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Celeb Tweets: Post Super Bowl Edition!

Madonna performs at the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show
Ricky Martin
ricky_martin Ricky Martin
Fiesta en NYC!!! Congratz #Giants! Congratz Madonna!
Cyndi Lauper
shebop_aka_cyn Cyndi Lauper
Just saw half time. Common, visually OMG! And there is only one Madonna! Xx Cyn
Alec Mapa
AlecMapa Alec Mapa
Ok Madge ,you win. I even liked the Margaret Hamilton exit.
Sandra Bernhard
SandraBernhard Sandra Bernhard
to the @nygiants you took us right to the limit and beyond! new york new york we love you!
Chris Cuomo
ChrisCuomo Chris Cuomo
#giants #superbowl what a thrilling quarter. NEW YORK WINS!
Bill Maher
billmaher Bill Maher
G Men prevail! Learned to love them on my father’s knee! I was 19, but still…
Chaz Bono
ChazBono Chaz Bono
Woohoo! Giants do it again!
Kristin Chenoweth
KChenoweth Kristin Chenoweth
@rosie Madonna KLLED it!
Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie Rosie O’Donnell
@KChenoweth – she is the most talented woman ever – such a work ethic – truly one in a million
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What George Michael thinks of Madonna’s song*400/mad1.jpg
Boy, everyone has an opinion about Madonna.
First, Elton John and David Furnish diss the song the Material Girl won the Golden Globe for and now George Michael has taken to Twitter to weigh in on Madonna’s new single Give Me All Your Luvin.
“Just saw the Madonna video, she looks great. as for the song, err….don’t really think I should comment. Heheheh … Still, us gayboyz will probably fall for it again.We never learn :) According to her brother,she’s not very fond of having us around anymore. … Hopefully that’s bullshit, family feud kinda thing (he’s gay). … And I just checked the album track listing, and it’s soooooo directed at Boyztown. And by the sounds of it she’s turned over a new leaf!

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Carol Channing on documentary “Larger Than Life,” who she admires (Kristin Chenoweth!) and roles she wishes she’d played her husband Harry Kullijian passed away on December 27, Carol Channing hasn’t been available for personal appearances or interview opportunities to promote the documentary about her life.

But she did agree this week to provide a few questions about the documentary for the PR company promoting the film and the have passed along the Q&A:

Q: What do you think of “Carol Channing: Larger Than Life?” Did you enjoy the filmmaking process?

A: Oh, it’s wonderful.  There have been many who have approached me over the years, asking to do a documentary.  However, they discovered how much work it was going to be and it never happened.  Oh, Dori Berinstein was so patient with me as the director.  Sometimes my schedule would change at a moment’s notice and I’m sure it would completely mess up her plans.  I don’t think most actors think in terms of looking at what we’ve already done, rather than what can I still do now.  They don’t write their memoir until someone pushes them and it takes a very special person to go through all the archives … or junk, and I have a lot … to weed out the important things that the audience will want to know.  I’ve always relied on those around me, knowing and caring about what they are doing to make me look good.  It’s a team effort.  You don’t take those people for granted.  The really good ones truly love what they’re doing and believe in it.  I was just lucky enough to have someone like Dori, who believed enough in me, to do it.  And do it so well.  There were times when I thought, isn’t it done yet?  But, Dori wanted it to be perfect and I think she accomplished it … even if I wasn’t wearing my eyelashes in that one scene.

Q: Are there any roles you would have liked to have played, in either a recent or a classic musical or play? What are they, and why?

A: I don’t know that I’ve ever had time to think about what or whom I would like to have played.  I would, of course, dearly loved to play Dolly in the movie version.  I remember thinking, Oh Jerry’sMame would have been fun.  But how could you top Angela’s performance?  Although she and I did switch roles ever so briefly… oh years ago, during a tribute to Jerry when she came out as Dolly and I as Mame.  Oh, that was fun!

Q: Which performers today do you particularly admire, and why?

A: I wish I could answer that with more knowledge.  So many times I’m introduced to someone whose work I know I should know and I don’t.  I’m always so embarrassed that I haven’t kept up better.  I’m awfully impressed with Catherine Zeta Jones.  It’s pronounced Zeeeeeta, you know … Oh, and Kristin Chenoweth.  I’m impressed with her.   There is also a young man I met from a show called “Glee”.  I’ve never seen him on the show, but have worked with him on stage.  Oh, what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I remember his name.  Anyway, him.

Q:  Had you not become a performer, what field would have interested you?

