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John Barrowman not ruling out kids – but not now

John Barrowman isn’t against becoming a father someday.

But the 49-year-old Arrow star doesn’t seem to be in any rush.

‘I wouldn’t say no to having children,’ he tells

‘But right now, sitting in my car, going from Manchester to Birmingham, how would a kid cope with that kind of life?’

Barrowman and husband Scott Gill had been together for 20 years by the time they got married in California in 2013. They had entered into a civil partnership in 2006.

Barrowman, who is busy on television, the live stage, recording, writing books and making promotional appearances, admits he is not ready to put a child before his career.

‘Scott keeps saying he’ll do it if I do it but that’s not how it works,’ he says.

‘You don’t go to Tesco and pick up a couple of kids and arrive home saying, look, here’s a family. No, we both have to be very involved. And I can’t force him to become a stay-at-home dad.

‘I decided in my early 20s that my career would be my priority, that it would be the best way to have the life I wanted. I’m not saying I’m the best but I know if you hand me a song and give me a pianist, I can sing the shit out of it.’

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Celeb Instagram: Charlie Carver! Jesse Tyler Ferguson! Andy Cohen & Kelly Ripa! Cheyenne Jackson!

solidarity sunday. equality, dignity, and respect for every life. we are #onepulse when #blacklivesmatter : @nicoleariparker

A photo posted by Charlie Carver (@charliecarver) on

Had the best time co-hosting with @kellyripa this morning!

A photo posted by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

Good bye Montana. It was sweet & quick! Gotta head back to broadway & @fullybroadway. Happy 70th Dad! x @justinmikita

A photo posted by Jesse Tyler Ferguson (@jessetyler) on

Date night at the Hollywood Bowl. #StingPetergabriel -You don't have to put on the red light.

A photo posted by Cheyenne Jackson (@mrcheyennejackson) on

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Monday Morning Man: Andrew Keenan-Bolger!

I realize it’s the afternoon but after 25 Outfest movies, I’m pretty tired! But loved every minute of it. Well, almost every minute. My recap will come later today – possibly quite late.

Anyway, today’s Morning Man, Andrew Keenan Bolger, did not appear in an Outfest movie this year but he did direct one called Sign which was a short film that told the love story between a deaf man and a hearing man. It was sensational.

Andrew is just 31 and is best known as an American musical theatre actor (Newsies) and singer as well as a web star.

He has performed in many national tours and Broadway productions including Seussical, Beauty and the Beast, A Christmas Carol, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Ragtime and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. More recently he’s appeared in Newsies, Mary Poppins, Alladin and Tuck Everlasting.

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Outfest 2016: The Award Winners!

Outfest Los Angeles 2016 Award Winners Audience Awards

U.S. Documentary Audience Award
Major!, Directed by Annalise Ophelian

U.S. Narrative Audience Award
Miles, Directed by Nathan Adloff

Audience Award for Best First U.S. Dramatic Feature
Suicide Kale, Directed by Carly Usdin

Grand Jury Awards

Documentary Special Mention
For Excellence in Filmmaking we award a Special Jury mention to Major!, for its depiction of undying activism, this documentary shines a light and shows compassion for so many who would otherwise remain unheard. This is a film that deserves to be seen and celebrated by audiences around the globe. From Stonewall to the fight for Trans rights and visibility, Miss Major was and continues to be one of the most important and legendary heroes in the community.

Documentary Grand Jury Prize
We award Best Documentary Feature to Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four, for its ability to captivate the audience and to give voice to those who have been oppressed, and to expose an egregious miscarriage of justice of marginalized, yet the most exceedingly brave women.

Special Mention for Outstanding Performance

A rich interior life bubbles to the surface through a delicate yet impactful performance. This actor’s nuanced, textured portrayal brings to life a main character who often has little to say, but speaks volumes through a subdued physical and emotional performance. In a delicate film where the main character struggles with the weight of the conflicts, it is this actor’s compelling emotional specificity that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish. For his striking ability to convey inner turmoil rising to the surface, the US Narrative Jury honors Joe Seo for his outstanding performance as David Cho, a Korean-American gay man, in Andrew Ahn’s Spa Night.

