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Turns out Sue Sylvester has a soft spot for Klaine knew?

Glee’s Sue Sylvester does believe in love – at least when it comes to Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel.

Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) were engaged but they have broken up and Blaine is already in a relationship with someone else.

But is Klaine over forever? Not if Sue has anything to say about it.

‘As it turns out, Sue Sylvester is a huge fan of Klaine and she’s going to go on a crusade to get them married,’ Lynch tells Entertainment Tonight.

The actress says Sue will spend the majority of Friday’s episode trying to break Blaine and and new boyfriend Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) apart.

‘It broke her heart when they broke up,’ Lynch says. ‘They were doing so well! They’re such a cute couple and they were so in love, why did they have to break up?’


Colin Farrell on cruel bullying his gay brother suffered and his support of gay marriage and adoption

Sorry for the slow trickle of posts today – this cold kinda got the best of me. Wanted to share with you this powerful interview Colin Farrell has given to Irish TV about the bullying his gay brother endured while growing up and about his unflinching support of gay marriage.

He says:”Same-sex couples are already parents in Ireland… without same-sex marriage being legalized, without the constitution being changed to support this demographic of our community, it’s the children who are going to be left in the dark if there’s a separation,” Farrell states in the above interview. “It’s the children that won’t have the equal rights as the children of straight couples who are married — so the children are actually going to suffer.”

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Lunch Break Video: Rob Lowe recalls for Conan when he worked next door to a dildo factory

Between his roles on The West Wing, Brothers & Sisters and Parks and Recreation, Rob Lowe has had a lot of success in series television.

But he’s had a few big flops too.

There was the short-lived Dr. Vegas which he chose to do instead of taking the role of McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy and there was The Lyon’s Den, the legal thriller that was his highly-anticipated follow-up to West Wing.

Appearing last night on Conan O’Brien’s show, Lowe shares something about the show’s 13-episode run: it was filmed in a building located right next door to a dildo factory.

Things get hilarious when he recalls the time there was a fire in the area and ‘the dildo people were running for the hills!’

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Jonathan Knight of NKOTB is competing on TV’s “Amazing Race” with boyfriend Harley Rodriguez

During the height of his fame as a member of the band New Kids on the Block, Jonathan Knight was not open with the public about his being gay.

But he sure is now.

Jonathan is competing in the new season of the CBS reality competition Amazing Race with his partner of seven years, Harley Rodriguez.

‘Going through this whole process with him has been really surreal,’ Knight, 46, says.

Adds Rodriguez, 41: ‘Putting our lives out there for people to know about us – it’s not usually what we do.’

Below is a video introducing all of the teams – good luck to Jonathan and Harley!


Wednesday Morning Man: Jeff Thomas!

Seem to have caught a cold so have stayed in the past few nights on the sofa with the remote control in my hand.

Caught last night’s episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live which this week is having Instagram studs as bartenders.

Jeff Thomas was pouring the drinks last night although I’m not sure if guests Kyle Richards and Brad Goreski had any.

Jeff is an actor-model who you can find out more about over at his website.

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Days of Our Lives: Paul tries to seduce Will who is starting to remember that he has a husband

Paul is so sexy and seductive that you can fully understand why Will would want to give in to his charms.

But Will is married and he’s starting to remember that. And just to remind us. writers have him flashing back to his wedding as he’s in Paul’s arms and staring at his ring finger.

Yeah, the putting on of the ring each time he steps out of Paul’s room. Because if he didn’t do that we’d forget he’s married.

Anyway, Paul seems to really be determined to come out in Will’s article and we get a glimpse of his mom who is giving off vibes that she has a feeling what’s up and does not want to face it.

We got that from her acting – not staring at a ring to telegraph how she is feeling.

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“Transparent” and “Pride” win multiple Dorian Awards from Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Assn

The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA), of which I am a member, has just announced the winners of its annual Dorian Awards for 2014’s finest in film and television.

The group is comprised of over 110 movie and TV critics nationwide and here is a complete list of the winners across 25 categories, from mainstream to LGBTQ-centric, from Rising Star to Music Video of the Year.

