gay sex in “Shame” and much more!

Hope everyone is having a good day!

Well, it’s been a busy day so far for me over at Gay Star News which is really coming together in just its second week.

I hope you all are checking out the stories that me and my colleagues are posting over there – and telling your friends!

Until you get into the habit of going over there on your own, I’m going to continue doing a round-up of some of my stories each day here on Greg In Hollywood.

Among today’s offerings:

Michael Fassbender on gay sex scene in Shame

Golden Globe nominated actor talks about why his predominantly heterosexual character ends up in a gay bath house

Kathy Griffin not prepared for how ‘gay’ Hugh Jackman is on Broadway

In new comedy special, the D-Lister has trouble reconciling Jackman’s movie image with his antics in current one-man show stars Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer snubbed by Globes

Show is recognized but both openly gay stars not included among nominees a year after winning

Golden Globe Awards include some LGBT nods

Hollywood Foreign Press Association film nominations include Rooney Mara as bisexual computer hacker in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Candidate in high-profile U.S. Senate race speaks out for LGBT equality

Elizabeth Warren says ‘extraordinary progress’ has been made but notes there is still much to do

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Celeb Tweets: “Glee” stars excited about Globes nomination; Ross Mathews forgets garbage day

Chris Colfer
chriscolfer Chris Colfer
I’m so excited for Glee’s THIRD Golden Globe nomination! And this will be the first Globes I can drink the champagne at! Woot-woot!
Chord Overstreet
chordoverstreet Chord Overstreet
So glad Glee is nominated for a Golden Globe again this year! Lets keep our fingers crossed!!!
Sean Hayes
theseanhayes Sean Hayes
Be sure to catch me on @CraigyFerg tonight @CBS. You’ll get a preview of my appearance on #HotInCleveland on…
Ross Mathews
helloross Ross Mathews
Why is it I can remember the Oscar best picture nominees from 1992 off the top of my head, but I always forget garbage day? (Thursday, btw).
Christopher Gorham
Chris_Gorham Christopher Gorham
Congrats to my pal @octaviaspencer on her Globe nom! Woo hoo!
Gavin Creel
gavincreel Gavin Creel
YO ELLEN! help @BroadwayImpact get Ellen’s attention & make some #NOISE Tweet @TheEllenShow & give her the video/song
Denis Leary
denisleary Denis Leary
Gary Busey just endorsed Newt Gingrich. Which actually makes perfect fucking sense.
the Santa ads this year are really snarky. why is everyone so mean to santa? except #Aleve. they’re all be mean to Santa, or medicate him.
Adam Shankman
adammshankman Adam Shankman
Dear Lord, please let me learn tolerance for people who work out in sunglasses, and w A LOT of cologne
John Amaechi
JohnAmaechi John Amaechi
Want an insight into the fringe of the GOP? Listen to prologue from Fiddler on the Roof: “Tradition.” You can imagine them singing!
Chris Colfer
chriscolfer Chris Colfer
I’m going to be so happy if Melissa McCarthy gets nominated for an Oscar for ‘Bridesmaids.’
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Clooney, Pitt, Gosling, DiCaprio and Fassbender make for best looking Golden Globe Awards category ever

Ryan Gosling Los Angeles Premiere of "The Ides of March".The Academy, Beverly Hills, CA.September 27, 2011. Golden Globe Award nominations were announced this morning and there are the usual surprise inclusions and shocking omissions.
What leaped out for me, of course, was how unprecedentedly handsome the best lead actor in a dramatic film category is this year: Ryan Gosling for The Ides of March (He’s also nominated in the comedy or musical category for Crazy, Stupid, Love); Brad Pitt for Moneyball; George Clooney for The Descendents (Clooney is also nominated for directing The Ides of March); Leonardo DiCaprio for J. Edgar and Michael Fassbender for Shame.
I’m not sure who will win I’m rooting for DiCaprio!) but it’s a five-way tie in the looks department!
Here is a LINK to the full list of Golden Globe nominees!
Leonardo DiCaprio World Premiere of "J. Edgar" at the AFI FEST 2011 Opening Night Gala. Grauman's Chinese, Hollywood, CA.November 3, 2011.

Snapped! Zac Efron’s Tshirt for LGBT equality makes statement. But did he really wear it? [Updated]

Zac Efron certainly has great taste is clothes, don’t you think?

It’s awfully nice to see one of our most popular young stars taking a public stand for the LGBT community.

I think I’ll buy a ticket to his next movie!