Best Screenwriting in a U.S. Feature
A powerhouse of a script that lives at the intersection of a panoply of genres, this first feature effort is creative, original, and, ultimately, surprising. Vacillating from comedy to romance to drama to thriller, often within the same scene, the script is perfectly paced, featuring well defined characters and a clear narrative purpose for every word, be it a jokey aside or a cryptic utterance. For keeping us guessing until the very end and redefining multiple genres in one fell swoop, we award the award for Best Screenwriting in a US Feature Film to Writer, Director, and Actor Ingrid Jungermann for Women Who Kill.

U.S. Grand Jury Prize
Both a coming of age story and a coming out story, but never shackled to the familiar conventions of those genres within LGBTQ film, this evocative narrative succeeds, from its subtle script to its expressive cinematography. A profoundly American story that takes place within an often underrepresented community, this moving film conveys the simple truth that many of us discover our identities in small moments of desire rather than in bombastic narrative twists. For conveying the personal growth of a young person who finds himself through a textured tale of self-exploration, yearning, and family duty, we award the Best US Narrative Feature Film prize to Andrew Ahn for Spa Night.

International Grand Jury Prize
This year we honor a film that turns the coming-of-age genre on its head in extraordinary fashion. It’s a nuanced, multi-dimensional portrait of interracial love that wowed us through its setting, its cinematography, its terrific performances, and its writing. The Jury Award for Best International Narrative Feature goes to the French film Being 17, directed by André Téchiné. We also want to commend the contributions of co-writer Celine Sciamma.

International Special Mention
We’d like to give a Special Mention to an original film that pushes boundaries by employing non-professional actors and plunging us into a vibrant perspective of Brazil rarely seen onscreen. The Special Mention goes to the Brazilian film The Nest directed by Filipe Matzenbacher and Marcio Reolon.

Best Documentary Short
This short documentary is a portrait of a colorful man and his passion for creating art and inherent activism. Giving perfect context of the pioneer behind a forgotten gay country album and its relevance as Lavender Country continues to delight new listeners, the Best Documentary Short Film Award goes to These Cocksucking Tears, directed by Dan Taberski.

Best Narrative Short
A nuanced exploration of ownership and nostalgia in a failed relationship, beautifully acted by its two stars. Their chemistry in moments of comedy, sex, and emotional wounds was a pleasure to watch, and stayed with us long after. The Best Narrative Short Film Award goes to Fake It, directed by Tzurit Hartzion.

Special Mention for Artistic Achievement
An undeniably fun experience, this short tells an intricate story without dialogue, relying solely on the animated expressions of two dolls. A stand-out this year with its creativity in both story and execution, we award a Special Mention to Kai Stänicke’s, B.

Special Programming Awards

Emerging Talent
For highlighting the diverse array of issues facing Black LGBTQ people today while also celebrating their vibrant culture with warmth, humanity, and a sharp eye for detail in an electric first feature documentary the 2016 Programming Award for Emerging Talent goes to Twiggy Pucci Garçon and Sara Jordenö for Kiki.

In a year full of hateful, divisive rhetoric aimed at both undocumented immigrants and the LGBTQ community, this film shows how one dedicated person can make a positive impact for their community with compassion and earnest advocacy. The 2016 Programming Award for Freedom goes to Tiffany Rhynard and Moises Serrano for Forbidden: Undocumented and Queer in Rural America.

Artistic Vision
For mixing animation, outrageous visuals, dark humor and defiantly genre-defying storytelling to portray male puberty as the ultimate in body horror, the 2016 Programming Award for Artistic Achievement goes to Kuba Czekaj for Baby Bump.