A: Oh!  Ahhhhhh, I don’t know.  I’ve wanted to be a performer since I was 7. I imagine if I hadn’t, I’d have found something associated with the industry.

Q: You’ve led an extraordinary life, on stage and off – what continues to inspire and motivate you?

A: Others.  When I see someone who’s passionately working on something, whether on stage or for the community, it inspires me.  My motivation is always that next show, that next character or that next appearance.  I’m always so sure that it will be my best performance or my greatest accomplishment.

Q: Imagine if they were real people who met each other, what would Lorelei Lee have thought of Dolly Gallagher Levi, and vice versa?

A: Isn’t that odd, no one has ever asked me that before.  I imagine they would have gotten along wonderfully.   They were both and are such strong personalities that I think off stage they would have been tremendous friends, but on stage …well, the poor audience would have difficulty focusing on just one of them.  They would overpower each other.


Monday Morning Man: Eli Manning! year’s Super Bowl was a nail-biter all the way to the final seconds.

And in the end, it was The New York Giants over the New England Patriots 21-17 and the second Super Bowl win for Giants quarterback Eli Manning who was named the game’s MVP.

It was a last-minute touchdown drive led by Manning that won the game for New York.

“We’ve had a bunch of them this year. We’ve had some fourth-quarter comebacks,” said Manning, 30 for 40 for 296 yards, with one touchdown pass and zero interceptions. “We’d been in those situations, and we knew that we had no more time left. We had to go down and score, and guys stepped up and made great plays.”

And Manning did it in the House that Peyton Manning built, the stadium where his big brother — a four-time regular-season MVP but owner of only one Super Bowl title — plays for the Indianapolis Colts.

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Happy 25th Birthday to Darren Criss! of the hottest stars on television and most recently on Broadway turns 25 today!
He is, of course, Darren Criss.
We love him as Blaine on Glee and we hope the show has him signed to a multi-year contract because this guy proved himself to be a huge draw on Broadway last month when he spent three weeks as the lead in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.
He tweeted this evening: “I’m a quarter of a century man!” He also got this happy birthday tween from Glee co-star Chord Overstreet: “happy birthday!!!! @DarrenCriss 25 now u can rent a car!!”
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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka at Super Bowl!

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka looked to be having a terrific time during Super Bowl weekend in Indianapolis.

David tweeted the top photo of him and his man at the close game between the winners New York Giants and New Orleans Patriots.

NPH tweeeted after the game: What a day at the Super Bowl! All I wanted was a close, exciting game right up to the last play. It didn’t disappoint. Congrats, NY Giants!

The second photo is from Saturday night when NPH participated inDIRECTTV’s Sixth Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl Game. At the event, E! correspondent David interviewed him fort a segment.


Matt Bomer plays in the Celeb Beach Bowl!

White Collar star Matt Bomer was in Indianapolis this weekend for the Super Bowl.

On Saturday, he was among the celebs who participated in DIRECTV’s Sixth Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl Game at Victory Field.

Matt is pictured with his son Kit in the top photo and in the bottom photo, with his college pal Joe Manganiello of True Blood.

Manganiello will guest on this week’s White Collar and, along with Bomer, is among the stars of the male stripper flick Magic Mike!

See more photos over at Socialite Life.


Showtune Sunday: Can Madonna’s Super Bowl show match the Diana Ross spectacular from 1996?’m biased.

Madonna could turn water into wine during her halftime show at the Super Bowl today and I still wouldn’t think she could hold a candle to the great Diana Ross.

Diana performed the 1996 half-time show and I watched it with a buncha guys at Ripples in Long Beach. Remember everything about her performance but not who won or who even played!

Oh, good grief.

So here is the spectacular Miss Ross treating the crowd to so many of her hits during a 12 minute show.

Enjoy it all over again!

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Morning Men Classics: On Super Bowl Sunday, we appreciate NFL quarterbacks through the years two quarterbacks in today’s Super Bowl game – The Patriots’ Tom Brady and The Giants’ Eli Manning -are both extremely easy on the eyes.

So today seems as good a day as any to appreciate some of the hunkier NFL quarterbacks from years gone by starting with Joe Theismann (pictured, right) who was and remains one of the sports world’s most handsome men.

Joining him in my little gallery are Brett Favre, Doug Flutie, Steve Young, Joe Namath, John Elway and Joe Montana.

Thanks for the memories guys!

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Celeb Tweets: Super Bowl Edition! Bono
ChazBono Chaz Bono
Go Giants!
Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie Rosie O’Donnell

Morning from Indy !!!! Go Giants !