UPDATE: There is debate over whether or not this is photoshopped. I have no idea. Hopefully Zac will clear it up for us via Twitter and either way, make some kind of positive statement about same-sex marriage.

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Remember Nick Starcevic from Big Brother?

The last time I followed CBS’s summer reality show Big Brother was in 2007 and that was the season where one of the contestants was a hunky guy named Nick Starcevic.

I boycotted the show after that year because I felt the network and producers allowed a dude named Evil Dick, who went on to win the competition, to get away with far too much obnoxious behavior.
But I always wondered what happened to Nick who began the season by flirting with both men and women and was brave enough to name the famous guys he would sleep with if he were gay. At the top of his list was Ryan Reynolds.
Good taste!
Nick is straight but also allowed gay houseguest, Dustin, to rub suntan lotion on his back (see video below). Anyway, I found out what Nick’s been up to when I ran into him the other night at the NOH8 party at House of Blues.
Earlier this year, a nude photo of handsome Nick was “leaked” on the internet but he told me he is spending his time working in the field of geology these days.
We’ll always have the summer of 2007.

nick starcevic
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Thursday Morning Man: Henrik Lundqvist!’m completely smitten!

How have I made it through life up until now without ever having set eyes on the dreamy Henrik Lundqvist.

The 29-year-old hunk is a professional hockey player for the New York Rangers but was born in Sweden.

He’s 6’1″ and 195 lbs of pure beefcake!

Henrick is the only goaltender in NHL history to record 30 wins in each of his first six seasons and this year, he became the first Rangers player to earn the Rangers MVP award five consecutive times.

During the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy, he led the Swedish men’s team to their second Olympic gold medal.

Henrik is best known for his sensational quickness, athleticism and strong positional play – and his extreme handsomeness, of course.

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Adam Lambert reveals cover art and tweets about new single ‘Better Than I Know Myself’

Adam Lambert
adamlambert Adam Lambert
Better Than I Know Myself drops on December 20th! avail on all digital music providers. Happy Holidays!!

Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson talk to Barbara Walters about how both were bullied as kids

Eric Stonestreet, Barbara Walters and Jesse Tyler FergusonJust admit it, you know you’re going to watch Barbara Walters‘ annual 10 Most Fascinating People of the Year special on ABC tonight even though the Kardashians are on it!
Thankfully, the three Kardashian sisters and their mother, Kris Jenner, count as one fascinating person and not four. That would only leave six spots!
Anyway, among the others being featured are the terrific television team of Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, so good as Cam and Mitchell on ABC’s Modern Family which airs just before the Walters special.
The actors share with Barbara how both were bullied when they were kids and I have written a piece on that part of the interview for Gay Star News. Here is a LINK.
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George Clooney to star in the West Coast performance of Proposition 8 play to be staged for one night only to the West Coast performance of Dustin Lance Black’s play, 8, most likely would have already been scarce.

Now they are going to be harder to find than a presidential candidate who will publicly support same-sex marriage!

George Clooney has agreed to play the role of one of the attorneys in the play about the Proposition 8 trial which will have a one-night only performance in March.

It’s expected to be a star-studded affair with Jane Lynch also possibly taking part, according to director Rob Reiner.

Read all about Clooney’s participation in my story for

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Greg’s Gallery from NOH8 event! See LeAnn Rhimes, Chandler Massey, Pauley Perrette and more!

photoIt was quite a scene at last night’s party at House of Blues celebrating the third anniversary of the NOH8 Campaign.
Before I did my mingling and chatted up such stars as Chris Gorham, Chandler Massey and Louis Van Amstel, I stood on a platform for more than an hour taking photos of the celebrities as they arrived. I only took photos of the “celebrities” who I was familiar with.
For a full recap of the event, go to Gay Star News and read my story there. Here is a LINK!
Pictured, in order: Pauley Perrette, LeAnn Rhimes, Chandler Massey, Massey with your faithful blogger, Lea Thompson, Chris Gorham and Anel Lopez Gorham, Erin Murphy (Tabitha on Bewitched!), Dave Coulier and Jodie Sweetin (a Full House reunion!), Hal Sparks, Kim Coles, Tabitha Coffey, Louis Van Amstel, MacKenzie Phillips, Amber Riley. Jai Rodriguez, and finally, Greg In Hollywood with Casey Deidrick of Days of Our Lives and with Chris Gorham of Covert Affairs.




Christopher Gorham and Greg Hernandez
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