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Outfest 2016: James Franco honored but not at packed Saturday night screening of ‘King Cobra’

So last night I was among those who ;packed into the DGA Theatre for the highly-anticipated LA premiere of King Cobra at Outfest.

I knew James Franco, one of the film’s stars and a producer, was at the DGA and was being honored so I secured a front-row seat to get a close-up view of the proceedings.

Franco it turns out did not actually step foot inside the theater where I had assumed he would be presented with the first annual James Schamus Award for his contributions to LGBT cinema. Instead, oddly, after posing for some red carpet shots, Franco was presented with the award inside a lounge during an informal reception with Gus Van Sant on hand.

So whoever happened to be in the lounge saw the presentation and him but not the packed theater which only saw a video of Schamus making remarks about Franco then being told he had come and gone.

Maybe he had to catch a plane. It was disappointing to say the least.

King Cobra is a ripped-from-the-headlines drama which covers the early rise of gay porn headliner Sean Paul Lockhart a.k.a. Brent Corrigan, before his falling out with the producer who made him famous. When Sean decides he’d be better off a free agent, a cash-strapped pair of rival producers aim to cash in by any means possible.

The film, written and directed by Justin Kelly, is very good and features a breakthrough performance by one-time Disney star Garrett Clayton as Corrigan, Christian Slater as the producer and Franco and Keegan Allen as the cash-strapped pair.

The actors do not get shy in the gay sex scenes – just FYI. In fact, this is probably Franco’s best-ever same-sex make-out scene to date.

Also in the film, in smaller roles, are Alicia Silverstone and Molly Ringwald. Clayton and Keegan appeared at the Q&A with Kelly and two producers before the film.

I’ll have more from the Q&A in the coming days.

#GusVanSant presenting the 2016 Outfest James Schamus Award to @jamesfrancotv at #OutfestLA

A photo posted by Outfest (@outfest) on


Rachel Maddow discusses the Nice terrorist attack and Donald Trump’s VP pick with Jimmy Fallon

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Heartthrob Raul Castillo on ‘Looking’ finale: ‘I’m happy with it. It went where I wanted it to go’

Raul Castillo is featured in The New York Times today. Here are some excerpts:

Raúl Castillo was nervous the day he had to come out as straight.

“It was that first day we were shooting on Muni, going back and forth on the train,” said the 38-year-old star of “Looking,” the short-lived HBO drama that followed a group of gay friends in San Francisco. His scene partner was Jonathan Groff, the gay actor playing the main character, Patrick.

“We were talking about a love affair, or at least the beginning of a love affair between these two guys,” Mr. Castillo recalled, walking around Hell’s Kitchen on a recent Friday afternoon. “And I brought up meeting my girlfriend for the first time. But I did so trepidatiously, because I didn’t want to spoil any kind of chemistry that was beginning to happen.”

Mr. Groff, to his relief, “didn’t bat a lash.”


“Early on, people would ask me if I thought playing a gay character would pigeonhole me,” Mr. Castillo said. “If anything, because the character had the profile that he did, it’s opened up more doors than anything.”


During shooting, Mr. Castillo was full of nerves, he said: “I always felt like I was going to lose my job.” But he had an easy rapport with Mr. Groff, with whom he shared several detailed sex scenes. As one of the few straight cast members, Mr. Castillo had some catching up to do. “I learned a lot about gay male intimacy on the show,” he said.


Of the finale, all Mr. Castillo would say was: “I’m happy with it. It went where I wanted it to go.”

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JJ Abrams thinks it’s ‘preposterous’ for George Takei to take issue with Sulu being gay on ‘Star Trek Beyond’

Star Trek Beyond producer JJ Abrams is incredulous that George Takei raised objections to the character of Sulu being revealed to be gay in the new film.

‘I feel that George Takei’s reaction ― I’m sure has more to do with George Takei, and the baggage he brings to the proceedings,’ Abrams tells Huffington Post.

