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Days of Our Lives: Will is suffering guilt over EJ being dead while his grieving mom has big troubles

Will’s stepdad EJ may be dead less than two days but he’s still got to deal with his latest magazine article on EJ’s little brother Chad who is now the “heir apparent” of the DiMera empire.

Meanwhile, the widow Sami has lied to shareholders and may be in trouble with the government and even face jail time.

You could say she’s having a very week.

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Wishing a Happy 32nd Birthday to Matt Dallas!

I’ll never forget how badly I felt for Matt Dallas several years back when he guested on Howard Stern’s radio show and Howard seemed incredulous when Matt said he was straight.

He wasn’t ready to be out then but took that brave step in early 2013 when he also shared with the world that he’s engaged to L.A. musician Blue James Hamilton.

The young guy who we first got to know as the star of the ABC Family Kyle XY is 32 today and he’s living his truth.

Since Kyle XY, Matt has done the short-lived series Eastwick and appeared in various feature films and TV movies including Where Are You Bobby Browning which he is currently filming.

Matt appeared in five episodes of the ABC Family comedy Baby Daddy last year and appeared in the film Ghost of Goodnight Lane..

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Michael Sam, the first gay player to be drafted in the NFL, is cut from Dallas Cowboys practice squad

Uh boy.

This makes me sad because if anyone deserves to be playing in the NFL based on grit and grace, it is Michael Sam.

But somehow, it is proving very difficult for the first openly gay player to be drafted by an NFL team (the St. Louis Rams) who can’t seem to catch a break no matter how hard he tries.

Days after he was cut by The Rams earlier this fall, Michael was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys to be a part of its practice squad.

The hoopla over his being gay seemed to have died down and he, according to the coaches, was working hard.

The team has just announced that Sam has been dropped by team and will be replaced on the practice squad by linebacker Troy Davis, a second-year professional.

Like the Rams, the Cowboys can say this is only about football and the NFL is a business so that is their right, obviously. But I just have to wonder about how Micheal would have fared in the NFL after being a standout college star at the University of Missouri if he had stayed in the closet through the draft and through his first season.

I’m not a football expert but my hunch is he would have spent his rookie season on the roster of an NFL team somewhere and done just fine.

Below is the series of tweets the classy Michael posted this afternoon. Good luck to him moving forward as he continues to pursue his dream of playing pro football.


Snapped! Thomas Roberts even works in his sleep!

When you host a show on MSNBC called Way Too Early, it seems you try and keep up on the latest news even while in bed! That seems to be what a sleeping Thomas Roberts is doing in this photo snapped by his hubby last night.

Writes Thomas on Facebook: Ok, I may take reading, booking, emailing, story sharing a bit to the brink before turning in #waytooearly for @msnbc photo credit to @patrickdabner who found me like this last night! #disconnect

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Video: Alan Cumming is not holding a grudge against Shia LaBeouf for grabbing his butt during show

Alan Cumming says he doesn’t hold a grudge against Shia LaBeouf for grabbing his bum and other obnoxious behavior while attending a performance last June on Cabaret.

LaBeouf arrived at the Broadway show drunk and Cumming said he and other cast members were immediately aware there was a problem with the famous audience member.

‘He was just wasted and he was wasted from the second he walked in,’ Cumming told Conan O’Brien last night. ‘Everyone was freaking out because someone seemed to be a crazy person shouting and stuff.’

During the show, Cumming goes into the audience which is seated at tables to go with the show’s nightclub setting. It was at this point LaBeouf made his move.

As he explained to Jimmy Kimmel last week: ‘He walks past me and I give him a slap on the ass cause I think he deserves it, and he’s seducing me, I mean he’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. And I just don’t slap and slap but I slapped and grabbed him. I grabbed the whole cheek cause I wanted the party right here in my pants. I wanted to grab the whole party.’

Cumming does not dispute that version of events and thought LaBeouf ‘made a very good recovery’ with his telling of the story on Kimmel’s show.

‘He did say the reason he did it was I was the sexiest man he’d ever seen,’ Cumming said, laughing.

Of LaBeouf being drunk Cumming said: ‘We’ve all dine things where we’ve been out of it and messed up and not everyone has to deal with it on a worldwide scale.’

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Tuesday Morning Man: Cody Johns!

Sometimes I feel so uncool when it comes to technology.

For example, the whole Vine thing.