Mark Indelicato
markindelicato Mark Indelicato
Kelly Osbourne
MissKellyO Kelly Osbourne
i wish I liked sports… Everyone is so excited for the game the only thing i want to see is the half time show!
Conan O'Brien
ConanOBrien Conan O’Brien
Make sure to watch for my commercial during the #SuperBowl. You’ll only see it if you’re watching a “Sex and the City” re-run on E!.
Chely Wright
chelywright Chely Wright
Okay, it’s Super Bowl Sunday!!! I’m so excited. Go Giants!!
Chely Wright
chelywright Chely Wright
My Final Score Prediction is: 34-23
Andy Cohen
BravoAndy Andy Cohen
Happy #MadonnaBowl Sunday
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Mark your calendars! Coco Peru is returning to The Renberg Theatre March 2, 3 and 4!

Heard from the mega-talented Coco Peru yesterday about her upcoming weekend of shows in LA.
Little did she know that I already had a blog post prepared giving you all a head-up about it.

I do so happily because whenever I see Coco perform, I always have the best time.

This is smart, outspoken, honest, brilliant comedy.

The show is of There Comes a Time in. It’s a reflection of drag performer Clinton Luepp’s 20 years as the brilliant storyteller/ monologist/singer that is Coco.

It will be back at The Renberg Theatre March 2,3 and 4 and tickets are a steal at $25.

I’m going to be going again and I’m taking friends!

Saw the show last spring and I’m not sure if Coco has tweaked any of the material but if not, it’s fine with me because the whole thing is a riot with a few touching moments in there too.

Some of my favorite lines from the show were:

“Let’s face it, I feel old. Time rolls on … Rolls on like a f*****g steamroller. Some of us get more steamrolled than others.”

Coco also has trouble with all the modern technology from iPads to DVRs: “The Wizard of Oz came on once a year and that’s when you watched it and if you missed it, well tough sh*t Dorothy!”

On today’s reality stars: “These people are not celebrities. Elizabeth Taylor was a celebrity, Snookie is not. Is she an Ewok? … Those Jersey Shore people are horrible, horrible people!”

On now openly-gay celebs like Ricky Martin and Lance Bass who came out after their made their millions: “That’s not brave! You know what brave is? THIS (gesturing toward herself) is brave!”

I’ll say!


Celeb Tweets: George Michael feeling re-born; Sean Hayes wants In N Out; Kathy Griffin’s Super Bowl

George Michael

GeorgeMichael George Michael

People, I’m excited….just finishing a ballad that I think is going to make you think my eighties self has been re-born !
GeorgeMichael George Michael
Which I suppose it has in a way :) Even my tracheostomy scar is healing nicely in the sun, was looking a bit Bride of Chucky for a while. Hayes
theseanhayes Sean Hayes
I think it’s time for an In & Out burger. I’ve been a good boy today.
Neil Patrick Harris
ActuallyNPH Neil Patrick Harris
Just tried to get into St. Elmo (@stelmo) for dinner. Booked solid until 10:30! What is this, the night before the Super Bowl? #boo
Kathy Griffin
kathygriffin Kathy Griffin
Go Lakers? Go Bears? Mostly a Madonna show 4 me! RT @SuzeOrmanShow: We r watching Superbowl 2morrow @ the home of @kathygriffin
Gerald McCullouch
ItsAHardG Gerald McCullouch
I LOVE doing what I do. Um, I’ll just leave that open to interpretation.
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Will Horton gets own bachelor pad and has it out with his mom over her infidelity on “Days of Our Lives”

These episodes of Days of Our Lives are real doozies for our Will Horton.

He finally has it out with his mom Sami and tells her he saw her having sex with E.J.

Will does not hold back calling Sami and “whore” and telling her he hates her.

Their confrontation takes place as Will has packed his bags and prepares to move in to the bachelor pad EJ has arranged for him.

It’s all pretty dramatic.

Before you get to those scenes, there is a game of cat and mouse between Will and EJ as EJ’s wife demands to know what kind of blackmail they have on each other!

It’s a real tour de force for actor Chandler Massey who is a revelation in these scenes.

And at the end, he decides to go to a party with two of Sonny’s gay friends saying: “I’m finally free.”

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Video: See Rick Santorum explain why he believes gay marriage is a privilege and not a right

It’s been impossible to find a presidential candidate of either party to openly support gay marriage. Even President Barack Obama, who has presided over great strides in LGBT equality during his term, is still officially “evolving” on the issue.