‘I think it may be his perception of having played a character a certain way. It might mean something personally to him. I have nothing but respect for the man, but I think it’s a preposterous thing for, of all people, a Star Trek actor — who’s come out himself — to say that (creator) Gene Roddenberry wouldn’t have wanted this.’

The openly gay Takei played Sulu in the original Star Trek TV show and initial series of feature films. He said in an interview it was ‘really unfortunate’ and he was disappointed in the revelation because it would mean Sulu was closeted in the series. Takei himself was closeted until coming out publicly in 2005.

Takei has since sought to clarify his original comments with a Facebook post which stated in part that he is not disappointed in a Star trek character being gay and that ‘it is thrilling to know that future generations will not see LGBTs go wholly unrepresented in the Trek universe.’

Abrams believes a Star Trek character would have been gay in the TV series or earlier films had it been allowed by the powers that be.

He calls the Sulu being gay revelation ‘classic Roddenberry.’

‘I don’t know what or why George Takei would take issue with it,’ Abrams says. ‘I understand he’s backtracked a little bit. But I love the way [writers] Simon Pegg, Doug Jung and [director] Justin Lin did it. Doug Jung, who’s the co-writer, actually plays the husband of Sulu. I think it’s something I’m really proud of.’

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Dave Karger asked ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Teresa Giudice something she didn’t like!

Access Hollywood Live guest co-host Dave Karger asked The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice about the possibility of her husband, Joe – an Italian citizen – being deported from the US once he is released from prison.

She did not like the question.

So much so that Giudice, released from prison herself recently, stormed off the interview after telling Karger: ‘I don’t think that’s something you should be asking. I think that’s really rude. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna leave.’

Regular co-host Kit Hoover seemed amused by the incident.

‘Karger I have you here one day and look what you do,’ she teased. ‘You stir it up.’

Dave, a Greg In Hollywood Morning Man alum, seemed a bit rattled by the incident and told viewers: ‘Listen, I hope it doesn’t happen for the family’s sake. But I can only imagine that it’s something that has to be weighing on them.’

Hoover said she had never had a walk off on the show and gave Karger a high five and started chanting ‘Karger! Karger!’

But the respected journalist, interviewer, and entertainment expert seemed uncomfortable about what happened and said over the chanting and applause from the crew that ‘it’s not something that I would have wanted to do… it’s not something that ever happened to me. I feel bad.’

Handsome Dave is openly gay and has guest hosted on Access Hollywood Live in the past.

He is also guest hosting on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) on Friday and Saturday this month, appears frequently on E! and The Today Show and recently completed a three year stint as chief correspondent for Fandango.

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Friday Video: Chris Colfer talks birthday, grandma and his latest book with Jimmy Fallon

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson tells off drunk couple while taking bow at end of his Broadway show ‘Fully Committed’

Jesse Tyler Ferguson has his hands full playing more than 40 characters in the one-man comedy Fully Committed currently on Broadway.

So the last thing the Modern Family needs is drunk people in the audience at Lyceum Theatre distracting him from his performance as a man who takes reservations at Manhattan’s number-one restaurant.

‘There was a drunk couple in the front row who I think they just thought they were watching an episode of Modern Family – they had their feet on the stage,’ Ferguson said this week on Live With Kelly.

At the end of the performance, the couple stood up and Ferguson bowed and found himself face to face with the drunkards.

He wasn’t about to let their bad behavior go unchecked.

‘I’m bowing and I said right to them: “You two are so rude.” I totally called them out. Only they heard.’

Ferguson plays all the people calling into the restaurant in addition to the reservation taker.

‘I’m very tired. It’s vocally difficult. I’m playing different ethnicities as well so I’m doing different accents and it’s physically very difficult. It takes a lot of stamina to do a one man show.’

The show just got extended and runs through July 31.

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The funny Kate McKinnon promotes the heck out of ‘Ghostbusters’ on ‘The Today Show’

Emmy nominated Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon guested on The Today Show yesterday and joked that filming the new Ghostbusters with Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones was a “big mistake” for her because all three are so talented at comedy. She says that she has a lot in common with her character in the film, an eccentric scientist. She also talks doing Hillary Clinton on SNL.