What? Huh? How?

Anyway, today’s cutie pie MM is a Vine sensation named Cody Johns. He’s also an actor whose first movie role was I Am Number Four. He has also appeared in the films Ned Venture and A Grail of Two Idiots.

But it’s the Vine thing that has made him all the rage and he has 2.5 million followers on his Vine page.

Just was at his Twitter page @Cody and it seems today is his his birthday Cody.

He lives in LA and is Content Creator. Creative Ambassador at @JoinNiche. His Instagram/Snapchat: @codyjohns

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Perez Hilton loses it over Jennifer Lawrence comments to Vanity Fair: “F*** you!”

Perez Hilton lashed out against Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence in a video today after she blasted him in a Vanity Fair article for posting a hacked nude photo of her on his site.

Lawrence says of the controversial gay blogger in the article: ‘He took it down because people got pissed, and that’s the only reason why. And then I had to watch his apology. And what he basically said was “I just didn’t think about it” … ‘I just didn’t think about it’ is not an excuse. That is the exact issue itself.’

After getting wind of the quote from Lawrence, Hilton made a five minutes and 35 seconds profanity-laced rebuttal video.

‘She mentions how she was forced to watch the (apology) video I made right after her naked photos surfaced online. In that video, I apologized to her sincerely from my heart. And I did so more than once. And I was tempted to apologize to her again, but you know what … No. Fuck that. Life isn’t always what you want. And you don’t always get what you ask for.’

Hilton in recent years has attempted to improve his image for snark and unflattering coverage of celebrities. He does not want to be judged for his past.

‘Just because I fucked up in the past – and I fucked up more than once and I fucked up a lot – doesn’t mean that I’m a fuck up. We are bigger than our mistakes. … I’m not trying to be Oprah. I am just a better version of me than I was 10 years ago.’

Hilton then appears enraged on the video at the thought that Lawrence is ‘trying to keep me in the prism of the past.’

‘Fuck you! This video is for Jennifer Lawrence and I say fuck you! And I’m going to get in trouble for that but I don’t give a shit.’

After remarking that Robert Downey Jr. and Angelina Jolie were able to successfully rehab their images, Hilton changes his tune towards Lawrence.

‘I’m going to apologize to Jennifer Lawrence again – I genuinely am sorry … I’m just glad I’m not the same person I was 4-5 years ago.’

“That video that I made and me explaining my thought process was real, it was sincere, and it wasn’t some bullshit made up excuse.”

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Neil Patrick Harris explains why he and hubby David Burtka were not on “American Horror Story”

Neil Patrick Harris has made no secret lately that he’d like a have some kind of a role in the enormously popular American Horror Story anthology series.

What the newly-named Oscar host had not made known until recently is that he and husband David Burtka had been asked to play a couple during the show’s first season – the roles eventually played by Zachary Quinto and Teddy Sears.

The AHS couple died in an apparent murder/suicide and that’s a big reason why Harris passed on it despite Burtka’s wanting to do it.

The couple had just played fictionalized versions of themselves in the 2011 film A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.

‘ … In it, he plays sort of my drug dealer and I really am straight and we’ve been pretending like we’re gay, it’s a very sort of meta joke. We have a terrible relationship, and we’re shouting at each other and it’s awful,’ Harris recently told EW Radio on Sirius XM.

‘We had just played ourselves as a couple, not getting along, and I thought, it just seems weird to do that twice, like as individual actors, to play a couple that hates each other twice. It just felt weird.

‘So I said no, that we shouldn’t do it. And David wanted to. I said, “I just don’t want us to be known as acouple that don’t like each other. That seems weird.” And then wouldn’t you know, American Horror Story is a big, gigantic success and super awesome.’

Not that Harris has not had other successes since turning down that series with winning a Tony Award for Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway and landing a supporting role in the current box office hit Gone Girl.

And Burtka clearly accepted Harris’ decision to pass on AHS with grace since the two got married last summer after 10 years together.

Below is one of their scenes from the Harold & Kumar movie. It’s a riot!


Shonda Rhimes puts anti-gay tweeter in their place: “U are not only LATE to the party but also NOT INVITED to the party”

Snapped this photo of Shonda Rhimes 4-5 years ago at a GLAAD event and remember having such a nice chat with her about some of the gay things going on on Grey’s Anatomy.