FILM PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR – ACTOR: Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything
TV DRAMA OF THE YEAR: The Normal Heart
TV DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR: Jill Soloway, Transparent
TV PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR – ACTOR: Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent
TV MUSICAL PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR: Neil Patrick Harris, “Sugar Daddy,” The Tony Awards
TV CURRENT AFFAIRS SHOW OF THE YEAR: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Sia, “Chandelier”
WILDE WIT OF THE YEAR (honoring a performer, writer or commentator whose observations both challenge and amuse): John Oliver
WILDE ARTIST OF THE YEAR (honoring a truly groundbreaking force in the fields of film, theater and/or television): Jill Soloway
TIMELESS AWARD: (to an actor or performer whose exemplary career is marked by character, wisdom and wit): George Takei


My chat w/John Barrowman: “The fans have put me in a position where I’m getting to do what I love to do”

Last weekend, there was a stage filled with some of the most gorgeous men in television and I was sitting about 20 feet away from it.

It was a panel with the casts of The CW’s Arrow and The Flash and among the hunks on the stage were Stephen Amell, Robbie Amell, Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Colton Haynes, David Ramsey, Grant Gustin and Victor Garber, among others.

But after it was over and there was an opportunity for some one-on-one chats, I bypassed all of that beefcake and made a beeline for John Barrowman who plays Malcom Merlyn on Arrow.

We had a nice chat about gay stereotypes on TV, about his first TV job on Central Park West 20 years ago and his hopes for another Torchwood series. You can read all about it over at Gay Star News.

Here are some other parts of the interview exclusive for Greg In Hollywood readers:

How he manages to juggle TV gigs in the US and UK with a weekly radio show and live performances: “I don’t think about it, I just do it. It’s part of what I do – it’s called the entertainment business and I’m a businessman like everybody else. Although I love and enjoy what I do, it’s great to be able to be diverse. There’s all sorts of stuff happening at one time. We have our main home right now in Palm Springs, an apartment in Vancouver and we have our home still in London but we’ve rented that now because I’m more so over here than over there at the moment. I go back over to do my concert tour, I think it’s May, for my album that was released. I just go – I get on a plane and I go. And now we’ve just got picked up for season four of Arrow.’

You are very active on social media letting us know what you’re up to in your very busy life. Your fans love it but what do you get out of it?
I don’t look to get back stuff, I do it for the fans because the fans have put me in a position where I’m getting to do what I love to do. I’ve got a life that I would have only dreamed that I would have had, I’ve got a beautiful home, I’ve got a lovely husband, I have a beautiful car and it’s all because of the fans. What I’m doing on social media is allowing them to view what they’re part of and the exceptional life that they’ve given me.’

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Video: “The Imitation Game” star Benedict Cumberbatch does some imitations for Ellen

Benedict Cumberbatch paid a visit to Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime show last week and it sure is fun to see the British actor cut up a bit. He does some really bad imitations for Ellen with the worst one being Reese Witherspoon – or maybe Bill Clinton.

I initially thought Benedict (The Imitation Game) and Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything) would be slugging it out for the best actor Oscar but now Michael Keaton has emerged as the front-runner.

Whatever happens, there’s no denying that Cumberbatch’s performance as Alan Turing is heartbreaking and will never be forgotten.

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Billy Crystal takes issue with explicit gay sex on TV

Not sure what Billy Crystal was thinking when he decided to complain about gay sex on TV but it sure has blown up in his face the past few days.

Crystal,  while promoting his new series The Comedians, had said: ‘Sometimes, it’s just pushing it a little too far for my taste and I’m not going to reveal to you which ones they are. I hope people don’t abuse it and shove it in our face to the point where it feels like an everyday kind of thing.’

It’s assumed he’s talking about the explicit scenes on ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder but he does not name any specific shows.

Billy later elaborated when asked about his comments by Jim Halterman of xfinity TV Blog: ‘First of all, I don’t understand why there would be anything offensive that I said. When it gets too far either visually…now, that world exists because it does for the hetero world, it exists, and I don’t want to see that either.

‘But when I feel it’s a cause, when I feel it’s “You’re going to like my lifestyle,” no matter what it is, I’m going to have a problem and there were a couple of shows I went ‘I couldn’t watch that with somebody else.” That’s fine. If whoever writes it or produces it…totally get it. It’s all about personal taste.’