BONUS VIDEO: Below is Kate’s appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Wednesday. Enjoy!


Outfest Morning Man: ‘Retake’ star Tuc Watkins!

Tuc Watkins has been one of my favorite actors since I began watching him as the delicious David Vickers on One Life to Live in the 1990s.

Since he has worked primarily in television (Desperate Housewives, Beggars and Choosers, Parks and Recreation), it was such a treat to be able to see Tuc last night on the big screen in Retake at Outfest.

The movie gives Tuc a rare dramatic film lead and he gives a top-notch performance as a very complicated guy who can’t let go of his dead partner and hires a male hooker to take a road trip with him to keep his memory alive.

It’s a mostly dark character but we get to see Tuc dance and we get plenty of sex scenes with co-star Devon Graye with whom he has great chemistry. Hope this absorbing film gets widely seen and lands Tuc more meaty, dramatic parts.

Tuc’s hilarious character of Dickie Calloway was killed off of Where the Bears Are last year but he’s been busy with recent TV guest spots on Major Crimes, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Castle and Telenovela.

He’s also plenty busy as the single father of a precocious pair of twins!

Congrats to Tuc and all involved with Retake!

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Celeb Instagram: Ricky Martin posts photo for 70-plus killed in horrific Nice, France, truck attack

Some light for the victims. #Nice #France

A photo posted by Ricky (@ricky_martin) on

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Congrats to RuPaul on first-ever Emmy nod!

RuPaul, who once famously said ‘I’d rather have an enema than have an Emmy,’ is an Emmy nominee for the first time.

The drag legend has hosted RuPaul’s Drag Race for eight seasons and earlier today finally heard his name called as a nominee in the category of Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program.

‘I dedicate this Emmy nomination to outsiders everywhere,’ RuPaul wrote on social media.

‘Brave souls who stick to their dreams and make the world a more colorful place.’

The category also includes two other openly gay nominees who are past winners: Jane Lynch (Hollywood Game Night) and Tim Gunn (Project Runway). Rounding out the category are Ryan Seacrest (American Idol), Tom Bergeron (Dancing With The Stars), Steve Harvey (Little Big Shots starring Steve Harvey) and Heidi Klum (Project Runway).

Fellow celebrities took to Twitter to congratulate RuPaul on his accomplishment which comes after 100 episodes of the popular show.

‘Thrilled about the Emmy nominations for ModernFamily but I think I’m even more excited about the nomination for @RuPaul,’ wrote Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Titus Burgess, also a nominee today, tweeted: ‘@RuPaul I’m so happy that you have been honored appropriately and I mean that. Congratulations. Maybe finally I will meet you!’

And finally from Michele Visage there was this tweet: ‘@RuPaul BABYYYYYYY YOU HAVE EARNED THIS!!!! I AM SO PROUD!’


My Ahmanson evening with Rachel York and Betty Buckley in “Grey Gardens’ – plus Angela Lansbury!

If you don’t have your tickets yet to see Betty Buckley and Rachel York in Grey Gardens order them now.

You will have the chance to see two of the most talented actresses in musical theater sink their teeth into some juicy roles and take us along with them.

The show about Edith “Big Edie” Ewing Bouvier Beale Edith “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale is something I;m very familiar with from a 1975 documentary and a more recent movie starring Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore.

I love the story and the stars of this production make the eccentric characters their own.

York actually has two roles on the production as she plays Edith in Act 1 and Little Edie Beale (32 years later) in Act II. Buckley is, of course, Big Edie in Act 1 which is the part we are most familiar with from the documentary.

They are so, so good. I’m a huge fan of Miss Buckley as anyone who read this blog knows. Although I’ve met her once and did a red carpet interview, I’d never seen her perform live.

She is a national treasure and theater icon.