At that time, it was pretty much all about the lesbian storyline of Callie and Arizona.

That was then.

Flash-forward to now and Rhimes has a newer show on ABC called How to Get Away With Murder that has featured fairly explicit gay sex scenes in each of its episodes.

At least one viewer of the show and of Rhimes’ other hit, Scandal, does not like these same-sex scenes and tweeted to Rhimes: ‘@shondarhimes the gay scenes in scandal and how to get away with murder are too much. There is no point and they add nothing to the plot.’

Rhimes was not having it. She quickly tweeted back: ‘There are no GAY scenes. There are scenes with people in them.’

She then added: ‘@Dabdelhakiem If u use the phrase “gay scenes”, u are not only LATE to the party but also NOT INVITED to the party. Bye Felicia. #oneLOVE’

Well done Shonda!

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Video: Teen comes out to mom during Seahawks game: “Oh, honey, honey, that’s fine, but can we just wait till commercial?”

Love this video and you will too. When Robbie Macaraeg was 17, he was heartbroken over a guy and started to spill his guts to his football-crazed mom during a Seattle Seahawks game on TV. He tells her he’s gay, she comforts him briefly then asks if they could resume the chat during a commercial!


I’m like, “Mom, I’m gay.”

She’s like, “Oh, honey, honey, that’s fine, but can we just wait till commercial?”

Monday Morning Man: Niko Pepaj!

If you watched last week’s episode of ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder or checked out the clips I posted a few days ago, then this guy will look familiar to you.

He shared a hot copy room sex scene with Connor Walsh and, well, he later jumped out a window for unrelated reasons.

(If that’s a spoiler alert for you at this point then as Joan Rivers used to say, OH GROW UP!)

Anyway, let’s get to our handsome MM. He’s Niko Pepaj and he’s already known to fans of the MTV series Awkward as Sergio, a confident and unflappable young man who works on a food truck.

Niko has previously had a recurring role on the ABC Family ballet dramedy Bunheads. His other TV credits include The Protector and the MTV movie My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3.

He will next appear in The 420 Movie: Mary And Jane.

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Daytime Soap Clips: Catching up with the Lucas-Brad-Felix triangle on “General Hospital”

My apologies for falling behind on keeping you all up to date on the gay storyline on General Hospital.

I had been having trouble finding them on YouTube but renewed my efforts after chatting with Marc Samuel (Felix) at the party of a mutual friend of ours recently.

Marc brought me up to date on what’s going on with Felix and the other two hot gay men in Port Charles – Lucas and Brad.

A bit of a triangle played out through the summer with Lucas in the middle and there’s some comedy mixed in during a series of “coincidental” meetings between the trio during which at least one of them seems to be in a towel.

Then at one point a threesome is planned.

You can watch it all unfold in the videos below. Enjoy!

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Lance Bass and Michael Turchin to marry Dec. 20

We’ve all known for awhile now that Lance Bass and Michael Turchin are planning to get married.

But what we did not know was when.

We do now.

The gorgeous couple, who have been engaged for more than a year, will be tying the knot on December 20.

I chatted with Lance back in May about the nuptials.

‘Never in my lifetime did I think that I’d be able to get married legally. It’s just amazing how fast everything is going right now and I’m just honored to be able to share my wedding with the world. As a little gay kid growing up in Mississippi, I would have loved to have turned on the television and see that happen and say, “Oh my gosh, there’s nothing wrong with me and I can have that.”‘

Lance admitted that he always dreamed of one day getting married and having a big wedding but he did not allow himself to believe he would be standing across from another groom on that day.

‘Growing up in the South, all you think about is family and who you were going to marry. At that time, of course, I was kidding myself that I was going to marry a girl and I always dreamed of that wedding and starting a family.’

Since announcing his engagement to Turchin last year, Bass says their three-year relationship has not really changed.

‘I think it’s going to be really different after we walk down the aisle – I think there’s something about that that’s going to make it so real to us. There’s probably going to be a lot of tears.’

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See trailer for the return of “The Comeback”

November is a great month for Lisa Kudrow fans as Web Therapy returns with new episodes and then there is this: Nine years after its first season, The Comeback returns! First new episode airs Sunday, November 9th at 10PM on HBO.

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Morning Man Classic: Heath Ledger!

Just felt like remembering Heath Ledger this morning, the Oscar winning Aussie actor who died far too soon.