Crystal, 66, first came to fame in the 1970s for playing the gay character of Jodie Dallas on the ABC sitcom Soap. He believes this gives him some unique insight into the situation.

‘I expressed an opinion as a viewer as somebody who had a little bit of proprietary interest on two levels. One, as someone who is a heterosexual man but stood up for the gay community back in 1977. It wasn’t perfect when we started, that wasn’t my doing, we then kept writing and writing and making him a real person in the truest sense of the word and that his gayness was just a part of who he was and people loved that character and it was well earned by the time we wrapped.

‘So I was looking at it as that going hmmmm….I feel a little that in this particular instance, I don’t think it was doing the gay community a service, in my opinion because it was just too much for me. There’s no controversy. I didn’t call up the showrunner and go “what the f**k are you doing?” I didn’t write a nasty post or tweet. I stayed out of it and maybe I shouldn’t have said anything today. And then as a parent and grandparent and a father, I have responsibilities to other people to what you watch.’

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Tuesday Morning Man: Corey Baptiste!

Corey Baptiste is one of the world’s top male models and has done campaigns for Benetton, Banana Republic, Kenzo and Ralph Lauren.

He is 24 and his mother is from Grenada while his father is from Trinidad.

Corey wants to see the fashion industry include more black men among its elite.

“During Milan Fashion Week about two years ago, a casting director stood up and told me in front of everyone that they weren’t looking for a model of color at the time,” he tells

“Every day I wake up, I may think of giving up,” he says, “or that my time is done because African-Americans have a limited number of jobs in this business. But I see the door opening a little bit, and I’m here to knock it down.”

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Beiste’s coming out as trans overshadowed the other big event on Glee: Santana & Brittany get engaged

The big reveal on last week’s episode of Glee was Coach Beiste’s dramatic coming out as a trans man.

It overshadowed the episode’s other big moment which was very sweet: Santana proposed marriage to Brittany after the two performed a mash-up for the new glee club at McKinley High School.

Their on-again, off-again romance began early in Glee’s run when both were Cheerios under the command of Sue Sylvester. Both have grown and found their way back to each other despite separations due to college.

Says Santana: ‘No matter how many times we’ve tried to put our thing down and walk away, we can’t … I don’t want to live my life without my one true love.’


“Glee” star Dot-Marie Jones can only recall a handful of days where “somebody hasn’t called me sir”

Dot-Marie Jones’ performance as coach Sharon Beiste coming out as transgender on last Friday’s episode of Glee was so well-acted and written.

Jones chatted with The Advocate and said of the episode: “My biggest thing is just being respectful. The last thing I want to do is disrespect anybody in what I’m portraying, and to do it respectfully and with class, and with dignity and pride, and I could not have been prouder than I was that day [that we filmed those scenes].”

Jones, who is a lesbian, says she has been mistaken for trans in real life which she attributes to being “not the most feminine wallflower.”

In fact, she can only recall a handful of days where “somebody hasn’t called me sir.”

“It used to really strike a nerve with me, to where when I was younger, it was almost fighting words,” she says. “[But] you’ve gotta learn to love yourself and accept yourself, and then surround yourself with people that get you, and love you for who and what you are.”


Days of Our Lives: Will and Paul talk families and coming out – will they end up in bed again?

Will tries to tell Paul that his family will be there for him after he comes out but Paul doubts it with his Japanese family.

Besides, what does Will know about anything?

When he starts to talk to Paul about his happy marriage, Paul rightly calls him out on it.

If he is so happily married, why did he sleep with Paul.

And is he going to do it again?

Stay tuned!

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Dolly Parton turns 69 today – here are songs from every decade of her amazing career

She rose to fame in the 1960s and is still going strong in 2015.

In fact, the great Dolly Parton had one of the biggest albums of her career with last year’s huge hit Blue Smoke which reached #6 on the Billboard chart.

I love icons who remain at the top of their game decade after decade after decade after decade after decade.

In celebration of her 69th birthday today, I’ve chosen a Dolly performance from each decade of her life as a superstar,

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Adam Lambert announces his next album – the first new release since 2012′s “Trespassing”

Adam Lambert has been mighty busy in recent years with his solo touring and his touring with Queen.