But of those candidates, Rick Santorum is a true believer. All you have to do is watch this video taken yesterday during a campaign stop in Fulton, Missouri, to see that the former Pennsylvania senator is no friends of the LGBT community and doesn’t pretend to be.

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Snapped! Trevor Donovan showing some skin!

Trevor Donovan sure looks good with his clothes on or off!
His character of Teddy has been written off of 90210 so I don’t watch the show at all these days.
If they bring him back though, I’ll be there.
But Trevor might be too busy for the show anyway. He’s in the Oliver Stone directed film Savages next.
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Madonna was “extremely affected” by AIDS crisis

Madonna, who is set to perform a Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, has been a star for nearly 30 years.

And while she has undergone many incarnations since first arriving on the scene in the early 80s with hits like Borderline and Material Girl, her early connection with gay fans has endured.

‘I saw how people treated them differently,’ she tells The Advocate. ‘I saw the prejudices, and I think probably I got that confused with, intertwined with, you know, maybe things that…ways that people treated me differently.’

Her rise coincided with a harrowing time for the gay community with people dying from AIDS at a horrifying rate.

‘I was extremely affected by it,’ Madonna says. ‘I remember lying on a bed with a friend of mine who was a musician, and he had been diagnosed with this kind of cancer, but nobody knew what it was. He was this beautiful man, and I watched him kind of waste away, and then another gay friend, and then another gay friend, and then another gay friend. They were all artists and all truly special and dear to me.’

To read more of this story, go over to Gay Star News!

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Morning Man Encore: Tom Brady! posted May 29, 2009

I Don’t watch much pro football anymore but I do try and watch whenever Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are playing. After missing last year with injury, he is back training with the team in preparation for the upcoming season.

Tom is one of those rare superstars who is not only the best at what he does, but has those movie star looks and the confidence to do modeling-type shots that make us drool. And now that he’s a daddy, it makes him even sexier (He has a son with the beautiful Bridget Moynahan, his former girlfriend).

In his first news conference since an injury in the 2008 opener knocked him out for the rest of the season, Tom said Thursday that the injury allowed him to spend more time with 21-month-old Jack.

“I cherish those moments,” he said.

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Madonna’s new video: “Give Me All Your Luvin’

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Celeb Tweets: Cher loves “The Help,” Nia Vardalos won’t eat Chick-fil-A, Kelly O has dry skin!

cher Cher

Nia Vardalos
NiaVardalos Nia Vardalos
U prob don’t know they’re anti our gay, lesbian brothers + sisters. Please don’t. RT @katyperry: was just FORCED to eat Chick-fil-A
Kelly Osbourne
MissKellyO Kelly Osbourne
I habitually drink up to 16 glasses of water a day, us moisturizer and I’m still suffering from really dry skin what the hell is going on?
Kathy Griffin
kathygriffin Kathy Griffin
Paula Abdul fired from X Factor & Simon didn’t even call?! That woman gets dicked more than Tila Tequila at Fleet Week.
Chely Wright
chelywright Chely Wright
My wife is cute: she gets on the phone with her dad & they talk about food, weather, traffic- as if they haven’t spoken in weeks. #every day
Suze Orman
SuzeOrmanShow Suze Orman
Had a great time on @piersmorgan Morgan. He is very handsome in person
Gary Janetti
GaryJanetti Gary Janetti
I just had a horrifying thought. Am I TOO handsome?
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Adam Lambert update: Will he tour with Queen this summer? Also debuts his new video!

Adam Lambert will reportedly be joining the legendary rock group Queen this summer as its lead singer at the Sonisphere Festival this summer.

Lambert would be stepping into the shoes of the late Freddie Mercury who died in 1991 and who last appeared with his band at Sonisphere.

‘The intention is to pay tribute to Freddie and the band by singing some f*****g great songs,’ Lambert reportedly told the UK’s Daily Star. ‘It’s to keep the music alive for the fans and give it an energy that Freddie would have been proud of.’

UPDATE: After reports of the collaboration were widely reported Friday, Lambert took to Twitter to say that his quotes were taken out of context and that ‘I haven’t confirmed any guest appearances.’

Lambert wrote that he was talking about when he joined the band at MTV’s EMAs in Belfast last November.

‘I’m truly flattered by your jump to such glorious conclusions mr journalist!!’ he tweeted Friday evening.

Read more about it over at Gay Star News. Also, below is the video for Better Than I Know Myself which he unveiled online at midnight. Check it out!

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