Speaking of icons and treasures, Angela Lansbury was in the audience last night about a dozen rows in front of us. I managed to snap a photo of her from my seat as she walked in looking dazzling at the age of 90.

The lights went down and we heard her pre-taped, turn-off-your-cellphone announcement. Then, in a magic moment, Miss Lansbury rose from her seat and the audience shot to its feet. The reaction was so prolonged that the five-time Tony winner stood up a second time.

And the show hadn’t even begun!


Kristen Bell, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Our Lady J to headline United FORlando Benefit Concert

If I wasn’t already committed to Outfest, there’s no way I would miss this event.

It’s United FORlando, an evening concert and conversation on Saturday (July 16) in memory and support of the victims of the recent tragedy at Pulse nightclub on Orlando.

The event is presented by the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts and the Los Angeles LGBT Center and will include a sing- along performance of Broadway For Orlando’s What the World Needs Now is Love.

Special guests leading the sing-along include actress Kristen Bell (Frozen), actress Marissa Jaret Winokur (Hairspray) and singer/musician Our Lady J.

The evening concert begins at 8:00 p.m. in the Bram Goldsmith Theater at The Wallis and includes special musical performances by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles and the cast of the acclaimed play Hit The Wall by Ike Holter.

Actor, writer and director Tajamika Paxton will join Kate Kendell of the National Center for Lesbian Rights and Darrel Cummings of the Los Angeles LGBT Center for the conversation “After Orlando: Reflections and Where We Go From Here,” moderated by actor and activist Wilson Cruz.

Single tickets are now available for purchase for $25 – $45 with net proceeds from the concert benefiting the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida (The Center). Any additional donations secured will also be donated in their entirety to The GLBT Community Center of Central Florida.

Happy birthday to Emmy winner Jane Lynch!

There is just no stopping Jane Lynch! The former star of Glee earned yet another Emmy nomination on the morning of her 56th birthday. This nomination is for Outstanding Reality Show Host, a category she won in last year. Of course she also has won previously for her performance as Sue Sylvester on Glee. Congrats to Jane and happy birthday!

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From ‘Transparent’ to Lily Tomlin to Tituss Burgess, Emmy nominations include plenty of LGBT represenation

When it comes to LGBT representation in today’s Emmy nominations, Transparent once again leads the way.

The Amazon series about a transgender man and his dysfunctional family got multiple nominations including one for best comedy series.

Series star Jeffrey Tambor, winner of the Emmy last year for his performance as transgender woman Maura Pfefferman, is once again nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series.

Also nominated in acting categories from the show are Bradley Whitford, Judith Light, Gaby Hoffman, and Melora Hardin.

Series creator Jill Soloway, who is bisexual and has a transgender father, earned nods for directing an episode of the show which begins its third season later this summer.

Bisexual actress Sarah Paulson is a two-time nominee earning nods for The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (Outstanding Lead Actress In A Limited Series Or Movie) and for American Horror Story: Hotel (Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Limited Series Or Movie).

Lesbian comedy legend Lily Tomlin was nominated in the category of Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series for her role opposite Jane Fonda in Grace and Frankie.

Also nominated was Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon for for her various comic characters including Hillary Clinton in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series.

Out actor Tituss Burgess is nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series category for the series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It is his second nomination.

The category of Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program includes three openly gay nominees: Jane Lynch (Hollywood Game Night), Tim Gunn (Project Runway) and RuPaul Charles (RuPaul’s Drag Race).

RuPaul is a first-time nominee!

Out actress Ellen Page, a previous Oscar nominee, got her first Emmy nod as an executive producer of the Viceland series Gaycation With Ellen Page while lesbian comic Tig Nitaro was nominated for Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted in the category of Outstanding Writing For A Variety Special.

In addition, openly gay writer/director/producer Ryan Murphy earned a directing nod for From The Ashes Of Tragedy episode of The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

Here is a full list of nominees for the Emmys which will be presented on September 18.