He was even a guest judge on American Idol last week (see video below).

But he has not released a studio album since Trespassing in May 2012.

That is about to change.

Adam has announced a new multiple-album deal with Warner Bros. with the first album (his third overall) due out in early summer. He had split with RCA after two albums due to creative differences.

‘I can say the first single will be out in April,’ Lambert tells Billboard. ‘ I think people are going to be really surprised. The album feels like a new era for me — emotionally, lyrically, sonically. It feels fresh, it feels new. It’s still me. It’s still stuff that fans know and love but it’s a new chapter 100 percent.’

The album was recorded in Sweden with Lambert working with Swedish songwriter-producers Max Martin and Shellback.

‘I spent two months in Stockholm at the beginning of 2014 writing with all of their guys,’ Lambert says. ‘It was a very focused time. I don’t have a social life out there, I don’t have any professional commitments so I was in the studio almost every day. It was nice; it allowed me to really reflect on where I was in my life and where I had been, what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it, and I got to work with some incredible people.’


Monday Morning Man: James Norton!

After last night’s episode of Downton Abbey, I stayed with PBS to catch Grantchester which stars today oh-so-handsome Morning Man, James Norton.

He really is completely and utterly dreamy.

Norton portrays Anglican vicar Sidney Chambers who develops a sideline in sleuthing – with the initially reluctant help of grumpy Detective Inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green).

It’s a change from his recent role of ex-convict kidnapper Tommy Lee Royce in the 2014 BBC crime drama Happy Valley.

Norton has appeared in the films Rush, Belle and Mr. Turner and on stage, he played the lead role of Captain Stanhope in the 2011 revival of Journey’s End.

The Cambridge and Royal Academy of Dramatic Art alum next is a regular in the series Life in Squares and War and Peace.

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See Bryan Hawn’s parody of Sia’s “Elastic Heart”

Fitness model Bryan Hawn – a veteran of several video parodies - takes on Sia’s hit song Elastic Heart this time around.

Sia’s video features Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler inside of a giant cage.

Hawn doesn’t bother with a cage for his parody – and he also doesn’t bother wearing anything but the skimpiest of speedos.

He shared the video with me and wrote: ‘I think your viewers will love it.’

He would be correct.


Fitness expert, actor and model Greg Plitt has died – some excerpts from our 2007 interview

Tragic news about fitness expert Greg Plitt who died on Saturday after being hit by a commuter train in Burbank.

Greg, 37, was shooting video with a small crew on the southbound track of the Burbank Metrolink station when an oncoming train struck him.

He is best known for his time on the Bravo series Work Out and appears on the new Bravo series Friends to Lovers? which premiered last Monday.

Andy Cohen tweeted today: “We couldn’t take our eyes off Greg Plitt after we cast him on “Work Out”-was as nice as he was beautiful. Seemed invincible, like Superman.”

I met Greg in 2007 at the Diversity Awards where Work Out’s Jackie Warner was being honored. He was a retired U.S. Army Ranger Captain by then but new to the Hollywood scene telling me all about the show’s upcoming season.

A publicist called and demanded I take it down. I refused but did agree to take out a few spoilers for Greg’s sake.

Greg said: ‘I’ve got a good story, an inspirational story about being in the war, coming from a military background and promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been able to bring that to the table. My whole premise of being on the show is that it portrays fitness in a positive light, not the vanity of it where you’re working out to look good in the mirror. But where you’re working out as a lifestyle to be healthy.”

He welcomed all fans – gay and straight: “I’m a friend to everybody. Sex, gender, whatever your preference is, it’s not about that. It’s about the character of the person. That comes in every flavor. Everyone has something to give everybody and far too often people have tunnel vision and turn off their peripheral vision and miss out on learning and meeting people. I welcome everybody and try to learn from everybody. Maybe sometimes I learn from their mistakes and learn what not to do.”

Such a tragedy that he is gone.

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Showtune Sunday: All About a singing Matt Bomer

Not only is he a Golden Globe, People’s Choice and Critics Choice award winner for his dramatic work in The Normal Heart and White Collar, but Matt Bomer is also a talented singer.

All that plus being one of the most handsome men currently walking the Earth.

Enjoy the tunes!

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