He was such a marvelous actor and even though he only lived to be 28, there are performances he gave that will live on forever.

There’s the heartbreaking Oscar-nominated turn in Brokeback Mountain (the best of all IMO) and Joker in The Dark Knight that he’s best known for. And some of my other favorite performances were in Monster’s Ball, Lords of Dogtown and 10 Things I Hate About You.

Heath was so good that I remember going to a screening of a movie called The Four Feathers on the Paramount lot and not loving it but Ledger’s performance kept me there until the end.

He was so, so good.

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Showtune Sunday: All about Tony and Grammy winner Jennifer Holliday on her 53rd birthday
Giving a birthday shout out to Broadway’s original Effie in Dreamgirls, the sensational Jennifer Holliday.

This great star, who won the Tony for her performance and later won a Grammy, turns 53 today.

To celebrate, let’s enjoy her belting out And I’m Tellin You I’m Not Going at the 1982 Tony Awards and two other powerful numbers.

Just an amazing talent. Wow.

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Connor and Oliver’s relationship is suddenly on the rocks on “How to Get Away With Murder”

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How a kiss on the lips from Burt Reynolds helped Neil Patrick Harris realize that he was gay

Burt Reynolds was the top box office star through the second half of the 1970s through the early 1980s.

After his movie career began to lose heat, he returned to television and starred in an ABC series called BL Stryker playing a carefree private detective who lives on his boat docked in southern Florida.

One of the show’s guest stars was a young actor named Neil Patrick Harris.

While appearing on BL Stryker, something happened that changed everything and made NPH realize that, for sure, he was gay..

‘As a joke at the end of one take, Burt leans over and kisses you square on the mouth,’ he writes in his new book Choose Your Own Autobiography.

‘The crew thinks this is very funny, but it makes you uncomfortable. Uncomfortable and, it will ultimately turn out, gay. Burt Reynolds’ kiss makes you gay.’


Saturday Video: See “Big Brother” alum Frankie Grande’s 2011 audition video for “Survivor”

Since finishing fifth in the most recent season of Big Brother, Frankie Grande has spoken about his desire to compete on those two other competitive reality shows on CBS Amazing Race and Survivor. I actually think he and Zach Rance would make a great Amazing Race team so I hope the network sees the appeal in that.

Anyway, Frankie originally was trying to get onto Survivor in 2011 and here is his audition video – he has what appears to be his real hair color.

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Happy 57th Birthday to Martina Navratilova!

As male sports figures have finally started to come out the past two tears, it’s all the more incredible that Martina Navratilova did it 33 years ago.

Jason Collins, the first openly gay man to play in the NBA, has called Martina his role model for this reason.

Martina turns 57 today and she remains very much in the public eye as a television commentator and activist.

While news of a female athlete coming out would barely raise an eyebrow these days, back then, it was a very big deal and Martina displayed enormous courage in doing so.

“I don’t know one person who’s come out who wants to go back in,” Martina told me in 2007. “It was rough back then. It was rough when I walked on court, people would be clapping when Chris [Evert] or Steffi [Graf] were announced. I’d come out and some people wouldn’t clap. Imagine if they didn’t clap for Roger Federer if he was gay. He’s the best tennis player in the world. So that hurt. To me, my sexuality should be irrelevant, it’s not anything to be ashamed of. I was upset that people would think it was a negative and judge me just on that.”

I mentioned to Martina during that 2007 interview that I thought a real breakthrough for her with the public was after the 1991 U.S. Open final which she lost to Monica Seles. The crowd just wouldn’t stop clapping, finally bringing Martina to tears. It was a wonderful moment for me as a tennis fan watching on TV at home and I loved how she was being showered with affection for being a champion but for also being an honest and brave human being.

“They got me,” she says. “First they liked me, then I was the big brute beating our Chrissie. Then in 1991, they just respected me and they got me. They realized I was real and said what I thought and tried to do it in the best way possible.”

I told Martina that she has had an enormous impact on untold numbers of gay and lesbian people who felt they would never be embraced if they did not remain in the closet or be able to make their dreams come true as an openly gay person.

I am one of them.

She seems to understand this and I’m so glad: “Probably my biggest accomplishment is changing those people on the fence. The thing I’m happiest about is the kids that didn’t feel alone, who wrote me letters and said I helped give them the strength to be who they are.”

Happy birthday to an amazing human being.

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